YouTube's Copyright System Isn't Broken. The World's Is.

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CAMERA: Jamie Drew
CAMERA: Joe Stone
AUDIO MIX: Graham Haerther
EDITOR: Isla McTear
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1901 Arts Club
The Camera Museum, Soho
Evan Edinger
The Lexi Cinema, Kensal Green
Mandy Celine
Oliver Thorn
Tim Bunn
Leonard French
Devin Stone
Jay Foreman
Joel "Smallishbeans"
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  • Yep, 42 minutes of video. This was a big project. Plus: I've got an all-new five-part original series called Money over on Nebula, which you can watch as a bundle with CuriosityStream!

    Tom ScottTom Scott20 dager siden
    • IT was a good VIDEO

      Ventus PriVentus Pri19 timer siden
    • It would've been so ironic if this video got copyright claimed XD

      The GoldenKeyboardThe GoldenKeyboardDag siden
    • Thank you. That was a load of useful information and awesome opinions. But shouldn't you have been censoring the license plates of the cars?

      A\T GordonA\T GordonDag siden
    • It's okay. This is your best video.

      Joseph CatramboneJoseph Catrambone2 dager siden
    • @Hecking Bamboozled Too bad you know nothing about it and let your ideology blind the reason. If you are not afraid of changing or mind or noticing your way of thinking might be wrong, do a short reasearch about Index of Economic Freedom and Economic Freedom of the World.

      André TeixeiraAndré Teixeira2 dager siden
  • OH MY GOD THE RANT AT <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="912">15:12</a> I LIVE FOR THAT THANK YOU SO MUCH

    Sāfto RangenSāfto Rangen3 timer siden
  • Mr, after that thumbnail, I expected this video to be entirely sung and danced. I am disappointed.

    Ian BaileyIan Bailey3 timer siden
  • I’d wager online videos of people playing games actually makes more people pay the games.

    The Immortal Sun-kunThe Immortal Sun-kun3 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="803">13:23</a> quarantine be like

    The Immortal Sun-kunThe Immortal Sun-kun3 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="653">10:53</a> Surely, you’re in the right if you remove the image, right?

    The Immortal Sun-kunThe Immortal Sun-kun3 timer siden
  • Tom's aside at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="911">15:11</a> is straight fire

    Jono PriestleyJono Priestley3 timer siden
  • Someone get ethan and hila talk about this video

    OJD CreativeOJD Creative4 timer siden
  • Plot twist this video was claimed for improper use of copy right

    OJD CreativeOJD Creative4 timer siden
  • Blockchain technology could be solve this problem among many others...

    texxstalkertexxstalker4 timer siden
  • I didn't expect to see mumbo jumbo

    Blue stacksBlue stacks4 timer siden
  • Imagine Walther von der Vogelweide, Taliesyn or Haydn working under copyright law. The inspiration they got elsewhere would be restricted by some obscure claims "That is mine, you haven't the right to say, show, sing that." Copyright law is a crutch for those who think they can make a living out of a culture process by enchaining this process to ooze out some money. This kind of culture isn't worth an ear, a glimpse, or a penny. I should make a video with my motorcycle humming and sue all video creators who publish a video where I hear a motorcycle humming, because I OWN THE RIGHTS and they will have a hard time proving by sound technicians that their video is fair use. Now I'm going to change my avatar picture because I'M SCARED!!! What have we become!

  • "NOproject's Copyright System Isn't Broken. The World is Is."

    Jêpê ™Jêpê ™4 timer siden
  • Yaaay Jay foreman

    Bruno602Bruno6025 timer siden
  • Will no one talk about Sam from Wendover.... we finally saw his face

    Armaan FarooquiArmaan Farooqui6 timer siden
  • This is brilliant

    HatirothHatiroth7 timer siden
  • Maybe individuals shouldn't be [and they're not?] treated the same way as corporations?

    AbeAbe7 timer siden
  • Or we need to maybe wrap our heads around and realise that the concept of owning an idea is entirely idiotic and arises from vanity and immaturity ("But this was MY IDEA AND YOU CAN'T HAVE IT")

    Arm0ryArm0ry7 timer siden
  • tom there are no living descendants of shakespeare right now

    Che LiChe Li7 timer siden
  • TV takes a lot of stuff from youtube. I know for a fact, that CNN frequently plays youtubevideos of stuff that happens in the world. albeit i admit there might be an exception there.

    CanmexCanmex8 timer siden
  • Change a song's lyrics to a criticism of the song, self-defending.

    Gvhgn JhgGvhgn Jhg8 timer siden
  • When the communist revolution comes we can abolish copyright and just let people make what they want. Copyright is a byproduct of a system where people need money to survive and by changing that we could let anyone build off of anything they like. Also the suggestions here sound very reasonable and will do before the revolution.

    Count ChoculaCount Chocula9 timer siden
  • YT is broken, as is all copy right is broken from the start. If you exist, there fore you broke copy right.

    Bryanna StanderBryanna Stander9 timer siden
  • This advertisement for Tom's reaction channel is looking good. Waiting for him to start uploading.

    TakoomiFujiwaraTakoomiFujiwara10 timer siden
  • photographer taking a picture, and the picture is copyrighted.

    hen kohen ko10 timer siden
  • Thank you very much. This was very informative.

    roktopusroktopus11 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="595">9:55</a> no not really. Maybe for really big blockbusters. But for relatively low budget films (e.g. the kind of stuff that goes on Netflix) you can see production companies showing short 10 second NOproject clips without permission - I think LEMMiNO posted an example on his Twitter.

    Raymond PavlovRaymond Pavlov11 timer siden
    • and thus have copyright as well? Then one would not be legally allowed to show a video recording of their home. I hope I am wrong, because otherwise everyone is f*cked.

      hen kohen ko10 timer siden
  • My general rule of thumb is "If its considered fraud when I do it, then the large corporations should be prosecuted"

    Coconut219Coconut21911 timer siden
  • Just don’t use other people’s ideas. Simple.

    Sir MountSir Mount12 timer siden
  • Mumbo Jumbo's real name is Ollie?... You can't get more British than that, Christ!

    The Great AmidaThe Great Amida13 timer siden
  • I present to you the solution to the copyright law: the pasteright law.

    Electricity tasterElectricity taster13 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="266">4:26</a> top 10 anime betrayals

    Lil Realm BeatsLil Realm Beats14 timer siden
  • Great video. It was so good that I clicked the thumbs up twice!

    Jonathan DownsJonathan Downs14 timer siden
  • I wish you would have talked about Disney's abuse of copyright law and how powerful they were in changing that law.

    Eian AndersonEian Anderson14 timer siden
  • Tom: talking about something very seriously and well thought out Me: is that Even Edinger’s room?

    Quinn SobekQuinn Sobek14 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="718">11:58</a> I laughed harder than I should have

    rushedmanrushedman15 timer siden
  • I never bought superluminal either, not because of videos or anything though. I went to buy it, found it wasn't on Steam, and refused to get a credit card to buy it from epic Games. Sadly I guess I depend on services I've had others deal with before for me for my video game consumption. Unless of course it is in spite of Nintendo, I love AM2R and ROM hacks, regardless of legality

    Noah NauglerNoah Naugler16 timer siden
  • Serious question: Are the architectural arches behind you in the ‘park’ shots afforded any similar protection? Where does it end?

    OlPurpleBeardOlPurpleBeard16 timer siden
  • Was that Jay Foreman as the third lawyer? The one who said AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Cain AtkinsonCain Atkinson17 timer siden
  • Gets copyrighted.

    1991199118 timer siden
  • I think in the case of small vs big, big companies have far more resources and have higher standards to compete "fairly" with one another. And, almost a different role. With content creation and distribution becoming more accessible, you have a new kind of producer that often simply can't bring the resources and expertise to deal with large company business. Does that mean art should be exclusively for the experts and well established? IMO I don't think so. While I don't think someone should get to just do whatever they want, the system is only fair if you consider every party involved equal. but reality is more complicated than that

    Da KatDa Kat18 timer siden
  • I hope you answer to this, because I'm genuinely at most curious. If you're not allowed to show album art without criticising it. How is the copyright regarding the Pikachu toy in the background at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1692">28:12</a> ?. Doesn't that infringe on copyright? And if it does, does that mean all things (or most) utilities/furnitures/items could be claimed as a designed item and thus have copyright as well? Then one would not be legally allowed to show a video recording of their home. I hope I am wrong, because otherwise everyone is f*cked.

    Osvald LindholmOsvald Lindholm19 timer siden
  • mumbo jumbo!!!

    BappleBapple19 timer siden
    • just translated as lawful bribing). I hope that change will come if not for us then for our children.

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuy19 timer siden
  • I want a fact/opinion switch in our office meeting rooms! :-)

    Jon KnightJon Knight20 timer siden
    • I have seen many of your video's this is by far the best one. You explain so well how the world deals with this problem now. Sadly the power of change is mostly in the hands

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuy19 timer siden
  • I have gotten so many videos taken down by Nintendo. I don’t earn any money off of their game, I’m not stealing any revenue. Especially on games that are no longer being sold.

    nobody5050nobody505020 timer siden
  • Billion dollar company: makes a song Kid on NOproject: uses a song that made millons Billon dollar company: so you have chosen death

    fuzzy pilotfuzzy pilot20 timer siden
  • Are quotes copyrightable?

    CommandtechnoCommandtechno20 timer siden
    • "Are quotes copyrightable?" © Commandtechno 2020, all rights reserve no infringement intended

      Vanessa MagickVanessa Magick3 timer siden
  • this was awesome viewing, thanks.

    Michael BrookmanMichael Brookman21 time siden
  • Imagine if the wheel had been copyrighted, we'd all still be in the legal stoneage.

    René VerberktRené Verberkt21 time siden
  • Stock photos were great you should make a whole series about them

    Elliott BorkElliott Bork21 time siden
  • is there a copyright infringement version of no homo?

    reaktor55reaktor5521 time siden
  • The lawyers and the big companies seem top have authored copy right law with little regard for people and culture. The original principal in the constitution was to encourage arts and sciences. I think its practice is more akin to its English origins in censorship and rent seeking.

    Anthony LipkeAnthony Lipke21 time siden
  • Dangerously funny is saving me $400 buy play animal crossing

    Austin BosmaAustin Bosma21 time siden
  • love the legal eagle cameo. Also, I realize neither of us are lawyers, but about streaming video games and it's impact on sales- there is an argument to make that it's beneficial. Someone might be more likely to shell out $60-$80 for a game if they know what they're getting. This is the reason some publishers allow free demos of their games in order to discourage piracy, which is logic tells me is more detrimental than youtube videos or free demos are.

    ScalyLaydeScalyLayde22 timer siden
  • this is very useful

    Cara CarissimaCara Carissima22 timer siden
  • the other problem with jukin was that they weren't always informing the owner of the rights and keeping the money for themselves.

    01sanguinius01sanguinius22 timer siden
  • In the past, a lot of those silly videos made by kids were on VHS or audio cassette tapes, providing for them to escape detection. I used to be on the board of a tech non-profit in the US. We got one through some sort of licensing clearing-house about a web comic that was used on the site. It took us a long time to locate it in a PDF of a presentation that someone put online at some prior point (none of the board members dealing with the complaint had been involved when it was.) Pay it and move on was the answer.

    Danielle WhiteDanielle White22 timer siden
  • The world is indeed broken, but that doesn't automatically make NOprojects content ID system not broken.

    Gerd L. PlüüGerd L. Plüü23 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1035">17:15</a> none is speaking about the diamonds picked up with a stone pickaxe?????

    Felix FTVFelix FTV23 timer siden
    • That's iron.

      Vanessa MagickVanessa Magick3 timer siden
  • I have seen many of your video's this is by far the best one. You explain so well how the world deals with this problem now. Sadly the power of change is mostly in the hands of corporations who don't want any of these changes. Like always in these types of conflict only can be solved by politicians who do care less about lobbying (which in my book is just translated as lawful bribing). I hope that change will come if not for us then for our children.

    Leon StraathofLeon Straathof23 timer siden
  • I think patents and copyright laws should last 100 years.

    Paul HembreePaul Hembree23 timer siden
  • GIF is pronounced with a hard G in every sense. Graphical is not pronounced Jiraffical.

    This is gonna sound stupid, butThis is gonna sound stupid, but23 timer siden
  • Perhaps creators should not have a right to decide how their works are used. My opinion about copyright law is that it should entirely disappear.

    KringKring23 timer siden
  • Any body else see the Jay formen cameo?

    The Dancing GeeseThe Dancing Geese23 timer siden
  • Excellent video as always, Tom.

    James DucasJames DucasDag siden
  • Tom you do not have the right to call hide the pain Harold part of the “nerdy underside of NOproject” when you make education videos

    Nomecla AbsorberNomecla AbsorberDag siden
  • i think more people need to think less about legality and more about morality.

    droseradroseraDag siden
    • ayyy i commented like halfway, glad to see you mentioned this

      droseradroseraDag siden
  • What a filthy commie propaganda What next, workers rigths? Absurd

    hopin8krzyshopin8krzysDag siden
  • No one gonna talk about that small peepee car at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1935">32:15</a> using his lights wrong? Or do I have the brain capacity of canned tuna? Maybe a combination of both

    Not MeNot MeDag siden
    • He's probably about to turn right.

      Vanessa MagickVanessa Magick3 timer siden
  • Thanks for doing this. As you're one of the people who is inspiring me to start making videos, this is probably my biggest worry. I was considering a 'publish and be damned' approach, but you've caused me to revise that. My gut feeling is to stick with content I have created myself or that which is open sourced / creative commons. The tricky bit is finding images of archaeological artefacts which I can't just go and take myself

    Tim HawthornTim HawthornDag siden
  • Still waiting for episode 2 of tom reacts

    The GoldenKeyboardThe GoldenKeyboardDag siden
  • Legal vampire spoted!

    Hayabusa RyuuHayabusa RyuuDag siden
    • I like a good spote

      The GoldenKeyboardThe GoldenKeyboardDag siden
  • Video game streaming is absolutely fair use. If the law says that my own gameplay is copyright infringement, then the law is wrong. Everyone knows the copyright system is broken and designed to monetarily benefit big corporations, but there's nothing we can do because those companies can bribe politicians into not changing those laws.

    SwordBreaker925SwordBreaker925Dag siden
  • Dont know why but I genuinely expected a 42min single take.

    Hade ChxnHade ChxnDag siden
  • Big ups to Legal Eagle and his cameo here, good sense of humour.

    RK BeckRK BeckDag siden
  • "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I kinda expected Tom to scream AHHH back

    ExxagExxagDag siden
  • Haha, it good you can laugh at yourself, thanks for the outtakes 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    Martin PigginsMartin PigginsDag siden
  • Everyone should watch this, you're a legend Tom!

    nixeh32nixeh32Dag siden
  • Jay screaming in his cameo is very on brand

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last NameDag siden
  • In general this video gets a lot of things right but I do think that it lets NOproject off the hook in one major way: they should be going to bat for their creators to lobby for a better system. They're the only institution in this debate that has the clout to stand up to legacy rights-holders, and there should be pressure on them to use their resources to protect the people who make the content they make money off of.

    Bennett SnyderBennett SnyderDag siden