Women, What Makes You Lose Interest In A Man? (r/AskReddit)

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  • I had just started talking to this girl( like knew her for 4 days) She texted me and told me her car was broke down and she didn't have the money for a tow. When I told her I didn't have the money either at the time to get her car towed, she never answered back. I assumed she was looking to use me to get a free tow off a guy she had just started talking to and that kind or crap turns me off so I kinda wrote her off. Turns out she was just trying to get me to come pick her up and take her back to her house and invite me up.. Why the hell couldn't she ask for a ride instead of making the point she needed money for a tow?! I thought she legitimately was worried less about a ride and that she was more worried about being able to get her car home, which I couldn't help with. I woukd have offered to give her a ride though, if she just would have told me she would get the car home tomorrow and then implied that she needed someone to come pick her up. Just be honest about what you are asking for dammit, lol.

    Bad BishopBad Bishop23 dager siden
  • So much bullshit here. 😂.

    Nofrackingzone 2.0Nofrackingzone 2.025 dager siden
  • I just lost t h e g a m e

    Slovenian Oak TreeSlovenian Oak Tree27 dager siden
  • Crazy bitches everywhere.

    Jordan KJordan K27 dager siden
  • "I hate reading" "I dont pay attention to current events" " i hate history" Ok....whats the problem? Reading is a huge waste of time, and only losers use their time to spend sitting like an idiot reading. Current events mean nothing since all youd do is argue over differing opinions, so this is the place where its good to be willfully ignorant. And history means nothing, it already happened. People who live in the past suck and think everythings bad, and the worlds gonna end.

    Anthony CaputoAnthony Caputo28 dager siden
    • Anthony Caputo i pity you

      Moon MoonMoon Moon27 dager siden
  • Reads video title. Points at my profile picture.

    Eamon AhernEamon Ahern28 dager siden
  • Being a pushover, just like a challenge I guess

    Amber RicheyAmber Richey28 dager siden
    • @Plyst3 I agree

      Amber RicheyAmber Richey26 dager siden
    • She's strikes me as the type to question why you did this instead of that. Not to be pain, maybe just cause she wanted to know. Then again I don't know you so it's hard to tell. Challenge is healthy. Knowing when you've been bested is also healthy. Being pushy and never being wrong is how you get ghosted.

      Plyst3Plyst327 dager siden
    • @Moon Moon You seem to have a real smart mouth there jk just wanted to say that lol. Fair enough but a challenge in a healthy way. I don't like fighting and prefer to talk stuff out. I just need a firm hand I guess you could say and have boisterous personality.

      Amber RicheyAmber Richey27 dager siden
    • Amber Richey you sound problematic

      Moon MoonMoon Moon27 dager siden
  • They all lose interest when you don't give them money. Say what you want, it's true.

    Brian KoopsBrian Koops28 dager siden
    • @Sandra Noisewater That's the problem...every woman thinks they are...even the bitch pulling the Tyrone train. It's called false advertising and manipulation. Even nice girls have an agenda...%50 divorce rate, %65 initiated by women for male assets. Fact.

      Brian KoopsBrian Koops27 dager siden
    • Don't give up, nice women do exist😀

      Sandra NoisewaterSandra Noisewater27 dager siden
    • @PrussianBlue Phantom Why would I? You're the one living in denial.... you're not dating women. It's true.

      Brian KoopsBrian Koops27 dager siden
    • Therapy. Get soooome.

      PrussianBlue PhantomPrussianBlue Phantom28 dager siden
  • Went on a date with a guy who lived at home with his parents (not an issue, lots of people my age do). Proceeds to tell me about how his mom does everything for him and then complains that sometimes she asks him to make a lasagna. I think he was expecting me to say "the audacity!" But when I just stared incredulously at him, he quickly changed the subject back to how great a writer he was..

    Swimfishy1Swimfishy128 dager siden
  • 1:01 Women can't get enough of men who 6pool, or do Protoss cannon rush cheese. They have never been so aroused.

    M JM J28 dager siden
  • Brain!

    Nikki VillemaireNikki Villemaire28 dager siden
  • Brain

    Seany Mc quanySeany Mc quany28 dager siden
  • Guys, What Makes You Lose Interest In A Woman?

    Greg SGreg S28 dager siden
  • 11:20 "I party with avicii" Didn't Avicii kill himself?

    Rikard NilssonRikard Nilsson28 dager siden
  • I would like to know if it’s annoying if During a story time, I raise my hand up to get their attention when I have a question or need something clarified about the story

    ki zki z28 dager siden
    • ki z thats quite polite, instead of interrupting

      PurpleGoomyPurpleGoomy28 dager siden
  • 8:30 Honestly, listening to a girl tell me funny and awesome stories about her dragonborn paladin sounds like an amazing date.

    cyradcyrad29 dager siden
  • “Your not like other girls”

    Totally Not Gothic PeachesTotally Not Gothic Peaches29 dager siden
    • “I’m not like the other girls”

      Bernie BroBernie Bro28 dager siden
  • me: exists Women: *_no._*

    Lmao.Lmao.29 dager siden
    • Same

      Harry EnnisHarry Ennis11 dager siden
    • Same

      Eamon AhernEamon Ahern28 dager siden
  • The few people who dislike this video lolol Must of hit home🤣🤣🤣

  • 6:48

    Ye BoiYe Boi29 dager siden
  • When they don’t understand enthusiastic consent.

    Lauren BennettLauren Bennett29 dager siden
    • Do you?

      Rafael SantosRafael Santos28 dager siden
  • All of these complaints go right out the window when the guy has all right credentials. 6' foot + and a 6 figure income. As I call it, 6'-2" blonde and blue. They may complain, but the won't leave.

    Tommie ReidTommie Reid29 dager siden
    • guys will go after/stay with hot but crazy, abusive chicks over an average girl all the time, we've all seen this

      Moon MoonMoon Moon27 dager siden
    • the reverse is true too, what are you even whining about

      Moon MoonMoon Moon27 dager siden
    • Ya, well. Gold-digger are like that.

      CourtzCourtz29 dager siden
    • Yeah, it seems ugliness is the biggest putoff lol. Who knew women wanted 6ft, 6inches, and 6 Figures lol.

      SirQuixanoSirQuixano29 dager siden
  • The one with the “thing for ethnic women” makes me lose hope in dating. It’s 2020 ain’t nobody got time to deal with fetishation.

    Lady SusanLady Susan29 dager siden
    • ChaosChampion Preferences are different though. I’m talking about expecting things from someone just because of their race.

      Lady SusanLady Susan19 dager siden
    • AlibifortheAfterlife I wasn’t kink shaming

      Lady SusanLady Susan19 dager siden
    • @ChaosChampion In her mind I think fetishes imply being into something taboo or unnatural which is NOT what a fetish is. She posted a comment that she promptly deleted saying pretty much just that, so my guess is she figured it out.

      AlibifortheAfterlifeAlibifortheAfterlife29 dager siden
    • I find Latinas or Asian women much more attractive than Europe or African women. I don't see what's wrong with preferences

      ChaosChampionChaosChampion29 dager siden
    • It's 2020 ain't nobody got the time to deal with kink shaming and "current year" statements.

      AlibifortheAfterlifeAlibifortheAfterlife29 dager siden
  • "you're pretty, for a black girl" "I'm not usually into black girls, but" "you're not like other black girls" Next. Next. Fucking NEXT.

    Asphyxi aAsphyxi a29 dager siden
  • Brain

    Adam MessmannAdam Messmann29 dager siden
  • I am a wheelchair user and take medicine prescribed by a doctor. Guy I was with told me to try essential oils...I have a brain injury

    CauzieCauzie29 dager siden
    • Cauzie Essential oils don’t do jack shit. It’s just a placebo and not much scientific research as gone into proving that it successfully treats/cures anything. At most, it could help with stress, relaxation and anxiety (for some) but other than that, they’re pointless

      TntosionTntosion28 dager siden
    • Tntosion Yeah. Oils aren’t gonna repair my brain

      CauzieCauzie28 dager siden
    • Bernie Bro I know right? I think I spaced out lol

      CauzieCauzie28 dager siden
    • That’s funny.

      Bernie BroBernie Bro28 dager siden
    • Cauzie Anyone who believes in essential oils are gullible idiots who don’t do their research

      TntosionTntosion29 dager siden
  • Feeling sorry for yourself. If your situtions shitty, I can sympathize to a degree, but if time goes by and your not doing shit to change it my sympathies will dry up.

    Eldritch TeacupEldritch Teacup29 dager siden
  • My ex-crush was gushing about his 15yo girlfriend. He was nineteen at the time. Yikes.

    Sally ShoafSally Shoaf29 dager siden
  • Dear all pessimists and optimists, while you were debating the half glass of water, I drank it. Sincerely, the opportunist

    Mark BranchMark Branch29 dager siden
  • So, don't be an obnoxious douchebag?

    A Stag in your CommentsA Stag in your Comments29 dager siden
  • When he says ''Man" the speech bot becomes human

    Dean ChisvoDean Chisvo29 dager siden
  • Stonks

    LevinLevin29 dager siden
  • Not taking no for an answer, being pushy, being way too clingy, not letting me have alone time, and being too obsessive over me....and or being a neckbeard, and shit talking my interests.

    Chiller 88884Chiller 8888429 dager siden
    • @Jason Carto What kinda logic is this? I said that in abusive relationships, they aren't outright acting abusive...they start out seeming normal, nice.... As someone who's been in several abusive friendships... I'd know. And it isn't about "leagues" it's about whether or not you are interested in the other person, and what if a person's league is based on personality....and how a person acts? Not all attractive guys are assholes (attractiveness is subjective btw) and not all below average guys are nice. A person's looks don't dictate who they are as a person. And plenty of women have actually been in these circumstances.....women are more likely to be raped than men, of course men get raped too, and that should be taken just as seriously, but women are more likely to be preyed upon in general. Of course nobody wants to be abused! And what does rape have to do with faithfulness in a relationship? I get the distrust part.....but rape is a massive stretch in regards to severity. Many rape victims tend to be permanently scarred and sometimes physically scarred by the experience, and may even end up suffering from PTSD. Fearing for your safety is different from being distrustful and hurt by a cheating partner. Both are valid....but objectively, the emotional toll of rape is far more serious than dealing with a cheating partner. All you can do is keep watch for red flags in relationships, and date people you feel a connection with, and feel generally good around them.

      Chiller 88884Chiller 8888427 dager siden
    • @Chiller 88884 The point of my story was to imagine the horror and distrust just the idea of rape is yet knowing there is no punishment to anyone who does it to you and you will begin to understand the distrust males tend to have for females being faithful. Typically isn't the men that women choose that tend to cheat on them, not the guys that women ignore. Girls want to never be cheated on? Date below your league. A less than handsome, less than perfect man will be more faithful than the man of your dreams because you will be the woman of his.

      Jason CartoJason Carto27 dager siden
    • @Jason Carto Yes, this does happen to men, and it sucks....but it isn't exactly a crazy unheard of scenario for women. There are a lot of times in which a victim of rape will be too scared to report what happened to them and who did it, and or even if they did, many sex offenders don't serve as much time as they should, sometimes just getting a slap on the wrist. Of course this isn't always the case...and rape is and will always be illegal, but shit like this happens. All sex offenders, and I mean actual sexual assault/rapists, both men and women need to suffer the proper punishments.

      Chiller 88884Chiller 8888427 dager siden
    • @PurpleGoomy Imagine if there were no legal repercussions for rape let alone no social repercussions. Take a moment to imagine such a scenario. Then tell me how much you would trust a man. Let alone if it happened to you. Then tell me how you would feel when you are told your distrust is a sign you are pathetic and desperate and lucky if the fattest, ugliest slob felt sorry enough to give you the time of day. Imagine that pain, that violation of trust crushing down on you and being told its YOUR fault. With all of society against you. And when you take measures to protect yourself, because you cannot trust anyone as there are NO REPERCUSSIONS for being taken advantage of, you are ridiculed for it. How discusting of you. How childish. How immature. How controlling. Am i equating rape for women with being cheated on for a man? In a sense yes. The crime itself can be switched out but the situation is the same. Clingy often happens because they don't trust, and have every reason not to, the same way you wouldn't trust a man if rape happened just as easily.

      Jason CartoJason Carto28 dager siden
    • Agree. Obsessive and clingy people. By clingy i dont mean affectionate, i mean not leaving me alone for a single minute and messaging me every single second of the day or being so obsessed you don’t have your own life so have to resort to controlling behaviours over me. NO THANKS.

      PurpleGoomyPurpleGoomy28 dager siden
  • When they say they are a dude

    Aly redAly red29 dager siden
  • brain

    Gardner !Gardner !29 dager siden
  • #1 do you game! losers!

    SinEp ForcererSinEp Forcerer29 dager siden
    • @Ye Boi no it wasn't she is just making conclusions purely because of stereotypes and being ignorant in a subject she hardly understands

      NCR SoldierNCR Soldier29 dager siden
    • SinEp Forcerer that was a bit much wasn’t it?

      Ye BoiYe Boi29 dager siden
    • @SinEp Forcerer so your saying that if I game as a hobby I have no life that makes not a singular bit of sense you likely either dated a gamer and was like stereotypes or you believe in the stereotype that all gamers are lazy no lives who don't have friends that dwell in basements what you are saying is similar to saying "You watch TV that must mean all you do is sit on a couch all day and watch at TV nothing but that TV is your life your livelihood and if you want to find a partner who shares your interests then you are a waste of human life" and your arguments make no sense as well do you look at popular gaming complaints just to back up your shit argument and if you bother at all to read to the end answer this go out find 10 gamers talk to them and hang out with them and then answer yourself "was i right in my judgement?"

      NCR SoldierNCR Soldier29 dager siden
    • @Jason Carto 90% of all video gamers are losers. Either social losers, career losers or simply life losers. I get that video games are used to relax and some are even educational/have a social side (online games). However, video game success is used as a supplement for real life success by most gamers, to be successful at least in a virtual world, because they are not able or too lazy to achieve something IRL. Most of these games are not even fun. No, they are actually repetitive and take too much time. There is no way that I would kill 250 "wild-whatevers" to get to level 12 and then do the same thing again. And I am also not doing the next "driver there, shoot these and drive back mission" for the 100th time. It is the same shit over and over. It is like work, except that you do not get paid, but have to pay with your finite life time and your money. The outcome if you are not Pewdiepie: Nothing, except memories of being in a virtual world, while the people around you have built an actual life, with loved ones and maybe even real life success. You hunted a digital pixel dragon and achieved 100% in GTA in the meantime. If you prefer to spend most of your time with virtual results that are worth nothing, go ahead, waste your limited life hours on this planet. If you play a game every now and then, you might have a life... not a loser.

      SinEp ForcererSinEp Forcerer29 dager siden
    • Elaborate on that in english this time

      Jason CartoJason Carto29 dager siden
  • Anyone who says "Females" or refer to women in groups-- "I hate girls that...

    Beeech the BitxhBeeech the Bitxh29 dager siden
    • Many girls don’t realize there are lot of jobs that require you to use “male” and “female” instead of guy/girl or man/woman. It’s sometimes hard to switch out words once you’re off the clock. Also please act like girls don’t generalize men as frequently if not more often.

      Bernie BroBernie Bro28 dager siden
  • When a guy is a slow texter its annoying

    The lonely SoulThe lonely Soul29 dager siden
    • Entitled?

      Kevin SmithKevin Smith28 dager siden
  • Brain

    Shemar Belle-BrooksShemar Belle-Brooks29 dager siden
  • Turns out being mentally ill is a massive turn off

    ClownClown29 dager siden
    • @Jason Carto No? Do you live under a rock? Everyone hates Nichole Arbour for being a horrendous bitch and abusing Matthew Santoro, many people hate Hillary Clinton, and Cardi B, and have you even seen the videos on people talking about the toxic women they've met?

      Chiller 88884Chiller 8888429 dager siden
    • Just identify as female. No one will even bat an eyelash as you act like a psychopath.

      Jason CartoJason Carto29 dager siden
    • @Clown I mean, I kinda get it, and you can't always expect everyone to be interested in you, and if they're not interested after hearing that, then they probably weren't going to be good for you anyways. Take this from a woman with several mental illnesses, with no real love life. You'll find someone, eventually.

      Chiller 88884Chiller 8888429 dager siden
    • Chiller 88884 every time I’m talking to a girl for awhile I let them know that I do suffer from schizophrenia or something like that (my country has a horrible mental health care system and I’m still undiagnosed so it’s my best guess) because I don’t want it to be a shock to them. 9 times out of 10 I’m ghosted

      ClownClown29 dager siden
    • Huh?

      Chiller 88884Chiller 8888429 dager siden
  • You're so smart for a girl! We're almost equals I don't know, you seem several levels below me boy

    Becca GBecca G29 dager siden
    • You gotta put a little emphasis on the "Boy". With a hint of superiority, and a nice light layer of derision. Let him know for sure you ain't someone who has time to waste, and he's wasting it. But that's my two cents. Nothing better to hurt a man than his pride. For those of us men who care about such matters.

      Plyst3Plyst327 dager siden
    • Right?! It's such a backhanded compliment

      CourtzCourtz29 dager siden
  • The moment I start to realize a guy has no sense of humor, I start to lose interest. I understand it's not your fault if you turn out that way, but we never will get along!

    Rayne X LRayne X L29 dager siden
    • @Rayne X L Some people think they need to be stoic. I do it too. Like onions we got layers to us. I also think kittens are funny as fuck and lose it when theyre being shitheads. Dont judge. Respect a persons humor, or lack there of, like you would want them to respect yours. Maybe the giggles would have grown on him, maybe not. Cant expect someone to react positively to everything you do the first time. Just be you and let them be them. You never know, like weeds people can grow together (change). So lets just agree on one thing: you lose interest in people who don't have YOUR humor and that's ok. But it doesn't mean they don't have humor.

      Jason CartoJason Carto29 dager siden
    • @Jason Carto I don't judge by first impression. I take plenty of time to come to conclusions. But, for instance, when I giggled at something recently, out of pure enjoyment, and the guy I was hanging out with sighed, shook his head, and rolled his eyes. I started noticing that this was his standard reaction to anyone laughing or smiling. When I asked, he said he thought I was immature, because I smile too much. I knew there was no way we could really be friends, after that. Neither one of us would enjoy our time together.

      Rayne X LRayne X L29 dager siden
    • @Jason Carto Yep, there's always a line, and when some people cross it, it becomes a problem.

      Chiller 88884Chiller 8888429 dager siden
    • @Chiller 88884 Well, yeah you're right.

      Jason CartoJason Carto29 dager siden
    • @Jason Carto Well, obviously....never said it was.... Just that not everyone is compatible with those who take things too seriously, or don't take things seriously enough, because in some cases, either can be annoying. I'm not talking about just being serious or laid back...I'm talking about the extremes. Like being super offended over a doofy pun, or making an insensitive joke during a moment of distress for someone else.

      Chiller 88884Chiller 8888429 dager siden
  • Video game addicts.

    BrittBritt29 dager siden
  • My biggest turn off? So, you're a university graduate, spent 4 years in a foreign country, work closely with high powered lawyers and bureaucrats and you're telling me you have absolutely nothing to talk about? No stories, no anecdotes, nothing you found interesting in your whole life?

    jdlechjdlech29 dager siden
    • @Jason Carto Even if it becomes mundane to you....you still have plenty of shit to talk about, even people with average lives have shit to talk about. It really ain't that hard. And being interested in something doesn't make a person boring????

      Chiller 88884Chiller 8888429 dager siden
    • When your life is extraordinary, it all becomes mundane. Its only interesting to people who are actually boring.

      Jason CartoJason Carto29 dager siden
    • You even turned bad-mouthing them into an interesting story.

      LUchesiLUchesi29 dager siden
  • OK, finish this video, then remember that the best looking woman always goes home with the biggest asshole in the bar.

    jdlechjdlech29 dager siden
    • You've never kissed a girl, have you?

      jdlechjdlech29 dager siden
    • Cause they're the only one with balls and a backbone. You hate a guy because he is brave and puts his neck on the line and she likes that shit. So sorry so sad you're the nice guy.

      Jason CartoJason Carto29 dager siden
  • Bran

    Jacob TaltonJacob Talton29 dager siden
  • Don't mind me I am only here for research purposes

    Mr. InfinityMr. Infinity29 dager siden
  • I thought I was the only one that hates sending pictures?? I always suggest we can take photos together but that usually ends the convo 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣

    melmel29 dager siden
    • I don't mind if they ask...but if they ain't gonna take no for an answer....then we're gonna have a problem.

      Chiller 88884Chiller 8888429 dager siden
  • Saying no to a marriage proposal. I proposed to a guy when I was 4, but he said no because he was 5, and we would have to be the same age to get married. I lost all interest in him.

    hi hihi hi29 dager siden
  • Most/all of these hold true whether you are male or female...

    Unit ZER0Unit ZER029 dager siden
  • I like to talk about myself how I’m becoming a trauma surgeon and what I like and then ask her the same does that make me a bad person then?

    Ben mackarelBen mackarel29 dager siden
    • Maybe do it in chunks instead of all at once but I have a feeling you are able to read the situation enough to know when that's appropriate.

      LUchesiLUchesi29 dager siden
    • Not to me. I don't see why anyone has a problem with that

      StarblazerStarblazer29 dager siden
  • Lack of motivation and lack of initiative. Men are supposed to be problem solvers and go getters,if I'm the only one solving problems and working towards a better future, then you're useless.

    melanated misfitmelanated misfit29 dager siden
    • Equality is a nutshell. Do as i say, not as i do.

      Jason CartoJason Carto29 dager siden
  • I remember once I was dating a guy... (he was an f-boy. I didnt know at the time) Apparently, while we were dating, he told one of my old friends that I ‘hated her’ I was pretty shook when she said she hated me back out of the blue. I later found out, he was jealous of my FEMALE friend and thought she was getting in the way of our relationship. After talking things over with her, I dumped his sorry arse and told him everything I had found out. The best part was, my friend was a relatively, SUPER popular person, and exposed him. It was great. 😎

    Ellie BrownEllie Brown29 dager siden
  • When a man loses his job

    Mr SlateMr Slate29 dager siden
    • Shallow.

      Brian KoopsBrian Koops28 dager siden
  • When he said “I love you” and asked me to never to leave him. We were like 5, and I let him down gently.

    TTSReads I Reddit StoriesTTSReads I Reddit Stories29 dager siden
    • Tragic love story 😭😥

      Chiller 88884Chiller 8888429 dager siden
    • @Noname Garofano lol

      TTSReads I Reddit StoriesTTSReads I Reddit Stories29 dager siden
  • if she asks you to go to a resturant on the first date she does not find you attractive.

    philip Trevorphilip Trevor29 dager siden
    • Elaborate?

      PrussianBlue PhantomPrussianBlue Phantom28 dager siden
    • Harsh but true.

      Jason CartoJason Carto29 dager siden
  • hi am fish

    Mr. MorningstarMr. Morningstar29 dager siden
  • never tell women about your personality or hobbies

    philip Trevorphilip Trevor29 dager siden
    • @Svellah Human females. Only two genders. Excuse me for not whipping out preferred pronouns your grace. Women have a culture the same that men do that they follow. And just like men, women have many preconceived biases they adhere to. Unless we allow ourselves to point these out then there will never be a conversation about it. No one will notice and everyone pretends it doesn't happen. Except it does.

      Jason CartoJason Carto29 dager siden
    • @Jason Carto of course, a perfect example of a person that fits right in the video. Calling women "females" and throwing some terms to sound educated, all that while being judgemental.

      SvellahSvellah29 dager siden
    • @Jason Carto I understand this is a small comment section but do you gotta put the poor woman down every time she joins the conversation? Finding similar interests is what she's advocating anyway. Trying to control people is a bigger turn off than not sharing interests, anyway. Going in to a conversation treating someone different because of their gender and no other data is already sending them signals that you aren't very interesting, whether or not that's true.

      LUchesiLUchesi29 dager siden
    • @Chiller 88884 Because more often than not (on average) men are more understanding of anothers interests and don't receive the same courtesy from the opposite sex. If i tell you my interest is complex systems in games and how to exploit them, it is highly unlikely you would give a fuck because it doesn't interest you. Its better to suss out similar interests than lay bare your vulnerabilities for females to judge (females are inherantly socially and psychologically judgemental, this is natural).

      Jason CartoJason Carto29 dager siden
    • Why not? I mean....that's literally something everyone does when they first meet...men and women. So, Idk what you're on about :V

      Chiller 88884Chiller 8888429 dager siden
  • No money no interest lol

    maxphillymaxphilly29 dager siden
  • Hi I guess

    Shuichi Saihara-ChanShuichi Saihara-Chan29 dager siden