Why is education important?

Filmed in Mannya, Uganda
Executive Producer : Michael Trainer
Directed by : Andrew Ellis : Jonathan Olinger
Produced by : Jay Gunning : Trina Finn
Creative Direction : Michael Trainer
Cinematography by : Andrew Ellis
Assistant Camera Operator : Jay Gunning
Edited by : Joe Greco
Sound Mix by : Jon Seale
Young Girl : Rita
Elder : Max
Special Thanks to : Father Nestus : Cotton On Foundation




  • we smoke cigarettes from high school

    Christopher DavisChristopher DavisMåned siden
  • Education may end with school or universities but learning will continue throughout the life you'll learn new things everyday in ur life and one's hunger to learn must never reduce, education itself can't bring u up in life having a masters or doctoral degree would only ease out ur life, it's when coupled with understanding nd learning things makes u a great personality

    Big FootBig FootMåned siden
  • It's just sad some children around the world want to go to school but can't and people here are complaining how school can go die in a hole.

    Yuchang HuYuchang Hu2 måneder siden
  • help each other subs now!!! ​

    Education DeTechEducation DeTech2 måneder siden
  • I ❤ Education

    Rohit Sharma YTRohit Sharma YT2 måneder siden
  • A school is a place where you learn how to treat the animals and how to develop your personality, not a place where you develop your self in education. I learned from the Internet more than in school

    sam samsam sam3 måneder siden
    • sam sam wer did the info of the internet come from? Exactly, form teachers

      #EditingForLife#EditingForLifeMåned siden
  • Education is important , no questions in that but the way schools provides it is just sad

    Hatake KakashiHatake Kakashi4 måneder siden
    • Education opens people's eyes only if it is taught correctly and I agree.

      Audrey LuanAudrey Luan3 måneder siden
  • In Uganda do they spend half the day teaching about sexuality and the 100 genders?

    Bob SmithBob Smith5 måneder siden
  • may i use your video as a resource for my university team's research please? Thanks so much for this

    Anh QuangAnh Quang5 måneder siden
  • For food we all have mother earth For living we all have mother earth For clean water we all have mother earth Modern world is stupidity

    Gaurav YadavGaurav Yadav6 måneder siden
  • Education or knowledge never ends

    Gaurav YadavGaurav Yadav6 måneder siden
  • School? I learnt more from internet than school

    ꧁Cømrade whø lives in CDKROI卍꧂꧁Cømrade whø lives in CDKROI卍꧂8 måneder siden
    • Brotha _ so u saying teachers are useless and wasted years of their lives teaching with no benefit from it?

      #EditingForLife#EditingForLife8 dager siden
    • Chris R I learned from my mom at four still not from school

      Brotha _Brotha _8 dager siden
    • Oh yeah.. well where did the information of the Internet come from? Also teachers

      #EditingForLife#EditingForLifeMåned siden
    • The point of the video is that millions of children across the world get low quality of education or get none at all. If your school hasn't been of much help that's not the point; you're privileged enough to have access to a device, internet connection, and schooling. Let's fight for every kid to have a basic education, right?

      Mariana Elisa Ortiz Loyola SolanaMariana Elisa Ortiz Loyola Solana4 måneder siden
  • hello! can i use your video for educational purposes?

    Jai OtamiasJai Otamias10 måneder siden
    • no

      Jairo PeraltaJairo Peralta9 måneder siden
  • 🙁😝😞😤☹️😞☹️😠

    ZoruxCraftZoruxCraftÅr siden
    • ZoruxCraft u hate school? Wow sarcastic clap

      #EditingForLife#EditingForLifeMåned siden
  • Knowledge is important , not education itself.

    BonzoFakerBonzoFakerÅr siden
    • Knowledge is a reflection of your education.

      Harinder SinghHarinder Singh5 måneder siden
    • Knowledge is gained because of learning. Education is about learning.

      Pasitaua HaufanoPasitaua Haufano6 måneder siden
  • very nice......

    Humanity ExistsHumanity ExistsÅr siden
    • @Jairo Peralta u

      HortensiaHortensia7 måneder siden
    • no

      Jairo PeraltaJairo Peralta9 måneder siden
  • I'm a psychopath just because the school

    memes mastermemes masterÅr siden
  • the important of education and the benefits.

    Edwina CarrEdwina CarrÅr siden
  • Watch this next 😉👉noproject.info/it/video/t8anrMvNr2aavKY

    Debore FlicksDebore FlicksÅr siden
  • We finally have the ability to connect most of the world on a just a few platforms- Facebook, Twitter, google, NOproject etc. and rather than ‘come together’ it has literally driven us apart more than I ever imagined was possible.

    kptinskptinsÅr siden
  • Paradise Allen

    Adrian SwabyAdrian SwabyÅr siden
  • www.gofundme.com/to-be-able-to-pay-for-a-tutor help out my friend

    Hailey WilceHailey Wilce2 år siden
  • GIH DAH klo mau kawin, kawin gih, cewe kan batesnya 25 ntar di omongin orang lagi, jd ibu rmh tangga yg baik, gih sonoo,

    Hasan JatiHasan Jati2 år siden
  • Yes its important but honestly they are many problems that education can't resolve and what's so cool about studying/get a job/die?

    RedAce XVRedAce XV2 år siden
    • Incredi Shots idk about albert einstein but elon musk did actually go to college (he majored in business i believe) it’s just that he didn’t graduate. and one of the things that make him such an intelligent person is reading, as a child he would read 10+ hours a day so yeah and to this day he said it himself he’s an avid reader and that contributed to his success. I agree the school system is really messed up in some ways but knowledge itself is really important

      S 101S 10128 dager siden
    • Velglow ok tell that to Albert Einstein Elon musk and other people who see general schooling as something non important

      Incredi ShotsIncredi Shots5 måneder siden
    • Without studying and getting a job there wouldn't be a society and you would be living like a caveman.

      VelglowVelglowÅr siden
  • Please have a look at this competition. I guess your video makes the perfect entry for the same: EduDoc is an International Short Film Competition organized annually, to celebrate the field of education! EduDoc is back with its 2017 edition, having an over- arching theme of “Education: Challenges, Innovations and Celebrations”. It provides center stage to those working towards facilitating quality education to students, despite the scarcity of resources. To applaud this priceless effort, EduDoc is opening its gates to one and all! All entries have to be sent on or before 15 September 2017, and should be within the stipulated time period of 05:00 minutes (including credits), accompanied with English subtitles (in case the spoken language is not English). Application Deadline: 15 September 2017 To apply, visit: jeevika.org/edudoc-2017/

    Nitesh AnandNitesh Anand2 år siden
    • Nani Karpuram no u

      #EditingForLife#EditingForLifeMåned siden
    • Nitesh Anand no

      Nani KarpuramNani KarpuramÅr siden
  • Nice attraction my life

    Gyan PrakashGyan Prakash2 år siden
  • GoFundMe.com/p/b3cy Help me expand and afford my education please!

    Jocelyn De LeonJocelyn De Leon2 år siden
  • If only this could really happen

    Vaibhav IyerVaibhav Iyer3 år siden
  • schools are so shit we are learning useless shit we will never need in our lives instead of stuff that we need to live

    Milo SnifferMilo Sniffer3 år siden
  • Gné? Si les richesses étaient mieux réparties les pauvres petits enfants pourraient aller à l'école

    Little Big HornLittle Big Horn4 år siden
  • How do they know they'll still be living in poverty 15yrs from now ?

    MsWolfQueen33MsWolfQueen334 år siden
    • Because people were still living in poverty thousands of years ago

      Grace VolchokGrace Volchok8 måneder siden
  • Sharing, Justice and Peace for all will Save Our Planet.

    Vance HVance H4 år siden
    • P

      Jordan TorresJordan Torres4 år siden