Why ALINITY Has So Much Power Over Twitch

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  • Wow you're from romania ? Really? I couldn't guess it lmao , I know some ppl may say I'm to happy or whatever but in Romanian there aren't pretty much any good animators or youtubers in general , it's kinda crazy

    The FactorThe FactorTime siden
  • Thank you for educating the simps

    Justin SchultheisJustin SchultheisTime siden
  • 2.7k degenerates

    NemolusNemolus2 timer siden
  • alinity owns twitch

    FloridaManFloridaMan2 timer siden
  • This is why I don’t go on twitch

    Alvin MarshallAlvin Marshall2 timer siden
  • pork

    FloridaManFloridaMan2 timer siden
  • Damn why does the "hide your kids" person have to be drawn like that?

    IthacaIthaca4 timer siden
  • alinity is not a racoon shes the devil

    Mikkel van berkelMikkel van berkel4 timer siden
  • can you do a purple bird pet giveaway

    adamadam5 timer siden
  • Andrei: She copyright striked PewDiePie's video just because he called her a twitch thot Alinity: Seriously, he said that?

    Dimi3je21Dimi3je216 timer siden
  • Thanks for showing me the purest definition of corruption on corporate-run services. Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna wait for the world to end sooner in the corner while watching something else.

    Matthew CobaltMatthew Cobalt6 timer siden
  • I simply looked up "twitch thot" and this came up...

    The Dude Who Took Mrbeast's SpeakersThe Dude Who Took Mrbeast's Speakers6 timer siden
  • Seriously? Did he just say that? I'm gonna copyright strike this guy

    Art1ceArt1ce7 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1038">17:18</a> Finally PETA did a good thing.

    Erron 2005Erron 20058 timer siden
  • hijabi gamer girl when

    ValorZeroAdventValorZeroAdvent9 timer siden
  • *Can we copystrike this Guy?* *Like right now*

    BordenBorden10 timer siden
  • video starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="93">1:33</a> thank me later

    siebe lolsiebe lol10 timer siden
  • Nip slip is when doja cat messed up for simps

    Jonathan BenbowJonathan Benbow10 timer siden
  • The reason I have a problem w women monetising their bodies, is bc women's bodies (for example b00b size) is down to luck. It's not fair on a so called 'ugly' girl who isn't given this opportunity to make money off just showing their bodies, it's not right.

    Adam DavisonAdam Davison10 timer siden
  • ALinity is the TwiTCH MOD. thats why no one on tiwtch controls her. She is the mod herself. And thats why twitch is biased and becoming a platform for twitch thots. If not she is clearly just mocking all the people that got banned while she didnt. Epic illustration btw :)

    TEO KA HO ANDREW -TEO KA HO ANDREW -10 timer siden
  • Twitch is rotten platform popular only because of long years of monopolly. Unless people start using their brain and boycott twitch for stuff like this.... Nothing will happen.

    Ya_MaZZZimYa_MaZZZim10 timer siden
  • This is serious son don't watch Twitch anymore.

    DadDad10 timer siden
  • D:

    XSMoneyXSMoney11 timer siden
  • Maybe a moment later, alinity will be like "Can we copy strike Andrei?"

    Humano BeanoHumano Beano11 timer siden
  • I think its time to leave Twitch and try mutiple more straming platform. Its obvious that twitch is like the government and think they have more power over you

    Muhammad HazrinMuhammad Hazrin12 timer siden
  • Even almost everyone agrees to PETA,one of the most hated on internet

    abbsnn coseabbsnn cose13 timer siden
  • I'm Pretty sure one of the more reasonable theories as to why Alinity gets away with it started as a meme. What if Twitch mods are legitimate neckbeards who see her as a goddess?

    RyanRyan15 timer siden
  • I thought twitch was good but I was wrong I would use Mixer instead

    max sawmax saw15 timer siden
  • She just simped us out without us knowing

    reccathelastflamereccathelastflame15 timer siden
    • Alinity: 🍑 🍒 Me: 🖕🏼

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose13 timer siden
  • Twitch is sexist

    Green SoldierGreen Soldier15 timer siden
  • Hey can you talk about this chandler imposter

    Meeshooverlord 213Meeshooverlord 21315 timer siden
  • 2.7K Alinity Simps as of today

    vaporizerarmyvaporizerarmy15 timer siden
  • It's more likely to be blackmail.

    Crimson WingCrimson Wing16 timer siden
  • i kinda feel bad because she had to ask for a ban over a nip slip

    perc 31perc 3116 timer siden

    FaizanFaizan16 timer siden
  • I bet Alinity is secretly the owner of Twitch, but doesn't tell anyone except for people like the owner and youtube and such, and that's why Pewd's video got taken down.

    WA WAWA WA17 timer siden
  • A female twitch streamer calling out another female twitch streamer Twitch: *CONFUSION*

    Catalyst _Catalyst _17 timer siden
  • Wonder how long until she copystrikes your video?

    Chris LChris L17 timer siden
  • They banged ok?

    AltTabbackspaceAltTabbackspace17 timer siden
  • oh she probably gave twitch mods access to her onlyfans

    ElevatedTeensFashionElevatedTeensFashion17 timer siden
  • Whens the video for the twitch feminist FerociousSteph or something like that, good god there’s a lot of problems with her :/

    Vance MVance M17 timer siden
  • Some of things she did was accidental but shit like giving cats vodka is a big no no

    Hayden TennoHayden Tenno17 timer siden
  • The part about the cats physically hurt me

    KittKittayKittKittay18 timer siden
  • Alinity: 🍑 🍒 Me: 🖕🏼

    bwaynemaster PLAYZbwaynemaster PLAYZ18 timer siden
  • Do the sml and chilly drama

    fortnite godfortnite god19 timer siden
  • “Sweater puppies” I’m saving that one.

    Jack DanielJack Daniel19 timer siden
  • They’re simply simping

    Papa ToadPapa Toad19 timer siden
  • Twitch mods are simps. No cap

    SyahidSyahid19 timer siden
  • Noah, get the boat.

    Frosty FizzFrosty Fizz19 timer siden
  • Can we copyright strike pewdiepie?

    ZenoticFNZenoticFN19 timer siden
  • She’s so bad that she’s got Bill frickin Chipher on her side

    Possum 8506Possum 850620 timer siden
  • Hi

    Santiago NietoSantiago Nieto20 timer siden
  • I hope you make millions of this video😂😂😂

    Sammy UrregoSammy Urrego21 time siden
  • I dont think this is ok

    KvicksandKvicksand21 time siden
  • Cant mixer buy twitch and ban her?

    raccoon plays terrariaraccoon plays terraria22 timer siden
  • She is a criminal and she should be arrested

    Pineapple WarsPineapple Wars22 timer siden
  • As someone who loves cats I really wish I never new about this person in the first place.

    Senior ShrekSenior Shrek22 timer siden
  • Male: *Farts* Gets Account Removed Alinity: *Breaks 7 Policy’s Under The “Nudity Policy”* Twitch I Don’t See Anything Wrong Here

    Cole - WGPCole - WGP23 timer siden
  • The twitch staffs probably gangbanged alinity for alinity to have that kind of power.

    Prens CaliboPrens Calibo23 timer siden
  • do you fucking know that she had a youtube channel, she is protected on twich but not on youtube :D

    Normal MemerNormal MemerDag siden
  • the worst thing about this is that she isnt even hot jesus some people have low standards

    E EE EDag siden
  • Just move to mixer in spite of twitch being a god awful platform.

    ttimo123456ttimo123456Dag siden
  • Bruh let's just protest Twitch

    complex aw fuck itcomplex aw fuck itDag siden
  • im betting she is thinking about: "Baby, can we copystrike Andreis new video?"

    TualliemeTualliemeDag siden
  • Would be nice if Anonymous could help put a stop for Alinity

    Lightning & ThunderLightning & ThunderDag siden
  • Isn’t there also beef between her and Vanoss as well?

    Peashooter _0216Peashooter _0216Dag siden
  • 2.7k simps disliked

    KiteKiteDag siden

  • Thanks, clicked on the video to get an answer, learnt nothing, and didn't get an answer, that's 10mins of my life wasted lol

  • why i only use twitch for add ons and don't support any streamers on the platform .... good job!!!!

    Nokturne1Nokturne1Dag siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="524">8:44</a> she should’ve been hated as much as she is now for that

    Agent MeowsclesAgent MeowsclesDag siden
  • I never liked that one character in anime that says 2d women are better than 3d. They're always so annoying. But now I understand <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="5">0:05</a>

    Señor StarSeñor StarDag siden
  • the twitchs mods be simpin

    NaanikunNaanikunDag siden
  • It’s unofficially proven at this point that Twitch is ran by simps.

    dutddutdDag siden
  • Everyone knows the twitch mods are gay so I doubt it's sexual favors. More likely (and more seriously than that last sentence, I'm making a "mods are gay" joke), she's probably too profitable to remove.

    Ender GamingEnder GamingDag siden
  • Guys we can just describe this is a single sentence *Twitch is a freaking simp*

    Morgana Persona 5Morgana Persona 5Dag siden
  • Plot twist: Alinity is a twitch mod

    Gorban MusicGorban MusicDag siden
  • If alinity comments here she's t series level big gae

    Stiv DimitrovskiStiv DimitrovskiDag siden
  • Dude a girl developer or something like that actaully said that over the years twitch has been more agressive with male streamers than with women streamers

    tand moretand moreDag siden
  • Alinity belongs in hell

    Maximilian PerrMaximilian PerrDag siden