Who Sang It Better : Dance Monkey - Tones and I

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Today we react to different singers and their different renditions of Dance Monkey by Tones and I. I Review them and crown who I think sang it better.
Matthew Barzyk
# StopBullingVikkiOnDiscord
Alle Engdahl
Joshua Joppie
# LorenzoIsLithuanian
KettleCat .
Chauchie Cortez
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  • What happen To your arm

    tiny_nem TNtiny_nem TNTime siden
  • I guess Rommie will the next Pewdiepie 🤣🤣

    Invoker EzrealInvoker EzrealTime siden
  • 🇮🇩

    Trip L GamingTrip L GamingTime siden
  • Round1 Italy Round2 turkey

    Shregma MemberShregma MemberTime siden
  • Ayyin nee eatha myre

    Ajith rysAjith rys3 timer siden
  • Roomie: "Pink hair girl and J fla" Me:" Can't you see she has blue hair?!?!?!"

    xxmrbrandonytxx mexxxmrbrandonytxx mex3 timer siden
  • Hi

    Beat ProdigyBeat Prodigy7 timer siden
  • I smell popcorn while watching this

    A Common playerA Common player7 timer siden
  • Yt account

    FastTurtle21FastTurtle217 timer siden
  • Yaaaaaay I'm on my bro yet spaccount me and my bro are Italian

    FastTurtle21FastTurtle217 timer siden
  • She has really long asses 8:25

    Bru TrashBru Trash9 timer siden
  • Grupe

    MCTeddyMCTeddy9 timer siden
  • Do you live in u.s or Sweden

    I Like BleachI Like Bleach10 timer siden
  • What's that on his arm???? also he's not just calling them avarage

    BrunoDax NinjaBrunoDax Ninja10 timer siden
  • 12:50 😂😭😭

    Brayden YoungBrayden Young11 timer siden
  • Im pretty sure im a bad singer bcs my music teacher was in a band and he said i was good but im pretty sure he meant the opposite thing

    falling nationfalling nation11 timer siden
  • Awh, I was hoping that you were going to respond to South Korea and Belgium on 10:46 , but you just skipped them.

    Najara De WitNajara De Wit12 timer siden
  • Tek türk izleyici ben miyim

    Eylül ÖztoptakEylül Öztoptak12 timer siden
  • Lets go italyyyyy

    cristian canalecristian canale12 timer siden
  • Davina is a famous person in the netherlands!

    TobiasPlaysTobiasPlays13 timer siden

    Fun ZoneFun Zone13 timer siden
  • Allie Sherlock is the best ... Eva Nicolescu second and Adriana Vitale 3rd

    Ionuț ConstantinIonuț Constantin14 timer siden
  • Anna cover is good can you hear pls im not from America

    Švicko BogosavljevicŠvicko Bogosavljevic14 timer siden
  • Hej

    XtronXtron14 timer siden
  • and suthamerica?

    IamElianGonxIamElianGonx15 timer siden
  • 6:46 she looks like Billie Eilish so bad

    Ivan KIvan K17 timer siden
  • Rina Josscy Tf🤣🤣🤣

    cph4cph418 timer siden
  • @14:00 if I were you... I'd simply say "I love Koreans"... It saves time and energy bruh...

    Ginger BoyGinger Boy18 timer siden
  • Roomie this time you are really annoying

    Wafi PRWafi PR18 timer siden
  • @8:53 what?! What do you mean "from India"?! You're a freakin racist Joel...😑 Edit: don't take it seriously... I'm just sayin...

    Ginger BoyGinger Boy18 timer siden
  • now thats an indo 5:39

    ADE FAUZANNADE FAUZANN20 timer siden
  • **THIS IS MY OPINION** I like your singing voice but I’m not very fond of your accent and there was very noticeable auto tune, at the start

    200 Subs with no video yes I’m begging for subs200 Subs with no video yes I’m begging for subs21 time siden
  • Aydan is so much better than anyone you knoww!!

    raman hamidraman hamid21 time siden
  • *SANDEE* is in the chat

    DaBestWolfygamerJakeIsDaBestDaBestWolfygamerJakeIsDaBest22 timer siden
  • Aydan from Australia wins

    DaBestWolfygamerJakeIsDaBestDaBestWolfygamerJakeIsDaBest22 timer siden
  • He has an ego !!!!

    XxkydenxX On instagramXxkydenxX On instagram22 timer siden
  • Hej jag är också svensk

    Jacke kingJacke king23 timer siden
  • Allie Sherlock is 14 years old xD

    Zenx_YT/ Hatake_DZCZenx_YT/ Hatake_DZCDag siden
  • Me: Malaysian Roomie: I like this girl from Malaysia. Me: YES!

    OverConfidencePlayzOverConfidencePlayzDag siden
  • You should listen to the cover of pink what about us by davina michelle

    LaunchPadCoversLaunchPadCoversDag siden
  • Teri maka bhosda🤣🤣🤣

    Sayon GhoshSayon GhoshDag siden
  • Kim indonesia10/10

    thoonaliathoonaliaDag siden
  • Pls do roxane

    thoonaliathoonaliaDag siden
  • Second guy Aydan was “fire”

    Tots AnimeTots AnimeDag siden
    • If you get it you get it

      Tots AnimeTots AnimeDag siden

    Widyaeka 1981Widyaeka 1981Dag siden
  • React sera pls he sang dacemonkey

    Jm MarianoJm MarianoDag siden
  • Seriously, the very first person sings was totally horrible. BTW that was YOU

    marco sneltingmarco sneltingDag siden
  • Can it teach me to build 90’s on fortnite so I can get my first win

    Anime-sao FanAnime-sao FanDag siden
  • am i the only one that weirdly really liked the wackiness of the girl from indonesia??

    IlyIlyDag siden
  • my mans donated some blood

    Mylke Bag ProductionsMylke Bag ProductionsDag siden
  • Sandee was fire

    Adrian WhiteAdrian WhiteDag siden
  • yo At 5:32 he is a Comedian so he tries to cover the song and he is well known in Indonesia So that's why he sings like that Edit:And He married an australian

    Rasya GamingRasya GamingDag siden
  • Still like original

    Enobong EkongEnobong EkongDag siden
  • Indo???

    Vadim BlyatVadim BlyatDag siden
  • the guy in Australia was on fire

    yolo hypeyolo hypeDag siden
  • Girl: **hits high note** Me: That was like perfect! Roomie: It was really pitchy. Me: That’s exactly what i thought!

    Selisium With Drew RosenSelisium With Drew RosenDag siden
  • “Tickle your pickle” BRUH

    admiiradmiirDag siden
  • Dude, where’s Sera’s cover?

    Luis GuarnizLuis GuarnizDag siden
  • Can you speak om Swedish

    Nils NorénNils NorénDag siden
  • nvm I realized my comment was dumb so I edited it. :(

    xxDag siden