Who Sang It Better : Someone You Loved - Lewis Capaldi

I search the internet to find out who did the BEST cover of "Someone You Loved".
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Today I react to different covers of the pop music smash hit "Someone You Loved" by Lewis Capaldi. We take a look at artists from many different countries and find that even the amazing Charlie Puth have made their own cover song.
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  • Conor Maynard looks like he's trying to force out a really painful sh*t

    Jake GiguereJake Giguere7 timer siden
  • I was hoping to find some cool male singers from this video, but mostly just saw girls kind of ruining the awesome song for me 😐

    Nico di AngeloNico di Angelo7 timer siden
  • Wonderfull dear Billie you’re so intelligent thank you to exist so different of the other ( with my bad english)

    APRIL AVRILAPRIL AVRIL12 timer siden
  • gross intro

    David MandićDavid MandićDag siden
  • lmao the dude from Switzerland kinda sounded like he was from blink ngl

    Samantha NakashimaSamantha NakashimaDag siden
  • Lunity

    KwiliKwiliDag siden
  • whats the microphone's brand?

    miguel ruizmiguel ruizDag siden
  • Joel did suck....you did suck man..ewwww

    Shaheel kallingalShaheel kallingal2 dager siden
  • Your voice is too pitchy in my opinion

    Jordan Linardi TheJordan Linardi The2 dager siden

    D LamarD Lamar3 dager siden
  • Still tho .

    。heaven bright。。heaven bright。3 dager siden
  • Even though he lip-synched

    。heaven bright。。heaven bright。3 dager siden
  • Wait no male version i like best is connar maynard

    。heaven bright。。heaven bright。3 dager siden
  • The male version i like: alec chambers The female version i like: jodie mellor

    。heaven bright。。heaven bright。3 dager siden
  • I did a cover of this song on my channel!! Wasn't as good tho 😅

    Victoria LongVictoria Long3 dager siden
  • alec chambers wins, that’s it😽✨

    amelia knightamelia knight3 dager siden
  • if mitch grassi sang this song i think i’d die🧚‍♂️✨

    amelia knightamelia knight3 dager siden
  • At the very start of the video when he was singing the first thing that came to my mind is "Someone you loved by lewis capaldi SPEEDRUN World Record"

    Mr. Clan PlayzMr. Clan Playz3 dager siden
  • You should listen our last night's version of this song

    Azrain HusainAzrain Husain3 dager siden
  • I struggled doing falsetto flip, can u teach me🤣

    シΔsʜシΔsʜ3 dager siden
  • How can you really make a daily video?

    Midnight HitsMidnight Hits3 dager siden
  • Jodi was my pick too

    Sarah ClarkSarah Clark3 dager siden
  • Your edits are driving me crazy with laughter🤪🤪

    Czarina OsainCzarina Osain3 dager siden
  • Roomie looking like a lil SNACK in this video

    severina zinkseverina zink3 dager siden
  • My sister loves Someone You Loved

  • The song sounds like the numa numa song lol.

    DJ HarmonicsDJ Harmonics3 dager siden
  • When the first singer/band is roadtrip........where are them roadies at?

    Elizabeth DevensElizabeth Devens4 dager siden
  • I love u as a freind

    Thomas SepczynskiThomas Sepczynski4 dager siden
  • Roadtrip Fans!! Where u at??

    Farida RamzyFarida Ramzy4 dager siden
  • Also allie to my opinion does too much when it comes to singing, for example her cover when she solos or duets Shallow she slows down her tempo compared to her previous just to show off her voice, which is great, but there is a such thing as too much I think it's called logatto, the opposite of stocatto, when singing. Shes great dont get me wrong but she shows off too much and doesnt just sing.

    Anthony EspinosaAnthony Espinosa4 dager siden
  • I think teddy swims is a very good top ranking cover tbh

    Anthony EspinosaAnthony Espinosa4 dager siden
  • Every time I listen to a cover of Lewis I'm like: "wait... It's missing something, let me see... Oh I know!!! It's missing LEWIS SINGING!!! Guys, they are a few artists that you can't just cover them, they are so unic that you will sound like a generic copy. Some of them (for me) are: Lewis Capaldi, Sia, Adele, Bob Dylan...

    Matheus Pereira XavierMatheus Pereira Xavier5 dager siden
  • you should check the one that was on "Produce Camp 2020" by Curley Gao-

  • * looks up who sang it better, finds you all the time cause your videos are amazing*

    Jessica AnneJessica Anne5 dager siden
  • Conor Maynard - he sounds SO good but I'd rather see how he really looks like when singing that. He's going to attract a lot of people who are into the whole sPeCtAcuLaR part of it all but oof… just off-putting for me… a voice like that, I'd rather see how he really looks while singing it than see him put all this imho stereotypical and showbiz-y emotion into it.

    essennagerryessennagerry5 dager siden
  • Who else loves ROADTRIP TV ❤❤?

    Rashmi 1805Rashmi 18055 dager siden
  • I liked madylins cover the best

    Amit DeoAmit Deo5 dager siden
  • I can sing someone you loved way better than roomie 🤣 but good try # i know you edited ............ alot

    {Chloe’s Gacha Life}{Chloe’s Gacha Life}5 dager siden
  • you're sounding like a robot

    LGL KyrosLGL Kyros5 dager siden
  • Allie 💕

    John MichaelJohn Michael5 dager siden
  • the Irish girl kinda sounds like Grace vanderWaal

    Debadipto BiswasDebadipto Biswas5 dager siden
  • Well roomie ruined it at the beginning

    TomHardy24TomHardy245 dager siden
  • Italian voice?

    Doctor CreeperDoctor Creeper6 dager siden

    Carolina GuerreroCarolina Guerrero6 dager siden
  • Alec doesnt use autotune tho? I've seen him sing live tho

    Joedro55 GamingJoedro55 Gaming6 dager siden
  • Can someone tell me the channel for the first one. Sing on or something

    John AdamsJohn Adams6 dager siden

    Katie RousseauKatie Rousseau6 dager siden
  • Heyyy Roomie may i suggest you watch kpop band ACE's cover of Someone you loved? it is sooo good and i love your videos!

    elle maielle mai6 dager siden
  • Put it into 0.25 playback speed and listen to roomies cover at the beginning. It sounds like his lungs just popped or something

    Rudi BurrellRudi Burrell6 dager siden
  • What channel is it? I want to watch stuff like this on my own

    Breno HANSENBreno HANSEN7 dager siden
  • You have a great exuberant voice 🦢

    Stars Sparkle MagicallyStars Sparkle Magically7 dager siden
  • The second girl was oversinging

    Jack WhiteJack White7 dager siden
  • omg Davina MIchelle she is so good ashe is one of the best singers in my country Netherlands FTW!!!

    Jona HofmanJona Hofman7 dager siden
  • He just ruined lewis capaldi for me, roomie, u don't deserve to sing this, sorry man

    Luka TrautLuka Traut7 dager siden
  • Your version of the song is like 'calling your ex but u have 1% charge'

    Srijit BhattacharyaSrijit Bhattacharya7 dager siden
  • How does roomie find a way to make every sad and low pitched song a k-pop song like please explain!

    Rene TruaxRene Truax8 dager siden
  • Listen to Hollywood's Bleeding by Connor Maynard

    Marylizabeth HicksMarylizabeth Hicks8 dager siden
  • To bad Teddy Swims his cover isn’t in this vid

    Robin KlosRobin Klos8 dager siden
  • Anyone else watching what yt recommends in quarantine

    Maniac MasterManiac Master8 dager siden
  • But i still love your vids

    rayzz_FNrayzz_FN8 dager siden
  • You sing kinda bad

    rayzz_FNrayzz_FN8 dager siden
  • Do more cover comparisons

    better late than neverbetter late than never9 dager siden
  • the girl from ireland was awesome

    Silvia VerlieSilvia Verlie9 dager siden
  • Team The Netherlands!

    Anouk BolAnouk Bol10 dager siden
  • Bruh said so much bad stuff about Connor your just mad that he’s a better singer.

    Landon WhittenLandon Whitten10 dager siden
  • Our Last Night has an awesome cover of this song. They really are the kings of the rock covers.

    Eddie ArnoldEddie Arnold10 dager siden
  • Captions are really something!

    Eileen TorresEileen Torres10 dager siden
  • did he post his version of the song any where or do i just have to repeat the first 20secs all the time

    SlushM0nk3ySlushM0nk3y10 dager siden
  • Girl versions sucks the boys are better

    Elijah PeavlerElijah Peavler10 dager siden
  • Autotuned???

  • I’m watching this after roadtrip have split up... whelp :-(

    ToriaEAMusicToriaEAMusic10 dager siden
  • Know I’m late, but it annoys me that in the Roadtrip one he listened to Rye and not Andy. Andy is so much more talented

    Rebekka LarsenRebekka Larsen10 dager siden
  • Where is the Smule guy?

    Ed MayEd May10 dager siden
  • roomie should do a autotune vs no autotune for Lewis Capaldi

    Meganleah DoMeganleah Do10 dager siden
  • Holy crap that intro was cringe

    NecrozeusNecrozeus10 dager siden
  • Charlie puth said he just learned the song in the car ride over haha

    Z CZ C11 dager siden
  • Am i the only one that thought Joel likes Madilyn?

    Grace Sri Maria Namora SitumorangGrace Sri Maria Namora Situmorang11 dager siden
  • Your cover was trah, it's not a happy song to do it with those chordes dumb ass.

    Javier BMJavier BM11 dager siden
  • Roomie tell people they can sound good: awesome sounds unbelievable Me telling roomie he sounds good:( I was lieing

    Letesia DuffusLetesia Duffus11 dager siden
  • SERA_i_am did it best.. she should be in the list.

    Abner Jr. ParedesAbner Jr. Paredes11 dager siden