Which Performance Badges Are a Scam?

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BMW has M. Nissan has Nismo. Ford has ST. If you see one of these badges, you know the car is serious...Or is it? Maybe some of these badges are...lying? Join Nolan as he explores the history of all of you favorite badges: BMW M, Nissan Nismo, Ford ST, Mercedes-Benz, AMG, Audi S, Hyundai N, Acura and HondaType R- and whether or not they mean anything anymore. This is a spicy one!
WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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  • What I learned, old models with these special badges were the real deal. Old nismo, old gtr, old type r, old ss, old Quattro, even old Z badges! old everything.

    AKAKDag siden
  • Not anymore but Pre 2009 Ralliart badges on the lancer

    TriggerbotTriggerbotDag siden
  • What about Z series on Chevy

    Holt 0216Holt 0216Dag siden
  • Kind of like the TRD and Mugen versions being sold in the Philippines by Toyota and Honda.

    Paul Karson B. AlanisPaul Karson B. Alanis2 dager siden
  • But still the x3 m40i still sounds better than most mercedes cars! 😂❤️ well done BMW

    Omar EzzatOmar Ezzat2 dager siden
  • Baiscly you can put an M badge and if the BMW was lets say 15 000 now its gonna cost 25 000

    burek ipoburek ipo2 dager siden
  • Srt

    Jacob ConderJacob Conder2 dager siden
  • I’m sorry, but you pronounced it “hi-yun-da” it’s “hyun-dae-i”

    rawrrawr2 dager siden
  • sorry to say but asian carmakers have ridiculised the idea of a performance car with their models

    Illyrian GamerIllyrian Gamer2 dager siden
  • Does the US get ST-Line cars from Ford like the UK does? Some of them are diesel..

    Harrison GannerHarrison Ganner2 dager siden
  • M

    realbeckfanrealbeckfan2 dager siden
  • Nissan... the end is nigh... I used to LOVE Nissan I've owned an 06 Sentra SE-R, a 2014 maxima, and now a 2016 altima (worst car I've ever owned) CTV transmission failed at 26,000 miles I've had it fixed TWICE, now at 41k they insist it's all fixed yet is so much rougher way more vibration when accelerating.. NISSAN BUILDS TRASH NOW Probably why they're all fleet cars

    Manic GenoManic Geno3 dager siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="644">10:44</a> High-on-da ???

    Christian Hosoomel YTChristian Hosoomel YT3 dager siden
  • Where would you place subaru's STI badge ?

    Kio ShinozakiKio Shinozaki3 dager siden
  • What about the z family in nissan?

    Andri Luka RadulovicAndri Luka Radulovic3 dager siden
  • There is a diff between M Performance and M Sport. M Sport is just the trim and bits but M Performance, say that M240i you used as an example, has an engine which non-M Performance vehicles in the same line (i.e. no other 2 series) have access to.

    Keith AngKeith Ang3 dager siden
  • Not sure I agree about the Audi S comments. Audi does do an "S-Line" on their A models that is more about trim. - An Audi A4 and an S4 have completely different engines many other parts. For example - A4 in late 2k came with a 4banger and the S4 came with a 4.2 V8, Recaro seats..etc. The Audi A6 and S6 are radically different car as well. A6 is available in a 3.2L 6 cylinder Supercharged and the S is a Twin Turbo V8. The real issue is more about small difference between the S and RS models.

    Tim SpencerTim Spencer3 dager siden
  • You can basically tell from e46->present which BMW really is real ///M when you take look at the rear and there are FOUR exhausts TWO each side

    KableFIKableFI3 dager siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="46">0:46</a> Who's Joe?

    AlehandraPlayzAlehandraPlayz3 dager siden
  • Come on Nolan!! You should already know that Quattro is not the performance the badge for Audi. RS is. And you forgot to mention Subaru's STI. They only have limited product line depending on markets such as USA having only the WRX. And plus I've read on forums that the WRX can be built up to be faster than the STI version based on their powerplant capabilities. TRD is now becoming for of an appearance package.. same with Nismo. I mean the Sentra version was built more for the winding roads for better handling that's what Nissan said. Not for speed so to argue that idk. Hopefully they fix that with the upcoming Gen. I like to associate the "R" better for their performance trim lineup such as the SE-R, GT-R etc

    Christopher FloresChristopher Flores3 dager siden
  • 2 words 6 letters WRX STI

    Luke ReedLuke Reed3 dager siden
  • You forgot the F performance from Lexus. Fsport are wack but GSF or ISF RSF and hopefully LCF are legit upgrades

    jose moralesjose morales3 dager siden
  • Factory rice

    SebiiSebii3 dager siden
  • It's from the maker so it wouldn't matter.

    CybronsCybrons4 dager siden
  • Totally agree. Thank you Nolan!

    Aulon HarizajAulon Harizaj4 dager siden

    Matteo GemelliMatteo Gemelli4 dager siden
  • Wheres Volkswagen lol

    Bobby MBobby M4 dager siden
  • Does anyone know what's the "name" of that color at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="526">8:46</a> on that Focus ST?

    Tibor MondokTibor Mondok4 dager siden
  • But some are worth the badge, but never get it. M760Li is worth an m7 badge.

    Mr CarsonMr Carson4 dager siden
  • This video is completely wrong about M Performance cars. You're not distinguishing between M-Sport and M Performance. M-Sport is just an aesthetics kit, like you said, but M Performance cars (M340i, M240i, X3 M40i, M550i, etc.) are much more powerful and better handling than the base cars. They are legitimate performance trims. Think of M-Performance cars as Audi's S cars, and full M cars as Audi's RS cars.

    Kevin DamKevin Dam4 dager siden
  • If you're going to make a video about "fake" performance badges, then at least don't have a real M car as the thumbnail...

    Kevin DamKevin Dam4 dager siden
  • SRT: I'm a joke to you?

    Francisco VelascoFrancisco Velasco5 dager siden
  • that's not a supra that's a bmw

    Van CourtesyVan Courtesy5 dager siden
  • Yooooo, what's the beat from @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="280">4:40</a> and how can I get it?

    Enomfon SammyEnomfon Sammy5 dager siden
  • The Juke Nismo isn't all pointlessx since it has the same V6 in the GTR, but I think it's detuned.

    DFB58DFB586 dager siden
  • I feel like the only m performance car that should be a proper m is the z4m40i. But that's only since a proper 2020+ z4m doesn't exist and likely wont

    Arthur DvorkinArthur Dvorkin6 dager siden
  • Do the opposite. Cars that deserved the badge but didn’t get it.

    TomaszTomasz6 dager siden
  • Yeah who cares about ZR1 Z28 SS RS Z06

    Drew CorkinsDrew Corkins7 dager siden
  • Just dont talk about european cars anymore man . You dont know shit

    Leart BlakajLeart Blakaj7 dager siden
  • Hold it just a second ! You said "Audi applies the Quattro and S Name..." (and you showed the S badge of an Audi) "non of which share the Audi's performance..." *and then you started talking about the S line* Audi S Models are not always S line models ! Let me explain! The badge that you showed on the video, THE S BADGE, this means that the car is an S Model, it does not mean that it has the cosmetic S line package. Although it's true, S line packages don't have more horse power at all, they're just visual. But the S model (a car that has the S Badge that you showed on your video) has way more much power than the "A" model. Audi A6 (C6) - 225HP Audi S6 - 435 HP (Almost double the power!) Audi RS6 - around 600 HP And they might not have the S line package. And they can advertise the Audi RS6 as a car with an S line package that has 600 HP, then you Google S line and find out that it doesn't add any horse power and they you say "Audi lied to us". I mean... they do have a website ! There are also Wikipedia articles on Audi vehicles... That indicate very clearly, that the S badge is an S model of Audi with a lot of horse power and the S line is something that you see on the steering wheel and the car seat of a vehicle...

    Robot BurgerRobot Burger7 dager siden
  • 2000's SS's besides the cobalt and camaro

    ScottaHemiScottaHemi8 dager siden
  • Simple way to break it down... BMW: M and M performance real, M sport styling (with suspension upgrades), Xdrive is AWD, Sdrive is RWD. Audi: S and RS real, S Line styling, quarto is AWD Ford: RS and ST real, ST line styling Vauxhall/opel VXR real, VX Line styling. Mercedes: AMG real, AMG line styling. Volkswagen: GTI and R real, R line styling. Renault: RS real, GT line styling Jaguar: R and S real, R Sport and S Sport are styling and soft tweeks. Alfa Romeo: GTA and Quadrafolio real Fiat: Abarth... Bit of both dependant on models over the years. Volvo: polestar real, R-design styling. Skoda: VRs real, sport line styling. Seat: Cupra real, FR is trim but with a few luke warm engine options and sportier dampers. Peugeot: GTI real, GT Line styling. Citroën: VTS (discontinued) real, VTR has hot hatch looks but only minor improvements. Mini: JCW works and GP real, Cooper S a few tweaks and a few extra ponies, Cooper just styling. Anything outside of Europe I'd just be guessing, but it's safe to say add "line" to anything and it seems to just be marketing. Also its worth considering rules and regulations change country to country so local markets may have different restrictions and therefore have to have different marketing strategies, for example handling in some countries is more important than massive power gains so not all tweaks are about the engine.

    Lost VaguenessLost Vagueness8 dager siden
    • yeah but most of them do nothing.. just for owner....

      campkiracampkira13 timer siden
  • The (very good) BMW M history lesson ends at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="270">4:30</a> if you want to skip to the meat of the topic.

    Darin HamiltonDarin Hamilton8 dager siden
  • *M* is the biggest scam and its so lame cuz every BMW owner buys it on ebay and glues to their 320d

    Truli BalvanTruli Balvan9 dager siden
  • Hahaha GR is also used on a daihatsu Copen GR Because daihatsu is owned by Toyota also this daihatsu Copen GR has a top speed of 140kmh but it does look cool tho

    r.i.peperoniii irohr.i.peperoniii iroh9 dager siden
  • M5 is worth it though

    jaskirat Singhjaskirat Singh10 dager siden
  • What about Toyota's TRD badge?

    Mike SMike S11 dager siden
  • and Audi S models are always more powerful than the A models

    Erick BrenErick Bren11 dager siden
  • ..... RS is the performance of Audi, built by Audi Sport (previously Quattro). S is the top of the line of an A and S-line is a package with interior and exterior stuff.

    Erick BrenErick Bren11 dager siden
  • I don't think the Addition of power is required for a performance brand to be cool in 2007 when they launched the Nismo 350z v3 I thought it was pretty badass they actually only optimized aero and handling, without any addition of power and that made the car much more rewarding, it became even more of a drivers car on which you build the speed and maintain it and your lap times will improve and surpass those of the regular z that due to the lesser aero was actually a faster accelerating car

    The Adan ChannelThe Adan Channel11 dager siden
  • no love for any WS6 badges?

    Ignis444Ignis44411 dager siden
  • neighbor has an x5 M

    M EdwardsM Edwards11 dager siden
    • And that's a real performance car, it is put that way because mazda has the rights to MX5 for Europe (miata in the US)

      Lost VaguenessLost Vagueness8 dager siden
  • Honda represent!

    Olan FieldOlan Field12 dager siden
  • Polestar and alpina are both similar To amg

    Lewis NewellLewis Newell12 dager siden
  • I will say on BMW’s behalf as an owner of a bmw m140i there is no new m1 and the m140i is the best hatch ever made in my opinion huge power understated looks a straight six sound and rear wheel drive same with the M760li there is no m7 but they wanted to slam a massive V12 in it. And there’s two X2 M35i’s round the corner from me

    Lewis NewellLewis Newell12 dager siden
  • My bi turbo v8 badge on my s class, legit means so much to me, it's basically a silent warning.

    Viktor PoiasnikViktor Poiasnik12 dager siden
  • why no talk about the Chevy SS?

    MrCanadianheroMrCanadianhero12 dager siden
  • Mitsubishi's Ralliart badge means basically nothing

    Man from NantucketMan from Nantucket13 dager siden
  • I used to make fun of my neighbor's Opel Zafira for having an OPC (Opel Performance Center) badge on it, but turns out that thing has 240hp! Well, it's hardly a performance sportscar, but not bad for a minivan and it beats the 105hp base version. And the 325hp, 4x4 Opel Insignia OPC would give an Impreza WRX a run for it's money. So... TL;DR: OPC's still got it, baby!

    PrototypeSpaceMonkeyPrototypeSpaceMonkey13 dager siden
  • Great video but why you didn't talk on Alfa Romeo's GTAs?

    ThePF2001ThePF200114 dager siden
  • What happened to subaru?

    Julio BustamanteJulio Bustamante14 dager siden
  • Daaang man as a Type R owner I found this video hella anticlimactic.. He finally got to Honda and I thought he was about to talk about the type r history a little like the teggy R, NSX-R, CTR hell even the Accord type r(yea look that bad boy up).. buuut basically nothing.. 😂😞😞😞

    Grumpy Cat117Grumpy Cat11715 dager siden
  • Audi Quattro simply means that the cars are all wheel drive. the "quattro GmbH" is called Audi sport nowadays, because it was too confusing to have the company called the same as the cars where. and when you buy an Audi S you always get more performance. Sline is the one thing that doesnt mean anything. the only cars really build by the audi sport GmbH are the RS models which have more power, better handling and some other features no other audi has.

    FeanonFeanon15 dager siden
  • I honestly did not know that any of those badges were worth it. I guess I'm an outsider, but, I'd alway presumed they were all just hype.

    verdatumverdatum15 dager siden
  • The best BMW of 2019 is a Toyota.

    Alex AlexAlex Alex16 dager siden
    • That's okay, the best Subaru is a Toyota as well.

      PrototypeSpaceMonkeyPrototypeSpaceMonkey13 dager siden
  • Chevy SS?

    Corby MariniCorby Marini17 dager siden
  • Polestar. Understated tuning makes for a great sleeper.

    Spam MeSpam Me17 dager siden
  • Do a video on Toyota an there TRD supercharged trucks an cars

    Joshua LynnJoshua Lynn17 dager siden
  • what about Volvo `s Polestar ? as far as i know it was in-house performance division

    فـوزان FawzanTVفـوزان FawzanTV17 dager siden
  • What about Mitsubishi Ralliart ?

    Carpet BombingCarpet Bombing18 dager siden
  • Love my Type R - #26306

    TJMTJM18 dager siden
  • Do an episode on the numbers. I was wondering how much component can you change for the Vin number no reply to a vehicle.

    Teka JibitiTeka Jibiti19 dager siden
  • Some of the information regarding BMW M cars is incorrect. You’re right, customers can buy “M Sport” packages which will mostly provide the looks and some suspension components without more hp. However actual M cars with M badges on the rear are performance version BMWs most certainly have increased horsepower, suspension, etc. Your video show an M340i badge. This new type of M car was created to cater to customers who want performance but do not need the full blown M treatment in their vehicles. Mercedes is doing the same with their AMG 43 designation. Also BMW fans enjoy placing their own M badges on their BMWs (hence the confusion when seeing them on the streets) however as long as you’re buying a BMW with an M badge, you are buying a performance version of that model. I’ve owned both types of Ms.

    betamax rulesbetamax rules19 dager siden
  • You forgot about the most important ones Hennessy and SRT.

    Aidan GambleAidan Gamble20 dager siden
  • In my opinion you should have put cupra at the end, doesnt get much more performance increase than that

    Christiaan FankhauserChristiaan Fankhauser20 dager siden
  • You forgot the r performance badge from volkswagen

    james villamorjames villamor20 dager siden
  • But why would Toyota make a supra with a BMW engine that's only 10 hp more powerful the stock mk4 engine. I would engine swap that hell of that

    kayle mohamedkayle mohamed21 dag siden
  • neither QUATTRO nor S are the "sports version" ONLY RS!

    lukas lauermannlukas lauermann21 dag siden
  • gti....

    Nash FooxNash Foox22 dager siden
  • M8 best hi

    RED TEA13RED TEA1322 dager siden