When Singers Can't Sing Their Own Songs...

These vocals were not written to be performed live!
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I am a believer in writing songs that fit the voice of the singer and that they’ll be able to reproduce on a stage. This, however, is not the case for everyone it seems. Today we watch a compilation of UNREALISTICALLY hard vocals that were not written with the singers in mind. We listen and compare studio and live takes from such artists as Mariah Carey, Demi Lovato, Camila Cabello & MORE. Enjoy!
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  • Something he missed on Demi Levato's <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="178">2:58</a>, the reason why she never gets it live is because the song was written to be done in multiple takes. Note how in the Studio Version you hear her holding the high note AND you hear another recording of her singing words at the same time. It's written to have multiple recordings of her stacked over each other.

    MeMe21 minutt siden
  • The other thing too is for all we know most of those might just be "off" days for the singer, nobody's voice is perfect 24/7/365. Chances are most of those vocalists hit the notes just fine on every other concert in the tour, but if on one night they miss the note you can bet VoCaLlY EpIc will jump at it.

    Doda GarciaDoda Garcia11 timer siden
  • I’ve never judged singers for different singing in live compared to studio. I keep believing it was all intentional because all the high parts can be straining as well as over time one might want to sing differently for various occasions as it might get tiresome to hear the same and same again. But that’s just and ancient choir singer that still loves singing but feels too untalented for it

    StardustStardustDag siden
  • I think a lot of time when artist 'dodge' or 'cut off' a note it's probably cause they feel like they can't make it during that perfomance so to prevent embarressment they just don't do it.. I can't fault them for that since often times they will show in other perfomances that they are capable of doing those notes, just maybe not on that specific day.

    Nova LynnNova LynnDag siden
  • I'm no vocal coach, but I think the second clip of Leigh (little mix) was when her vocals were quite tired, she can really hit that note (hearing it live is amazing!). It's difficult to know if the singers actually can sing it or not, since we don't know if they were having a 'bad day' or if their vocals were strained from touring. But I really enjoyed the video!

    Carys GwenllianCarys GwenllianDag siden
  • PLEASE LISTEN TO TORI KELLY!!! She never fails and sing even better live

    Gabriela MiyukiGabriela Miyuki3 dager siden
  • all of them sound like the same singer!!!

    sr7bbirdsr7bbird3 dager siden
  • I think certain songs should just be studio and not performed live.

    Charlotte TaucherCharlotte Taucher3 dager siden
  • Can you react to jessie j singing ?

    Marwen BachaMarwen Bacha3 dager siden
  • Not surprised to not see abel here

    Twin MarcusTwin Marcus3 dager siden
  • *boy bands are better, fight me*

    yur momyur mom4 dager siden
  • Damn, dude! It's a good thing you're so cute and those baby blues of yours are so intense as you harshly critique each singer. I gotta say, though, you do give credit to good singers or a well sung piece. Carry on, hottie!!

    Bleachbum69Bleachbum695 dager siden
  • In defense of Kelly Clarkson, (and maybe all of them, idk. Kelly’s the only one I care about) as women age, our voices keep changing. And if you’re constantly singing hard to push out those notes, you’re damaging your voice. She hit a G5 in her teens and early 20’s. Now she’s 38, she’s been rocking it for years. It’s not going to be the same. But she’s still amazing. Also, she has kids. I can’t even begin to explain the weirdness that is pregnancy and how it screws your body up in sooooooo many ways. Yes, even affecting your singing voice.

    KCMae85 !KCMae85 !5 dager siden
  • How is this the first video of yours I've seen?!?! Great compilation and commentary! It's easy to just critique a live performance so really love that you didnt discredit their vocal choices. Think I've found today's quarantine channel binge 👍

    Meg McCMeg McC5 dager siden
  • I would be the girl that left and demended a refund. If i wanted to listen to recording id wach you tube videos

    Sunny SunSunny Sun5 dager siden
  • Sometime you say singing is bad or off....when it's not.

    David StantonDavid Stanton5 dager siden
  • ok, so i watched ONE video from this guy and yt decides to shove ALL of em down my recommendations. took me two, three more vids to finally decide that i'm rather amused and not irritated by his laugh. 😂 fine... i subscribed. 😂

    Miss YMiss Y5 dager siden
  • I was on stage that night with Christina and Demi, I was dancing next to demi during the end she sounded good

    Derrick BoyceDerrick Boyce6 dager siden
  • Day 1 of asking Joel to react to musical singers. Song recommendations: I don't need your love, particularly the ending All you wanna do Heart of stone No way (all Six the musical) The start of the "Dead girl walking" reprise (Heathers) DEFYING GRAVITY!

    somerandomlostchildsomerandomlostchild6 dager siden
  • Go watch the Journey with Steve Perry concert from the 80s.

    Pamela VerrinderPamela Verrinder6 dager siden
  • This is what I hate about myself all of the songs I write has some melody in it that even I can't sing. My vocal range is like Kurt Cobain's yet I write songs for someone like Myles Kennedy or Eddie Vedder.

    Alfred Fonacier IIIAlfred Fonacier III6 dager siden
  • They could’ve just sung it within their vocal range. It’s a million times better than having people pay to see you sing, and getting lip sync instead. It’s also better than messing up

    Ruby RoseRuby Rose6 dager siden
  • Pia Mia really did "do it again". The original song is by J Boog, which in my opinion is WAY better.

    Natalie MontalvoNatalie Montalvo6 dager siden
  • Maybe Mariah's been listening to Bon Scott. You don't know.

    Baron Von LichtensteinBaron Von Lichtenstein7 dager siden
  • The Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera one seems too difficult for Demi tbh

    Super KaySuper Kay7 dager siden
  • I find it's always sounds better for them to go down a note or two then to try to sing in key and be off.

    Kabooom and StuffKabooom and Stuff7 dager siden
  • the mariah carey clip was actually not lipped in any of the clips. the last clip in particular was in one of her worst performances of the song... they kinda manipulated it into making it seem like she consistently sings the song bad.

    Hamad AlthaniHamad Althani7 dager siden
  • Can u shut up abt. Freddie? Please, he´s the best

    G i g g i a V o nG i g g i a V o n7 dager siden
  • 70-80s heavy metal vocalists got away really good

    Bengan KarlssonBengan Karlsson7 dager siden
  • mariah didnt lip you haters

    J PJ P8 dager siden
  • Freaking Kelly Clarkson👏👏

    Sydney MitrecicSydney Mitrecic8 dager siden
  • Who are you listening too? Yeah I’m out.

    Heather TaylorHeather Taylor8 dager siden
  • Why are there only female singers???

    Ale :3Ale :38 dager siden
  • This is why I'm not judgemental about singers holding the mic to the crowd to sing. Tours must wear down the voice like crazy. I'm a drummer so don't know what it's like but can tell it is taxing.

    Salvador Diaz del Valle SantanaSalvador Diaz del Valle Santana9 dager siden
  • I learned singing from doing theatre, so something that I really never understood is singers who can't do it live. Like... isn't that the point? If you can't do it live, then you're just going to disappoint people who come see your show. If you need to lower a key, just record it in that key to begin with and you eliminate the need for a different version. If a phrase is too hard for you to do consistently, don't record it, especially if it's a big resolve moment or climax. Audiences will be waiting for THAT moment, and be disappointed when you don't give it to them.

    wickedphant0mwickedphant0m9 dager siden
  • Does anybody else think he looks like Ryland but with longer hair? 😹😹❤

    gracious_ kookiegracious_ kookie9 dager siden
  • You should look at footage of older artists like John Denver or Billy Joel who sang before autotune. Denver actually sounded the SAME if not BETTER live. He'd have the odd flub, but usually after a 3 hour concert. So many singers can't hold a candle to artists of that era.

    ScattySafariScattySafari9 dager siden
  • its not that they cant sing it they chose to play it safe so they arent on the edge of their capability and risking the integrity of a solid live performance

    Victoria SnookVictoria Snook9 dager siden
  • A live performance is supposed to be different each night. That is what makes it a live performance. Also singers like everyone else on planet earth has good and bad nights. I would prefer to hear a flat note then to spend my money so I can watch the singer lip sync the whole concert what is the point of that? I can save the money and listen to the album.

    katlady5000katlady500010 dager siden
  • This is just my personal opinion, but I believe if you are going to be a live singer, you should record just what is in your range. I am disappointed when I am attending a concert, but the singer does not reach for those notes/sing it like it was recorded. I 100% understand touring and singing constantly is grueling (I have singers and musicians in my family), but if you are not going to sing it live, don’t record it that way in the first place. Record it a different way so as not to destroy your voice.

    Jamie FigginsJamie Figgins10 dager siden
  • Women compilation. No men?

    Onewxrld MusicOnewxrld Music10 dager siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="155">2:35</a> 4 year-old me when my mom tries to give me vegetables

    Hello ThereHello There10 dager siden
  • If you want to go to school, check out Ian Gillan singing for Deep Purple in the song "Child in Time" Any Live version, never ducks, always nails it.

    Bruce DayBruce Day10 dager siden
  • Damn I’d sing that note in falsetto too if I were Mariah. Some people just aren’t taking into account that when these artists are touring and doing concerts every night they have to alter some things to protect their voices

    Abbigail CarrAbbigail Carr10 dager siden
  • Kelly Clarkson has kept the same band for years😂

    Kristen BishopKristen Bishop10 dager siden
  • Could you react to Kim Sohyang please🥺 she’s an amazing singer

    Cheylla GreenCheylla Green10 dager siden
  • "It sounds like she's singing through a telephone. Also through a cave" Totally killed me XD

    jagtressjagtress11 dager siden
  • I mean... 1. Why is it so wrong for studio versions to be different from live version to begin with, they don't serve the same purpose entirely. I have no problem what-so-ever with musicians using a different register live. A live session will bring out other qualities and will generally be more organic, for some people that will be a positive, for others it will be a negative and they'll prefer pitch-perfect insane high-note studio versions. How about we just let singers accomodate both interested parties? 2. Singers are people too, they have bad days when their physical condition isn't at its best so judging a singer from a single live session as they do in the second video is just plain dumb.

    anno8369anno836911 dager siden
  • Can we talk about Patti Labelle? I'm no singing afficiando or whatever you call it, but I remember seeing her sing during the Los Angeles Olympics and she was doing a great job. Then her microphone gave up. And she raised her voice so everyone could still hear her. And she was L O U D and great.

    AudieHollandAudieHolland11 dager siden
  • What's this obsession with meaningless high notes? At least we're not in the 16th century anymore, when the church was so obsessed with powerful high notes that they used castrato

    AudieHollandAudieHolland11 dager siden
  • When you pay to go see someone live you're gonna want to see more improvising

    Mark TuckerMark Tucker11 dager siden
  • They forgot to put geddy lee lol

    Luca CarboniniLuca Carbonini12 dager siden
  • And also melanie martinez, my favorite singer, was really really tired in her tours. Poor Mel was so tired, and she didn't even dodge one note. She had a soar throat for most of her k12 tours. And people have to understand that singers have a difficukt time sometimes and arent perfect. They are only human guys.

    Mya Gaming KatMya Gaming Kat12 dager siden
  • Before this, i got a demi lovato fabletics legging ad... pfft.

    Mya Gaming KatMya Gaming Kat12 dager siden
  • If you need to ass kiss female artists, If you hate men, And if you can find him Maybe you can hire the Roomie Team

    Ser SSer S12 dager siden
  • Joel said “when” he starts touring. He must plan to start touring! Yay!

    Katie Jo PockatKatie Jo Pockat12 dager siden
  • When are ypu going to marry

    luka odzelashvililuka odzelashvili12 dager siden
  • I agree with you about these kind of channels who seem to enjoy pointing out how a singer isn't singing a song exactly the same as the studio recording are some how less of a singer. Those channels come across as judgey and smug.

    Danielle Huffman-HanniDanielle Huffman-Hanni13 dager siden
  • I love him

    Stupid AssStupid Ass13 dager siden
  • When he says August to November, when it literally says August to September.

    Arwen BrowneArwen Browne13 dager siden
  • Distortion and deepening come with women's voices as we age. It's biology, and unavoidable. A woman's voice reaches maturity at 40.

    Rita BaumannRita Baumann13 dager siden
  • An easy way to not be a fool when u forget the lyrics is to hold the mic to the crowd

    Sophia Emma ValadezSophia Emma Valadez13 dager siden
  • Some of the clips in the compilation are unnecessary. For instance, some singers change the song to give the audience a different version because that's just more fun and they just make assumptions about the singers without proper knowledge

    Arwen GarrawayArwen Garraway14 dager siden
  • When you were like “yeEHAHDJwjndhs” isn’t an integral part of the song” I LOST IT

    Laila JasinkiewiczLaila Jasinkiewicz14 dager siden
  • Fj

    Jimi Beckham-LinconJimi Beckham-Lincon14 dager siden
  • I think the second video overlooks the fact that voices change over time, especially if you have a job that uses the voice extensively, and pushes it to extremes. I'm not a singer, but even still, being in my thirties, I've noticed songs I used to be able to sing that I can no longer hit certain notes on. (Conversely, though, I can now reach low notes that I didn't used to be able to, so I guess it's a trade off?) The video seems to frame this as a failing or that they used to be better than they are now, when it's just that they're older, now. All of the clips, at least in the second vid, are still very well sung by very talented people.

    ZexonyteZexonyte15 dager siden
  • Joel needs to make a bohemian rhapsody cover

    82482415 dager siden

    Lilliana DLilliana D15 dager siden
  • If you wrote the song yourself, I think I could let it slide. Mariah is clearly one of the best, shes older now after decades of singing difficult songs in concerts. I would give her some slack.

    timmy D=timmy D=15 dager siden
  • Why thank you I’m in my pyjamas (aka baggy t shirt and flannel shorts 😂)

    Penelope CeccatoPenelope Ceccato15 dager siden
  • For Camila's high note, you should check her groupmate Ally Brooke, She can reach it when Camila isn't in the concerts

    Shameless StirlingiteShameless Stirlingite16 dager siden
  • i appreciate Joel being nice while doing his critique, i feel like a lot of people don't really appreciate how difficult it actually is to hit high notes or sustain belts and the strain it takes on the vocal cords. regarding boy bands and girl groups, or even solo artists, there's so much more to the entertainment industry than having a good voice or being very talented the public image, the persona and its reputation sell much more than good voices, also influence and what you would call contacts really help escalate that leader to being relatively famous

    Natifa Duran CamposNatifa Duran Campos16 dager siden
  • Omg where can I buy this hat??

    Espeodor IIEspeodor II17 dager siden
  • Joel telling me I'm a fine specimen is a whole lotta flex

    John Paul PagaduanJohn Paul Pagaduan17 dager siden
  • was definitely taking a drink of water at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="154">2:34</a>... bad call

    Hope HummelHope Hummel18 dager siden
  • That channel doing these judgemental videos just thinks that the voice is a machine and you can always perform equally well and in non-changing quality. Maybe they just had a day where they not felt comfortable to go to these high/difficult places? Esp on that "progression" video.

    Little SunshineLittle Sunshine18 dager siden
  • When I was 13 my singing teacher pushed me to sing a song with high note I had never done before. He made me do it over and over again till I hit the note,(my voice is naturally low) because of this my voice got damaged and gets sore if I sing to high. My voice also sounds a bit ruff now.

    Ruby KnowlesRuby Knowles18 dager siden
  • i feel like people don’t consider how nerves can distort and really harshly affect the voice - notes i can sing easily at home sometimes don’t even come out when i’m performing so i have to work around it. ESPECIALLY when you’re dancing and moving around, it’s SO difficult to sing at the same time! that’s just an aspect of performance that people don’t usually take into account when they’re picking apart these incredibly difficult notes. give these singers some slack!

    Sola StaceySola Stacey18 dager siden
  • He should have reacted to Dimash, Screaming

    RyuCraft 505RyuCraft 50518 dager siden
  • Roomie's english = Music to my ears

    Warm Malk_Warm Malk_19 dager siden