VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi

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The Crew tries something new, we wanted to talk about VFX in movies and tv shows.
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  • Shift + "" for playback speed in youtube player!

    Ильсур ГареевИльсур ГареевDag siden
  • Hi guys. Do you think this is CGI? Upoloaded on YT in may 2011 noproject.info/it/video/mM2Bq92WgZ-qnog

    Fala, JosiFala, JosiDag siden
  • WHAT about the 2005 war ofnthe worlds...the scene with the machine first rising out of the ground

    Thomas LordThomas Lord3 dager siden
  • Clints "I never have seen any movie" is like a baker who never has eaten bread or cake xD

    Armin JendeArmin Jende6 dager siden
  • Do a video on the warcraft movie. If you haven't.

    dr.twitchgamesdr.twitchgames7 dager siden
  • Aquaman rooftop chase?

    Edmund GonzalesEdmund Gonzales7 dager siden
  • You should do the new fantastic 4! I think they have some pretty awful cgi effects, but also some really cool ones!

    Ned BuhmannNed Buhmann8 dager siden
  • Guy in the middle kinda sucks lol right guy says "it looks fake to me" middle guy says "NO" well you dont get to decide what looks real to other people lol a little to excited maybe

    Elder FidelisElder Fidelis8 dager siden
  • 11:40 Dew it

    RxnysRxnys9 dager siden
  • In the movie Pixel with Adam Sandler, there is a scene where the aliens use old television broadcast to sent there "War message" but how did the director and the vfx artist made up those because their voice and the dialogue match with lips synchro and i don't think Madonna ever talk about starting a war with Space Invaders

    m cabouretm cabouret11 dager siden
  • Can you review the Elder Scrolls Online cinematic trailers?

    Weston SailerWeston Sailer13 dager siden
  • Jesus i always forget how incredible Davy Jones is, I remember seeing that when I was like 6 and my mind was just blown away.

    Psychedelic BluesManPsychedelic BluesMan14 dager siden
  • Guys I want see Avatar in your next vedio

    baby prasunbaby prasun15 dager siden
  • You should talk about the 1st time will Smith flies in Hancock. That whole bizarre sequence

    Monica DuarteMonica Duarte16 dager siden
  • Beowulf 2007. Pleasee review that

    Viper VinnieViper Vinnie16 dager siden
  • react to the ood in doctor who

    NeonXNeonX17 dager siden
  • OKAY HOLD UP GUYS. Hugh Jackman is CGI for only half of that shot. The other half is actually him. As soon as the camera panned away behind Older Logan’s head, the VFX artists must’ve morphed cut into the next shot of younger (still jackman) Logan.

    itshabibitchitshabibitch18 dager siden
  • Pirates of the caribbean

    Sandeep ArjunSandeep Arjun19 dager siden
  • sky captain and the world of tomorrow

    Lance GibbsLance Gibbs20 dager siden
  • 3:30 it looks like the fire is coming out of the dragons nose

    Angeldog GamingAngeldog Gaming21 dag siden
  • Do spongebob

    Cring KingCring King22 dager siden
  • 5:40 "Eh! Look at that neck!"

    Andy RossAndy Ross22 dager siden
    • 10:59 "Eh! Look at that neck (sack)!"

      Andy RossAndy Ross22 dager siden
  • Do an artist react on Inception!

    nevin mandelnevin mandel23 dager siden
  • Ccccccooooo'llllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    darian ricodarian rico25 dager siden
  • 11:18 I don't even know the process but I can see the stress in his eyes just thinking about it lol

    Jay VillainJay Villain25 dager siden
  • First vid I saw on the channel back in the day

    sebastiansebastian26 dager siden
  • never seen any cgi as good as in pirates of the carribean.

  • Would you rather become a cyborg or have your consciousness downloaded into a robot vessel?

    David MadsenDavid Madsen27 dager siden
  • Really enjoy this channel, its something new. I would like you guys to react to the batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan.

    Yash ShahYash Shah27 dager siden
  • Glad they redesigned sonic

    How many subs with no videos?How many subs with no videos?28 dager siden
  • Correction: Davy Jones' eyes are not real. They put makeup around Bill Nighy's real eyes so they could use them if the CG ones looked off, but didn't end up needing it.

    Scarecrow545Scarecrow54528 dager siden
  • Your next episode should talk about the filming of 1917. Such a good movie

    Alexa ZienkaAlexa Zienka29 dager siden
  • they fixed sonic

    King Baby YodaKing Baby YodaMåned siden
  • Staying with the dragon theme, I wouldn't mind hearing all your opinions on Reign Of Fire with Christian Bale in

    Matt BishopMatt BishopMåned siden
  • Activate windows Go to settings to activate windows

    Beeg YoshiBeeg YoshiMåned siden
  • Arms, not tentacles

    LoKo76LoKo76Måned siden
  • Can you guy's do fantastic beasts? There is a scene where newt rides a creature through the water and it is quite impressive.

    Caleb loftonCaleb loftonMåned siden
  • Do Gemini Man. It’s got some really really bad CG. Especially in the fight scenes. Physics broke and weird acceleration of footage. Also there’s a scene where the deaging looks wrong, but only 1

    SaurutobiSaurutobiMåned siden
  • please activate your windows hueheu

    Júlio CarloJúlio CarloMåned siden
  • Hands down guys, that dragon look SHIT!!! At least in the wide shot. EDIT: The GoT Dragon of course, Dragonheart looks as great as ever.

    artisdyingartisdyingMåned siden
  • Davy Jones will always be my favourite villian. Goddamn.

    PerfectionadoPerfectionadoMåned siden
  • no one: ... Niko: THE PORES DON'T STRETCH

    andyandyMåned siden
  • activate windows guys ;)

    wertelsoriginalwertelsoriginalMåned siden
  • Guys! activate your windows!

  • Hey guys, love the videos, could you please analyse the Harry Potter films, and how they did the hippogriff and the quiditch shots, and Voldemort and Dumbledore's duel in the 5th movie

    AD JoshiAD JoshiMåned siden
  • Kung Fury...have they done Kung Fury?

    Wayne McCourtWayne McCourtMåned siden
  • To be fair, dragon heart looks dry, but is a crusty, ancient, scaly dragon. Also, on hand animating mouths, let's not forget half life 2

    British NerdBritish NerdMåned siden
  • I could listen to Niko explain for hours.

    bigfrikibigfrikiMåned siden
  • I hate that guy who fakes he doesn't know films and actors. Just screw you.

    Vega PuffinVega PuffinMåned siden
  • Seeing how awesome Davy Jones was and still is really makes me miss when Disney put effort into their work.

    Vincent MarcellinoVincent MarcellinoMåned siden
  • The effects in dead man's chest, are some of the best effects still, to this day in any film from than generation.

    Sylvester AshcroftSylvester AshcroftMåned siden
  • This new comment update is bullshit, like if you agree

    MMAREELS714MMAREELS714Måned siden
  • Can you watch the Tamil movie 24? It has got the sweetest VFX in the South Indian film industry. It's a time travel concept movie and stars Suriya as both the protagonist and the antagonist.

    Vipraajesh N GVipraajesh N GMåned siden
  • can you do ghost rider

    LS 23LS 23Måned siden
  • Activate windows

    Real NameReal NameMåned siden
  • Just watched a bunch of your videos. Love your stuff. Could you possibly have a look at the scene in 'Moon' (2009) where Sam Rockwell plays ping pong with his clone? noproject.info/it/video/m5ynr5eXcIDNr5o

    CiaranGACCiaranGACMåned siden
  • The only realistically animated Dragon I've ever seen was Smaug. Also: I've never seen a lion realistic like this 6:50 in any movie.

    AmirusAmirusMåned siden
    • @Amirus have you seen it? Trailer: noproject.info/it/video/xrmjr8SapZXYwJo

      Dustin NeelyDustin NeelyMåned siden
    • @Dustin Neely I doubt

      AmirusAmirusMåned siden
    • "Reign of Fire" from 2002 dragons look better.

      Dustin NeelyDustin NeelyMåned siden
  • More Game of Thrones! I have never heard him say he has no idea how they did it!

    Shannon TShannon TMåned siden
    • Wait their clothes were flapping with the dragon flapping. Exactly! Fail on the bushes lol

      Shannon TShannon TMåned siden
  • I don’t understand anything of WHAT they are saying... and i love it

    Cello Van der vegteCello Van der vegteMåned siden
  • oi activate your windows lmao

    fufufuarufufufuaruMåned siden