The Weeknd - In Your Eyes (Official Video)

Official music video by The Weeknd performing "In Your Eyes"- 'After Hours" available everywhere now:
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Director: Anton Tammi
Starring: Zaina Miuccia
Production Company: Somesuch
Executive Producer: Saskia Whinney
Producer: Sarah Park
Director of Photography: Oliver Millar
2nd Unit DP: Devin "Daddy" Karringten
Steadicam Op: Nick Mueller
Production Designer: Miranda Lorenz
Costume Designer: Alana Morshead
SFX Makeup: Koji Ohmura
Make up Artist: Fatma Bendris
Make up Artist: Christine Nelli
1st AD: Kenneth Taylor
Editor: Andreas Arvidsson
Assistant Editor: Janne Vartia
2nd Assistant Editor: Tim Montana
Post Production Supervisor: Alec Ernest
Colorist: Nicke Jacobsson
Assistant Colorist: Sander van Wijk
Editorial/Color Talent Mgmt: Sofia Misgena & Helene
Misgena @ The Talent Group
Sound Design: Anton Ahlberg @ Red Pipe Studios
VFX: Mathematic
Title Design: Aleksi Tammi
I just pretend that I’m in the dark
I don’t regret cause my heart can’t take a loss
I’d rather be so oblivious
I’d rather be with you
When it’s said, when it’s done yeah
I don’t ever wanna know
I can tell what you done yeah
When I look at you
in your eyes
I see there’s something burning inside you
Oh inside you
In your eyes, I know it hurts to smile
But you try to, oh you try to
You always try to hide the pain
You always know just what to say
I always look the other way
I’m blind, I’m blind
In your eyes, you lie but I don’t let it define you
Oh define you
I tried to find love in someone else too many times
But I hope you know I mean it
When I tell you you’re the one that was on my mind oh
When it’s said, when it’s done
I would never let you know
I’m ashamed of what I done
When I look at you
In your eyes
I see there’s something burning inside you
Oh inside you
In your eyes I know it hurts to smile
But you try to, oh you try to
You always try to hide the pain
You always know just what to say
I always look the other way
I’m blind, I’m blind
In your eyes you lie but I don’t let it define you
Oh define you
In your eyes
I see there’s something burning inside you
Oh inside you
You always try to hide the pain
You always know just what to say
I always look the other way
I’m blind, I’m blind
In your eyes you lie but I don’t let it define you
Oh define you
#TheWeeknd #InYourEyes #AfterHours

Music video by The Weeknd performing In Your Eyes. © 2020 The Weeknd XO, Inc., manufactured and marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




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      iz*onestan yeeyiz*onestan yeey10 dager siden
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    • Blinding Lights, hardest to love and in your eyes

      PeksyPeksy11 dager siden
  • Why dose this reminds me of lollipop chainsaw video game? With the Decapitated head boyfriend 😂😂😂? But 80s man I need to stoop ✋🏽😤

    Babybat 901Babybat 9017 timer siden
  • The weekend moving like he Michael Myers and the girl is Jamie Lee curtis

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  • Damn this album is good!!!

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  • Wwe wrestlemania

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  • Love this song !!!

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  • Amazing song...

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  • Why does abel look like a dead by daylight character chasing a survivor 💀

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  • The blond chic looks like a dude...

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  • the sax reminds me of the 80s

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  • Damn abel went to heartless to headless in seconds 🤣

    XSniperTraderX 13XSniperTraderX 1310 timer siden
  • Amazing song. Complete garbage video. This happens too often nowadays. Instead of directors serving the song with matching visuals they use the song to launch some awful short they want to make.

    Basic GestaltBasic Gestalt10 timer siden
  • That chick is carrying his head around like, "Weekend At Weeknd's."

    aola wiliaola wili10 timer siden
  • Is so slasher❤️

    Alejandro MartaguirAlejandro Martaguir10 timer siden
  • Listened on Spotify first then watched this, didn't expect the song I like the most in Abel's new album would have this kind psychotic MV, lol. But this is outstanding. ❤️

    Elvy TanElvy Tan10 timer siden
    • seems to be good

      aola wiliaola wili10 timer siden
  • its the Rock DJ 2.0

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  • Love this music video. The epitome of Michael Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire, and 80s pop. Absolutely perfect

    The Ninja808The Ninja80810 timer siden
  • Terrible still liked it. What's wrong with me?

    SAMUEL EZESAMUEL EZE10 timer siden
  • Best Dark Song Artists Abel - Like😍 Billie Eilish - comment and fight😂😂😂

    Harish VishwaHarish Vishwa11 timer siden
  • This beautiful song has nothing to do with its video. Nothing!

    Ben MalekanBen Malekan11 timer siden
  • Ésta canción es mi favorita. Debió estar en la BSO de AHS: 1984

    Gregorio ContrerasGregorio Contreras11 timer siden
  • He sounded like MJ

    Anne GonzalesAnne Gonzales11 timer siden
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Is this listentnig in march 2020 This performance is fantastic <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="44">0:44</a> 💘🔥💙 👇 👇 👇 👇💜

  • I LOVE YOU!!!

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  • Wanna hide? Take that wig off you can see from space...

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  • OMG man this song is lit Hope u guys also watch my nightcore version of this song And it is in a female voice So it is a special one Thanks🤗🤗🤗

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  • In love love with this song ❤️💯

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  • *I have this song on repeat constantly. Love the vibe this song brings*

  • This song is growing on me by day, but then again I’m a weeknd fan. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Lana NogueiraLana Nogueira12 timer siden
  • Lmao great vid we need more of this.Video’s have become so typical.Thank you very much for the watch!!! I enjoyed!!

    Jocelyn GarciaJocelyn Garcia12 timer siden
  • Am I the only one who feel this one didn't get much of an appreciation and recognition that it deserves now i learnt that the masses have such a shitty taste.

    Syed Aaman AzamSyed Aaman Azam12 timer siden
  • this entire fucking album is my favorite song even the silence in between tracks

    brendabrenda12 timer siden
  • Up & coming rapper from Baltimore been shot 19 times but I just Bounce back been I’m who started the Freddie Gray Riot I’m the one had game in the Stolen Porsche. . Rock stages with YoungBoy 💯 NO CAP 💪🏾💯 I have a documentary out & I just dropped again straight just click the link 🔥🔥🔥

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  • oh so this was the sequel to the after hours short film, it makes sense now

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  • Awesome song, really love all your songs

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  • Michael Jackson? More like Michael Myers

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  • i love this

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  • My fave song! Can't stop to repeat repeat and repeat again

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  • He also dies in this one

    Thabang MaabaneThabang Maabane13 timer siden
  • Top

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  • Loved the song... And loved the video... Am I sick? Hahahaha

    This Is Who I Really AmThis Is Who I Really Am14 timer siden
  • Such a bizarre video for such a beautiful song!!!!

    catrachito60catrachito6014 timer siden
  • Are we not going to talk about the fact he is lowkey going through something deep asf and his new album is telling us all or are we just blinded by the lights

    nicole nicolenicole nicole14 timer siden
  • The head cut is a copy o Rammstein Deustchland in minute: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="288">4:48</a> (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="288">4:48</a> / <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="562">9:22</a>)

    Nacho JokerNacho Joker14 timer siden
  • 80s vibe

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  • Musicão da pega 👏👏👏

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  • the lyrics

    Savera SaveraSavera Savera14 timer siden
  • Going full 80s now, including Orwellian dystopia

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  • Love this

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  • When you make the best music video in the world......

    Los RaNgELos RaNgE16 timer siden
  • This album has received a lot of negativity but I love it! Yeah, it's quite poppy in comparison to his other work but it's still amazing. I'm loving the retro vibes throughout the album.

    Just Passing ThroughJust Passing Through16 timer siden
  • This is gonna hit different in Halloween

    Sports EraSports Era16 timer siden
  • Why the views so low😩

    Starboy The kidStarboy The kid16 timer siden
  • Canadian Horror Story 1990

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  • This video is so weird...since the model was choosen to the dance head off, Abel is good singer however his videos are so rare!

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  • how do his glasses still stay on?😂

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  • girl Decapitates stalker.... fortnite dance

    Vato Loko SmileVato Loko Smile16 timer siden

    Tam SolltTam Sollt16 timer siden
  • The song was ok at the start but it growed on me like the rest

    Jeedle BeetleJeedle Beetle16 timer siden
  • Alice coopers been doing this trick for about 5 decades... but still cool it’s truly a fantastic album I love the thriller elements and the 80’s vibe. I don’t see this not being the album of the year.

    Daniel HaworthDaniel Haworth17 timer siden
  • Need a mannequin head of the weekend as Merch

    King ShaneKing Shane17 timer siden
  • In your eyes is the best song. Of all time.

    michael hippomichael hippo17 timer siden
  • Blinding Lights this song another planet

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  • Ok

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  • A boy with a wig

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  • This music video is like a mix between thriller and IT

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  • why he sounds like B+ version of Michael Jackson

    Sheikh Abdul SajidSheikh Abdul Sajid18 timer siden
  • My fav song off After Hours is Blinding Lights! No more comments were allowed on your pinned post 😕

    Lisa WesemanLisa Weseman18 timer siden
  • Well, that was a weird video lol

    Lisa WesemanLisa Weseman18 timer siden
  • When there is a cross between Michael Jackson and joker

    Dimitri GuiftDimitri Guift18 timer siden
  • I covered In Your Eyes!I would be so happy if you guys check out!😊🙏🏻

    Işıl BiçenIşıl Biçen18 timer siden