The True Story About FaZe Jarvis & FaZe Kay...

This is a video of FaZe Kay & FaZe Jarvis entire life, from before NOproject, FaZe Clan and Fortnite. We love you guys!
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    • U r the best!!!!!

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    • We love you

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  • I can't stop talking about Jarvis

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  • Help me get clout Jay

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  • Everyone GANGSTA till... he comes 0:02

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  • Jarvis wasn’t born in 2000

    Harry RobinsonHarry Robinson2 dager siden
  • You killed my brother in cod

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  • N

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  • Hi

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  • Jarvis SHOULD grind modern warfare and care about that. It is a great game tho

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  • Jarvis is so cute

    nikoskai Kainikoskai Kai9 dager siden
  • I'm 11 and I've been here when you made cod vids I was 4 I love you guys

    Pug SnipezPug Snipez9 dager siden
  • Did anybody notice that Jarvis is 17

    Rima AsmarRima Asmar9 dager siden
  • You are my favourite NOproject

    Hamzah HameedHamzah Hameed9 dager siden
  • wouldnt jarvis be older than 17 if he was alive in 2000

    Ethan KatersEthan Katers16 dager siden
  • Aww

    ITZ AlexITZ Alex18 dager siden
  • I have seen you for 5 years

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  • That’s insane bro

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  • Your amazing

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  • Hi Kay

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  • aye i love this video, aye you guys been grinding and working your asses off, i can see that i need to pull up, thnx for the vid guys

    RebelNerd MikeRebelNerd Mike24 dager siden
  • No that rises is summer rays boy friend

    Robby DubzRobby Dubz24 dager siden
  • How old is jarvis

    Carlos BasurtoCarlos Basurto24 dager siden
  • Yo Kay Jarvis is catching up in subs just letting u know

    Coyten __Coyten __25 dager siden
  • Pls try to bring jarvis back in fort nite I another account

    Aaron TAaron T25 dager siden
  • You and Jarvis are the best

    Bilaal The gamerBilaal The gamer25 dager siden
  • It says on the tumbnail 2000 and 2020 then that would make jarvis twenty

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  • Make new aguante

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  • I don’t talk about him at all🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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  • Jarvis got a perm

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  • His Mum said: "Yo Fresier" XD

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  • Jarvis should be Unbanned

    Benjamin BenavidezBenjamin Benavidez27 dager siden
  • Baby Jarvis is so so so cute

    QuackQuack27 dager siden
  • If Jarvis is 17 wasn't he born in 2004 or 2003

    Michelle ParkerMichelle Parker27 dager siden
  • A joined 2015

    Warren DonovanWarren Donovan27 dager siden
  • I wish Jarvis got unbanned

    Epic fort nite Arash BiglariEpic fort nite Arash Biglari27 dager siden
  • jarvis is 2020 lol

    Alistair MacBrideAlistair MacBride27 dager siden
  • Jarvis says he got banned and he couldn’t play Everyone knows he plays behind the scenes

    HasnainHasnain27 dager siden
  • Goats

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  • all he had to so was burn jarvis's yeezys

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  • Insane

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  • Was Jarvis even born in 2000????

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  • There incest

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  • How was Jarvis alive from 2000 to 2020

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  • your insane

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  • jarvis wasn’t even born in 2000 lol

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  • We love you

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  • Can I join the faze clan

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  • i knew jarvis was gonna join faze 4 years ago

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  • Pleasevcome to England im a fan

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  • I think he will destory all of you guys

    Bora YılmazBora YılmazMåned siden
  • Hey can you make video about zone wars or arena match with flood

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  • When was Jarvis Black😂

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  • Jarvis wasn’t born in 2000 yet...

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  • Bro imagine being in school but in faze

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  • What was the other org

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  • He’s not the most talked about thing in the world but aiight bro

    420420Måned siden
  • Kay u inspired me to make a Mixer account. Lucky_Sniper303. Thank I so much. Btw if any of u guys want to follow me on Mixer I would really like it. Thx 🙏

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  • 1000th comment let’s go

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