TENET Trailer 2 (2020)

Second trailer for Tenet starring Robert Pattinson




  • Yeah! 🤩🤩

    Julia GrangerJulia Granger8 timer siden
  • R O T A S O P E R A T E N E T A R E P O S A T O R S A T O R A R E P O T E N E T O P E R A R O T A S Time Travel PTSD: S.Dali (1954): Soft Watch At The Moment Of First Explosion: 9/II twin towers and „metallic blue-green-black” Air „Fly” (Protophormia „terraenovae” : North America,) flight. Tempus - Templar 2020 = 2012 based on Ethiopian - Coptic calendar - Ancient Egyptian Lunar Calendar (wiki) let’s see Enkutatash: 11 September also New Age has arrived: NWO NOW WON?

    GrálkeresőGrálkereső3 dager siden
  • Producers : so you want to crash a plane Nolan: Well not from the air not such dramatic Producers: So how big a plane Nolan: Will that part is little dramatic

    karna pratap singhkarna pratap singh3 dager siden
    • Producers : so you want to crash a plane Nolan: Well not from the air, I did that in "The Dark Knight Rises", not such dramatic anymore Producers: So how big a plane Nolan: Will that part is little dramatic

      BiOniCFReaKBiOniCFReaK2 dager siden
  • Jesus man.. other directors struggle to put a single movie title in trailer to inspire some confidence in audience but Nolan's body of work is so good that he has push out gem's like interstellar.

    b nb n3 dager siden
  • Cool

    Hilary Flores-HebertHilary Flores-Hebert4 dager siden
  • watched this trailer, Audi timing chain/tensioner failure fixed itself. Replaced all the sticky notes from memento and now figuring out if Guy Pearce will be a typical boy scout in LA confidential.

    Video GVideo G4 dager siden
  • I think there will be a dead wife somewhere in the movie

    Pratip ChakrabortyPratip Chakraborty5 dager siden
  • Nolan got the young denzel to play this. He is the time master.

    Randolph MichelRandolph Michel5 dager siden
  • Bro even the trailer for this is confusing I can only imagine how confusing actually watching it will be

    Nathan StewartNathan Stewart5 dager siden
  • I am in love with movie

    Daily Dose of DopamineDaily Dose of Dopamine6 dager siden
  • They setting us up to digest Pattinson as Batman

    courtney williamscourtney williams6 dager siden
  • If it sucks... You wont remember. Cool.

    Lord VaderLord Vader6 dager siden
  • Very good movie,seen it twice

    Cosmic Shark26Cosmic Shark266 dager siden
  • This trailer looks really conventional but I really hope the movie isn’t cuz I love Christopher Nolan

    superscaryshortssuperscaryshorts6 dager siden
  • My mother answered the phone before I called....

    Marcus BrooksMarcus Brooks6 dager siden
  • Wow! It’s like Benjamin button but ca ca ca cooler.

    plers1plers16 dager siden
  • Gonna be the best movies of all times

    Michael QuinnMichael Quinn6 dager siden
  • What is the point of uploading the trailer if we can't even understand it? Anyone?

    • Curiosity Duh

      Hilary Flores-HebertHilary Flores-Hebert4 dager siden
  • Maybe this will be the movie known to save Pattinson's career. :)

    KyrieKyrie6 dager siden
    • Pattinson is a great actor regardless of tge films his agent makes him do Im excited hes in TENET

      Hilary Flores-HebertHilary Flores-Hebert4 dager siden
  • Coming THEATRES Near you, I left the THEATRE b4 U.

    AloewellsAloewells6 dager siden
  • I am tired of multiple actors recreating classic superheroes😒

    Jay GoodmanJay Goodman7 dager siden
  • I like when it shows to title card and then fades it out to just say "T T" for a moment. Has to be a reference to the Time Travel in the movie.

    Bearded BigfootBearded Bigfoot7 dager siden
    • There isn't time travel, just inversion

      LolCmwaLolCmwa4 dager siden
  • OK, so it's Inception, but DiCaprio is black >???

    TZE GOHTZE GOH7 dager siden
  • Refreshing to see a blockbuster whose brand isn’t associated with the title of the movie but rather the director of the movie.

    D WrD Wr7 dager siden
  • Excellent 👍

    sahbaz kingsahbaz king7 dager siden
  • This feels like a sequel to inception and I can't wait to see this.

    FredFred7 dager siden
  • Nolan should just buy that bike component company because the original animation for the title was waaaaay cooler.

    Ronnie SmithRonnie Smith7 dager siden
  • naval

    Daniel SerranoDaniel Serrano7 dager siden
  • Coming to your living rooms

    Carl WestCarl West7 dager siden

  • .theatres in this watch and over be to pandemic the for wait Cant

    Charles MedallaCharles Medalla7 dager siden
    • Sentence backward 👏

      Hilary Flores-HebertHilary Flores-Hebert4 dager siden
  • Nobody notices Dimple Kapadia in the trailer, everyone is talking about time. I think she did this movie back in the old days. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="128">2:08</a>

    Ijaz AliIjaz Ali7 dager siden
  • I expect exquisite suits in this film.

    rene cuellarrene cuellar7 dager siden
  • Seems a similar concept to POP Sands of time. 🤨

    Paramveer RanwaParamveer Ranwa7 dager siden
  • How big a plane is?that part is a little dramatic ...#Tenet ...#Palindrome

    Raja RavichandranRaja Ravichandran7 dager siden
  • This is missing Tom Hardy.

    ChiragChirag7 dager siden
  • looks like a 5 out of 10... or a 2 out of 5.

    JasonKattJasonKatt7 dager siden
  • When time runs back

    Santhosh RokayaSanthosh Rokaya7 dager siden
  • i watched this movie tommorow and i want to spoil you guys but i just CANT remember

    SkylightSkylight7 dager siden
  • You forget to mention From Prestige & Interstellar

    satyam tiwarisatyam tiwari7 dager siden
  • Does this mean I get my money back after the film?

    Wayne OWayne O7 dager siden
  • Quantum Break vibes !!!!

    WelsenWelsen7 dager siden
  • So Basically he is the dagger of time from prince of Persia.

    Leon StrifeLeon Strife7 dager siden
  • Give Netflix the rights

    Syed Arsalan ImamSyed Arsalan Imam7 dager siden
  • Christopher Nolan Man You know it’s gonna be Awesomely Great

    ali Ubedali Ubed7 dager siden
  • 1. Our Universe 2. Parallel Universe in reverse Both Meet = TENET ( which usually happens after the world goes through a period of hibernation, like a lockdown. ;) )

    Ashwini nAshwini n7 dager siden
  • Notice how Pattinson pops up right after “from the director of The Dark Knight trilogy”

    Jack ByrneJack Byrne7 dager siden
  • Coming to Theaters tells me two things: -WB is not confident it’ll make the 7/17 release date -Regardless Nolan will not let them send it to VOD

    Jack ByrneJack Byrne7 dager siden
    • Good cuz i want to see it in IMAX or real d 3D with dolby sound even if im in a theatre all by myself Stupid covid

      Hilary Flores-HebertHilary Flores-Hebert4 dager siden
  • Trying to figure what this movie is about, Nolan got my head fucked already...

    Robert DowneyRobert Downey7 dager siden
  • Nolan stop messing with people's mind

    Viraj DaveViraj Dave7 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who sees a little bit of Leon S. Kennedy from RE in Robert Pattinson?

    Jonathan AlsinaJonathan Alsina7 dager siden
  • As you leave the theater, they pay you the ticket price.

    Coach BrianCoach Brian7 dager siden
  • Christopher Nolan's Fan Boy noproject.info/it/video/uaWer9i1aqKolqI

    Fun And HopeFun And Hope7 dager siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="129">2:09</a> Dimple Kabadia spotted

    Supertainment StudioSupertainment Studio7 dager siden
  • Dimple Khanna is in this movie too!

    Farhat LamishaFarhat Lamisha7 dager siden
  • Alfred The Morgan freeman of nolanverse

    Aditya VohraAditya Vohra7 dager siden
  • Old

    Adrian LimaAdrian Lima7 dager siden
  • Music by Hans Zimmer ?

    NeerajBNeerajB7 dager siden
  • How do they create the Time Inversion tho? Is that gonna be realistic and believeable? Like in Inception, I thought the Army device that allowed them to share dreams was at least somewhat believeable...until you think about how they are doing it thru needles...

    Scorch428Scorch4287 dager siden
    • Looks like it has something to do with the guns? Every inversion scene seems to have a gun in it...

      Scorch428Scorch4287 dager siden
  • Is there any doubt that this movie is going to be a 10/10? You cant really say that about any movie when the trailers the only thing out, yet for some reason, this one you can.

    Scorch428Scorch4287 dager siden
  • Time runs back

    Hacker ClubHacker Club7 dager siden
  • You are not shooting it, you are just catching the bullet

    nikhil thomasnikhil thomas7 dager siden
  • This made my head hurt.

    Rick JamesRick James7 dager siden
  • Nolan + movies that play with time = masterpieces

    Tyson WilliamsTyson Williams7 dager siden
  • You know that's a real fucking plane because it's a Nolan film!

    SPSP7 dager siden
  • I just really don't like the lead, gonna remind me of Inception but sadly won't touch it

    alwayslikeabossalwayslikeaboss7 dager siden
  • This gives me hope for pattinson’s batman

    Michael BeaudinMichael Beaudin7 dager siden
  • I hope Hans Zimmer is doing soundtrack again!!!

    Lo LowLo Low7 dager siden
  • Well the trailer isn’t doing the movie any favors

    EST romeEST rome7 dager siden
  • Can't wait to watch this at home.

    Z AGZ AG7 dager siden
  • Ricky Jerret now catches bullets

    jc4jaxjc4jax7 dager siden
  • .emosewa eb lliw eivom sihT

    Kool Keith ProductionsKool Keith Productions7 dager siden
  • I don't get it but I'm sold 😎👍

    Matt RobsMatt Robs7 dager siden
  • Thanks for making it not a Netflix Now I can enjoy it with jaws open in threater

    Pratik ShiwakotiPratik Shiwakoti7 dager siden
  • Wow, they’re making movies about us and throwing it right in our faces.

    EL Christo-NegroEL Christo-Negro7 dager siden
  • Came to read the comments and they are more confusing than the trailer, I'm skipping this one. Thank you!

    sandra cassosandra casso7 dager siden
  • Soundtrack alone shall get awards 👌🏼

    DavidDavid8 dager siden
  • Movie plot is already confusing me. Will Nolan jump the shark with this movie?

    Leon KharkongorLeon Kharkongor8 dager siden
  • You know This comment is the most liked comment but it just that it hasn't happened yet.! You just came to look if you liked the comment and Boom!!! You reversed the timeline again and the trailer started. That's Nolan for you!🙌

    Dylan ScottDylan Scott8 dager siden
  • Ni

    Subhash ChauhamSubhash Chauham8 dager siden