TENET TRAILER #2 - REACTION! (Christopher Nolan | Robert Pattinson | John David Washington)

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#ChristopherNolan just premiered his new #TENET trailer inside of FORTNITE! And against all odds, he swears this film WILL be in theaters... here's our REACTION to the NEW TRAILER (Trailer #2)!!!

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    The Reel RejectsThe Reel Rejects8 dager siden
    • Looks like his best film

      joneshughjoneshugh7 dager siden
    • Skip to 1:32 to skip Johns Awful segway! Jk jk

      Scat LordScat Lord7 dager siden
    • John, those fkn segways kill me bro

      Scat LordScat Lord7 dager siden
    • Hay guy's

      WDG studiosWDG studios8 dager siden
    • This movie looks great. I'm definitely going to watch it once everything reopens again.

      Jimmy ValmerJimmy Valmer8 dager siden
  • Like how Nolan took a jab at his own 'crashing the plane from the air' scene from TDKR !

    Pranay ChristianPranay Christian44 minutter siden
  • I wonder if "TENET" is just the number Ten the right way and inverted end to end not sure what the significance of that is ... also how awesome would it be if the movie makes sense both forwards and backwards so that you can watch it for the first time twice (probably not possible but would be awesome)

    MrAtaguasMrAtaguasTime siden
  • Check the new trailer “major grom” Russian hero film ⚡️⚡️⚡️

    Christian HChristian H2 dager siden
  • If a feminist wrote Star Wars, Darth Vader would be a sissy la la.

    MattyIce 8aMattyIce 8a2 dager siden
  • useless

    Leopold5100Leopold51003 dager siden
  • Has anyone tried Tenet in Inception?

    ReaLife HDReaLife HD3 dager siden
  • Christopher nolan the man legend. The trailer already make me excited

    Danny HustleDanny Hustle4 dager siden
  • My best guess about this movie is that there's a secret piece of tech that can somehow tap into and manipulate anti-time. Whatever vehicle or method being used is probably referred to as "Tenet". Theoretically, anti-time flows in the exact opposite direction of real time, so past events in real time invariably become future events in anti-time (and vice versa). Keep in mind, real time is relative to the perspective of the user. Tenet may allow the user to alter critical future events in anti-time using knowledge of the same exact events that already happened in real time's past. Thus, tapping into and manipulating anti time's future is actually altering real time's past. The opposite is theoretically true, so perhaps Tenet also allows the user to alter his future using the same methodology in reverse. This seems like it would be an incredibly coveted & priceless tool to have so I'm sure lots of ridiculously powerful people & entities want or already have access to it. Enter all the big players - Caine, Pattinson, Branagh, some secret government agency, etc. Moving between realms is probably dangerous which may explain why some characters are wearing gas masks. Could be some sort of chemical that sustains a person's sanity while he navigates through an anti-time world. The flow of time is opposite in every sense of the word, so communication, time, perception of reality, etc. is most likely incomprehensible to the mind of someone who experiences real time (and vice versa). Also, I would guess that the time flow physics is reversed for objects that cross realms as well. That's why his bullets were "caught" and that gear "dropped up" into his hand. Notice he's wearing a green glove in both shots. Probably to avoid some sort of quantum annihilation.

    Carlos RodriguezCarlos Rodriguez5 dager siden
  • I think a lot of overlaying is definitely prevalent in this film.

    Anthony CaldwellAnthony Caldwell5 dager siden
  • I just can't wait to see the bts of this movie to see how they filmed it

    Anthony CaldwellAnthony Caldwell5 dager siden
  • Fucking Nolan. Bravo.

    Dino S. DominicDino S. Dominic5 dager siden
  • My theory on the film based on this trailer and the synopsis is that Washington's character named "Protagonist" (according to released synopsis) is part of some sort of a meta intelligence program in which operatives manifest narratives by way of "death" that eradicates particular individuals participation in our plain of reality. These agents do not participate in our time space laws but can inverse time to try to adjust the narrative to an alternative reality. They act on a sort of isthmus between two outcomes. This capability is caused by some sort of psychopharmacological agent that leads one to forfeit our axioms of reality. The Afterlife is an intelligence ancillary sector that delves into some sort of paraops (paradimensional operations) it may even tackle Psychonautics and Psychological Operations. Tenet may be a cryptographic or cypher key that unlocks the potential to inverse time.

    George NavarroGeorge Navarro5 dager siden
  • Inception recycling concept Instead of calling it Inversion he named it Tenet lol

    Calis 10leafsCalis 10leafs5 dager siden
  • They just confirmed it That's right, John David Washington has just confirmed an actual 747 was blown up for Tenet. In the actor's words: That was a real plane, and that was a real building that they crashed that plane into.

    Daniel StevensDaniel Stevens5 dager siden
  • Best segway ever because it was so imperfect lol

    LohnSLohnS5 dager siden
  • Be careful guys... this movie has guns and killing. I know you’re still scarred from Rambo. Maybe you should stick to cinematic comics

    PuccanPuccan5 dager siden
  • Pattinson has great future ahead. He is so brilliant.he admits he don't like twilight movies. And such a great actor.

    Ayhan KasımAyhan Kasım6 dager siden
  • I feel pretty certain this movie is about mirrors some how

    LaMar LoveLaMar Love6 dager siden
  • Wish Hans Zimmer would do the score

    It’s MikeIt’s Mike6 dager siden
  • I’m being petty...very petty...he’s kind of short and Pattinson really needs to eat a good meal and maybe sit in the sun for a few hours. Hey, I said I was being petty. But I do like John and will watch the movie.

    J ChristopherJ Christopher6 dager siden
    • The skin you were born with is the skin you were born with. Robert Pattinson is gorgeous, Lupita Nyongo is gorgeous.

      Dee RaverDee Raver3 dager siden
  • Sorry to comment it, but i've just started my own reactions & posted a reaction to tenet on my channel, please check it out! :)

    Jack ThomasJack Thomas6 dager siden
  • start a section called "nipple chills" with best action scenes there are

    Santino HpSantino Hp6 dager siden
  • Christopher Nolan: Yes. Me: So how confusing will this movie be?

    Eric HuangEric Huang6 dager siden
  • Imagine some of those kids on fortnite watching this trailer. They be like: 😐🤷‍♂️🤔😯

    Gilsz WARRIORGilsz WARRIOR6 dager siden
  • I enjoyed watching this trailer for the first time tomorrow

    Michael EvansMichael Evans6 dager siden
  • oops pokemaine will be triggered you promote ridge wallet hahaha..

    caled jamescaled james6 dager siden
  • Nice :D

    Paul NegreanPaul Negrean6 dager siden
  • Movie was fantastic .... Waiting for the trailer

    Sunny christianoSunny christiano6 dager siden
  • I assume, this movie is about Ordinary Matter Universe (where we live in) Vs Anti-Matter Universe. From the point of Big-Bang, time works forward in former and backwards in the latter. Time works in Ordinary Matter Universe - Past > Present > Future. Time works in Anti-matter Universe - Future > Present > Past.

    Misdhaaque AhmedMisdhaaque Ahmed6 dager siden
  • He did not say 'inversion', he said 'in version'

    Aditya KondamudiAditya Kondamudi6 dager siden
  • Jaby koay

    Laure 4146YLaure 4146Y7 dager siden
  • This movie won 5 Academy Awards. It just hasn't happened yet.

    Arafath IslamArafath Islam7 dager siden
  • I Cant wait to go back to the theatre. This movie is gonna be awesome.

    CubanBeastCubanBeast7 dager siden
  • this looks good but you can tell it wont make any sense

    aaron bonnesaaron bonnes7 dager siden
  • It would be kinda cool if Nolan cast John David Washington's dad, Denzel.

    MrTech226MrTech2267 dager siden
  • Everyone: Gets chills when watching epic trailers Them: Hard nipples

    Kal-boiKal-boi7 dager siden
  • I really hope theaters are open by the time this comes out. Very interested in watching this!

    Valentina SimmonsValentina Simmons7 dager siden
  • Tenet looks like a modern/sci-fi James Bond. Can’t wait

    Michael GoMeZMichael GoMeZ7 dager siden
  • looks like nolan has pattison playing him in this movie. i guess dicaprio is now too old to play nolans image of himself lol.

    michael jeacockmichael jeacock7 dager siden
  • Mind stone: Memento Power stone: The Prestige Space stone: Interstellar Soul stone: Dunkirk Reality stone: Inception Time stone: Tenet The Nolan's gauntlet is complete!

    lucas henriquelucas henrique7 dager siden
  • This upcoming movie will be much better than Little Women (2019 version)

    Diego PisfilDiego Pisfil7 dager siden
  • "Ya know, Christopher Nolan's a father" "Um okay"

    LemonzLemonz7 dager siden
  • What if they combine concepts of inception and tenet and make a totally new movie.

    Ravi SharmaRavi Sharma7 dager siden
  • where is hans zimmer ??

    Ahmed ShokryAhmed Shokry7 dager siden
  • i wonder if you'll be able to play scenes in reverse order

    Angelon471Angelon4717 dager siden
  • I want to see it in the theater but I'll have to figure out how to hide it from my wife. LOL!

    Caleb GriffinCaleb Griffin7 dager siden
  • "There are people in the future who needs us.... Who needs TENET" IT'S NOT EVEN SUBTLE... THEY'RE LITERALLY TALKING ABOUT US

    William Frederick iversenWilliam Frederick iversen7 dager siden
  • I was already there when the first trailer dropped. Can’t wait for this movie. Been waiting to get my mind fucked by Chris Nolan. It’s been a while.

    Daniel TorresDaniel Torres7 dager siden
  • See how they showed pattinson after the logo” revolutionary director of the dark knight trilogy” like nolan passing the torch over to him..i kinda wish nolan come back to dc movies i think he will do good job with flash since he familiar with time travel already

    Shadu FGShadu FG7 dager siden
  • So much looking forward to its release.

    Indy LawiIndy Lawi7 dager siden
  • Does anyone here will talk about this amazing score ?

    Matt PaviMatt Pavi7 dager siden
  • All i get from the trailer is that it looks awesomebut i hope it makes sense by the end. And....that Robert Pattinson is not a good Batman. So skinny, and now he's saying he's not going to work out for the role because he's a douche who thinks he's making a statement of some kind. I call it laziness and disrespect for the job you're being paid for.

    Christopher SimonChristopher Simon7 dager siden
  • Interviewer: So how do you feel about your new film Tenet, Chris? Nolan: Tenet? Interviewer: Yes, Tenet. Nolan: I've never made a film called Tenet.

    John HouchinJohn Houchin7 dager siden
  • Guys react to old guard

    deno Browndeno Brown7 dager siden
  • This film and Dune are the only films I've been excited to see for a long time. I will be going to see it.

    mrfrosty3mrfrosty37 dager siden
  • The Russian guy is director and actor Kenneth Branagh who played gilderoy Lockhart. I'm surprised John didn't recognize him.

    Prathap KuttyPrathap Kutty7 dager siden
  • ... filmed sequence rolls backward... Christopher Nolan is a GENIUS!!! SMH

    WarriorRJRWarriorRJR7 dager siden
  • Robert Pattinson's role here feels a lot like Eames in Inception. Edit: I should have watched a few seconds longer when you said the same thing.

    Jonathan BJonathan B7 dager siden

    pushkar bkpushkar bk7 dager siden
  • Nolan: Theaters! Audience: Covid? Nolan: It has not happened yet, Wait for it!

    Saikrishna PujariSaikrishna Pujari7 dager siden
  • this is pure shit. nolan is for people who don't understand cinema at all

    mattia deimattia dei7 dager siden
  • Robert Fatterson

    PoddingtonPoddington7 dager siden
  • The score is from The Mandalorian composer Ludwig Goransson.

    AroreielAroreiel7 dager siden
  • Ofc, Pattinson doesn't look like he's worked out for this role..he was already working on it while just being confirmed for batman! On the very first day 🦇

    Urja JindalUrja Jindal7 dager siden
  • Good chance the dialogue about the plane is based on a conversation Nolan had with Warner Brothers

    Michael ConwayMichael Conway7 dager siden
  • The audience: I've seen too much. Nolan: try and keep up 😊

    Man ChildMan Child7 dager siden
  • During the Fortnite event Washington told Geoff kingsley that Nolan did In fact use a real commercial plane. WB treats those good that deliver I guess 🤷🏾‍♂️

    NovaNova7 dager siden
  • Mindblown confirmed

    Ric ToneRic Tone7 dager siden
  • Time inversion ?🤔🤔🤔

    pavan shivpavan shiv7 dager siden
  • Memento predicted the chase scenes in this movie! "I'm chasing him! ...No, he's chasing me."

    outdoorcatsoutdoorcats7 dager siden
  • When your Resume is too good that you don't even mention interstellar

    Scannered XScannered X7 dager siden
  • Another movie from Nolan mindblowers series

    Glanowsky !Glanowsky !7 dager siden
  • Robert in a Christopher Nolan movie with Michael Caine lol

    OgShinigxmi _OgShinigxmi _7 dager siden
  • Bruce Wayne fired bullets into blocks with the same material from the crime scene to analyze fragmentation patterns. Those patterns helped reconstructing the original bullet which apparently had a fingerprint on it from loading the round into the magazine. Total BS that the fingerprint would survive the ordeal, but that's comic book movies for you. ;)

    Jigsaw407Jigsaw4077 dager siden
  • In TDK, Bruce is firing the bullet into the same brick structure to get a reference point which computer can compare with brick and bullet retrieved from "Harvey" and "Dent" scene to get the difference as a result which is a fingerprint.

    Nolan, Fincher & VilleneuveNolan, Fincher & Villeneuve7 dager siden
  • I'll be in the theatre watching TENET. In my hazmat suit.

    Metal Pizza DudeMetal Pizza Dude7 dager siden
  • I think this guy's are still in twilight hangover...…. Someone tell them Robert Pattinson recent movies like LightHouse….

    Jayant SharmaJayant Sharma7 dager siden
  • Nolan is the same to Hollywood, as Batman to Gotham.

    AngelusAngelus7 dager siden
  • Nolan is the GoAT foreals

    Selleck FiataugaluiaSelleck Fiataugaluia8 dager siden