TENET - Official Trailer REACTION!!

Eric Shane Rick and Aaron react to and discuss TENET Official Trailer
ORIGINAL VIDEO: noproject.info/it/video/rseGgpPdZ4mqs6Y
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  • Check the new trailer “Major grom” Russian hero film ⚡️⚡️⚡️

    Christian HChristian H2 dager siden
  • Tenet trailer 2 dropped. Where are you guys? We need blind wave...

    Green Arrow67Green Arrow676 dager siden
  • This film is totally in reverse.

    Santhosh MNSanthosh MN6 dager siden
  • The guy on the train tracks was Andrew Howard, not Ralph Fiennes, most people would recognise him as the angry Russian dude from Limitless or as Red Scare in HBOs Watchmen

    Andrew EdgarAndrew Edgar16 dager siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="88">1:28</a> Aaron: What's worse than nuclear holocaust? Eric: Star Wars Holiday Special....

    Akshay Kumar SinghAkshay Kumar Singh2 måneder siden
  • That’s not Ralph Fiennes btw

    MM02MM023 måneder siden
  • That was not Ralph Fiennes

    Mr602Mr6023 måneder siden
  • React to La la land 2 trailer. It's one of our latest videos.

    PostposmoPostposmo3 måneder siden
  • Did you guys know Robert Pattinson is the new Batman in the up coming Batman movie :)))

    Nguyen LeeNguyen Lee4 måneder siden
  • The main character is Denzel's son and if you ever watched BALLERS on HBO then you guys will know his work. Pretty cool guy, funny...so seeing him in this role is a changed from his character in Ballers. Trailer is weird, guess we have to wait for trailer #2 to hopefully understand what this movie is all about.

    murillo1213murillo12134 måneder siden
  • Batman

    Chris CookeChris Cooke4 måneder siden
  • Kennet Branaugh was in Harry Potter 2

    Adam HendricksonAdam Hendrickson4 måneder siden
  • Maybe the time in this movie will be like " A story of your life" by Ted Chiang or Arrival

    I JaneI Jane4 måneder siden
  • 1- Or Afterlife is meant that his identity is wiped and he is now officially dead but in a covert agency. That new life is the "after life". 2- I'm thinking it's about time travel being unleashed on the world with little means to control or counter its use and effects. Hence, worse than nukes because we can deter their use to a degree.

    LucYfYre Arch of TwiLightLucYfYre Arch of TwiLight4 måneder siden
  • Christopher Nolan has confirmed that it is nothing like Inception and has nothing to do with the actual "afterlife" but we'll never guess what it's actually about until we see the film 🎥

    Jordan GibbishJordan Gibbish4 måneder siden
  • 6 Minutes IMAX Prologue streamable.com/ie0og thanks me later

    ten3tten3t5 måneder siden
  • Interesting tidbit, when the movie release date is shown, it's shown backwards starting with the year then day, then month but read from left to right normally. Just a small detail I think is cool on their part.

    Grim JackGrim Jack5 måneder siden
  • Do you guys know of Hanz Zimmer is doing the music?

    Tony PadillaTony Padilla5 måneder siden
    • He is not.

      Tridip Pa:tírTridip Pa:tír5 måneder siden
  • Everyone overthinking the “welcome to the afterlife” line. It’s just a joke because the main guy thought he took cyanide and died. To his suprise it was a test to see if he could be trusted

    Blue Space KidBlue Space Kid5 måneder siden
    • Or "Afterlife" could be the name of the organisation.

      Tridip Pa:tírTridip Pa:tír5 måneder siden
  • It mentions "welcome to the afterlife..." What if they killed him and then continually reverse time for him bringing him back to life so that the world thinks he's dead but he's actually a ghost but he's actually alive but only sometimes but he's running out of reverses but he must reverse time to save the future. Yeah, I nailed it. Can't fool me Nolan!

    SemiMonoSemiMono5 måneder siden
  • Stop shouting stupid shit during the trailer for the love of god

    Daniel BrownDaniel Brown5 måneder siden
  • Guy on the far right seems like a moron

    BCBC5 måneder siden
  • that actor is not voldemort, Ralph Fiennes is voldemort

    SckopeSckope5 måneder siden
  • Shoutout to PRIMER ...Watch it

    Samrat GhatakSamrat Ghatak5 måneder siden
  • Time. Runs. Out / Out. Run. Time

    Ridhuan ABRidhuan AB5 måneder siden
  • The very name has the clue... It's a palindrome!

    Jonathan GarcíaJonathan García5 måneder siden
  • Blind wave, was Blind to the Waves going backwards from the ships in that one shot.

    MattSipkaMattSipka5 måneder siden
  • Death Stranding: The trailers made no sense, but once I played it, I kinda got it. Tenet: I’ve seen one trailer and already know nothing will make sense as I watch the movie and then proceed to watch it again and again. I’m in love

    Dayton MilesDayton Miles5 måneder siden
  • U guys haven't seen blakklansman? Wtf

    Azaluve MlanjeniAzaluve Mlanjeni5 måneder siden
  • Jason Momoa..

    Ravi KantRavi Kant5 måneder siden
  • someone is messing with time afterlife is a covert agency trying to stop them not real afterlife

    selvedge peteselvedge pete5 måneder siden
  • No real afterlife. It's a program called AFTERLIFE. LMFAO

    Royalty SanchezRoyalty Sanchez5 måneder siden
  • I understood the trailer as a writer myself.

    Royalty SanchezRoyalty Sanchez5 måneder siden
  • Looks a bit like the Nicolas Cage movie Next. Or it's sequel.

    DularrDularr5 måneder siden
  • There exists a device that allows you to jump forward in time. But arrival time runs backward for you whereas for those who witness your arrival, they perceive you as moving backwards to them. JDW has to time jump forward and upon arrival he must finish mission and therefore change the course permanently before the events unfold backwards.

    lenny2527lenny25275 måneder siden
  • Do u guys watch movies? How have you not seen BlackKklansman?

    Jesse BrownJesse Brown5 måneder siden
  • It seems most people are not catching this. Pay attention to the first scene, they are falling in reverse up the building. They're not being pulled up. Like they can rewind a jump before it's made. Insane

    Caleb CarrawayCaleb Carraway5 måneder siden
  • the man that says "welcome to the afterlife" was metaphorical, like how a special agent "doesn't officially exist". There seems to be a time manipulation aspect to the movie. Imagine if the technology to manipulate time in the wrong hands, it seems to be dealing with that.

    ShadowArtistShadowArtist5 måneder siden
    • He was killed and they rewinded time, brought him back to life and saved him.

      NoseKeyNoseKey6 dager siden
    • Or maybe The Afterlife is the name of the organisation.

      Tridip Pa:tírTridip Pa:tír5 måneder siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="131">2:11</a> I heard a young Denzel Washington that moment. 😅😎

    Ian FordIan Ford5 måneder siden
  • Not the literal afterlife, it was figurative. It was a test to see if he'd give up his team and he chose the cyanide capsule instead, so they knew they could trust him. They just killed him on paper to make him a figurative ghost, not a real ghost.

    Zechariah WermuthZechariah Wermuth5 måneder siden
  • John David Washington was in Blackkklansman

    babybooo2babybooo25 måneder siden
  • WHY DID CHRISTOPHER NOLAN CAST A BLACK MAN ✊🏾 AS THE LEAD IN HIS NEW FILM, TENET? 😃 I think it’s awesome that legendary film director #ChristopherNolan has picked a BLACK MALE ACTOR - #JohnDavidWashington - to lead the cast of his most ambitious film to date, the 2020 time-travel thriller #Tenet. Every previous #Nolan film has had a WHITE MALE #Hollywood star as its lead: #LeonardoDiCaprio in #Inception, #MatthewMcConaughey in #Interstellar, #ChristianBale in the #Prestige and the #Batman Trilogy, #AlPacino in #Insomnia, etc. So WHY did Nolan select a black male actor (whose only real claim to fame is that he is the SON of Hollywood legend #DenzelWashington) to be the STAR of Tenet? Was this a random choice - or is #Washington’s IDENTITY central to the film’s TIME-TRAVEL theme? 🤔 #JDW #BlackManMagic #MagicNegro #BlackPanther

    Team TrumporamaTeam Trumporama5 måneder siden
  • Time is running backwards. Collision with Chronos. Search for a Science Fiction novel by that NAME. Collision with Chronos is the fourth novel by the science fiction author Barrington J. Bayley. The novel was inspired by the multiple time dimensions proposed by J. W. Dunne. The plot centers on the collision of two alternate "presents", with disastrous implications for reality.

    Steven SiewSteven Siew5 måneder siden
  • Christopher Nolan movies have become events for going to theatre. I will certainly go see it.

    Tony RandallTony Randall5 måneder siden
  • Eh guys, clearly After Life in this context is either a name of the company he just got hired for after passing the test or he’s just using that term jokingly as the guy thought he was dying and just woke up after the drug he was forced to take.

    WhiteHawkWhiteHawk5 måneder siden
  • Saw this trailer before Star Wars a few days ago looks AMAZING!

    EZ TinoEZ Tino5 måneder siden
  • dude with glasses and black shirt sucks

    Anthony AliagaAnthony Aliaga5 måneder siden
  • it batman and lucius but younger lol

    091696g091696g5 måneder siden

    ホルスの目ホルスの目5 måneder siden
  • I can tell you that this movie has people in it.

    Your Boy Eobard ThawneYour Boy Eobard Thawne5 måneder siden
  • Sometimes these guys are so clueless 😒 and blurting out random stuff during the trailer. Only Aaron seems fine and on point

    Omkar KulkarniOmkar Kulkarni5 måneder siden
  • HAVE YOU GUYS NOT SEEN BLACKKKLANSMEN???? With John David Washington and Adam Driver?? If not, you need to fix that ASAP.

    Charles JamesCharles James5 måneder siden
  • The epic grand scale of Inception with the loopy, time travel awesomeness of Deja Vu.

    Charles JamesCharles James5 måneder siden
  • noproject.info/it/video/qbiqpbC1aGbY2pA We tried to explain the *TENET* Trailer in reverse... Give it a watch... And FEEL IT🙂

    swathi krishnanswathi krishnan5 måneder siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="87">1:27</a> There can be worse than a nuclear holocaust (if you played with Death Stranding you can understand what I am talking about) 😬😊

    xyzdgtherealxyzdgthereal5 måneder siden
  • is that aquaman?

    Hadrian PriatnaHadrian Priatna5 måneder siden
  • We don't need to understand the trailer. We just need to have faith on Nolan

    endarasmanendarasman5 måneder siden
  • Dont waste your time. Been following Nolan from The Following and Memento and you really need to watch his movies like three times just to get the story well so...

    Nikola TeslaNikola Tesla5 måneder siden
  • >That was Ralph Fiennes wut >holding the dude down at the train or whatever WUT That's the Russian/East Eurpoean dude from Limitless and Red Scare in the Watchmen show. *Andrew Howard and he's apparently Welsh/Irish, that's hilarious his biggest roles are doing the Slavic archetype

    BruceBruce5 måneder siden
  • Shane's jaw drop at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="123">2:03</a>

    Mohit SharmaMohit Sharma5 måneder siden
  • I think Rick is misinterpreting the trailer. He's not in a literal afterlife. He didn't literally kill himself. The test was to see if he would give them up, he didn't he took what he thought was a suicide pill, but obviously it wasn't.

    01000001011100100111010000010111001001115 måneder siden
  • It looks like they can see things before they happened. Sounds like Minority Report.

    Manny LugzManny Lugz5 måneder siden
  • Nolan is telling us to just see the TRAILER in theaters for the best effect, how high level do you have to fricking be to do that

    garlicbread69garlicbread695 måneder siden
  • It wasn't THE afterlife. I think he was just saying that because the guy is essentially "died" as a test. I'm going to say two words. "Quantum Break"..... as directed by Chris Nolan. Which im a 1000% ok with.

    Torin ShieldsTorin Shields5 måneder siden
  • Atleast I Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Tom Hardy like a lot of Nolan films Don’t get me wrong though I love all 3 actors but it can get abit stale when characters in different movies are played by the same cast.

    Josh MooresJosh Moores5 måneder siden
  • How did Eric not remember "Jason Statham" from Agents of Shield ? :D (Andrew Howard)

    Armen GevorgyanArmen Gevorgyan5 måneder siden
  • it's been described as an action epic involving international espionage...time travel..and evolution.

    MohanicusMohanicus5 måneder siden
  • Wow the guy on the right is annoying

    PatPat5 måneder siden
  • The new Hideo Kojima game looks amazing!

    Camilo OspinaCamilo Ospina5 måneder siden
  • What a title 🤣

    David YodoDavid Yodo5 måneder siden
  • That's not Ralph Fiennes that's Banks from Agents of Shield!

    Jeffrey NunyaJeffrey Nunya5 måneder siden
  • They’re Time Cops like the scrotums in Rick&Morty

    Hue JazzHue Jazz5 måneder siden
  • What an absolutely standard looking film

    dodiswatchbobobododiswatchbobobo5 måneder siden
    • dodiswatchbobobo Christopher Nolan is anything bad t standard

      Hans Michael FanunalHans Michael Fanunal5 måneder siden
  • i thing they are BTs from death stranding .

    HITMANHITMAN5 måneder siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a> Dammit Eric! My keyboard is now covered in Diet Coke! Thank you very much! :p :p :p AFA the movie, it looks incredible, and even after all that, I still dont know a damn thing about it. But it's Nolan...so I dont really need to know more than that. I'm in!!

    Ark LyteArk Lyte5 måneder siden
  • Robert Pattinson should've won the Oscar for Good Time instead of Gary Oldman who should've won for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy instead of Jean Dujardin.

    Diego PisfilDiego Pisfil5 måneder siden
  • "I heard Denzel Washington's son is in it. Maybe that guy is him." Uh, yes the one black person in the trailer who is the main focus of the trailer. Ya think? Lol.

    Gerald BoneyGerald Boney5 måneder siden
  • "Afterlife" is a codename for an organization. He's not in the ACTUAL Afterlife. Geeez.

    CbricklyneCbricklyne5 måneder siden
  • Your thumbnail is Nolan concept

    venkatesh nannurvenkatesh nannur5 måneder siden
  • The IMAX scene was dope. Looking forward to getting my mind fucked.

    Captain DingleberryCaptain Dingleberry5 måneder siden