TENET | Christopher Nolan | John David Washington | Robert Pattinson | Trailer #2 Reaction!

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  • Wuuuhhhh😂....and Huhhhhh😵

    Mohit ChaturvediMohit Chaturvedi10 timer siden
  • moemnsntts

    traveller serutraveller seru15 timer siden
  • Jaby how can your forget interstellar

    KAI the invincibleKAI the invincible15 timer siden
  • This memento again?

    AsipAsip2 dager siden
  • Christopher nolan has a huge fan base in india

    viji ranjithviji ranjith2 dager siden
  • You can't see my comment because it's not done yet..😎

    kapil solankikapil solanki2 dager siden
  • 35 years too late for ol Dimple.

    Cuckoo NutCuckoo Nut2 dager siden
  • The most underrated director in Hollywood and thank god my best. Still got no clue how he hasnt won an oscar for best director or maybe the plot in his movies are so mind bending that they dont know what to make of it and left with the facial expression of that Achara Kirks. 😜

    Zenith SubbaZenith Subba3 dager siden
  • Are you couple?

    Harish BadigerHarish Badiger3 dager siden
  • Achara is cute

    Harish BadigerHarish Badiger3 dager siden
  • You should watch another trailer of this movie then you can understand

    rahil sheikhrahil sheikh3 dager siden
  • U guys should watch dark!!!

    Ayush GourAyush Gour3 dager siden
  • Please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 react to more hollywood movies we also love hollywood and me personally hollywood is my favorite😍😍

    Jatin kumarJatin kumar3 dager siden
  • You see the whole movie and will have no idea what u just watched.Now u start recollect the whole movie in reverse and it makes total sense.the world will go wooooohhhhhh

    Sakthi RajagopalanSakthi Rajagopalan3 dager siden
  • There is dimple kapadia in the trailer wtf she made into Hollywood.

    prashant yallattiprashant yallatti3 dager siden
  • Not gonna lie, I'm unimpressed. I'll probably skip this one

    No DiggityNo Diggity4 dager siden
  • don’t get shocked if this movie starts with end credits

    Jonty JacksonJonty Jackson4 dager siden
  • Missing Hans Zimmer

    Rahul SinghRahul Singh4 dager siden
  • How background music is a great part in movie's. You know that it's gonna be phenomenal just listening to music 🎶

    Leo JalafLeo Jalaf5 dager siden
  • Jaby hello,I'm a big fan of your reaction videos and Achara your so beautiful

    Prasad DesmondPrasad Desmond5 dager siden
  • Please react, Rapper Big Deal - Are You Indian?

    Atoka ChophyAtoka Chophy5 dager siden
  • Me before watching the trailer: What is this movie about?? After watching the trailer: What is this movie about? 🤔

    Kirubakaran SKirubakaran S5 dager siden
  • You haven't react it yet....⏳

  • My favorite super heroes Marvel comics= iron man DC comics= Batman

    MR. ABS groupMR. ABS group6 dager siden
  • Hello

    MUST BEMUST BE6 dager siden
  • Please do a review of LOC Kargil it's available on NOproject

    Apurv rajApurv raj6 dager siden
  • Dear jaby pls watch hum sath sath hi available in Netflix and make review www.netflix.com/in/title/80074065?preventIntent=true

    PinkuPinku6 dager siden
  • Also, they didn't mention Interstellar

    Life A JourneyLife A Journey6 dager siden
  • EXACTLY.... I still don't know what's going on...!

    Life A JourneyLife A Journey6 dager siden
  • My reaction was the same as jaby's.. 😂

    Pratyush sonuPratyush sonu6 dager siden
  • every one misses interstellar !!!!

    Aditya NarayanaAditya Narayana6 dager siden
  • This is a Indian Methodology Story

    Olivier ThanapaljiOlivier Thanapalji6 dager siden
  • Asal meing song reaction

    Mohammad RizwanMohammad Rizwan6 dager siden
  • Pls react on YASH UNTOLD STORY😍

    naveen muscutnaveen muscut6 dager siden
  • We need to use TENET to stop coronavirus(COVID19).

    Santhosh MNSanthosh MN6 dager siden
  • Hopes theatres are open so can see this in IMAX. Christopher Nolan films are meant for silver screen. This movie will make **puts pinky to mouth** 1 billion dollars!

    Tony RandallTony Randall6 dager siden
  • noproject.info/it/video/mZeWipaba3rI1Yg 15 years of Hrithik Roshan from Ozzy production.... Pls do watch this

    Nithin Achar.DNithin Achar.D6 dager siden
  • Everyone please click post and they type comments

    Saikrishna MSaikrishna M6 dager siden
  • ylsuoenatlumis siht devol I, dna siht etah yllaer I.

    nikesh knikesh k6 dager siden
  • Now I can understand Inception Nolan: beer my hold!

    Not James BondNot James Bond6 dager siden
  • Achara at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="191">3:11</a> is all of us.

    Ajay LaxmanAjay Laxman7 dager siden
  • Thats Christopher Nolan...Had to watch inception and interstellar twice to understand it completely and correctly...I am wondering how many times i will have to watch Tenet to get it completely.

    Sahil SupekarSahil Supekar7 dager siden
  • So, you enter the theatre when the movie ends...☠️

    Devi Prasad YDevi Prasad Y7 dager siden
  • How did you not understand it?! There's a guy who sacrifices himself instead of giving up his legal secrets and in doing so passes a test. He is given the ability to reverse time selectively (he can select how he does it, like in doctor strange). Since it's his job to prevent World War 3, he is battling a lot of big people and circumstances. He somehow is contacted by someone from the future, who says he is needed there. So the guy fights for the cause as he is a wanted criminal in the present time and he would have to travel to the future.

    Saif RashidSaif Rashid7 dager siden
  • They used ''The Dark Knight Trilogy'' cut just for the entrance of Rob Pat, Achara...

    I'm BATMAN !!!I'm BATMAN !!!7 dager siden
  • This video is all about acahara's reactions <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a> 😍

    hemant saugunhemant saugun7 dager siden
  • Dear jaby i wish to see u give your adorable reaction to ramesh prasai speech on kalapani in english plz👏👏

    Tej KarkiTej Karki7 dager siden
  • noproject.info/author/Kevb1ikcBryTU-pIPwc76w.html Please check out the amazing contents on this channel

    Gargi kumariGargi kumari7 dager siden
  • loce nolan from India

    Kevin spidyKevin spidy7 dager siden
  • nolan...

    Kevin spidyKevin spidy7 dager siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="171">2:51</a> is that dimple kapadia???

    Doland TrumpDoland Trump7 dager siden
  • Jaby watch jordindian new music video

    Shaikh SABBIRShaikh SABBIR7 dager siden
  • Jordindian new music video

    Shaikh SABBIRShaikh SABBIR7 dager siden
  • React jordindian new music video

    Shaikh SABBIRShaikh SABBIR7 dager siden
  • Why you are not watching jordindian new music video

    Shaikh SABBIRShaikh SABBIR7 dager siden
  • So not reacting to #Jordindian #LockedUpInTHeLockdown yet? Hmm

    troublekicktroublekick7 dager siden
  • It's like going back go the past & killing that one person who got COVID at 1st time & in the future the lockdowns or quarantine are never happened or not exisited

    Pavan GowdaPavan Gowda7 dager siden
  • noproject.info/it/video/xbBslqfRp4LA3oQ If you guys got to watch I found to very appealing and addicting. :D Classics are the best in my opinion.

    Josian FerrerJosian Ferrer7 dager siden
  • Dimple Kapadia is in this!!

    YojhaaaYojhaaa7 dager siden
  • I just love the big yellow and black ship MAGNE VIKING. it's a big ship. I love it.

    ruben loyaruben loya7 dager siden
  • Guess true colors are coming out off late. noproject.info/it/video/u9CjbcW9omK6x4w

    Dinesh RajagiriDinesh Rajagiri7 dager siden
  • “So you are saying this comment doesn’t exist yet?” “Precisely”

    Mani MohantyMani Mohanty7 dager siden
    • Smart

      WolfyWolfy6 dager siden
  • inception and dunkirk were amazing lets see what tenet will do

    Divyanshu DubeyDivyanshu Dubey7 dager siden
  • Can't wait for my mind to be 🤯

    AugustLordAugustLord7 dager siden
  • You should react to Dirilis:Ertugrul its a Turkish series and the next big thing in the Subcontinent at par with Game of Thrones

    Sameer HasanSameer Hasan7 dager siden
  • Isme to Dimple Kapadiya bhi hai

    Fact4youFact4you7 dager siden
  • Achara Kirk is absolutely gorgeous, her smile, expressions and accent 🔥😊

    Surya MohanSurya Mohan7 dager siden
  • Cool reaction Jaby! We posted a reversed version of the new trailer, check it out if you want your mind to bend even more 😲 noproject.info/it/video/xZufg6zMr3qsrGc

    Kolt RecordingsKolt Recordings7 dager siden
  • Dimple Kapadia is there too in the trailer. The actress from Rishi Kapoor's first movie. Did you guys notice that @jabykoay ?

    WheelogsWheelogs7 dager siden
  • Why has everybody forgotten Interstellar?

    Pradeep CheriyanPradeep Cheriyan7 dager siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> did anyone notice(head synchronised)

    Shayaq KhanShayaq Khan7 dager siden
  • Folks have u noticed jaby's editing lately it's getting more classic than the old ones Nice effort Jaby keep up the Good works like for Nolan 👍🇮🇳❤

    Sachin RajSachin Raj7 dager siden
  • Jaby Christopher Nolan is saviour Dis is crazy

    Golu BabaGolu Baba7 dager siden
  • What if Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne ,I think that why dark knight trilogy is mentioned ,this just a theory or assumption,we don't what can happen in Nolan movie.

    naveen s somunaveen s somu7 dager siden
  • Rob : I have seen many things about that John: Then keep up!

    Sakthivel NarayananSakthivel Narayanan7 dager siden

    SoulSoul7 dager siden
  • If jaby and achara watched the tenet trailer at the theatres, that means that their previous reaction to the first trailer was fake. Is it?

    Ameya BorkarAmeya Borkar7 dager siden
  • I'm your new subscriber but last 3 years I am watching your videos . I really like your reaction video.plz do reaction about ancham pathira Malayalam movie

    Anil CoolpexAnil Coolpex7 dager siden
  • aaa yess..tenet is a palindrome..ofcourse

    KeesaMonKeesaMon7 dager siden
  • try time inversion on COVID-19!! sounds great

    Learner@LifeLearner@Life7 dager siden