Video By Kaylum - @kaylumdennis
Co-Directed by Kalvadour - @klvdr
DOP Stefan Yap - @stefanyapdop
Assisted by Zebie - @_zebie
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  • 🔥

    Carolyn WilliamsCarolyn Williams21 time siden
  • i dont like his songs but i respect and recognise that he has talent. good to him

    nikita riznyknikita riznyk22 timer siden
  • Stormzy sucks. His music is shit.

    ColinsEagleEyeViewColinsEagleEyeView22 timer siden
  • Holy fuck

    Maarvin GregorMaarvin Gregor23 timer siden
  • the best line is on my channel for 10mins! 24 hrs coming soon.

    whore 69whore 6923 timer siden
  • These english teacher memes 😂😭

    Spider ManSpider Man23 timer siden
  • Much Mommy talking, why??? What about the fathers

    Florian FrankeFlorian Franke23 timer siden
  • 1000% Merkage😆

    Jade MurrayJade Murray23 timer siden
  • Broken woman i wanna mend her, bruk er bak and den bend her😂😂😂😂😂😂 pmsl. (The lil skank he does is tooo funny)

    Jade MurrayJade Murray23 timer siden
  • Music is sick but hold shit the director/editor deserve an award 😲

    zKevzKevDag siden
  • I hope we have a east coast west coast drama and they both die.

    Gary ShiltonGary ShiltonDag siden
  • Stormyz is my role model.. View my new video

    Money Unit Republic O3Money Unit Republic O3Dag siden
  • What's the meaning of whore? In Libya we only knows bitch......

    Charlie WestCharlie WestDag siden
  • Cadell - World War III (produced by Wileout Loco) stormzy diss via @NOproject

    ActionsGiveResultsTVActionsGiveResultsTVDag siden
  • 🙊🙉🙈

    I TI TDag siden
  • I learn more from you than my teacher

    Howley CharlieHowley CharlieDag siden
  • Coming after Stromzys mum is like coming after John Wicks dog

    Bo BoBo BoDag siden
  • Pls upload to Spotify and Apple music

    Big BoiBig BoiDag siden
  • Not a happy bunny anymore cos the gammon called him a bellend

    Unlucky Owen JonesUnlucky Owen JonesDag siden
  • Stormzy: aye wiley man im still dissapointed Me: run that back turbo

    ProxiedProxiedDag siden
  • Waiting for wiley’s mum to drop a diss

    Thesaint40Thesaint40Dag siden
  • 🌪🇨🇿👆🏾

    Lukáš BártaLukáš BártaDag siden
  • I still disappointed 😞

    kader kaderkader kaderDag siden

    Double_ AitchDouble_ AitchDag siden
    • Never ask a man what in his cup just ask lil wayne

      huttio srreuhuttio srreuDag siden
  • STORMZY full on violated WILEY!!! This is why you don't mess with STORMZY!!!

    Jacqueline NuamahJacqueline NuamahDag siden
  • always 1# on trending for music

    InstinctXInstinctXDag siden
    • Wow lool

      huttio srreuhuttio srreuDag siden
  • Is it all over now?

    Callum ReedCallum ReedDag siden
  • No one: English teachers: stormzy is in a parking garage because wileys career is in park

    Smeagy 27Smeagy 27Dag siden
  • Where yours tho ???? 👍😏

    Philip PriestPhilip PriestDag siden
  • Fuck that, I'ma be the man at your house She's like "Will, come home, there's a man in the house"

    Stats RaceStats RaceDag siden
  • When he said "you prick" I felt the spit

    Mariam AdebowaleMariam AdebowaleDag siden
  • Fire Fam gotta check out” gonna Learn today” Cali Drifter And Mic Wreka New Rap 2020🔥🔥🔥🔥 if u like it share it

    Cali DrifterCali DrifterDag siden
  • "I never wanna hear you say free the mandem lets go cyprus and free your mumzy" still laughin bruv 😭

    Shamaryah BisnottShamaryah BisnottDag siden
  • nobody: English Teacher: Stormzy is drinking coffee to imply that Wileys girl is going to meet him at the coffee shop

    Tekashi 69Tekashi 69Dag siden
    • @Tekashi 69 Preach

      Eru IlúvatarEru Ilúvatar23 timer siden
    • @dueeh nyyu I've never liked Wileys style. All that Wearing My Rolex Who Ate All The Pies crap never appealed to me. You can like him though

      Tekashi 69Tekashi 69Dag siden
    • Wiley bodies this trash in his 3rd drop, Stormzy ain’t got shit to say now 🤫

      dueeh nyyudueeh nyyuDag siden
  • Support young independent UK artist coming up! Real music 💯 no spam ting 🔥

    The WorldThe WorldDag siden
    • wiley won this beef no doubt

      dueeh nyyudueeh nyyuDag siden
  • My g Stormzy

    Phoenix BandaPhoenix BandaDag siden
  • Stormzy winning

    Phoenix BandaPhoenix BandaDag siden
  • Love from Cyprus bro

    D E M O N B O Y 2 0 0 1D E M O N B O Y 2 0 0 1Dag siden
  • Wow lool

    jasmine lawjasmine lawDag siden
  • Never ask a man what in his cup just ask lil wayne

    forzauk1forzauk1Dag siden
  • I’m just waiting for Peter Andre to drop “I’m disappointed with both of you”

    Gav TGav TDag siden
  • Comment sections nowadays confuse me more than my math teacher

    AK BeatsAK BeatsDag siden
  • ??? 1:23 ?? ? ? ? ?

  • Pure Fire!

    Jake ReeveJake Reeve2 dager siden
  • Wiley you got nuttin on stormzy you neek

    Dill ThompsonDill Thompson2 dager siden
  • Who else just loves this guy’s vibe

    DemiGod_30DemiGod_302 dager siden
  • Stomozy smashes it on this track

    Karen WildKaren Wild2 dager siden

    DemiGod_30DemiGod_302 dager siden
  • wiley won this beef no doubt

    hi im matikhi im matik2 dager siden
  • Wiley bodies this trash in his 3rd drop, Stormzy ain’t got shit to say now 🤫

    Young SinatraYoung Sinatra2 dager siden
  • Nobody: English teachers: he is holding a mug to indicate Wiley is now a cuppa

    FolkyValeFolkyVale2 dager siden
  • did whiley actually say something about stormzy's mom

    fatima yasirfatima yasir2 dager siden
  • The Shmoke is delivered🗣💯

    TIGER gamerTIGER gamer2 dager siden
  • Watch this!

    M41 GamesM41 Games2 dager siden
  • Omg this vid!

    M41 GamesM41 Games2 dager siden
  • STORMZY MAN low it man

    Scope drexScope drex2 dager siden
  • Wiley: Let's talk about your Mum. Stormzy: Where's your Mum? Narnia.

    Emeraldgreen RosaEmeraldgreen Rosa2 dager siden
  • Someone please explain the mum war, Heathrow terminal 4 punchline....context please...

    Kwesi KwofieKwesi Kwofie2 dager siden
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    Knowledge 7DKnowledge 7D2 dager siden
  • feel?" (*24 marks*)

    bssni touirbssni touir2 dager siden