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Seriously... this needs to stop
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  • leave a comment if you have a big brain and *pp*

    Davie504Davie5047 dager siden
    • I like cheese

      JetAmineFireJetAmineFire7 dager siden
    • Ok slapper

      Shiny GlitchShiny Glitch7 dager siden
    • Isn't the most suscribed italian youtuber marzia?

      Baund Sound LevisBaund Sound Levis7 dager siden
    • Wise choice

      Forrest HamptonForrest Hampton7 dager siden
    • Davie504 negro

      Micio SpaventatoMicio Spaventato7 dager siden
  • Aahahahaa you're the best Ps. I'm italian

    Samuele SmiderleSamuele Smiderle27 minutter siden
  • i have a huge pp

    AvtusaAvtusa31 minutt siden
  • My life is a mess without DAVIE slaping the BASS

    MaDiMaDiTime siden
  • U kinda look like him

    / conoob \/ conoob \Time siden

    Joao Vit5857Joao Vit58572 timer siden
  • Play song “パパパ”please

    NR jerryNR jerry2 timer siden
  • 69 lmao

    Daiki NaoDaiki Nao2 timer siden
  • *Bass Clef turned into 69...* *B I G B R A I N*

    Dominic DelaneyDominic Delaney2 timer siden
  • Me: Didn't say anything in therapy time Davie504:OMG!

    The giver Of Happiness62The giver Of Happiness622 timer siden
  • i got it.

    мур мяумур мяу2 timer siden
  • OMG

    The giver Of Happiness62The giver Of Happiness622 timer siden
  • You challenge jesus to slap if jesus slap you your gone check matr

    Jaybeeh De ArceJaybeeh De Arce3 timer siden
  • EPIC

    FABZ XDFABZ XD3 timer siden
  • anyone else realized theres a omg at the end?

    BeardyBeardy3 timer siden
  • Please Davi504.

    Meitazy 145Meitazy 1454 timer siden
  • Check out my Reddit post : My username: dAvIe504SuCkS

    Rose NguyenRose Nguyen4 timer siden
  • That dragonball intro :D nice

    A kA k4 timer siden
  • I get it 69

    Abigail Agustin SicamAbigail Agustin Sicam4 timer siden
  • Lol

    iceunetraliceunetral4 timer siden
  • Ear reveal at 0:54 lol

    Adrian CabralAdrian Cabral4 timer siden
  • Dad reveal

    Agent OfficeAgent Office5 timer siden
  • Stallone bass

    Hamzah OrazaHamzah Oraza5 timer siden
  • I like he's intro

    I Am KristianI Am Kristian5 timer siden
  • me: i play guitar Davie504 therapy: keep it up me: COnFuSion NoISeS

    UserPlays GamesUserPlays Games5 timer siden
  • U wil get alot subs if u will reveal ur voice lol

    Laimonas SvilpaLaimonas Svilpa5 timer siden
  • You can slap me now, I just subscribe!

    Karl Andrei AllamKarl Andrei Allam5 timer siden
  • How much spaghetti can I break before becoming a woman?

    Google DemonetizationGoogle Demonetization5 timer siden
  • wait isn’t cutie pie marzia the #1 italian youtuber? bruh she at 7.67 mil ...

    Suspicious PillowSuspicious Pillow5 timer siden
  • Davie504: therapy time Me: the constant suicidal thoughts don't stop. I'm actually having trouble sleeping because of the- Davie504: that sounds like an epic win for you

    lyxuary lynxlyxuary lynx6 timer siden
  • No the biggest subscribers in Italia is Marzia

    SHRLSHRL6 timer siden
  • 'The most subscribed Italian NOprojectr is at 5.55m subs' *Angry spaghetti Marzia noises

    B-P EDMB-P EDM7 timer siden
  • Nice one hahahahah!!!!?😅😅😅

    Sivan dominick GannabanSivan dominick Gannaban7 timer siden
  • What's with the PP? Sheesh

    Dave FredrockDave Fredrock7 timer siden

    Mati12OsorioMati12Osorio7 timer siden
  • Double base clef

    Jordan FischerJordan Fischer8 timer siden
  • You look like a watered down less buff version of rocky lmao

    N•A•T•H•A•NN•A•T•H•A•N8 timer siden
  • Did

    DortzOO Guy123DortzOO Guy1238 timer siden
  • You have small pee pee checkmate

    Jerry KidwellJerry Kidwell9 timer siden
  • Silvester Basstalone

    Fabricio RoldanFabricio Roldan9 timer siden
  • Where is the Bass playing. You should be slapped

    Richard JohnsonRichard Johnson9 timer siden
  • My pp smol

    Che1seabluesdrogba11Che1seabluesdrogba119 timer siden
  • Is this guy Italian?

    Pablo RDPablo RD9 timer siden
  • Bass pro shops

    Colgate MasterColgate Master10 timer siden
  • Can I please slap bass

    Gwyneth WeaverGwyneth Weaver10 timer siden
  • Oh hey Mr.balboa thanks for beating the Russian boxer for us

    James Henry Green Gardner IIIJames Henry Green Gardner III10 timer siden
  • Maybe it sounds funny but I actually was talking to you during the therapy session.. Thanks brother.

    Saif Mahmud SiamSaif Mahmud Siam11 timer siden
  • Been enjoying your videos since before 1 million subs. Keep up the EPIC work!

    AeonAnimAAeonAnimA11 timer siden
  • His monotone accent is just killing me

    The SiulManiaThe SiulMania11 timer siden
  • Davie actually helped me with his therapy session

    JoaxJoax11 timer siden
  • Anyone else think about the fact that rocky was called the Italian stallion, and davie504 is Italian. *100% confirmed his kid*

    ian kohlerian kohler11 timer siden
  • best therapist session everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Will McFaddenWill McFadden11 timer siden
  • OMG!!!

    mark gerard magdaymark gerard magday11 timer siden
  • You look like arca

    ignacio carvajal sanchezignacio carvajal sanchez11 timer siden
  • Trombone = *B A S S* trumpet (with slide)

    Creeperboy and friendsCreeperboy and friends11 timer siden
  • He is italian so he is in mafia And also he is the next godfather Believe me.

    anonymousanonymous12 timer siden
  • we saw your ears in your profile picture. I wonder what they look like now

    Caleb BrownCaleb Brown12 timer siden
  • What type of pewdiepie is this guy? 👿🤙

    Cappi_GamerCappi_Gamer12 timer siden
  • Hey, Davie! Like your slaps! Why don't you make a more dedicated comment on how the Pope's reacting to his ,,fans"! That's a lot of ,,base"

    lerirollerirol12 timer siden
  • you can see his ears in the intro

    John Cena Official ChannelJohn Cena Official Channel13 timer siden