Scales: The Insane Mermaid Movie Nobody Asked For

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Scales: Mermiads Are Real is an extremely bizarre take on mermaid lore and mythology. Please enjoy my review
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  • HA

    Jack GrazerJack GrazerMåned siden
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      HeyejenHeyejen11 dager siden
    • Jack Grazer hAvE yOu EvEr hEaRd oF A sTaPh inFeCtiOn

      ToastyRamen :pToastyRamen :pMåned siden
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      bubbly loserbubbly loserMåned siden
  • My 6 year old sister had us watch a 1 hour and 30 minute mermaid cliche yesterday. Can you guess what it was called? *Hm?*

    Aj BoughtonAj Boughton37 minutter siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="114">1:54</a> Haru from Free Iwatobi Swim Club-

    pasu rinpasu rin56 minutter siden
  • i actually likes it, its pretty good

    shardae johnsonshardae johnson57 minutter siden
  • Kids bones really said: Sniper elite xray shot

    Logan AlmeidaLogan AlmeidaTime siden
  • I'm glad I didn't just hallucinate this movie as a child

    Harry CarterHarry CarterTime siden
  • Mermaid blood drives would be so much better then “m u r d e r h e h e”

    Pastel.peaches 0110Pastel.peaches 0110Time siden
  • yall already know it gonna suck when it has two names

    Cola CapCola CapTime siden

    Haddy BaldehHaddy Baldeh2 timer siden

    Zebra_Gacha UwUZebra_Gacha UwU2 timer siden
  • Everybody did ask for this movie bitch

    Daniel FelipeDaniel Felipe2 timer siden
  • That's my fav movie so bitch shut the fuck up I watch it every day

    Daniel FelipeDaniel Felipe2 timer siden
  • My niece was watching this movie the other day. Its straight up this weird

    Rav DuranRav Duran2 timer siden
  • *my my bobo*

    billy the robotbilly the robot2 timer siden
  • So apparently mermaids are Bloodbenders?

    Akiva McNeilAkiva McNeil2 timer siden
  • I just love the way you were like “ due to, unforeseen events...”

    Doneva BattyDoneva Batty3 timer siden
  • This is basically the Disney channel movie The 13th Year

    Nichole GreenNichole Green3 timer siden
  • first time watching him, and i gotta admit he's funny

    it's meit's me3 timer siden
  • Jaja!!

    lety Sal956lety Sal9563 timer siden
  • Moral of the story: if you can cure anything for anyone, don't.

    ashash3 timer siden
  • Girl learned how to bloodbend just like that with no regret when it took Katara 3 seasons and she hated that she could do it because she felt bad? Ok sure

    Zara9722Zara97223 timer siden
  • Do a review on the shit show called Mako Mermaid it sucks

    Ozan GunayOzan Gunay3 timer siden
  • Look at the Movie Front it has a different girl on it

    Niki playz GachaNiki playz Gacha4 timer siden
  • they're so *_shellfish_*

    KamomillaKamomilla4 timer siden
  • Ok I think I'm convinced that this movie is actually trash.

    Luma SlothLuma Sloth5 timer siden
  • At exactly <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1193">19:53</a> you can literally see that the tail is fake and it comes off a little😂

    GamejpawesomeGamejpawesome5 timer siden
  • This movie made me wanna call my mom and tell her I adopted her.

    LokiLoki5 timer siden
  • “Just leave us be, we just want to play in the sea” Danny Gonzalez-2020

    Dana HeckelmannDana Heckelmann6 timer siden
  • Im a mermaid **aggressively walks away**

    Elizabeth SnowElizabeth Snow6 timer siden
  • siren really went angelo katagiri on that guy

    ArohartArohart6 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="906">15:06</a> when I herd this I thought of a song

    MemanoidMemanoid6 timer siden
  • I- Is it weird that I actually am interested in this movie?-

    JackiePlayzYT 2020JackiePlayzYT 20207 timer siden
  • ...……………….………...………………...………...……………….stiff mass...………….........

    notgoosekillaznotgoosekillaz7 timer siden
  • Am I the only one who thinks it’s racist that there’s only girl mermaids and no boys

    Crab TowerCrab Tower8 timer siden
  • *_i want that girl_*

    MewdustMewdust9 timer siden
  • I'm pretty sure sirens are mythological mermaid-_like_ creatures that just sing and then eat people alive

  • Wow. I didnt know else Fischer had done anything before eighth grade. Learn something new everyday

    Kuumba CreationsKuumba Creations9 timer siden
  • *S I R E N*

    Venix GAMVenix GAM9 timer siden
  • This movie was probably written by the protagonist

    Jerry SmithJerry Smith9 timer siden
  • it's crazy because brittle bone disease is actually like that, anything that hits you too hard your bones just shatter. my cousin had rods in her legs and arms to keep her from breaking them. she's in the 100's with how many breaks she's had. but anyways, lit video loved it

    mckenna debiasemckenna debiase10 timer siden
  • i like how in the ending she said u forgot ur 90 percent water does she not go to class shm like gril go to school

    KhloeKhloe10 timer siden
  • Did he really just body shame me for having a stiff mass? Wooooow real classy Danny.

    CalvinCalvin10 timer siden
  • I love how she decides to take a bath and turns into a mermaid... does that mean she's never taken a bath before? Shouldn't that scene be her hella hyped to take a bath for the first time? Edit: I didn't realize that she TURNS INTO a mermaid at this age, and was just an average person before. Seems like I need to study more Scales: A Mermaid Tale's lore.

    Ethan KnifsendEthan Knifsend10 timer siden
  • Why does he sound like a Jojo’s Character at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="289">4:49</a> 😂

    I literally can’t EVENI literally can’t EVEN10 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="459">7:39</a> t h a t s w h a t s h e s a i d

    Katelin BaileyKatelin Bailey10 timer siden
  • this whole movie is just a cringe fest

    lailalaila11 timer siden
  • I’m laughing so hard

    Mable Gacha BooMable Gacha Boo12 timer siden
  • Um...guys... I think my cat's a mermaid...

    Kermit AlihandroKermit Alihandro12 timer siden
  • DAMN! jack is young in dis

    Beef SteakBeef Steak12 timer siden
  • you'd look like a mummy that hasn't been wrapped up if all the water was removed from your body

    cancerous lumpcancerous lump12 timer siden
  • "I have something for you" they're beats by dre who does this lady think she's fooling???????

    Electa RElecta R12 timer siden
  • 🎶 *Dan, Dan, the mermaid man~* 🎶

    PinPuffPinPuff12 timer siden
  • Jesus Christ this is such a not like other girls movie “yOu’Re sO uNiQuE sIrEn”

    BilvyBeckett IsPrettyBoyGoalsBilvyBeckett IsPrettyBoyGoals13 timer siden

    Lingna HangLingna Hang13 timer siden

    Lingna HangLingna Hang13 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1318">21:58</a> xD

    Cillian_mt_YT !Cillian_mt_YT !13 timer siden
  • Jack posting this video on his insta story ha 😂

    Lilly SkataLilly Skata13 timer siden
  • So us mermaids in the ocean we just swim around play with our fishes And collect treasures

    Destinee GuzmanDestinee Guzman13 timer siden
  • "Uh I have to go to the bathroom?" "Gasp" "Gasp" That one guy: WHAT THE FUCK?!??!

  • I hate this movie but I love your video

    Priscilla HuttererPriscilla Hutterer14 timer siden
  • I swear i'm responsible for at least a million of these views!

    Maisie CMaisie C14 timer siden
  • It looks like somebody watched Teen Wolf, H2O and ATLA and went Hmm. That could make full one movie

    Anna FrankiewiczAnna Frankiewicz14 timer siden
  • "are they singing?" no they're summoning the devil

    Cayden EliCayden Eli15 timer siden
  • Siren learned bloodbending like Katara

    f9therf9ther15 timer siden
  • This movie has a terrible storyline and a terrible plot. I thought some 11 year old wrote it 🤦🏾‍♀️

    Xx høneypie xXXx høneypie xX15 timer siden
  • siren is just a horse girl but a fish version...

    mmmattyyymmmattyyy15 timer siden
  • you can tell the director of the movie is 100% going to breed or has already bred weak children

    mmmattyyymmmattyyy15 timer siden
  • Fun fact: the human body is made up of 60% of water. Do tell her that else she will have depression for the rest of her life.

    Logan FellnerLogan Fellner15 timer siden
  • Lol the title Tho XD

    Creative Kitten 4526Creative Kitten 452615 timer siden
  • My my boo boo

    Keira mKeira m16 timer siden
  • why is this movie just a huge terrible roleplay

    Presley PhillipsPresley Phillips16 timer siden
  • notifications are on am i a greg now ???

    Hailey ToddHailey Todd16 timer siden
  • Only some people will get this joke <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a>

    HashbrownHashbrown16 timer siden
  • link to movie

    Clone CommanderClone Commander16 timer siden
  • Underwater must be more boring then Quarantine.

    Aoi MayfieldAoi Mayfield17 timer siden
  • IDK if I'm insane or not, but. Couldn't they do the transformation thing in the sea?

    temari naratemari nara17 timer siden
  • Why is this the human version of a Barbie film

    It’s just MochiIt’s just Mochi18 timer siden
  • is no one going to talk about how at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">1:30</a> it looks like shes dead?

    Rosemary ChengRosemary Cheng18 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1415">23:35</a> lmao an average adult's body is actually 60% water not 65% also, i'm pretty sure the water coming out wouldn't have been clear

    MargharetMargharet19 timer siden
  • And this, kids, is how you can tell if your writing is horrible! Just ask Danny.

    Patrick StarPatrick Star20 timer siden