Rose GOES OFF on Big Ed | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

Rose feels betrayed that Ed kept his planned vasectomy a secret from her since day one.
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  • why am I crying so hard for her?

    Camlee BaltazarCamlee Baltazar3 timer siden
  • why am I crying so hard for her?

    Camlee BaltazarCamlee Baltazar3 timer siden
  • Her death glare at the end gave me a chills, what a queen

    Miss. ShrewdMiss. Shrewd3 timer siden
  • Rose to pretty for no neck Ed.

    I'm GreenI'm Green3 timer siden
  • How did a young, beautiful girl like her get paired with this old buffoon?

    Brendan MatelanBrendan Matelan5 timer siden
  • She wants kids to assure her ticket to a the USA

    Leonardo perezLeonardo perez5 timer siden
  • Rose isn't sure what she wants lol A women or man lol She wants kids really how only a man can do that

    J RJ R6 timer siden
  • You give an ugly guy a chance and he thinks he's the king of the world

    dcoog anmldcoog anml6 timer siden
  • tbh I wanted her to break up with him anyways, he’s not a good man for her

    jimindipityyjimindipityy6 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="172">2:52</a> YES! go rose!

    TsukasaLover101TsukasaLover1019 timer siden
    • Bruh savage

      dcoog anmldcoog anml6 timer siden
  • Big Ed says her breath STANK

    C. L. G. C. L. G.C. L. G. C. L. G.9 timer siden
  • i hate the fact that he hid away stuff he knew would push her away so he can have enough time to PLAY with her feelings to see if she is the one before he told her all the lies abt her. he’s the one that’s so unsure abt her, when he’s the one that cheated. she went full nicki minaj on him and it serves him right 🥴💅🏻

    carla elenacarla elena10 timer siden

    Ling ZhaoLing Zhao10 timer siden
  • Thank God she stand of for herself ... he is always belittling her. You go girl.

    Kavita DhaniramKavita Dhaniram10 timer siden
  • Her face at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="128">2:08</a> says it all

    The King of Sting has 786,697,674 viewsThe King of Sting has 786,697,674 views11 timer siden
  • No one: Me: I like the view, you do, yes, you're my best view, eh.

    Marissa GonzalezMarissa Gonzalez11 timer siden
  • Big Ed. Get yourself together..first healthwise.. lose weight and find a woman yr age, bit selfish of you, not wanting more children, but you want a very Young woman . ...

    Astrid LafourAstrid Lafour11 timer siden
  • she is such a strong women wow

    samaria caesarsamaria caesar14 timer siden
  • This Sound is so famous now in tiktok

    Emre KesEmre Kes14 timer siden
  • yes go girl

    Dhira NauliDhira Nauli15 timer siden
  • Does anyone else think she looks wayyyyy to young for him?

    lilygxb19lilygxb1917 timer siden
  • Im gonna juice eds hair and sell it to fast food restaurants

    howvahowva18 timer siden
  • Where is his neck

    DizzysnzDizzysnz18 timer siden
  • He didn't tell her because he knew that if she knew that he'd had the vasectomy, she wouldn't have had sex with him

    Amaria Anson-BlackAmaria Anson-Black18 timer siden

    xiao bellaxiao bella19 timer siden
  • Bruh savage

    Andrew YoungAndrew Young20 timer siden
  • Her face speaks 50 shades of disgusted lol 😂

    Sierra SimsSierra Sims21 time siden
  • Ed is so selfish and then gets surprised when rose ditches him, like.....

    Alejandra GarciaAlejandra Garcia21 time siden
  • Ed doesn’t seem to know that it takes two to make a relationship, it’s not all about him

    QueenRae DaGodQueenRae DaGod22 timer siden
  • I can translate to tagalog what Ed said. Ed: excuse me, i don’t speak tagalic. me: excuse me WHAT?

    •iiØrëø p ł ä ÿ šii••iiØrëø p ł ä ÿ šii•22 timer siden
  • I LIKE THE VIEW YOU DO YES YOUR MY BEST VIEW EH this where that came from ohhhh

    KirsuTobloxz• •KirsuTobloxz• •23 timer siden
  • I am happy for rose she did what she need to do she ending it befor it gets even worst good job rose she needs a good man not like Ed good job rose

    Oswaldo NunezOswaldo Nunez23 timer siden
  • I feel like he's always getting on her about not telling the truth and not being honest and he's hiding like the biggest thing you could ever hide and just expecting her to be okay with it.

    Ava LammAva LammDag siden
  • Poor Rose😢 that’s literally all I have to say and i wish nothing good for Ed because no woman deserves a guy like Ed🙄

    Rocky TwixRocky TwixDag siden
  • you always embraced me

    genci gencianegenci gencianeDag siden
  • Tbh rose marie PERIOD

    StormcloudStormcloudDag siden
    • Whats her insta?anyone know?.

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiDag siden
  • Why are people so focused on the age gap? They’re both consenting adults. Be focused on Ed’s selfishness

    look down and spell atticlook down and spell atticDag siden
    • Ed built like penguin of batman 💀💀

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiDag siden
  • Trash HIM!

    Amber FallAmber FallDag siden
  • Lol haha her face is the best

    Julian JacoxJulian JacoxDag siden
  • May every African girl watch this .....🙏🙏bow to a queen!

    zuzu zoezuzu zoeDag siden
  • ed looks like a mix between jeff hardy and James murray but fatter

    Abby from wii sportsAbby from wii sportsDag siden
  • Maybe if he had a neck

    TTV ZhenozTTV ZhenozDag siden
  • What season is this?😭😭

    Diamond WalkerDiamond WalkerDag siden
  • If

    Nexuz YTNexuz YTDag siden
  • I think she’s flipina?

    Edna LambertEdna LambertDag siden
  • No neck Ed walks away like an M&M...

    Hi EveryoneHi EveryoneDag siden
  • Ok, but Rose is waayyy out of his league

    Nara HNara HDag siden
  • Beautiful place ,woman its too big for you

    ernest salariozaernest salariozaDag siden
  • he has the personality of wet socks and rose deserves a lot more

    Rock girlRock girlDag siden
  • Aside from all this drama I WANT ROSE’S HAIRRRRRRRRR REEEE

    Sxun FlowerSxun FlowerDag siden
  • Good for her👏🏼👏🏼

    Eli LoEli LoDag siden
  • Ed built like penguin of batman 💀💀

    Cyber_Kiid ThutoCyber_Kiid ThutoDag siden
    • If rose know how to speak a fluent english, i think you will hear how the filipino women rifle mouth sound

      Rock girlRock girlDag siden
  • Whats her insta?anyone know?.

    LovelyX PewLovelyX PewDag siden
    • rose_vega_official

      Jayci RupertoJayci RupertoDag siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="179">2:59</a> that face says it all 😂

    Jacob KloslerJacob KloslerDag siden
  • We all know that we looked at the comments to see the roasts of Ed.

    C & CC & CDag siden
  • Rose's energy: did i stutter?

    IamEdelle 35IamEdelle 35Dag siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="155">2:35</a> 'you always EMBRACED me'

    Muhammad Noor Sobree Abdul RahimMuhammad Noor Sobree Abdul RahimDag siden
  • bruuuh

    yousra amcyousra amcDag siden
  • Awww shit

    Sniper KkidSniper KkidDag siden
  • What country is rose from?

    B3 TanB3 TanDag siden
    • Philippines

      Jayci RupertoJayci RupertoDag siden
  • Him: “I’m 54 years old I don’t want kids” Me: then you shouldn’t be dating young girls

    Day6 FanDay6 FanDag siden
  • I still can’t comprehend the fact that this bag of garbage got someone as beautiful,thoughtful and amazing as Rose

    Day6 FanDay6 FanDag siden
  • Damn she is one of the most wholesome girls on this show

    McKenzie BrownMcKenzie BrownDag siden
  • Big Ed is 54 And my dad is 57 and big Ed looks like older then my dad

    Loc NguyenLoc NguyenDag siden
  • Feel soooooooooooo bad for big ed😞

    Loc NguyenLoc NguyenDag siden
  • Be strong

    Joy IsadaJoy IsadaDag siden
  • Kaya mo yan rose- you can do it rose

    Joy IsadaJoy IsadaDag siden
  • If rose know how to speak a fluent english, i think you will hear how the filipino women rifle mouth sound

    don Cabrezadon CabrezaDag siden
  • *i not feel good*

    InvisibleFDInvisibleFDDag siden
  • Is this real story or drama?

    Grace TubioGrace TubioDag siden
  • She really doesn't want to be there XD

    Dark løser100Dark løser100Dag siden
  • I swear if someone looked at me the way Rose does at Ed, I would be clenching my asscheeks and waiting for my soul to be ripped out my body

    -Sora Reo--Sora Reo-Dag siden
  • This entire series reminds me of this short story called the paper menagerie

    Saipciqspjd NcncousoudnSaipciqspjd NcncousoudnDag siden
  • If Ed was a Filipino, God damn i cant imagine the situation. Rose would just go Eminem mode and aidywkgakbskfisqoudogskhaoshoco Like that

    Sam UnaritySam UnarityDag siden
  • Wow this guy is a loser I hope he never finds love

    Diana BowndsDiana BowndsDag siden
  • No one come at me with shit but honestly hes kinda right if he dont want another kid hes 54 and he will be 74 if they had child now he probably will not see them get married basically he might pass away so I see what hes going with that but that's the only thing I am on his side tho

    Josiah NunezJosiah NunezDag siden
  • Where's his neck btw ?

    Sanjana SathishSanjana SathishDag siden
  • honestly DONT MESS WITH PHILLIPINAS!! ESPECIALLY MOMS!! they are really good at the “stop now” face, and their english is shown different when they are mad so thats when you know your in trouble

    박지민Park Jimin박지민Park Jimin2 dager siden
  • Filipino in english be like:WAY U OLWEYS EMBRASID ME?

    Lars LAK'SLars LAK'S2 dager siden
  • Did anyone understand a word she said? LMAOO

    Kay GKay G2 dager siden
    • Why you always EMBRASID ME?

      Lars LAK'SLars LAK'S2 dager siden