Republican Hypocrisy Exposed by Rep. Ilhan Omar | NowThis

‘We can’t pray our problems away.’ - Rep. Ilhan Omar called out Republicans for their hollow rhetoric on fixing poverty in America.
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In US news and political news, Rep Ilhan Omar called out Republican hypocrisy at its finest. In this Ilhan Omar speech in Congress, Omar explains how Republicans are being hypocritical and hollow in their thoughts on fixing poverty in America. Republicans getting triggered by women in Congress has become a recurrent theme in politics. On fixing poverty with prayer, Ilhan Omar comments that prayer alone will not solve our problems. As Ilhan Omar shows, President Trump's Republicans and Democrats have a very different approach to fixing poverty in America. Ilhan Omar has been a controversial figure in Congress and has been attacked by Republicans for displaying alleged anti semitism.
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  • Working til you die is no way of living

    Doglover14Doglover1432 minutter siden

  • When stupidity makes you becomes a lipstic Quen.tolerant with untolerant is coward. Don't talking about God if jihadist,terrorist and dirty married story is your power.bro said " Fresh nieces comes out from wild two legs " And another woman craying for lose her husband bananas to the great Caliphate Slave

    Wati WatiWati Wati9 timer siden
  • You go, girl. Preach!

    Alisha MurdockAlisha Murdock10 timer siden
  • OMAR RADICALLY LOVES HER BROTHER, HUSBAND , sand the other lady’s HUSBAND!!!!! Wooooo hoooo

    Jo VallasJo Vallas10 timer siden
  • The IRS is going to show hypocrite Omar a little love. Typical liberal not looking in the mirror!

    John HoffmanJohn Hoffman16 timer siden
    • Thats right John, dont forget all of the public comments made toward hating America etc. Too bad liberal's will not do their home work. Or do they?

      John HoffmanJohn Hoffman15 timer siden
  • Omar when ever you talk - whatever you say you are full of hate for this country USA. Full of Hate.

    Mary AldacoMary Aldaco20 timer siden
  • Yo I like Ilhan better than AOC and I don't know why

    HARV DENTHARV DENT23 timer siden
  • This is the most anti semitic individual in Congress and she talks about love

    rjmarble34rjmarble3423 timer siden
  • Thank you representative Omar

    Petie SabalaPetie SabalaDag siden
  • she's a freakin idiot..i'm reading your comments ,you people believe anything she say"s she really cares !!

    Larry SolisLarry SolisDag siden
  • Well said!! America needs to stop dividing the rich from the poor and realize that we are ALL HUMAN BEINGS!!!

    Ghost MamaGhost MamaDag siden
  • this Omar woman is a full waste of people's time.... ERASE USA SYSTEM and implement N.Korea regime system where everyone has food and shelter...( never mind what propaganda tells about N.Korea) I grew in the regime....I spent 24 yrs there so I know how it is...WEST? the 1st 6 months I had more stress and Chaos in the Western World then in my 24 yrs in the regime. SO TALKING AND BEING A CONGRESS PARTY ONLY MAKE YOU A PAY CHEQUE VS. MAKE CHANGES...

    canada paintercanada painterDag siden
  • She is a hypocrite

    Karen IsgrigKaren IsgrigDag siden
  • run and got get it.. 3:00 is good islong is you gotz a bucket. ana place tgitit

    Rayan AgarmRayan AgarmDag siden
  • mold ?

    Rayan AgarmRayan AgarmDag siden
  • She don't know what love is. Only the love of her brother. She has a distorted view of life. Liar too!

    PeggyAnnPeggyAnn2 dager siden
  • Amen! Thank you, Congresswoman Omar.

    rowell669rowell6692 dager siden
  • What is Omar is doing, besides taking aloud and trying to take credit for doing nothing !

    Anthony hopperpupAnthony hopperpup2 dager siden
  • Church is to busy robbing their members

    Roger LindsayRoger Lindsay2 dager siden
  • Stop the food stamps and get a job

    Fako IdrizovicFako Idrizovic2 dager siden
  • Of cause it not about love according to this woman, who doesn't know how to love, even love correctly when she married her own brother. while having a husband......she knows nothing about love because she has full hate in her heart. She should be grateful she is in America while being Anti-American....She sits in that chair spreading hate and no one removes her????? She needs to go back to her country and preach her hate over done in watching this woman not say one Word of Thank you to the American people and doing things for us and not herself....We American have to take a hard look at how those people we put into leadership. We don't pay our leaders to spread hate, it needs to stop already.....Do you job....

    Illy OIlly O2 dager siden
  • Make that woman the next president ASAP

    GirlsGamingGirlsGaming2 dager siden
  • I am concerned what she said in her tweets...?

    Val MidVal Mid2 dager siden
  • Best speech ever .... unfortunately people are asleep or can't face the truth you are addressing.

    Eleonora MarkoEleonora Marko2 dager siden
  • You had your fun girl.

    ray matthewsray matthews3 dager siden
  • She's absolutely right and I only dream of saying that to a room full of "officials"

    iiii3 dager siden
  • All Abrahamic religions are violent slave cults. Separate the church and state.

    Obverse SingularityObverse Singularity3 dager siden
  • ilhan Omar tell to Muslims not to pray .you are advising Christians not pray .then look what Muslims will do to you

    delip sakhredelip sakhre3 dager siden
  • That was powerful

    Kyle KnappKyle Knapp3 dager siden
  • Yes!! Tell them what their JOB IS.

    crissy sweetcrissy sweet3 dager siden
  • The only thing u have any love for is yourself...and nothing else.

    Jerry TannerJerry Tanner4 dager siden
  • I want to see the reactions of those GOP members during her time.

    brl987brl9874 dager siden
  • The one who has been exposed as a hypocrite is ilhan omar herself. She claims to love America, but all she does is badmouth it and to try to tear it down. She is a closet terrorist.

    robert hicksrobert hicks4 dager siden
    • @Cheyenne White Omar says she loves american, then turns around and says its an illegal country and should be wipe off the face of the earth. Which is it? The truth is, she loves the land and the resource and the money and despise it for not accepting her own beliefs as the ONLY religion. She wants to destroy the constitution and create one based on her religion, one that worships allah and no one else. She hates that we have the freedom to do as we choose.

      robert hicksrobert hicks3 dager siden
    • @Cheyenne White So you think its truth to say that nothing real important happened on 9/11? No body died? Thats what she said, "some people did something" Nothing about people dying. Nothing about the US being attacked. Saying the US does not deserve the money it has is truth? Saying we do not deserve freedom we fought for is truth? Saying we do not deserve to be able to choose our religion is truth? IF you think she is saying truth when she says everyone that doesnt believe as she should die, why don't you do it yourself?

      robert hicksrobert hicks3 dager siden
    • Uh no lol it's called telling the TRUTH in which some individuals like yourself do not like to hear. Sad.

      Cheyenne WhiteCheyenne White3 dager siden
  • Omar is delusional. She avoids mentioning the causes of poverty. If people can't afford to support kids, then don't have any ! If someone wants to get to college, then work, save up, and pay for it yourself. Why should taxpayers (you and me) pay for someone to attend college? Get a job, and pay for it yourself. And those druggies living on the streets just hanging around feeling sorry for themselves...they're responsible for their situation. If they'd rather stick needles in their arms and hang around the streets doing nothing, I should feel some responsibility for them? If Omar wants to take care of people who don't want to work, who don't want to give up drugs, who keep producing kids that they can't afford, then she, and anyone else who agrees with her can donate their own money to such enable them to continue living the street life.

    Douglas RodriguesDouglas Rodrigues4 dager siden
  • So is this the person the GOP and Republican voters are accusing of hating America?

    TangiersIntrigueTangiersIntrigue4 dager siden
  • wow" it is the American dream to come to a place where you have the opportunity to be as poor as you want to be or wealthy as you want to be." Probably one of the dumbest statements ever heard.

    ALA87ALA874 dager siden
  • that guys logic is so out of touch. why do need a phrase or scripture to deal with any of these situations. If jesus was here he would help the poor and the outcasts

    ALA87ALA874 dager siden
  • She’s an angel in a hijab.

    DopeAMeanDopeAMean4 dager siden
  • Bernie's biggest problem is he never answers questions directly about how he plans to pay for all these free giveaways .(socialism) Unfortunately that is not his job. Hitler used socialism as a tool to gain control. He even promised everyone a new VW car. George Soros is using these same methods to gain control of the USA . He wants infighting funding groups like BLM. He is using Hitler's play book only he is smarter and has unlimited funds. He also provided funding for AOC and the squad along with many other Democrat leaders who are under his control. This is were this big push for socialism comes from. He also funds the MSM! MSNBC,CNN, TYT all in his pocket . This is starting to unfold so he doesn't push for Bernie openly. But is in fact is helping him because he knows he can control him. In other words a vote for Bernie is a vote for the upcoming dictator Soros and it will destroy America.

    Beau BikerBeau Biker4 dager siden
  • The thing that I can’t help but wonder about is would it be better if we quit spending the money out of the country and took care of our own? Just a thought.

    Ain’tNoReasonAin’tNoReason4 dager siden
  • I'm not american. But this gave me goosebumps knowing how many americans live life. And the saddest thing veterans who gave away they're lives to protect yet not be protected. The most shocking thing I heard. Especially since I live in the middle east. When a vetrine dies the country takes care of their kids and families. Imagine a vetrine being hurt and thrown away to the streets, the whole country will shake to its core. Living over here where the whole world looks down on yet we care so much about one another and if the kids next door are okay and our neighbor's fed, even if we had nth. It will never make sense to me. It's like saying when a doctor retainers they cant visit the hospital and would be in the streets with nth once they saved so many ppl but yet they cant be helped and saved too. How is that okay?

    My MeMy Me5 dager siden
  • Trump will have the Congress and the Senate In November

    Fur8er EightFur8er Eight5 dager siden
    • You think so? The way he's going. You better rethink about Present Trump. He's the most crooked and deceitful President ever lived. You better learn what he did and I tell you, he really didn't earned the presidency. He did it through lies all the way. STOP THE HYPE AND HIS LIES!!!!!!

      mark67451mark674513 dager siden
  • Only the RICH can afford them.

    Franco SolimanFranco Soliman5 dager siden
  • Some of these are too dumb to realize/understand that they've just been taken to church!

    Cynthia PickettCynthia Pickett5 dager siden
  • Shes as dumb as aoc

    Bill CBill C5 dager siden
  • This terrorist has a lot of nerve talking about love

    k Kk K5 dager siden
    • k K You are an awful person.

      BucksballBucksball3 dager siden
  • “My grandparent didn’t have running water” So I don’t care if anyone else don’t have running water and I’m christian ✝️ halaluuya.

    Ooh OopsOoh Oops5 dager siden
  • If only she was honest. Sharia is her only loyalty She wants islam to rule USA Reject this sharia

    Philip JohnsonPhilip Johnson5 dager siden
  • The scriptures speak of how the people brought all of their assets (tithes and offerings) and put them into the store house so that "ALL SHOULD HAVE" and that modern day store house (in my opinion) is in all essence refers to our present day government because (if i'm not mistaken) the government garnishes every working stiff's paycheck (via so called taxes). So tell me, "If they take my money why should I not be able to get some sort of return on my investment especial if i get into a bind and need help????

    medmed6 dager siden
  • This woman is a national disgrace. Her state should get her out of office and encourage her to return to her homeland!

    • Its not your homeland either! Your creepy, sociopathic relatives came on the Mayflower, remember. Only the Native Americans have a right to this land, the rest of us had better have the right attitude!

      Shaheeda WilliamShaheeda William4 dager siden
  • I hate her clothes

    jetblackhair92jetblackhair926 dager siden
  • If she is so righteous then why is she collecting a 200,000 dollar paycheck to run her mouth? Like most congressmen do?

    william campbellwilliam campbell6 dager siden
  • I don’t know why people hate on this woman, why they twist her words or paint her as someone who’s out to sabotage America. Maybe it’s not what she’s says but how you think! I know Rep. Omar will never see this post but I am a 45yr old white male from Alabama and I would vote for her for POTUS if she ever ran and I hope she knows that her followers come from every walk of life. Peace and blessings be upon you my beloved sister of Islam.

    Ross GRoss G6 dager siden
  • It’s not for a lack of love that she married her own brother to defraud the government. It’s not for a lack of love that she had an affair with a married man with children... Such a fraudulent liar!

    D.L. ParksD.L. Parks6 dager siden
    • Shaheeda William - Unfortunately, you do

      D.L. ParksD.L. Parks4 dager siden
    • We were waiting for the worms to crawl out of the don't disappoint, trumptard!

      Shaheeda WilliamShaheeda William4 dager siden
  • Bye felecia with your fake idelogy coinvidence you mentioned radical gtfoh

    cheryl parkercheryl parker6 dager siden
  • Hypocrisy from someone who committed a felony by marrying her brother to get him citizenship...then cheated on him...then slept with her aid and committed another felony by giving him aid....

    Ady RamAdy Ram6 dager siden
  • Omar & Obama & Maxine Waters prove that America has become a colony of Africa . .

    Kas CadeKas Cade6 dager siden
  • Omar & Obama & Maxine Waters prove that America has become a colony of Africa . .

    Kas CadeKas Cade6 dager siden
  • SHe radically loves her brother... As he is putting babies into her

    Ms. HoniqualishaMs. Honiqualisha7 dager siden