r/Choosingbeggars "I WIll Buy Your New Mac Book Pro for $0"

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r/Choosingbeggars Ever wonder how choosing beggars try to buy new computers? Well, its pretty simple, really. Basically they just demand a ridiculously low price and then cuss the seller out when they inevitably refuse. Capitalism in action! If you like this video, subscribe for more funny Reddit content!
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"Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  • That photographer story is the reason why I would and will never shoot weddings. That shit is ridiculous.

    theplourdetheplourde10 timer siden
  • Most of these are so painfully fake it's pretty annoying

    Jared FrazierJared FrazierDag siden
  • like a person complaining at the costco sample lady that they aren't physically putting the food in their mouths for them...ffs i picked up sushi the other day and the owner/chef said that people were getting pissed at her because she didn't pump the purell into their hands for them so they didn't have touch it...ffs^2

    Kay12izationKay12izationDag siden
  • I will never understand the logic of "Wow! That's expensive. I saw like 5 others for way cheaper" as a means to get something for a lower price... I know. I can hear you saying _"Choosing Beggars logic. Why even bother trying to figure it out?"_ And of course, you're absolutely right. But consider me someone who likes a challenge. In this case, it's also called "being an idiot". Lol It's just hard to believe these people exist and think that would actually work somehow!

    • Danni • Masters • Studio •• Danni • Masters • Studio •2 dager siden
  • *Some people forget that businesses are run by people. You know, people... The kind who sleep, eat, have families, have things to do outside of their 9-5, are entitled to breaks and time off, etc? Businesses are run by people which means they aren't perfect and are not robots!*

    • Danni • Masters • Studio •• Danni • Masters • Studio •2 dager siden
  • *Some people forget that businesses are run by people. You know, people... The kind who sleep, eat, have families, have things to do outside of their 9-5, are entitled to breaks and time off, etc? Businesses are run by people which means they aren't perfect and are not robots!* If someone messaged me at 2am for something I'm selling, regardless of what it is, regardless of if its my business, I wouldn't answer. If they continued to message demanding a response, they wouldn't get one, even in the morning. I don't care what the situation is! It's 2 am! Have some fucking respect!

    • Danni • Masters • Studio •• Danni • Masters • Studio •2 dager siden
  • Hi. Spend your time, money, materials, effort and everything else I don't care about to make me something that you won't even get credit for as her best friend I'll even CONSIDER paying you for babysitting my kids because you're a good person, in stark contrast to me & I lied about paying you before No? Wow! So selfish! You're obviously a -horrible- wonderful person with -zero- actual logic! Way to make a -dumb- smart decision! *_Choosing Beggar Logic - It never fails to amaze me! The fact that these people exist & in such large numbers makes me terrified for humanity_*

    • Danni • Masters • Studio •• Danni • Masters • Studio •2 dager siden
  • Hi. Spend your time, money, materials, effort and everything else I don't care about to make me something that you won't even get credit for as her best friend I'll even CONSIDER paying you for babysitting my kids because you're a good person, in stark contrast to me & I lied about paying you before No? Wow! So selfish! You're obviously a -horrible- wonderful person with -zero- actual logic! Way to make a -dumb- smart decision! *_Choosing Beggar Logic - It never fails to amaze me!_*

    • Danni • Masters • Studio •• Danni • Masters • Studio •2 dager siden
  • Why are single moms so entitled

    RiotShieldRiotShield3 dager siden
  • Working for "exposure" is stupid. Hundreds of people die from "exposure" every year.

    Lawrence GenereuxLawrence Genereux4 dager siden
  • Where did he leave that bad review? OP said he didn't have a business page? Did EG find his facebook page or something

    Carl MarchianoCarl Marchiano4 dager siden
  • Wait, you mean people get paid for building houses? lololol, you're literally just nailing wood together and charging people. What is life?

    James A ClouderJames A Clouder4 dager siden
  • Lol thing is... Most tattoo artists ARE kinda dickish or at the very least not what u would call the charitable types lol so telling ppl that isn't going to effect a gd thing if that artist is good at what he does!! Also I'm in no way putting down tattoo artists!! I've dated a few myself lol but I've always liked slightly dickish dudes..

    Sam I am...annoyedSam I am...annoyed7 dager siden
  • So, I have a story (and I don't have Reddit *yet* ), but ohh boy. Basically I work as a golf caddy at this one country club. It's a nice, decent sized place with most of other workers being nice, the manager being... well... something, and most members being nice... Most members. Side note, we are not paid hourly. Only by commission. So I was waiting about 3 hours for a loop (pretty much a round but in caddy terms. Yes, it is normal to wait hours) on Ladies Golf Tuesdays. Eventually I was picked to go caddy in a group of nice enough ladies except for one that was new to the club. The new one was the one I got. I stayed positive, most of the time. She did play pretty decent, getting about 6 over par. When it was finally over, we shook hands, said "good game and have a great day". Ya know, the final words before the members leave and you get paid. Me and the other guys go and pack the bags into the storage area for the members' golf bags (my member wanted hers in her car for whatever reason. Most likely a game somewhere else). Our job is done, the other 3 guys are paid in cash. (They each got $40-50 for 9-holes, a decent score). My member goes into the golf store, most usually to fill out a check. She comes out with a new club. I wait about 10 minutes, go into the golf shop, and ask if they have my check ready (this isn't considered rude). They asked who I caddied for. When I responded with CB, they said she had never paid. I was really confused. Apparently she had used the rest of the money in the account to buy herself the club, and lied about having a caddy with her on the loop. It was <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">1:30</a> PM, I was tired, and had no money in hand. Was I mad? Not really. Did I feel like I was robbed? A little bit. Eventually the finance manager (or book keeper. I dunno. They basically kept tabs on all the accounts' balances) talked to CB about the loop a week later. Apparently, she had shouted me out on FaceBook with her 2 followers. She said that the exposure was enough to pay for that loop. They made her cough up $35 and let her off with a warning. I then got a string of old emails (that I deleted, I am so sorry) basically calling me out as the worst worker there and that I was a bitch blah blah blah. The only thing I responded with was that I was sorry my services for inadequate for her desired round. She sent even more emails spewing even more crap about how the exposure was all I needed and that I was a greedy bitch for wanting money. Yeah, I'm sorry that by law you have to pay someone for their services unless stated otherwise. I showed my manager the emails who kicked her out almost on the spot. It was a good rest of the summer. My manager, he is a whole different story. If you want to share this story to your friends or other random people on the internet like I did, just say the original post was from Shadow. Much obliged!

    Flaming ShadowFlaming Shadow8 dager siden
  • 3rd Video, 1st ChoosingBeggar, bout’ to smash my Phone but it’s 12 O’ Clock so I’m to tired, I hate Karens I love this.

    PikaCookiePlayzPikaCookiePlayz8 dager siden
  • Person: Hey, sorry but can you do a drawing for me? Me: Hello. I’m sorry but I don’t do requests. Person: Awww please. I have (whatever number of followers) and I’ll give you a shoutout! Me: Haha. Thanks but no thanks. I’m sorry but it’s a no. Person: But I’m paying you in.. Don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it *E X P O S U R E*

    Cringe with BelleCringe with Belle9 dager siden
  • I hate cheap stubborn people, i hope they all have corona

    vivi_ etcvivi_ etc11 dager siden
  • Why is it always "I´m a single mon"? Your breeding choices are your responsibility.

    Ungläubiger!!!Ungläubiger!!!11 dager siden
  • I used to do photography for parties (not weddings), and if a customer tried that bullshit, I would have kept the deposit, and not delivered the photos unless the balance was paid. Part of the OPs problem is that he was a complete pushover.

    flyboy152flyboy15212 dager siden
  • These types of choosingbeggars are the type of people who won't make it pass natural selection

    Exalaxy XExalaxy X13 dager siden
  • CB: All artists need exposure! Me: ...If you knew what artists are, the last thing they need is "exposure" to your 5 followers...

    Zuki AnimationsZuki Animations13 dager siden
  • Me:it's free Cb:that's too much u have to pay me for getting that thing

    Dr. SenkuDr. Senku15 dager siden
  • For the "I'll pay you in exposure" people, I want to say, "Sure, just need you to sign this 'Exposure' contract. You will agree that if I do not incur more than $xxx over a specific period of time as a result of your 'advertisement' of my services then you must pay me the difference in cash. How's that sound?"

    TonesTheGeekTonesTheGeek17 dager siden
  • uranium hexafluoride

    albin private2albin private218 dager siden
  • On that last one I'd have told them yes they have offended me and are wasting my time, either pay the money due by tomorrow or I'm deleting everything and blocking you.

    capthaviccapthavic20 dager siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="486">8:06</a> i got axiety lol

    Jet RinJet Rin21 dag siden
  • Lol i just love that voice you use to imitate the cbk😎

    kim baldwinkim baldwin21 dag siden
  • How do we feel about 18-20 year olds posting their Venmo on their tinder accounts?

    Peter ChoPeter Cho21 dag siden
  • Op is correct when he/she is talking about our wi-fi.

    anonymous-Aanonymous-A21 dag siden
  • wedding photographer should just delete all their stuff, and say its for free bye.

    IamJacksColon4IamJacksColon425 dager siden
  • Cringingly fake the lot of it.

    RTSchofieldRTSchofield26 dager siden
  • are people actually like this.??

    rooberttroobertt27 dager siden
  • I can't believe they are for real omg

    Praxina TheVittaPraxina TheVitta27 dager siden
  • 𝓘 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓴 𝓘 𝓱𝓪𝓿𝓮 𝓸𝓯𝓯𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓭 𝔂𝓸𝓾

    Praxina TheVittaPraxina TheVitta27 dager siden

    Praxina TheVittaPraxina TheVitta27 dager siden
  • I would’ve kept saying OK

    Natalie OlsenNatalie Olsen28 dager siden
  • "wow what a way to run a business" "You charge for this??" Ugh

    Gilda'sDoingStuffGilda'sDoingStuffMåned siden
  • Where can I leave a comment? By law you HAVE to tell me!

    mrpopsfulmrpopsfulMåned siden
  • Why are some people mean when they don’t get their way and are only nice when they want something?

    MediocreAtBestMediocreAtBestMåned siden
  • At least he's willing to take a Acer

    tj bradleytj bradleyMåned siden
  • Just inquiring 👀 is $220 an hour a lot for tattoos ?

    tee lovetee loveMåned siden
  • I just love the voice you use for these videos

    Catherine D’orianCatherine D’orianMåned siden
  • Yes👍

    gbio universegbio universeMåned siden
  • I mean.....I watch these, but I always hold out hope these people don't exist.

    Douglas TaylorDouglas TaylorMåned siden
  • The dude with the canvas....They should be paying her to bbsit anyways

    Shannon FlahertyShannon FlahertyMåned siden
  • Wait, on the thumbnail, why is the other person's text blue? Wouldn't that be your text?

    Appesh1Appesh1Måned siden
  • Wow way to run a business by sleeping so you get rest to actually work

    BVB Girl1313BVB Girl1313Måned siden
  • WHAT the heck do you mean?? “Yes”

    Alansar TrignotAlansar TrignotMåned siden
  • The dude that wanted airpods could have just gotten a wireless headset because they are cheaper and they look cooler depending on what your wearing

    Zach PilgrimZach PilgrimMåned siden
  • Saw that story about the South African photographer on a different video and I’ll say here what I said over there: R500 (currency is Rand) isn’t great for a luxury service like wedding photography. Especially if you’re planning on cheaping out on your bill. You can’t even get 4mb/s internet for a month with that money lol. It’s about $34 when converted. Those people were just being jerks.

    L de BruinL de BruinMåned siden
  • CB: hi, I heard your making art? AS(Art Seller): yes, I am! CB: oh, can I get one? AS: yes, they're $0.25 per picture. CB: *WHAT!?!? I CAN ONLY AFFORD TO GET MY KIDS EACH AN IPHONE 11!!! IM A SINGLE MOTHER!!!! HOW DARE YOU YOU SELFISH B???!?!????*

    Zin_GachaZin_GachaMåned siden
  • This is so relatable. I did programming work for a guy and said he’d pay me 1500 for around 20 hours which is already cheap. But I worked more than 50 hours to make exactly what he requested in the timespan given. He then gets all of the code and says “oh I wanted it to work on a different Operating system so if you redo it all I’ll then pay you for the week you just worked” some people are shitty cheapskates and I hate them.

    Alex KoderAlex KoderMåned siden
  • Why do people think that artists usually have people BUYING their stuff. What are we supposed to live off of? Creativity? Exposure? Making random people art?

    IvyfallOfForestclanIvyfallOfForestclanMåned siden
  • How to some of these people tie their shoes , let alone raise children?

    Jason DouglasJason DouglasMåned siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="338">5:38</a> did you forget to cover the swears

    Mr. Hippo ProductionsMr. Hippo ProductionsMåned siden
  • the last one was actually nothing compared to most of these CB's he seemed to understand, after a while. most CBs dont have that logic sense at all

    the Molten Cookiethe Molten CookieMåned siden
  • after dealing with a shitty facebook marketplace person for the past few days, im watching these as therapy lol

    FlatMattressFlatMattressMåned siden
  • hey this isnt the US government. you dont get subsidies and perks for shittin' out half a dozen kids

    ciociaro irrequieteciociaro irrequieteMåned siden
  • Christmas gifts for like four kids for 5,000$? My mom bought every kid (we were 7 kids) Christmas gifts for 50€ each, so 350€ in total, how do you even spend 5,000$ on gifts for four kids and than not even pay the artist for a gift for the mom? 🤦

    Blue_AngelBlue_AngelMåned siden
  • Here’s what every choosing beggars do: 1: Be nice and ask for a ______ 2: Say that _____ price is too much and they should give it to them for free or a humongous discount 3: Have explicit language and say bad stuff about them. 4 (optional). Get roasted by OP. This is not to make fun of rSlash, I actually love him!

    BeeSwarmerBeeSwarmerMåned siden
  • I have managed places and run my own business and these people are far nicer than I would be. Luckily I've never had anyone try to convince me I should do something for free for exposure. I would literally laugh 🤣

    Yautja PrimeYautja PrimeMåned siden
  • Idk man... the wedding service one was very weird. why accept a 3rd of the price? why act like the sweet talk didn't work when it clearly did...

    PegglezPegglezMåned siden
  • Wow i experienced a chooser beggar today im a artist so i charge depending on how much the difficulty is and time and the convo went like this Hello r u avalible now Me yes Ok i would like a full body picture of all might and midoryia Ok 100 up front i takd paypal Oh no this is free Me no i dont think so i only do face pictures first is free with no color Ok i dont want that i want mine Is price negotionable Me yes Ok 10 for it Me ye no Why Me lowest i go is 90 Then 11 ye good offer Me ok how about u pay 200 up front and 200 after Why it go up Me its u bye now

    nuclear wastenuclear wasteMåned siden
  • These videos really aggravate me.

    Myles MMyles MMåned siden
  • Hey can I buy your new MacBook for $0 because I can’t pay rn I’ll give you $10 when I can pay. (I’m just pretending to be the CB so don’t argue)

    Annick PriceAnnick PriceMåned siden
  • I can't feel sorry for the wedding photographer who KNEW he was being fed BS from a cheap groom who even dropped "gentlemen's agreement" crap but STILL took the job. When you are TOLD you are going to be screwed over but go for it anyway, you really have no one to blame but yourself.

    John JameleJohn JameleMåned siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="561">9:21</a> I got a broken Lenovo that won’t charge for him or her

    Didgital SniperDidgital SniperMåned siden
  • Person: gets paid normally Choosing beggar: *So you've chosen....Communism?*

    TR3ZTR3ZMåned siden
  • I honestly don't know why people don't block people who do this, all I can think of is them wanting the attention

    Max MumMax MumMåned siden
  • Choosing beggar: I Want This Thing You Make. Person: Sure, that will be (x) dollars. We can do this with- Choosing Beggar: wAiT yOu ChArGe FoR yOuR wOrK?! Person: yes? Choosing Beggar: FUCK YOU IM NOT PAYING FOR YOUR DUMB THINK I WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE AND FUCK YOU YOUR A HORRIBLE PERSON. Every Time

    Roxas The NobodyRoxas The NobodyMåned siden
  • ...

    Fred and thomas animations and otherFred and thomas animations and otherMåned siden
  • Holllll up

    NarwhalNarwhalMåned siden
  • Definition of greedy

    MercuryMercuryMåned siden
  • BTW R500 is a 45$ tip

    destruction gamer Jadendestruction gamer JadenMåned siden
  • I mean, in the tattoo one the person trying to haggle was wrong, but the artist didn’t have to be so rude.

    DJ ShawDJ ShawMåned siden
  • I. have. never. heard. F. so. many. times. in. my. life

    Ge TVGe TVMåned siden
  • about laptop: just say you have a laptop and post pictures of your personal one, and then send some old crap (eg some Mac from the 90s)

    everydotoneeverydotoneMåned siden
  • What if the first choosingbeggar story op made the painting and gave it to his wife saying that she made it

    Josh WoodsJosh WoodsMåned siden
  • A decent sheet of 4x8 plywood cost at least $50 and 1 gallon of decent paint is at least $20 plus labor cost and fasteners dont forget other things too soo let's say at least $80

    Abdul RahmanAbdul RahmanMåned siden
  • "All artists need exposure". Yeah dude, all artists need food too.

    Gage SmithGage SmithMåned siden