• Mister President,Do you think that the Chinese people are going to stop eating bats when the Coronavirus pandemic comes to an end?. Mr President: What a stupid question, of course not, but you should better ask China instead. Sir, why did you just say that to me especially?. I don’t know you are Chinese, ask yourself too

    Behold ContempladBehold Contemplad5 timer siden
  • lol @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a>

    Andres HaindlAndres Haindl9 timer siden
  • I agree that Trump didn’t have the behavior of a president during this interview. But I find the reporter really agressive and her accusations are nonsense

    MarcMarc11 timer siden
  • If USA people are suffering, it's because of him and the people who voted him. If you see everything falling apart in USA just ask yourselves some questions. Trump is a comedian and not a President.

    JasperTubeJasperTube16 timer siden
  • I used to support trump . Now he just disgusts me everyday .

    karycooper1karycooper116 timer siden
  • #saktlaunda

  • Coward and all who support this creature

    Jose SolorioJose Solorio18 timer siden
  • What a snub?

    Debasish PandaDebasish Panda20 timer siden
  • This is too hilarious

    shamus248shamus24823 timer siden
  • What a loser. Another idiot president. Trump, maybe you should have asked China BEFORE it got this bad in the USA when you literally had hospitals tell people NOT TO WEAR MASKS because they looked "scary".. This is Americas fault, not Chinas. China is back to 100% steam now, as usual. How come? Oh wait, because they didnt spend 1 month letting people wander around without masks without taking it seriously.

    BaleurBaleurDag siden
  • He is an arrogant prat but hes right when he says ask china cause this covid is all down to them.

    WalkOnAlwaysBelieveWalkOnAlwaysBelieveDag siden
  • Someone should shoot him at one of these. Take one for humanity.

    Myth DetectorMyth DetectorDag siden
  • The female be like, sir why are you saying this to me specifically? Because you are the one asking question moron...

    Mariah CareyMariah CareyDag siden
  • The reporter should have ran up there as he was walking away and put her foot up his *ss.

    MagnumVaMagnumVaDag siden
  • It's China's fault it's simple the president is trying to do his job and keep people safe all the reporters try to do try to cause trouble

    lion lionlion lionDag siden
  • I watch this if I need a good laugh

    Joe MarmolejoJoe MarmolejoDag siden
  • Reporter asked, "why u had those weird handshakes with leaders?" Trump : "ask China".

    Henry GohHenry GohDag siden
  • Stupid Donald Duck

    MrTigerjakeMrTigerjakeDag siden
  • What is he five, acts like one.

    Susan GomezSusan GomezDag siden
  • She asks why is it a competition and then says why me when trumps like ask CHINA. Lol

    Mik madamMik madamDag siden
  • Chay nay.

    Cruze 80Cruze 80Dag siden
  • Trump right ya know..ask china..they the one who cause this problem.eating bat...the only thing they dont eat is rock..goddamn..

    Joey MicaelJoey MicaelDag siden
  • "fake news" Trump said.

    my Dixie rektmy Dixie rektDag siden
  • This guy doesn't seem aware that he's the President of the US. He keeps trying to pass the buck up the ladder but he's the top of the ladder he's supposed to be the one coming up with answers to questions. Just grow up

    Dkyguy1995Dkyguy1995Dag siden
  • Ah, the asian race card.

    Ranny TromRanny Trom2 dager siden
  • When he can't answer...He says you are a fake news... Shame on him

    Roger NguyenRoger Nguyen2 dager siden
  • The democrats and the left are dwindling, their party in complete chaos,..democrats are about to realize their biggest defeat in American political history, clearly the minority with their Presidential nominee an old senile dinosaur living in the fifties, where his racism was accepted, not a worry though, the useless cut out of a man is floundering, unable to form a sentence after a minute of speaking....The division Obama and Biden created in the US will not be forgotten.

    Iam CooperIam Cooper2 dager siden
  • Needs to go out of the office and go take care of his bankrupt profiting bussiness

    THE DUDETHE DUDE2 dager siden
  • This man has no boundaries, no ethics, no sympathy and no idea what he is doing except to stir hate and discontent whenever he can. Obama said shortly after Trump was in office and starting to show who and what he was that, He was not responsible for Trump becoming President, but rather, it was some people's hatred of him that made Trump President. He went on to say that, Trump, as bad as he is, is not the reason for our problems in this country but rather, he is a symptom of the problems we currently have in this country.

    Gerald WilliamsGerald Williams2 dager siden
  • May god bless America to have president behave like this. No standard, rude, not respect anyone including own citizens.

    jack ooijack ooi2 dager siden
  • Why did he say that to her, specifically? Because she, specifically, asked a stupid question. And the Chinese government, specifically, has made a ridiculous mess. We are taking better care of those infected and better precautions to avoid further spread than other countries. We can't stop it completely 😂 Why would that be what you think the president is failing at? Also, being female had absolutely nothing to do with this, come on.

    Cecy NayCecy Nay2 dager siden
  • I think people are making too much of an issue of gender here, Trump doesn't like being challenged full stop and hates the media, I don't think he'd treat "male" or "white" journalists any differently

    dt1111abledt1111able2 dager siden
  • Reporter: why are you saying that to me specifically? Trump: maybe because you asked the question

    50_cal_sniper50_cal_sniper2 dager siden
  • Thumbs up if you noticed when trump called on the second reporter, she asked the first reported to follow up giving her more time. That’s why trump was like, peace out ✌🏼.

    euromo7euromo72 dager siden
  • She loses it after a good 5 seconds. Love the reaction time. Shows how stupid these people are.

    Srikanth PanikerSrikanth Paniker2 dager siden
  • He totally showed him their ass. I love Trump!!

    Ron SiRon Si2 dager siden
  • This is why we don't want feminist

    John Smith SamJohn Smith Sam2 dager siden
  • i loved how she rolled her eyes at trumpet

    life with aircrafts and trainslife with aircrafts and trains2 dager siden
  • We live in interesting times.

    Barack ObamaBarack Obama3 dager siden
  • He needs to be poisoned

    sergio sahagunsergio sahagun3 dager siden
  • It's a sad shame that the cameras didn't follow trump back inside. Do you suppose he slapped Pence around like a punching bag? Do you suppose he ripped up all the seat cushions in the Oval Office? Do you suppose he gulped down 8 Big Macs? He always comes off like a loser who wants people to bow to him.

    Noe BerengenaNoe Berengena3 dager siden
  • 😁😁😁😂😂🤣🤣

    Babli KuraBabli Kura3 dager siden
  • Americans are lunatics for defending the owner of their circus lmao

    kloakkloak3 dager siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a> Scotty Kilmer, is that you?

    James SmithJames Smith3 dager siden
  • Yes it’s nasty question ask to China

    Mellow ImpressionsMellow Impressions4 dager siden
  • CNBC why dont you guys ever talk about all the great things Donald Trump has done for this great country? Always try and make him look bad anyway you can! You guys are very sad. I hope the people that still watch your channel realize you guys are full of crap. To anyone reading this please listen. If you want legit news just stick with fox news. They will at least try and give you accurate information. Trump is in fact making America great!

    Joseph FrancoJoseph Franco4 dager siden
  • He is just a very rude man! Let's vote this sob out! Fast!

    Tina ZellerTina Zeller4 dager siden
  • They dont know how to speak with respect with president

    Premlal Jaisingh BisukarmaPremlal Jaisingh Bisukarma4 dager siden
  • Get it right Traitor CBNBC Enemy of the People . He's tired of dealing with the PC brand of idiot children you and your ilk seem to have such an affinity for. And we all know how you LOVE children.

    common-citizencommon-citizen4 dager siden
  • specifically because you are a chinese bot.

    Aryan KaushikAryan Kaushik4 dager siden
  • Trump needs to leave the White House and should not be president

    Mona MartinezMona Martinez4 dager siden
  • All the more reason to get rid of him... 😤 😠 😤 😡 😤 😠 😤 😡 😤 😠 😤

    Danny CartagenaDanny Cartagena4 dager siden
  • I love watching the FAKE NEWS MEDIA having a meltdown 😂

    • How is that fake news?

      Bob BobberBob Bobber4 dager siden
  • I presume CNBC thinks male reporters are normal and female reporters aren't, hence the need to specify gender.

    doliio volaydoliio volay5 dager siden
  • Wow, i was wondering how you would spin this against him, lol you should be ashamed of yourself.

    sebastian langleysebastian langley5 dager siden
    • His answer made no sense.

      Bob BobberBob Bobber4 dager siden
  • Moral of the Story: ASK CHINA

    misolou foutmisolou fout5 dager siden
  • He can talk to the press the way he wants but acts likes a baby when things don't go his way i wish he loses he's nuts

    Antonio BocanegraAntonio Bocanegra5 dager siden
    • Lol

      doliio volaydoliio volay5 dager siden
  • This happened on Trump's Watch United States Coronavirus Cases: 1,700,541 Deaths: 99,684

    AlexAlex6 dager siden
  • *NOproject asks survey question before start of video* Me: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="23">0:23</a>

    Johnny DreJohnny Dre6 dager siden
  • Don't like Trump?? Please move to CHYNA why dont' you all, and collect your unemployment checks there.

    ssc sscssc ssc6 dager siden
  • He didn't leave "angrily". He left because the child was out of line. He left in a very gentlemanly way

    karla newmankarla newman6 dager siden
  • why americans still hold on him..??? i guess this president not a president anymore..!!!

    lolluzz vichulolluzz vichu6 dager siden
    • Check the comments. There is an insane amount of people defending him still for some reason...

      Bob BobberBob Bobber4 dager siden
  • This is the response of someone who is irresponsible and incompetent. You can blame China all you want but the fact of the matter is that you were complacent and failed to take action early on. This is why your people are suffering.

    janiceonlyb2stjaniceonlyb2st6 dager siden
  • Moral of the Story: ASK CHINA

    bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu6 dager siden
    • @dolimi jotoo The question was: why does the fact that the USA got more tests in the world matter? Answer: Ask china. That make any sense. A lot of answer could be give... like: More tests mean more prevention around people tested positive, so we can slow the disease as possible etc, etc... But no, he just randomly blame china. This is like I ask you why you did an action and would answer: 2+2 = 4 He also lost his self control and decided to leave early.

      Bob BobberBob Bobber4 dager siden
    • Just curious, wht part of tht ans is wrong?

      dolimi jotoodolimi jotoo6 dager siden
  • She needs to get back in the kitchen

    thetruth6872thetruth68726 dager siden
    • And you are fake news.

      dolimi jotoodolimi jotoo6 dager siden
  • What a twit he is!

    Kathleen EarsmanKathleen Earsman6 dager siden
  • Awesome the way he shuts them down

    Luke Gibson SrLuke Gibson Sr7 dager siden
    • I don't think gender plays a part in here and the question does not make sense at all. People are losing their life everyday. I think a better question is what can he do to

      bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu6 dager siden
  • trump different

    Adewale AdeyeniAdewale Adeyeni7 dager siden
  • Only thing Fake news shills challenge are their OWN intellectual honesty

    La BuckLa Buck7 dager siden
  • Here’s my question, “Who is a good person to run on any party in 2020?

    Just Be YouJust Be You7 dager siden
  • "" Sir why are you saying that to me? Because ""You"" asked the question.! Hed of been accused of ignoring a Chinese Asian looking women had he not answered you- and called a racist Yes? Was that your plan.... imop Yes You didnt like the answer-- Old rule in courts -- Never ask a question unless your sure of the answer. Chinese lady youv made a fool of yourself + shown you appear a nasty person Maybe thats a DNA thing-

    Kevi RudKevi Rud7 dager siden
  • Lol

    Raidenator666Raidenator6667 dager siden
  • 🤦‍♀️

    Linda SLinda S7 dager siden
  • Bra

    Raymundo GonzalezRaymundo Gonzalez7 dager siden
  • I dont support trump, but he openly dislikes China for all of this so the reporter lady didn't need to try and make it about her.

    Sam BoardmanSam Boardman7 dager siden
  • He knew she was going to play the race card. Even tho the Corona virus is directly connected to china race wasn't the reason he said china

    Sabawhite 10Sabawhite 107 dager siden
    • Wtf dude xD you would rarely rarely see this kind of things happening in India 😂

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose7 dager siden
  • 川建国总统😂

    香吉骑士精神香吉骑士精神8 dager siden
    • Well done for electing him is all I can say. Dimwits

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose7 dager siden
  • we need a intervention to get this man out

    Send Info HereSend Info Here8 dager siden
  • And you are fake news.

    Declan O'CuidighthighDeclan O'Cuidighthigh8 dager siden
  • Just curious, wht part of tht ans is wrong?

    leongleong8 dager siden