Plants That Give Tattoos

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Tattoo: pB7A5xcsnMU6/
Fidget Spinner:
Card Trick: kriod
Rug Face:

Raccoon: pB8SV9c0pis0/
Koala: pB7khqrKAlWC/
Dog: pB8SCXA5pGP6/

Ice: blueicehiggins/status/1225852974813110277
Austin Carter (UCSD), Jacob Morgan (UCSD), Dr Sarah Shackleton (Princeton U), Dr John Higgins (Princeton U), Jenna Epifanio (OSU), Ian Nesbitt (U Maine), Tanner Kuhl, Elizabeth Morton, and Anna Zajicek

Falling For You by Nettson
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Wild Waves by Grenada
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  • I will never see koalas the same way again😨

    Exhileris 4kExhileris 4k10 dager siden
    • Same

      Angel PonceAngel Ponce9 dager siden
    • Good

      TΔLONTΔLON9 dager siden
    • Look at wet koala

      Jackeroni DrawsJackeroni Draws9 dager siden
    • Me neither

      Kimchi Fried RiceKimchi Fried Rice9 dager siden
    • ):

      CedricCedric9 dager siden
  • the thief LMAOOO that would be so humiliating

    iiridescentlyiiridescentlyMinutt siden
  • If you wanted to you could just talk to the iss?

    lex rollex rol7 minutter siden
  • Some bad shit happened to me today, stuff that I dont like. This, this actually made me feel a bit better! Thank you.

    LicaniusLicanius17 minutter siden
  • 2:23

    Ondřej GabrhelíkOndřej Gabrhelík30 minutter siden
  • I no longer think Koalas are cute and cuddly

    Viv1dViv1d35 minutter siden
  • "why you dont like koalas they are so cute and fluffy!" me:...... 1:30 and let's not forget about wet ones..

    Cassiel StalkerCassiel Stalker45 minutter siden
  • He clearly likes it?

    Stanley ZhengStanley Zheng49 minutter siden
  • my man, i can't even do inward bass properly and this koala's flexin it

    Exposure - OfficialExposure - Official58 minutter siden
  • There are ferns like that in California too :)

    Raven in the rainRaven in the rainTime siden
  • Bloody drop bears! I always knew there was something off about koalas.

    bhartley1024bhartley1024Time siden
  • Damn the naruto fidget spinner-

    Sunny SofiSunny SofiTime siden
  • 2:07 Look out i think motto motto, Likes youuu *i lIkE thEm bIg, i lIke tHem cHunKy!*

    I Like Animating Yay!I Like Animating Yay!Time siden
  • 1:25 This is how Satan sounds.

    James SunderlandJames SunderlandTime siden
  • 2:22 This is where Valve got the sounds for bullet ricochet in Counter Strike 1.6

    SҡʏFʏṅツ [ANBU]SҡʏFʏṅツ [ANBU]Time siden
  • I think I’m going to recommend this channel to one of my teacher because of all the cool fun facts

    heinzoftheupheinzoftheup2 timer siden
  • 1:25 all I hear when I'm tryna clear out my pig farm in Minecraft😂

    XavierSplodzZXavierSplodzZ3 timer siden
  • That koala sounded like a Zombie pigman

    NO-Th1nGNO-Th1nG3 timer siden
  • That koala bear is woke

    GopnikGopnik5 timer siden
  • imagine if plant just ripped a little bit of his skin and made this tatto ripping his skin.. Yea thats a cursed coment.

    Video_Knight YTVideo_Knight YT5 timer siden
  • That’s just a koalas mating call 😂

    CooltreatsavaCooltreatsava8 timer siden
  • The theif tho, just my luck

    IrisYemo ZIrisYemo Z10 timer siden
  • Stop watching daily dose of internet or draw 25 0:16

    DerpachuDerpachu14 timer siden
  • Thats henna leaves

    Sangeeta Hansda SarkarSangeeta Hansda Sarkar14 timer siden
  • 1:24 dafuq

    HazBot GamerHazBot Gamer17 timer siden
  • It’s pretty cool when something is talking about Minnesota because it seems Minnesota is Unnoticeable and It was cool when he Spoke to the astronauts

    Burnt RiceBurnt Rice18 timer siden
  • Plant may also side effects like growing a living carpet man

    DogDude188 Bayne188DogDude188 Bayne18819 timer siden
  • The Koala was not being aggressive or hurt it’s a mating call they make, usually the louder and deeper the call the more females it attracts.

    Jocelyn PetrieJocelyn Petrie19 timer siden
  • The space station one is so wholesome and cute 😭❤️

    Bethany MarbleBethany Marble20 timer siden
  • I didn’t know that Koala bear sounded like that I thought they were little squeaky sounds now I will never see a koala the same ever again

    sophie daviessophie davies20 timer siden
  • Thanks for ruining koalas for me.

    Supreme Sour CreamSupreme Sour Cream21 time siden
  • 1:24 when you finally get the lid off the pickle jar

    Treeanu LeevesTreeanu Leeves21 time siden
  • 0:48. He looks very familiar to my cat pheonix.

    Brandonforums2020Brandonforums202021 time siden
  • that plant tattoo looks fake

    AlexAlex21 time siden
  • That koala looks and sounds like my grandpa.

    JustPickAlreadyJustPickAlready22 timer siden
  • koala: exists* me: "fElIx?!!?!?"

    oOfoOfDag siden
  • ISS gets a incoming call *accepts* Speaker: Hi I'm Larry from Minnesota an i made a machine which allows me to contact you ISS: What the

    Greatwood ProductionsGreatwood ProductionsDag siden
  • I don’t like koalas anymore...

    Hiro potatHiro potatDag siden
  • I don't like koalas anymore...

    LonelyCoffeeLonelyCoffeeDag siden
  • 2:08 PUBG MOBILE players be like.

    weed bangweed bangDag siden
  • This is the videa that made me hate koalas

    weed bangweed bangDag siden
  • Aliens hiding in Antarctica farts* Humans : Strange voices coming from hole

    Wahaj KhanWahaj KhanDag siden
  • 1:16 ประเทศไทยนี่หว่า555

    e t h e r e a le t h e r e a lDag siden
  • yo hacia esto siempre de niño gracias a los que me preguntaron

    El perro kawaiiEl perro kawaiiDag siden
  • I'm not scared to punch a koala.

    Zippitty22Zippitty22Dag siden
  • temporary tattoo?? try a mosquito trying to bit u slap ir carefully

    Ka6 GamingKa6 GamingDag siden
  • “Hello everyone this is *YOUR* daily dose of internet” Me: Are you ok because that *YOUR* sounded really aggressive

    It’s yo catfish Joe MamaIt’s yo catfish Joe MamaDag siden
  • Spidget spinners

    0HerRO50HerRO5Dag siden
  • America: we have best tattoos India: 0:10

    i must wait 90 days to change nicknamei must wait 90 days to change nicknameDag siden
  • Ice: fell into hole Hole: *peace was never an option* *_loads gun_*

    VyansyaVyansyaDag siden
  • *Me when my throat is Dry **1:25*

    Sour TrollzSour TrollzDag siden
  • Daily dose:this plant gives a temporary tattoo me: it's a fern ,Ferns have a silver side and a green side

    Ayaan AhmedAyaan AhmedDag siden
  • 2:26 it almost sounds like gunshots from a World War II movie

  • See a koala thinking awe cute then behind you, one starts making that sound and youre like 'well crap'

    Terra ChaseTerra ChaseDag siden
  • As a Filipino that tattoo is relatable

    Weird muscle contractionWeird muscle contractionDag siden
  • Koala: growls Me a Australia: thats just you're average Tuesday

    justayoshigamerjustayoshigamerDag siden
  • The hole sounds like a world war fight

    Jacob LopezJacob LopezDag siden
  • Larry from Minnesota

    Bella BeeBella BeeDag siden
  • Esto es un poco de todo Perdon me equiboque de canal

    kinkonekinkoneDag siden
  • O gawd I can never see koalas the same again.. That’s just wrong dude.

    Wings of Fire GeekWings of Fire GeekDag siden