Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Butterfingers | Bon Appétit

What do you think? Should Brad join Claire on Gourmet Makes more often? Just think about how differently all of the gourmet snacks would have come out: fermented M&Ms, dry-aged Peeps, campfire Cheetos. Anyway, in this episode, join pastry chef Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet Butterfingers.
Check out Claire's Instagram: csaffitz
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Butterfingers | Bon Appétit




  • It’s a shame I tempered chocolate for the first time last week and did it perfectly I recommend ditching the seed method and getting a spatula thermometer

    Nia’s PurposeNia’s Purpose19 timer siden
  • Pls do mini eggs next!! 🥚

    Amber SearwarAmber Searwar19 timer siden
  • Thank you for doing butterfingers!!!! My mom loves them but she’s gluten free so she can’t eat them, i showed her this and she’s excited to make some she can eat! Ur the best Claire!!!!!

    AyaAya19 timer siden
  • Claire, pls remake the strawberry shortcake ice cream bar. Thank you - Management

    Destiny SimmonsDestiny Simmons19 timer siden
  • Gourmet chupa chups?

    Benjamin LoweBenjamin Lowe19 timer siden

    frankthepug11frankthepug1119 timer siden
  • Also, nobody actually makes these right...?

    mei redmondmei redmond20 timer siden
  • Please make Rolos

    Cookie CCookie C20 timer siden

    Emily AEmily A20 timer siden
  • Pillow shaped with a flat bottom? man how did she know what I looked like

    Jonathan SanteramoJonathan Santeramo21 time siden
  • You mean you spent the weekend buying Corn Flakes at Duane Reade.

    Thirty MarsThirty Mars21 time siden
  • wat about toblerones?

    HarrisonHarrison21 time siden
  • Who else wants to see "Claire Tempers Chocolate With Hercules Candy?"

    Shirley ChengShirley Cheng21 time siden
  • Claire should make Cadbury eggs for spring

    emily mleemily mle22 timer siden
  • Claire I know this isn’t a dessert, but I really want you to try to make a gourmet Sausage McGriddle. Pleeeeease Claire!

    Isaiah HubertIsaiah Hubert22 timer siden
  • You should do a gourmet makes Girl Scout cookies series.

    SquisheenSquisheen22 timer siden
  • Next up: Pringles!

    Julia O'ConnorJulia O'Connor22 timer siden
  • Someone tell to see Ann readen's chocolate tempering video

    madani ashiqmadani ashiq22 timer siden

    Deonna DayDeonna Day22 timer siden
  • I don't know why this channel is so popular. All these people seem like preening, self-regarding, camera-loving insufferable New York hipsters. Why don't they look directly into the camera at all times, like a professional would do? Why do they keep making asides and looking to people off-camera as if to tell the viewers: "we're really pleased with ourselves and really comfortable in our Conde Nast One World Trade Centre jobs, it's like a happy family, and I think our viewers would rather see our charming camaraderie than actual helpful cooking tips!" Personally I find it utterly insufferable and obnoxious.

    duncanidahoduncanidaho22 timer siden
  • Fortune cookies !!

    Holly FHolly F22 timer siden
  • The mercury retrograde comment is perfect bc I’m watching this in mercury retrograde

    Emma BushEmma Bush23 timer siden
  • why is claire so bad at tempering chocolate? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    SkeletonSkeleton23 timer siden
  • Claire should do Gourmet Pirouettes.

    Cidney WintertonCidney Winterton23 timer siden

    Nikki AnnaNikki Anna23 timer siden
  • Slightly inconvenient. Literally if I ever made an autobiography.

    Linda NguyenLinda Nguyen23 timer siden
  • Pastry chef attempts to make gourmet Girl Scout cookies??

    SallySallyDag siden
  • What’s the silpat budget on this show?

    LillerThatIsMeLillerThatIsMeDag siden
  • Claire getting distracted and ruining something because she was defending her decision to wear sweatsuits outside the house is a mood but for my whole life.

    Mel T.Mel T.Dag siden
  • Claire could probably sell that notebook with all her notes of each episode for a million

    Sam LiSam LiDag siden
  • I think Claire should do like the Kinder products next. That would be so fun to watch.

    Tiffany TranTiffany TranDag siden
  • Chiming in to express support for a Gourmet Makes Bueno episode

    Molly BoleyMolly BoleyDag siden
  • Spring is almost here so you should do the Cadbury Cream Eggs

    Thuan TaThuan TaDag siden
  • Gourmet Lunchables!!

    ✰✰✰ 𝙈𝘼𝙔𝘼✰✰✰ 𝙈𝘼𝙔𝘼Dag siden
  • Would love if you did 3 Musketeers!

    William WadeWilliam WadeDag siden
  • if you guys ever wanna do a caribbean/guyanese cultural episode id recommend big foot ☺️ its an almost puff cheeto chip in the shape of feet lol

    flameoaceflameoaceDag siden
  • She should remake Rolos 👀

    Captain LaramieCaptain LaramieDag siden
  • Day 3 curse strikes again

    Cameron VarleyCameron VarleyDag siden
  • Clair plz make Asian “coconut milk drink with Nara De coco”

    Samita PariyarSamita PariyarDag siden
  • Claire you should make Gourmet Lemonheads or Flipz!!! Love this series btw❤❤

    YasirisYasirisDag siden
  • do gourmet funyuns!!!

    Emily ONeillEmily ONeillDag siden
  • Make Hostess Ding dongs

    neptuneslove3neptuneslove3Dag siden
  • Claire needs to make Jaffa Cakes (Pims, I think, are the closest thing there)

    Iona-Grace WalshIona-Grace WalshDag siden
  • Do crunchie, or we have a bar in nz called pinky, be great to know how to make those.

    Silver SurferSilver SurferDag siden
  • Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Butterfingers | Bon Appétit

    Countryside KitchenCountryside KitchenDag siden
  • Me the second Claire started talking about sweatshirts : "she's about to mess up "

    Erika WhitfieldErika WhitfieldDag siden
  • That bottle of Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla paste, I’m jealous.

    Miranda HesterMiranda HesterDag siden
  • Claire! You should try to make gum but with longer lasting flavor....

    Kaylee RobbKaylee RobbDag siden
  • concept: gourmet makes club crackers

    marika mmarika mDag siden
  • I think that you should make Funyuns ngl

    Audrey MAudrey MDag siden
  • do maltesers next!! 🥺

    Iris sIris sDag siden
  • Next attempt, store bought frosted sugar cookies!

    T RT RDag siden
  • Is NO ONE gonna mention 26:05? Gaby: (on the squall) if you are a tourist and you have no idea you're gonna be like "WHAT THE *******REDACTED*******" LMAO

    Farah ZamirFarah ZamirDag siden
  • can you put the amount of ingredients in text at the end? i SUCK at hearing the amounts when it goes fast so I have to rewind like every ingredient three times hhhh

    sophiesophieDag siden
  • Why does it feels like every single guy who visits he is flirting with her like crazy

    Mo FoMo FoDag siden
  • If you're gonna try and be fancy with "fillateen" or whatever it is you're saying.... Don't show the cornflakes box in frame... Or the very obvious cereal bag...

    QuiznosBearQuiznosBearDag siden
  • 26:50 I think I’m crying this is so wholesome

    AnushAnushDag siden
  • To me it's like a brittle maybe blended with additional oil in a blender, and quickly formed and covered in chocolate.

    B uppyB uppyDag siden
  • I miss Butterfinger BBs

    Allie DahlAllie DahlDag siden
  • "pastry chef Attempts to make gourmet whoppers" ALSO, WE NEED MORE BRAD CONTENT.

    rev itrev itDag siden