Parents React To Kids React To Funny Adult Jokes In Kids Shows

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Find out how the parents reacted to their kids reacting to adult jokes in kids shows.
Content Featured:
Kids React To Adult Jokes In Kid Shows
Flash can't get a date
SpongeBob FULL SCENE - Season 2, Episode 13
The Coin Slot
Spongebob Watching TV
Amazing World of Gumball
Smile Dip
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Reactors Featured:
Anjelica, Julia's Mom
David, Jordyn's Dad
Denise, Bowie's Mom
Don, Don Jr.'s Dad
Jamie, Janelle's Mom
Marco. Lucas' Dad
Sarah, Hadley's Mom
Y, Tida's Mom
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Parents React To Kids React To Funny Adult Jokes In Kids Shows





    FBEFBE2 måneder siden
    • Hey can I go on your show cause I understand ALL THE JOKES

      arctic_wolf gamingarctic_wolf gaming10 dager siden
    • isnt it convenient that there is a subscribe button right above this comment?

      Yevgen4000Yevgen400011 dager siden
    • is it bad that i got all of theses and i’m a kid

      WolfReaper 23WolfReaper 2311 dager siden
    • Yyy Th xtibs

      Pooter :DPooter :D12 dager siden
    • Thought that said fbi then

      Pola LPola L14 dager siden
  • How can Julia have a nicer voice than everyone I know

    Julian ClariáJulian Clariá30 minutter siden
  • WEIRD <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="360">6:00</a>

    هاني رمزيهاني رمزي54 minutter siden
  • I didn’t even get the gum all one til now

    gloppydoggloppydogTime siden
  • Me 11 getting all of them 😟WHAT IS MY LIFE

  • There nobody surprise about animaniacs they know for adult jokes

    Barbara ViveretteBarbara Viverette2 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="511">8:31</a> yooooo i saw this episode so many times and NEVER got the joke before now... Im 16........

    TheLegend27TheLegend272 timer siden
  • "if i had a boyfriend...." *puts her hands on her things* yeah, i dont think your gonna get a boyfriend anytime soon

    PixerzPixerz2 timer siden
  • "She on the sugar rush" Me: Well yes but actually no

    Manuel AmayaManuel Amaya2 timer siden
  • Who gets the whole jokes | | | | - - - ->me

    Itz_wolfy_12 CutieItz_wolfy_12 Cutie2 timer siden
  • I would laugh so much if one of these kids just flat out knew every dirty joke in the shows hahah

    Eric B.Eric B.3 timer siden
  • Here’s me laughing when they don’t know it and me up in the back of my head thinking

    ShrimpyShrimpy3 timer siden
  • I got all of them except, the Animaniacs and the Spongebob Soap ones.

    AnimeHatsuneAnimeHatsune3 timer siden
  • I got all of these and im 10

    ZunシZunシ4 timer siden
  • So who's gonna tell the kids that the seahorse is a girl? I'm today years old and I just figured out where he put the coin...

    JadedSecretJadedSecret4 timer siden
  • I understand like all of those jokes and I’m 10

    Ben LegendBen Legend4 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="372">6:12</a> Legend

    TorbenTorben4 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="589">9:49</a> I’m literally watching that episode rn no joke

    Kenzie LeighKenzie Leigh5 timer siden
  • shout out david he made a actor

    Jayce FairfaxJayce Fairfax6 timer siden
  • Jordyn is Almy from family renuion

    Jayce FairfaxJayce Fairfax6 timer siden
  • Wow this is a reaction of a reaction of a video. I’m also gonna make a reaction video of this video which would be reaction of a reaction of a reaction of a video.

    Gurvijay GillGurvijay Gill6 timer siden
  • Back in the day cartoons especially in the 80s like the Looney Tunes they smoke cigarettes they promoted gun violence Yosemite Sam he was always shooting that damn shotgun

    🌈 BODEGA-HIVE🐝🐝🐝🌈 BODEGA-HIVE🐝🐝🐝6 timer siden
  • SUB THE FBE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Megladon ExMegladon Ex6 timer siden
  • My twelve year old sis got it so umm I said thank you i designed it

    Wendy’sWendy’s7 timer siden
  • The coin spot joke, anyone over the age of 10 would've understood that the coin went up their a-... *technical difficulties, please stand by*

    JustAnotherSwitchUserJustAnotherSwitchUser7 timer siden
  • I am 12 and get all of these. Thanks mom. Heck I would've got all of these at six. Again, thanks mom.

    JustAnotherSwitchUserJustAnotherSwitchUser7 timer siden
  • The first one i didnt get but then i was like OOOOOH

    flame gaming on youtubeflame gaming on youtube8 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="351">5:51</a>

    Ur_avrg_id10tUr_avrg_id10t8 timer siden
  • Spongebob: Leans forward and grins Gary: walks in Spongebob :"GARY!!!"

    Tobias ScottTobias Scott8 timer siden
  • I'm 18 and didn't understand any of these jokes.

    Inspiring GenerationsInspiring Generations8 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="426">7:06</a> spongebob was watching a strip club and as I am typing this I am watching spongebob

    Fnaf Videos and moreFnaf Videos and more10 timer siden
  • I understand them

    Just SkillzJust Skillz10 timer siden
  • A reaction video inside of a reaction video, this feels like some Deadpool shit right here.

    The EngineerThe Engineer10 timer siden
  • I’m 13 and don’t even get most of them😂😂

    Maze MMaze M10 timer siden
  • Is it bad that im 10 and get all of them?

    UniversePawUniversePaw10 timer siden
  • I’m pretty sure those kids understood

    Dirtface ZayDirtface Zay10 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="390">6:30</a> its a sponge dancing he watching a sponge dancing 🤣

    Cesar MenocalCesar Menocal12 timer siden
  • Helllloo "Y"

    Fortnite FriendlyFortnite Friendly12 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="299">4:59</a> B__ O

    XxOllieisgaming2008xXXxOllieisgaming2008xX13 timer siden
  • Why do I understand all of these jokes... is that bad?

    Scott BaileyScott Bailey13 timer siden
  • “Most kids don’t associate things in a sexual manner” Have you ever been to middle school?

    Bulbasaur YTBulbasaur YT13 timer siden
  • I feel like if you did this like nowadays even with like some kindergarteners and like maybe 1 pre k and most elementary kids would definitely middle school kids and higher

    • D x r k s u n s h i n e •• D x r k s u n s h i n e •13 timer siden
  • Did Mable used Drugs

    Jesauce PWJesauce PW14 timer siden
  • Did Mable used Drugs

    Jesauce PWJesauce PW14 timer siden
  • Number 5: I think he was watching p***

    Limon LuisLimon Luis15 timer siden
  • Why is she not allowed to watch spongebob

    Lily WitykLily Wityk15 timer siden
  • i think that "too fast for a girlfriend" joke was disgusting in kids' cartoon....Now i've watched the rest i'm a bit disturbed about all the shit in kids' shows...

    searcherersearcherer15 timer siden
  • Is it bad I’m a child an I know what that means

    N.F DaysN.F Days16 timer siden
  • I didn't get any of this jokes🤣😂🤣😂

    Nadya 27Nadya 2716 timer siden
  • How da heck is sponge bob meant for teens?!?

    Morgan SusanneMorgan Susanne17 timer siden
  • Im only 10 and i know all the scared

    Stacey CoreyStacey Corey18 timer siden
  • I know what all of these mean o////o does that mean I have a dirty mind?!

    Abigale WisemanAbigale Wiseman18 timer siden
  • I understand SpongeBob TV he was watching “you know what” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    draytonstoriesdraytonstories19 timer siden
  • The flash is married and had a kid who disappears

    Diego MendozaDiego Mendoza19 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="350">5:50</a> did she just say coin slut

    Lil RamireyLil Ramirey19 timer siden
  • I am 11 and I understand some of it

    Bryant LeonBryant Leon20 timer siden
  • C O I N S L U T

    Korn Fan McGeeKorn Fan McGee21 time siden
  • This shit damn flew over my head <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="480">8:00</a>

    Mr RocksMr Rocks22 timer siden
  • My guy spongebob was on adult swim...

    Mr RocksMr Rocks22 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="255">4:15</a> Bet.

    Pride all yearPride all year23 timer siden
  • Lol flash is too fast to get a date. I think his date would be in pain cause he moves so fast

    Savage BeastSavage Beast23 timer siden
  • The thing is being older than these kids and knowing these jokes *I worry about society*

    Cole ChartzCole Chartz23 timer siden
  • 9.42 thanks

    Tropixal LioneTropixal LioneDag siden
  • Did no one notice her say slut? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="351">5:51</a>

    No NameNo NameDag siden
  • Kids know how to pretend too Dont trust them

    init 1init 1Dag siden
  • Dad: if a kid actually gets what is happening that is one smart kid Me 10 years old and gets all the jokes: I am god, You shall bow before me

    DeadRadioXDeadRadioXDag siden
  • ‘Kids have no idea’ Everyone looks over at me

    Lukas BelcherLukas BelcherDag siden
  • I know about the soap

    YEET SkeetYEET SkeetDag siden
  • Is the Spongebob one don't drop that dundundun

    Frank and Gigis DIYSFrank and Gigis DIYSDag siden
  • Sea horse

    Mason CormierMason CormierDag siden
  • Coin in vigina

    Mason CormierMason CormierDag siden

    GreenCrayomGreenCrayomDag siden
  • I'm not even a teenager and here I am understanding all crack and you know what my fav was amazing world of gumball when kids though they were fighting but they were doing you know what

    Irakli MurjikneliIrakli MurjikneliDag siden
  • “I don’t think kids will get these jokes” Me, a middle schooler: 👁👄👁

    Andrew AwesomeAndrew AwesomeDag siden

    Andrew AwesomeAndrew AwesomeDag siden
  • How do I get in this show

    EcHo RaptorEcHo RaptorDag siden
  • dropping the soap was never the issue....Picking the soap up is where you guna have problems

    Papa ZionPapa ZionDag siden
  • The first joke is putting the d in her girl too fast

    EcHo RaptorEcHo RaptorDag siden
  • I understand all the jokes and am 11 lol

    EcHo RaptorEcHo RaptorDag siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="637">10:37</a> that’s why you shouldn’t take drugs kids. You’ll hallucinate

    ᗷᖇEᗪ ᗷEᗩᖇᗷᖇEᗪ ᗷEᗩᖇDag siden