Parents React To Kids React To Funny Adult Jokes In Kids Shows

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Find out how the parents reacted to their kids reacting to adult
jokes in kids shows.
Content Featured:
Kids React To Adult Jokes In Kid Shows
Flash can't get a date
FULL SCENE - Season 2, Episode 13
The Coin Slot
Spongebob Watching TV *Clip*
Amazing World of Gumball
Smile Dip
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Reactors Featured:
Anjelica, Julia's Mom
David, Jordyn's Dad
Denise, Bowie's Mom
Don, Don Jr.'s Dad
Jamie, Janelle's Mom
Marco. Lucas' Dad
Sarah, Hadley's Mom
Y, Tida's Mom
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Parents React To Kids React To Funny Adult Jokes In Kids Shows




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    FBEFBE13 dager siden
    • FBE is there any way I can be in teens react

      roblixiimroblixiim23 timer siden
    • Ok the spongebob TV had me dying

      Deadpool GamerDeadpool GamerDag siden
    • You got it

      Deadpool GamerDeadpool GamerDag siden
    • No, I’d rather not

      ChewbaccaChewbaccaDag siden
  • I get a lot of these XD

    StevgamersStevgamers22 timer siden
  • 8:33 "maybe one time a day's fine" 😂😂😂😂😂

    00 Quads0800 Quads0822 timer siden
  • is it bad that im 11 but i got over half of these jokes😂

    Love_is_ LoveLove_is_ Love22 timer siden
    • Love_is_ Love its normal

      дешевая сижка.дешевая сижка.21 time siden
  • I get the joke

    Kitpipat SAWATYANON NGOKitpipat SAWATYANON NGO22 timer siden
  • Why are we all ignoring the fact Rob Schneider is one of the dads? 2:10

    Taylor RoarkTaylor Roark23 timer siden
    • Taylor Roark who do look like him tho😂

      JA WILLJA WILL22 timer siden
  • Sub

    Young BienYoung Bien23 timer siden
    • ?

      Cakerthegoat YTCakerthegoat YT22 timer siden
  • Indian kids of the same age would've guessed each and every references😂:X

    Zayn #*_*#Zayn #*_*#23 timer siden
    • Zayn #*_*# why?

      viSioN_ NerDzviSioN_ NerDz22 timer siden
  • Why do kids think there cool if they get this jokes?

    Old memes Are greatOld memes Are great23 timer siden
    • Old memes Are great because they’re kids

      Third ReichThird Reich23 timer siden
  • Nobody: Lucas eyebrow:⬆️

    Kaith ElfayezKaith Elfayez23 timer siden
  • Hahah joke is de hore is sex but

    zase 169 coma 6zase 169 coma 6Dag siden
  • i understood everything 🌝

    Ronii BRonii BDag siden
    • Ur probably older then sometimes I understand adult jokes but not all of them

      Unknown_Paws_ XDUnknown_Paws_ XD23 timer siden
    • Me too lol

      blue berriblue berri23 timer siden
  • I feel kinda stupid for not catching onto what mr. Robinson’s “arguing” referred to and Mabel being high as f**k until now🤪

    annag coclannag coclDag siden
  • I'm 14 years old and know all of these and I didn't even watch any cartoons when I was young.

    DatBoiAlanDatBoiAlanDag siden
    • U r still young

      Jamie HJamie H22 timer siden
    • @C R E E P E R prison rap3 joke

      Academy DariusAcademy DariusDag siden
    • I am also fourteen but I don't understand that SpongeBob's Doubloons don't drop em joke. Please explain me.

      C R E E P E RC R E E P E RDag siden
  • 3:04 the faces are de same

    Hayai-sanHayai-sanDag siden
  • Now do children reacting to their parents reacting to their children's react to adult jokes in kids show!!!😊😄😝😆

    Nikita G.Nikita G.Dag siden
  • I’m 21 and still didn’t understand some of the jokes 😐🤨 why?

    yeganeh .syeganeh .sDag siden
    • You understood the soap one. Right.....?

      MrDrewKingMrDrewKingDag siden
    • Im 17 i understand all 😂😂

      life wide openlife wide openDag siden
    • Yaah even me too

      lucrecia rianalucrecia rianaDag siden
  • Hey Press Read More :) It's Not One Of Those Like Begging Comments Tho. 👌 Got You 😉

    KeitoKeitoDag siden
  • it's crazy how I'm a kid but i understand the jokes.. pls help

    na yutana yutaDag siden
  • I'm almost 14 and i still didn't get the adult jokes

    Big Fan of MrBeastBig Fan of MrBeastDag siden
    • Because you are not an adult

      RWF _NoRWF _NoDag siden
  • Not gonna lie I watched Amazing World of Gumball and didn't look at it like that until right now

    Silver LiningsSilver LiningsDag siden
  • I'm a teen and I only know some of the jokes...😂

    Putri HaganePutri HaganeDag siden
    • Putri Hagane I’m 12 and I know all of them that is probably bad

      Mr. ChristianaterMr. ChristianaterDag siden
  • Dis girl name really Y

    peteriscoolpeteriscoolDag siden
    • peteriscool lol

      Delicious-Taco23Delicious-Taco2322 timer siden
  • “It’s goes over their heads” yeah straight into the subconscious for storage

    OscarAHGOscarAHGDag siden
  • Did I parent just said that they dont allow their kids to watch Sponge Bob??? What is wrong with this adults

    Eduardo AlejandreEduardo AlejandreDag siden
  • 5:52, I know she said (or meant to say) “coin slot”, but the way she said it and the added subtle lisp made it sound like “coin slut” and I just about died hearing that from an innocent child in the context of the episode clip.

    Jamison PeelJamison PeelDag siden
    • Jamison Peel that’s what I thought

      Thy uwuThy uwuDag siden
  • one of the dads: if kids are like actually getting this stuff then like that must be one smart kid me: thanks, i think

    ZewaaZewaaDag siden
  • *I'm a fetus and I understand this.*

    General TulliusGeneral TulliusDag siden
    • General Tullius lil

      ROBLOXROBLOXDag siden
  • I got all of the jokes n I’m a kid well a teenager but same difference

    Zaniah WilburnZaniah WilburnDag siden
    • @Zaniah Wilburn, I believe the term you are trying to find is “Tween”.

      Jamison PeelJamison PeelDag siden
    • Then explain every single joke.

      Tomoaki TomoakiTomoaki TomoakiDag siden
  • Who doesn’t let their kid watch sponge bob tho

    Michael OSTROWSKIMichael OSTROWSKIDag siden
    • A mom named Karen

      Anthony Garcia LunaAnthony Garcia LunaDag siden
    • Truly. Like god damn lady, your kiddo is going to find out sooner or later what those jokes mean.

      Jamison PeelJamison PeelDag siden
    • my mum when I was a child :(

      ViktoriaViktoriaDag siden
  • i love when the kids think they know what it means but when they explain it, its just a harmless little sentence >3

    VSCO GorlVSCO GorlDag siden
  • I didnt get the gumball one but is it referring to 🍑👏💧🍆

    Hyper KGHyper KGDag siden
  • 11 yrs old i got them all my parents are honest

    Addie AguilarAddie AguilarDag siden
  • Kids- I got the joke Everyone else- toxicity asf to the in the comments Me- mind blown

    GoldenClovdsGoldenClovdsDag siden
  • I'm a teen and I got all of them

    Knights ForlifeKnights ForlifeDag siden
    • No shit Sherlock, almost every teen is dirty minded.

      SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
    • Knights Forlife congrats, no one gives a shit!

      _e_ ag__e_ ag_Dag siden
  • No one: The kids to the jokes: 🤔😶 I'm also tryna grow on yt

    hypnoshypnosDag siden
    • Gotchu ill sub

      Ryaken 345Ryaken 345Dag siden
  • Wtf am I doing?? Why am I sitting in the comment section, wasting my life, just to try and explain it to kids who don’t get it?

    SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
  • Parents that dont let their kids watch spongebob want them to not have a good childhood smh

    Sanitystreak_CodesSanitystreak_CodesDag siden
    • Jamison Peel, 😂

      SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
    • Meanwhile, it took me until I was 16 (so two years ago) to realize that each time I played NFSU and NFSU2, the soundtracks of the two games combined were riddled with sexual references and swears, all of which flew over my head at the youthful age of 5. XD

      Jamison PeelJamison PeelDag siden
    • My parents banned me from watching it when I was a kid, but I was able to watch Spongebob by secret cuz I had a tv in my room.

      SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
  • Am I the only one that heard her say coin slut 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Emmanuel RuckerEmmanuel RuckerDag siden
    • I just commented on that too. Nearly died laughing.

      Jamison PeelJamison PeelDag siden
    • Emmanuel Rucker, Your not alone 😂

      SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
  • 11+ watching this 😅

    Aries varneyAries varneyDag siden
    • Ikr I got all of these and I’m still considered a kid, I’m twelve lol

      Lolly ShermanLolly ShermanDag siden
    • I’m 14 your not alone.

      SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
  • Tbh though gravity falls at its core wasn't really a kids show...

    dcoog anmldcoog anmlDag siden
    • Nick Harrington its 3am, at this point we just watch anything

      DarkDarkDag siden
    • Why am I awake at 3am watching this?

      Nick HarringtonNick HarringtonDag siden
    • Agreed

      Nick HarringtonNick HarringtonDag siden
    • Agreed

      SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
  • I’m 9 and I understand all of the jokes

    • I’m not trying to be cool I’m just saying jeez guys I’m only 9 leave me alone

      ROBLOXROBLOXDag siden
    • @DragonMaster what are you a parent therapist?

      ChURRO DoRYChURRO DoRYDag siden
    • @Eilyn Mejia 2 year olds can't type

      ChURRO DoRYChURRO DoRYDag siden
    • ChURRO DoRY, these days kids are more exposed to these types of these types of things so he might.

      DragonMasterDragonMasterDag siden
    • I mean, that’s doesn’t make you special or anything tbh

      DragonMasterDragonMasterDag siden
  • I'm 14 and I understand most of those

    That one personThat one personDag siden
    • No shit, they put dirty jokes in pg-13 movies

      ChURRO DoRYChURRO DoRYDag siden
    • No shit Sherlock, any 14 year old would, I’m 14 myself.

      SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
    • No one asked

      minion hunkminion hunkDag siden
  • I’m a kid and I got all of this

    Galaxy Ireland PlaysGalaxy Ireland PlaysDag siden
    • Did we ask?

      SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
    • I must have Alzheimer’s cause I can’t remember asking.

      JoeJoeDag siden
    • Galaxy Ireland Plays nobody asked squeaker

      Bean headBean headDag siden
  • 10:02 this is why you don't do drugs

    Marquese NorrisMarquese NorrisDag siden
    • @dcoog anml same

      Marquese NorrisMarquese NorrisDag siden
    • dcoog anml, huh, I must have Alzheimers cuz I don’t remember fucking asking.

      SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
    • When I watched SpongeBob when I was younger I didn't get any of them, but I'm 13 now and I get almost all of them...

      dcoog anmldcoog anmlDag siden
  • I can’t wait for these kids to react to their parents reacting to them reacting to the videos but when they’re older and actually understand the jokes.

    HamburgerHamburgerDag siden
  • Yo mama so short, Steve mistook her for a PRESSURE PLATE!

    kitty gamerkitty gamerDag siden
    • What hahahaha wrong vid bro

      Jirah Jashmier MacalinoJirah Jashmier MacalinoDag siden
    • Sorry buddy wrong video.

      SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
    • kitty gamer wrong comment section

      memetrashlordmemetrashlordDag siden
  • It is so hard to watch when the kids don’t get it.

    Willis has a big brainWillis has a big brainDag siden
    • Willis has a big brain, yes.

      SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
  • I got all of them and I am almost the same age but a little older

    Nevaeh ZookNevaeh ZookDag siden
    • Did we ask?

      Tomoaki TomoakiTomoaki TomoakiDag siden
    • Did we ask?

      SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
  • Thank you! I do think I’m a pretty SMART NINE YEAR OLD

    Kendon and Caanon blogsKendon and Caanon blogsDag siden
    • Nobody cares.

      Tomoaki TomoakiTomoaki TomoakiDag siden
    • Nobody cares.

      DragonMasterDragonMasterDag siden
    • Nobody cares.

      SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
  • 9:21 more like when you inhale super glue

    EMkay fanEMkay fanDag siden
  • Purest thing in the world

    Jillian EliseJillian EliseDag siden
  • Am I the only kid who got all of this

    Cakerthegoat YTCakerthegoat YTDag siden
    • Cakerthegoat YT no you aren’t special. And no one gives a shit that you got a joke

      _e_ ag__e_ ag_Dag siden
    • I mean I guess im considered a kid if im 14.

      SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
    • Nah

      memetrashlordmemetrashlordDag siden
    • @Gaming Box GG

      Graced OliproGraced OliproDag siden

    Jillian EliseJillian EliseDag siden
    • Anyone know if there making season 2?

      SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
    • Jillian Elise same 😭

      Gaming guy CarsonGaming guy CarsonDag siden
  • Heads up if ur 13 yr old and litterly understood every single one🙋‍♂️

    The hero zezoThe hero zezoDag siden
    • Sorry sir but im 14.

      SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
    • Yess sir

      Marquese NorrisMarquese NorrisDag siden
    • Yes sirr

      turkey eater9000turkey eater9000Dag siden
    • Im 12 ha ha

      Graced OliproGraced OliproDag siden
  • 6:29 ??? What

    AJ GamesAJ GamesDag siden
    • SpongeBob is watching pornhub.

      Tomoaki TomoakiTomoaki TomoakiDag siden
    • He was on the make ur pp hard channel

      Obama’s big ToeObama’s big ToeDag siden
    • Juan Enrique Mendoza, r/NoahGetTheBoat

      SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
    • Garry walks into the room(slurping as he moves) Spongebob: in sorry little one... Garry: Oh YeS MeOw

      Juan Enrique MendozaJuan Enrique MendozaDag siden
  • I no Not to drop the soap

    Joey BeatriceJoey BeatriceDag siden
    • _e_ ag_, What if he ends up in prison? 😂

      SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
    • SYN3R6Y lmao he will never know

      _e_ ag__e_ ag_Dag siden
    • Its a prison joke, if you drop soap in prison and you try to bend down to pick it up. Inmates are going to try and kick your balls while your bent down.

      SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
  • When I watched SpongeBob when I was younger I didn't get any of them, but I'm 13 now and I get almost all of them...

    WolfalynnWolfalynnDag siden
    • Yeah, it was originally a show on Nick@Nite for a reason. XD

      SLS TheWriterSLS TheWriterDag siden
    • Same

      Rachel JaneRachel JaneDag siden
  • I would have been a super shady kid who knew that kid was riding the ice pony

    N16H7H4WK 4.8.6N16H7H4WK 4.8.6Dag siden
  • damn not letting your child watch spongebob

    Christine NgoChristine NgoDag siden
    • Jeanelle Frimpong-Mansoh, same, but I always watched it by secret because I had a tv in my room.

      SYN3R6YSYN3R6YDag siden
    • I wasn't allowed to watch Nickelodeon in general when I was a kid

      Jeanelle Frimpong-MansohJeanelle Frimpong-MansohDag siden