Our Embarrassing Weeb Years

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  • So this video idea happened because were supposed to all hang out in Japan next week but UHHH obviously that's not happening anymore so 😅 Make sure you guys are staying safe !! WASH YA HANDS

    EmirichuEmirichuMåned siden
    • I like this video ps:im french

      Ixela FirstIxela First4 dager siden
    • A

      Lezah20Lezah207 dager siden
    • Do ya mind if I make a vid like this with my friend -on a video call- ?

      Alphawölfiecøøkies ForeverAlphawölfiecøøkies Forever13 dager siden
    • I love your vids

      Ali AbasAli Abas14 dager siden
    • 500th comment

      HELLO O-OHELLO O-O19 dager siden
  • The biggest weeb mistake I made was bringing a Naruto manga to school and I was at the part when Naruto did his doppelganger and ninja harem together and the kid who tells litterly every body everything WALKED BY AT THAT PAGE! Lucky for me though my teacher didn't find out ever

    Alex Fork-CyliaxAlex Fork-CyliaxTime siden
  • lol simple plan "how did this happen to me?" "welcome to my life" middle school throwback

    Soldier1287Soldier1287Time siden
  • I don't know how long it's taken me to realize Connor is CDawg, but I'm ready for Satan to take me away now.

    XamouneiXamouneiTime siden
  • adult anime cartoons = porn

    quincy kilequincy kile2 timer siden
  • did you say Racon? i thought i heard raymond, sorry i just cant get over him T^T

    Donelia Hasna MahrozaDonelia Hasna Mahroza2 timer siden

    Senpai notiiiiiiiice meee!! T_TSenpai notiiiiiiiice meee!! T_T2 timer siden
  • Sasuke being **choked.**

    Haddi ChaudharyHaddi Chaudhary3 timer siden
  • I am totally a closet weeb

    A&G palletA&G pallet7 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="52">0:52</a> Hol' up... I'm watching this right now!

    Jake EgelstonJake Egelston7 timer siden
  • *When you know 'Hentai' means 'Pervert' in Japanese. :

    RaiKi PauRaiKi Pau8 timer siden
  • so were not gonna talk about connor's beautiful singing at the end? :0

    Alyssa Thornton owoAlyssa Thornton owo8 timer siden
  • Aww

    Ryuko MatoiRyuko Matoi9 timer siden
  • kiki's pizza delivery service

    Rajon mcfadzenRajon mcfadzen9 timer siden
  • I’m into 02 from Darling of the franxx

    RedAntRedAnt10 timer siden
  • My waifu is umaru-chan, the only waifu I feel I share interest with (saiko from Tokyo ghoul is decent but umaru is still number 1)

    Sam I amSam I am10 timer siden
  • I durty kid

    Melissa CarnrotMelissa Carnrot10 timer siden
  • Daidus has to tell his “Adult Anime” story

    Jorge ContrerasJorge Contreras10 timer siden
  • I love anime my favorite anime is sword art online

    sans the squirtle kingsans the squirtle king12 timer siden
  • watch avatarrr

    Aquaplayzz 111Aquaplayzz 11112 timer siden
  • Just now I'm in my awkward weeb years

    a channela channel12 timer siden
  • ii think i was the girl you chatted with xD

    Roba LeybellRoba Leybell14 timer siden
  • When Naruto Shippuden aired in my country it boomed and many people in my school liked it(4-5th grade)and they became weaboo, me myself included, so it's not discriminated in any way as long as you don't bring it up often and as long as you're not an outcast, I'm open about it and I am doing ok with my (weeb&non-weeb) friends, they like me as what I am so it's all good(btw I'm 9th grade)

    Ivan Saragih 7Ivan Saragih 715 timer siden
  • I saw the “ADULT ANIME CARTOONS” in 4th grade because like my cousin he’s a boy and he was like 15 or something And I heard literal “NOISES” on his phone and I LOOKED....and.....that’s where my purity left my soul and body TvT

    Yan ZooYan Zoo16 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="538">8:58</a> tokyo teddy bear is such a bop tho

    Neo LPSTMNeo LPSTM17 timer siden
  • simple plans g o o d to a degree

    landan johnsonlandan johnson17 timer siden
  • What about the part in Princess Mononoke where mans whole ass arms got arrowed off 🤧😳

    ShuinqieShuinqie18 timer siden
  • i olso like one piece to it is soooooo good!!!!!!!

    Veronica IgotVeronica Igot19 timer siden
  • “I used to show my web side but then........... THE FIRE NATION ATTACKED

    The LeafeonThe Leafeon20 timer siden
  • Wahhh can't we have a girl crush session with AnimeGuy and Connor?????? Pleaseee T^T

    Ola medranoOla medrano21 time siden
  • If you wanna go back to your weeb years watch some Jojo and some other animes im so into Jojo i forgot the other animes except for dbz

    Joanne villacortaJoanne villacorta22 timer siden
  • I watched this video several times but it's still funny

    Normal 1 İnsanNormal 1 İnsanDag siden
  • 😂

    Richard HernandezRichard HernandezDag siden
  • It’s all good Conner Support the Rem protection club number 1 waifu

    Gaara KurosakiGaara KurosakiDag siden
  • You should watch Made in Abyss, it’s so awesome and the animation/art style is a lot like studio ghibli

    SugarswirlSugarswirlDag siden
  • I LOVE ONE PIECE TOOO (also I’m young like 11 years old) and I’m obsessed with it my favorite characters are sanji, zoro, ace and shirahoshi also nobody I know (except my bff) so when i bring up anime everyone’s like: “wth is anime bruh?” and i’m like: “TwT”

    vv vvvvv vvvDag siden
  • Emi: When was your first time watching Hentai? Me: My friend mentioned it one time when we were talking on Skype in 7th grade, I didn’t know what it was other than it was Anime and I LOVED Anime, I searched it up on the family computer that I was using and I saw it and right after a saw it he said, “DO NOT SEARCH THAT UP” I told him I did and he went and got the ‘eye bleach’, for the rest of our conversation we sent each other pictures of kittens😋

    Bash FiskBash FiskDag siden
  • > Be Me > Watch this video in May as the pandemic is peaking > Hears Cough in the Video > covid.jpg

    B GB GDag siden
  • Whats the problem with free hugs im 16 and im still doing it am i weird ? :c

    Bundi ;-;Bundi ;-;Dag siden
  • Emily:WHAT ABOUT YOU! Daidus:What about me?

    Almons ClosetAlmons ClosetDag siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a> I said I liked anime in front of my class and everyone booed me ;-; besides my fellow weeb friend

    xXSAVXx UwUxXSAVXx UwUDag siden
  • I honestly just felt bad for Conner the entire video.

    Big Mike19Big Mike19Dag siden
  • Who no’s Tokyo mew mew no ok.... ima kid how do I no this show well utube

    Cerenity McCardellCerenity McCardellDag siden
  • I got a big flashback to anime club in middle school where we did a vote for president and I was running because my personality back then was "ha you scum i'm the biggest anime watcher here" (thank god I changed ;-;) But the worst part was we had to talk abt why we were running and my speech was full of we're gonna do cosplay and eat ramen everyday...and then a week later I became the president 💔

    NoodleCatNoodleCatDag siden
  • I know your not suppose to cry over spilt tea. But it is just so sad.

    Side StoriesSide StoriesDag siden
  • Wait conner is a Yaoi Voice Actor 😰😰😰

    Christian DrawsChristian DrawsDag siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="137">2:17</a> can confirm that that is a load of bull s**t

    Kert GerkinsonKert GerkinsonDag siden
  • XD

    Alizaya MillerAlizaya MillerDag siden
  • emily: i spilled my tEAAAAAAA connor: *gASSSP*

    trylesshardtrylesshardDag siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="455">7:35</a> Daidus is one of the Eva Fans Daidus is one of us

    Lu1z 4 3v3r And the voicesLu1z 4 3v3r And the voicesDag siden
  • everyone bring in the 2018 tea jokes. SHE SPILLED DA TEAAAAAAAAAA

    Ainsley CrowAinsley CrowDag siden
  • 6th graders already watch the "adult anime" i dont but i know people who do

    Hope ToHope ToDag siden
  • hi

    King KenzKing KenzDag siden
  • I would just scream wryyyyyyyyy and jojo poses so I was the cringe lord in my school

    Aryen OppentochtAryen OppentochtDag siden
  • Literally I'm a closet otaku, if you only look on the surface, I'm your common gamer a.k.a. geek, but if you get to know me better, you'll easily see that I like stuff from japan (Besides Nintendo consoles, obviously), it all started when I entered the FE Fandom, it then scalated to manga and now I'm your fully fledged otaku even watching anime at random periods. BTW, learn japanese if you want to completely enjoy the script of Fire Emblem, because localizations are pure butchering and lazyman's product, Lookin' straight at you, Fire Emblem Fates.

    Diego AlejandroDiego AlejandroDag siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="412">6:52</a> I know you shouldn’t cry over spilt tea, but it’s just so sad -Uncle Iroh

    Pacman 257Pacman 257Dag siden
  • like my comment if after this vid you went to animefever.com ;)

    AnimeMikeAnimeMikeDag siden
  • My awkward moment when I was trying to go out with a girl but one time I drive to the girl house after that I knocked go back to the car open the passenger seat door she open the door then she sees me she said ' you know I can open the door by myself ' the we talked she closed the door and I knocked the door then I get into the car and I drive away

    Licht 33Licht 33Dag siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1346">22:26</a> doodle bob emily lol

    Payton LeasePayton LeaseDag siden
  • Adult Anime Cartoons hmm sounds like Hentai.

    Nathan SaeturnNathan SaeturnDag siden
  • Tokyo teddy bear is amazing thooooo !

    nexotennexotenDag siden
  • why does that one dude kinds sound like jschlatt i dont even have to say who im sure u would know exactly who im talking about

    rwrlrrrwrlrrDag siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="612">10:12</a> Did she say Hentai?? No?? Idk

    Cheap CoconutCheap CoconutDag siden
  • Emily: Exposed to {AHEM} adult anime stuff at 6th grade Little old 5 year old me: Exposed to Attack on Titan 7 year old me: used to the sight of {AHEM} stuff What has gotten into my life? ;-;

    XGalaxy BlastXXGalaxy BlastXDag siden
  • What if there was four of you? Emirichu, Daidus, Erold, and Cdawg

    Sir BlossomsSir BlossomsDag siden
  • Turn on captions at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="65">1:05</a>..

    Code4LifeCode4LifeDag siden
  • I make friends in amino

    Enrike_ XEnrike_ XDag siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1379">22:59</a> i see that you have a chimmy and rj pillow hehe also wot music you listening to???

    loyds sungaloyds sungaDag siden
  • That one piece rap is the dubbed version of one piece for kids

    Loading AnimationsLoading AnimationsDag siden
  • How coincidental that you’re best friend’s brother happened to share a first name with me

    joe fortnitejoe fortniteDag siden
  • I just subscribed and I'm in love with this channel hahah. But I lived in a small town filled with kids who thought they were high and mighty cause they went to a certain church or were in golf or all the sports. So it was so annoying going to school, I thought when I switched I would find some weebs but nah everyone was kinda quiet about it if they were 🤣 Edit: as an adult, I am a teenage connor hahah. It's so hard to make friends as an awkward home body adult lol

    RedChaosifyRedChaosify2 dager siden
  • kid daidus be thick tho

    Kawaii DuckKawaii Duck2 dager siden
  • daidus acted like a good boi so his peers wont suspect the real shet hes into

    LaCaneLaCane2 dager siden
  • I’m not sure what to think after watching this

    NototoryNototory2 dager siden
  • the ending got me dead. connor's voice is beautiful

    MattieG’s AnimationsMattieG’s Animations2 dager siden
  • Conner 50 dollars I am more uglier than You were

    Student Nathaniel HubenakStudent Nathaniel Hubenak2 dager siden
  • I mean, hey...Diane-yu know that one from the seven deadly sins-is 750 and she has pigtails...

    Such a NarcissistSuch a Narcissist2 dager siden
  • Never understood why you were cool if you were into "cartoons", but a pariah if you were into "anime". They're literally the same thing/synonymous ^_^

    Jey TeeJey Tee2 dager siden
  • mister mangamister manga2 dager siden
    • What the heck...

      Such a NarcissistSuch a Narcissist2 dager siden
  • I am confused I am Asian and people say that is why I am not allowed to watch anime (I do watch it).

    Noah TerrellNoah Terrell2 dager siden