Ninja Warrior VS Rock Climbing

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First time climbing on real rock, how will the Russian Ninja Warrior do?
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  • 9:05 thats what i wonder every time but magnus just seems to do it haha

    MrWollollo123MrWollollo12317 timer siden
  • Nice to see that Magnus is getting more, and more successful.. In NOproject, and in real life too! He definitely deserves it. Such a nice guy.

    Pastori NestoriPastori NestoriDag siden
  • Wich flavor of Kombucha would you recommend?

    OverCraftOverCraftDag siden
  • @19:41 I felt reminded of Eric Carlsson. It's great to see you doing some actual climbing again!

    Arthur DentArthur DentDag siden
  • Блять.... Thats so close to my heart!

    TheRomokopTheRomokop5 dager siden
  • (Sharma at castle rock 2:38)

    dieselruggdieselrugg6 dager siden
  • The Russian dude with his funny little comments cracked me up

    Jacob GarsideJacob Garside7 dager siden
  • Nice :D NOproject hasn't recommended any of your videos (despite my sub) in a while, since after "normal girl" :p. Good one to come back on!

    CyrribraeCyrribrae8 dager siden
  • 20 minutes just went by the blink of my eyes. Such a high quality stuff. Thank you very much.

    João Gabriel RibeiroJoão Gabriel Ribeiro8 dager siden
  • I love their mango kombucha’s

    Matthew SmithMatthew Smith8 dager siden
  • Finally getting around to watching this video. I am realizing that you met up with Matthew five minutes from my house. I almost dropped my phone when I realized it. What a small world. Hope you enjoyed The Bay Area!

    Eli KertelEli Kertel8 dager siden
  • Magnus i can tell you be packing some thiccness under those shorts

    MultiChickendudeMultiChickendude9 dager siden
  • You're sponsored! You're in the big leagues!

    Bassem B.Bassem B.9 dager siden
  • no way he is 77, he is tall und big. whats his true weight?

    UnbreakableBondUnbreakableBond9 dager siden
  • Anton looks amazingly good, is really athletic, and cute af every time he talks. Daaaamn

    PhoenixPhoenix9 dager siden
  • Very cool video, love the landscape. You never forget your drone showing us the place and those shots with the sun 👌. Not only good youtube entertaining content and good climbing, but also you don't forget about your "videography". I value your attention to those details 👌. And as always, you and Anton, top match! And with a climbing group it's just the most fun to watch. I also got pumped when Anton and the other guy sended 🥳 as if I was there too, hahah

    PolGZPolGZ9 dager siden
  • Anton's "shit" was controlled, но "блять" было от души)

    Роман НенашевРоман Ненашев10 dager siden
  • chris' arete would have gone for you first try had you remembered to take the shirt off. :)

    sean dsean d10 dager siden
  • So stoked for the fella in the white and Anton for getting that first outdoor v4. Actually shouted “yeah!” When he stuck it. Good job!!!

    Timothy GroshongTimothy Groshong10 dager siden
  • Looks like limestone

    BlakeBlake10 dager siden
    • Sandstone!

      N3RDLYN3RDLY7 dager siden
  • Looking forward for the part 2

    Marcel AokiMarcel Aoki10 dager siden
  • The content is was good as always, but damn did you shoot/edit this beautifully!

    Gavin HitchensGavin Hitchens10 dager siden
  • Awwww Castle Rock! I used to climb out there all the time!

    Stephanie McGovernStephanie McGovern10 dager siden
  • Heh, the first book I got on Audible some time ago was Alex Honnold's "Alone on the Wall" which I listened in its entirety while endurance training on self belays :D

    Robert FreemanRobert Freeman10 dager siden
  • Anton be like "there is nothing to hold on to", while magnus be hanging off it.

    Bot 13Bot 1310 dager siden
  • This is soo painful to watch since i just fractured my foot now im just watching these videos zo try an ease the pain 5 weeks till i can climb again😑

    Celestin StampfliCelestin Stampfli10 dager siden
  • 12:17 The guy looks like he's giving Magnus his power, like the people did for Gokus Genkidama. Great vid guys!

    TigerRus13TigerRus1310 dager siden
  • Super awesome video! One thing tough. It's super bad for the rock, when you walk around with your climbing shoes on dirt, and then climb. Bringing dirt up on the boulder, polishes the holds, and may completely ruin a problem on a boulder.

    Rasmus DahlstrømRasmus Dahlstrøm10 dager siden
  • Do you have merch other than the bags? I'd love a Magnus shirt! I'll even make a design for you!

    Abiwen WodonAbiwen Wodon10 dager siden
  • Happy to see you getting sponsored man. Keep doing what you love.

    Asps 18408Asps 1840810 dager siden
  • That Russian dude is super cool! So humble yet so strong.

    stanpyrzanowskistanpyrzanowski10 dager siden
  • If your ever and pensacola Florida let me know there’s a indoor climbing place there.

    josh Unknownjosh Unknown11 dager siden
  • Антоха красавчик! Крутая коллаборация. Делайте ещё видео!

    Hooli GunHooli Gun11 dager siden
  • А где комментарии на русском? :)

    kirffakirffa11 dager siden
  • NEEDED that coffee

    Jonathan RobertsonJonathan Robertson11 dager siden
  • lmao hearing Anton curse is hilarious

    IdiotPenguinIdiotPenguin11 dager siden
  • Kombucha is the drink for people that also drink alcohol. So the fermentation doesn't bother them. I am kind of disgusted that stores like natural grocers push it in the aisles.

    Neai TuppiNeai Tuppi11 dager siden
  • Hey Magnus where's Marte? Missing those Normal Girl videos!

    Darth NoxDarth Nox11 dager siden
  • Just started climbing because of watching your videos. I climbed a bit years and years ago, so I know I enjoy it, I just haven't had the time or energy to do it. I recently found out we have a small climbing gym in the university gym, so it's free with the tuition fees. I weigh almost 200 lbs (90 kg), so that doesn't exactly help, but hopefully it will get me to lose weight and get me back in shape in a fun way. Just going to the gym isn't very fun for me, so climbing is a great way to have fun while working out.

    Luke HolmesLuke Holmes11 dager siden
  • Wow! Our old stomping grounds! This awesome!

    ArtanisKizrathArtanisKizrath11 dager siden
  • Wish magnus would come to Idaho. 😭

    Kodey WolfKodey Wolf11 dager siden
  • Magnus you really got me into climbing and it's been a new hobby that I'm exploring and loving - just wanted to say thanks man!

    Kelly BradleyKelly Bradley11 dager siden
  • Yo Magnus, New Hampshire has all kinds of granite bouldering (we’re the Granite State!) If you want to come try climbing/bouldering on the East Coast, let me know and I’d be happy to get you and Anton set up. 🤙

    Gregory CarterGregory Carter11 dager siden
  • Finally 🧗🏼‍♀️

    Secret !Secret !11 dager siden
  • Oh apparently Magnus just comes by my home crag and I dont hear about it

    Colton JohnsgardColton Johnsgard11 dager siden
  • That was pretty cool!

    Júlio SalottiJúlio Salotti11 dager siden
  • just tried climbing for the first time today because of your videos and loved it. i'm looking forward to continue doing it. A big hug from Portugal

    miguel ratomiguel rato11 dager siden
  • Did Brain not climb after the first one?

    Akaki YohadaAkaki Yohada11 dager siden
  • Magnus taking off his shirt is like Goku taking off his weighted clothes.

    Akaki YohadaAkaki Yohada11 dager siden
  • I think we went possibly on the same day to the same location! It was my second time climbing out doors. I think I got a V4 that day. Bummed I never saw you!

    Luke WeberLuke Weber11 dager siden
  • Props to guys for reaching out and helping us enjoy this content

    1.5x playback everything - thank me later1.5x playback everything - thank me later11 dager siden
    • Cheers and thank you 😊

      N3RDLYN3RDLY7 dager siden
  • hey magnus. im a big fan ;) enjoying your videos for a long time. so im a kine of scared.. you look u healthy or preaty stresed in this video.. sorry for bad english

    93scheu93scheu11 dager siden
  • Fucking loved that. Sick video man

    Ben WatsonBen Watson11 dager siden
  • your under arm must by insane strong, its a hiden power people underate if you have a strong wrist / under arm oioioi then you know the real deal. im me opinion calistics and training on own body weight like climbing barz and stuf like that is way better then body building, most people that go body building the become slow bigg trolls, its better to stay fast but get like 2/3 times your own body weight power

    waslos manwaslos man11 dager siden
  • Anton cam is best cam

    Padraic McGrawPadraic McGraw11 dager siden
  • Ahh this is practically in my backyard! I used to work in that shopping center!

    Bodyguard YoshiBodyguard Yoshi11 dager siden
  • Magnus pulled out the bread 😭

    kadeer beastkadeer beast11 dager siden
  • Fantastic video Magnus! Really enjoyed your openness for a nonchalant meetup with a yt sub.

    Hintz6Hintz611 dager siden
  • The Midtbo Method: In the presence of Magnus you just climb better.

    Christopher MarshallChristopher Marshall11 dager siden
  • Anyone else think those two guys look like Rhett and Link? 4:47

    lucialucia11 dager siden