My enemy Became My Slave

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  • Oh no not holly wood

    Garland NoooGarland Nooo14 timer siden

    Its your girl nat !Its your girl nat !14 timer siden
  • This may be the worst video y’all have produced..

    Kawaii bun bunKawaii bun bun14 timer siden
  • This is literally from the show "Maid-Sama" 😂

    Maia uwuMaia uwu14 timer siden
  • Her: “as for my job, I **quitted**” Me: “hun, I think you meant ‘I quit’”

    Panicking LaciPanicking Laci14 timer siden
  • Popular... Maid cafe... Works for family... Hates her job... Keeps job a secret... Popular guy knows about the secret... This sounds like kaichou wa maid-sama. (GO wach that anime is really good) ARE YOU AN ANIME GIRL!?

    AmethystBlackHeartAmethystBlackHeart14 timer siden
  • B E G O N E D E M O N

    TABS SenseiTABS Sensei14 timer siden
  • Gold digger

    Evelyn CabreraEvelyn Cabrera14 timer siden
  • Me: watches the first 5 seconds of the video Also Me: oh no. imma hate this

    ashlyn kayleigh concepcionashlyn kayleigh concepcion14 timer siden
  • a SLAVE isn’t that like banned

    Giuliana BerishajGiuliana Berishaj14 timer siden
  • This sounds like a wattpad story-

    grossbvck !!!grossbvck !!!15 timer siden
  • props to the VA who able to voice this without cringing to herself

    Finie MinieFinie Minie15 timer siden
  • All I hear is gold digger

    Leila HendersonLeila Henderson15 timer siden
  • Every Gacha life ever

    ‘ XxxStupidlypotatoxxX ‘‘ XxxStupidlypotatoxxX ‘15 timer siden

    Dari ZDari Z15 timer siden
  • She is such a flippin brat!

    Elizabeth HallmarkElizabeth Hallmark15 timer siden
  • This is so stupid

    The SquadThe Squad15 timer siden
  • *why is this Maid Sama though*

    Memey AvocadoMemey Avocado15 timer siden
  • This story is similarish to the anime maid sama. Except the guy isnt acting like a dush.

    Morakinyo WilsonMorakinyo Wilson15 timer siden
  • person: I pooped and died My story animated: yes

    Ishir MehraIshir Mehra15 timer siden
    • XD

      Morakinyo WilsonMorakinyo Wilson15 timer siden
  • *AnoTHer DAy iN SunNy CaLIfoRNiA*

    Amir SoltaniAmir Soltani15 timer siden
    • Its dem north rich girls

      Morakinyo WilsonMorakinyo Wilson15 timer siden
  • The blonde chick called his Ex a hoe but isn’t she dating him because he is rich??????

    Ethan O'NeilEthan O'Neil15 timer siden
  • How you get you lazy but and work for you own money4 year old

    The Faze popThe Faze pop15 timer siden
  • Blackmailing Jordan taking his money.

    PurpleShepPurpleShep15 timer siden
  • That laugh 9:32

    PuppyGamerYTPuppyGamerYT15 timer siden
  • So the 2nd part she’s a gold digger

    Rextruant ElRextruant El15 timer siden
  • Poor Jordan.

    PurpleShepPurpleShep15 timer siden
  • This is the ONLY video EVER I disliked that’s how bad it is

    Miraculous Simply the bestMiraculous Simply the best15 timer siden
  • Till his how ex girlfriend showed up

    Uwu naw BoomerUwu naw Boomer15 timer siden
  • Share my story. Copy cat.

    PurpleShepPurpleShep16 timer siden
  • Wow I mean if I was her I would leave not freakin use him

    Alexas MontgomeryAlexas Montgomery16 timer siden

    LemonBubble CutieLemonBubble Cutie16 timer siden
  • I didn't know this was a fan fiction reading channel

    Heartic BrainiumHeartic Brainium16 timer siden
  • Karma's a BIIIIITCH!!

    GalaxyPlaysGacha -_-GalaxyPlaysGacha -_-16 timer siden
  • yup i'll see if that works

    Audrey SmitAudrey Smit16 timer siden
  • Maid sama

    Bailey-Takaia JamesBailey-Takaia James16 timer siden
  • She talks like everyone lives like this

    Mashed CowsMashed Cows16 timer siden
  • Anyone else noticing this sounds like some weird version of an anime called Maid Sama

    LGBT loveLGBT love16 timer siden
  • Cat fatty

    Madison KingMadison King16 timer siden
  • Wattpad who?????

    rer xoxrer xox16 timer siden
  • He looks like frickin Logan Paul...

    Niko KowalikNiko Kowalik16 timer siden
  • Oh no. I. Scared

    Mashed CowsMashed Cows16 timer siden
  • Ik what she did was wrong and that NO one should do this but putting a mean commont is rude

    Candy AppleCandy Apple16 timer siden
  • Why is everyone hating on her imagine you in her shoes!!!!!!!!!!!

    Candy AppleCandy Apple16 timer siden
  • ... hmmmm, this animation sounds just like the Japanese anime “Maid Sama”

    Amy BlairAmy Blair16 timer siden
  • Gay? Idk

    Exelanie BacusmoExelanie Bacusmo16 timer siden
  • Im so maid at him

    Raid ChicoRaid Chico17 timer siden
  • I’m so maid

    Raid ChicoRaid Chico17 timer siden
  • Why is her boobs just showing out and she sounds spoiled lol this video got so much dislikes FBI 9:39

    pink bunnypink bunny17 timer siden
  • Maid Sama???

    Emily ChaconEmily Chacon17 timer siden
  • mAid sAma !!!

    Sofia de LiraSofia de Lira17 timer siden
  • 9:34 wtf

    AddieAddie17 timer siden
  • Everyone is hating her just for telling the story how would you feel if someone said bad things about your story. Without fighting.

    glasses boiglasses boi17 timer siden
  • When you realized that they used voice actors...

    z x h a r az x h a r a17 timer siden
  • ... e girl ...

    supream teamsupream team17 timer siden
  • Has she ever watched an anime called maid sama 😂

    Amy-louise HuttonAmy-louise Hutton18 timer siden
  • This video for sum reason give me miraculous ladybug

    btsteabtstea18 timer siden
  • Wait wtf I don’t watch anime or personally like it but I even know that this is from an anime

    May ListaMay Lista18 timer siden
  • Beaten and tied up and got robbed Picked the wrong house that is what a CIA does for christmas nice

    K pK p18 timer siden
  • Tf is this

    Harvey CooteHarvey Coote18 timer siden