My Crush Was Spying on Me, he saw everything

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  • Way does tony looks Like me

    Royer RodrigezRoyer Rodrigez9 timer siden
  • There is so many wrong things in this

    Bamgine AkneehowBamgine Akneehow10 timer siden
  • Wtf this girl is crazy. She needs therapy. Don't get at me, it's true

    Tom NookTom Nook11 timer siden
  • Ok but why does this channel always name the character Alison or Alex???

    Emily HollierEmily Hollier11 timer siden
  • This has nothing to do with the thumbnail

    Kzkaojx HasannsjwKzkaojx Hasannsjw11 timer siden
  • I didnt know that wattpad became a youtube channel

    epicgirl 248epicgirl 24812 timer siden
  • Local disco..

    Bee ManBee Man12 timer siden
  • some of the titles are such click bait

    Bird YBird Y14 timer siden
  • Next title video: my mum's foot is actually my dad's grandad

    The crazy RussianThe crazy Russian15 timer siden
  • how does the title has anything to do with the video i-

    c h e r i s ec h e r i s e15 timer siden
  • This story had nothing to do with someone spying on her. The title is misleading and clickbait. I thought something terrible was going to happen, but a get a "dislike-to-like" story. Why the h*** did you do that?! *Sigh* Regardless, it was an "okay" story.

    Marc DrawbookMarc Drawbook15 timer siden
  • This is a weird question but why the boobs???

    Pufferfish ProductionsPufferfish Productions15 timer siden
  • i-

    Keira CatiCorn2Keira CatiCorn215 timer siden
  • I’m still wondering if Tony still wants her friend 🤔

    AndyAndy15 timer siden
  • If i were this girl i would be like STOP dont touch me there this is my nono square😂

  • Title: my crush was spying on me!! Video: *nothing to do about it*

    Over Sized RatOver Sized Rat16 timer siden
  • i thought it was my crush spies on me he sees everything

    sophia jensensophia jensen16 timer siden
  • lol this was just like a movie

    sophia jensensophia jensen16 timer siden
  • Is it just me or is the title and thumbnail major click bait... also why do I not really like her and am n Tony’s side

    Aimee .LAimee .L17 timer siden
  • She seems really nice and really pretty

    Nick HowardNick Howard17 timer siden
  • the title has nothing to do with the video but ok

    Jazmyn SmithJazmyn Smith18 timer siden
  • sorry but i think you missed to tell the spying part?

    NASIF primeNASIF prime19 timer siden
  • Most of the background with these characters are the same try to change it up a bit 😂

    Taylor HillTaylor Hill19 timer siden
  • This is the love story that I always wanted🥺🥺❤️❤️

    AmandaAmanda19 timer siden
  • Feel your pain my dads ex girlfriend was so mean I mostly want to stay at my moms

    Devin ZetaDevin Zeta19 timer siden
  • Wait so is his name tony or Troy 😂

    MayaxnextdoorMayaxnextdoor20 timer siden
  • I feel bad for the bartender!😂😂

    islander rose gachaislander rose gacha20 timer siden
  • he was not even spying on you

    CalvinKittyMeowCalvinKittyMeow20 timer siden
  • Wow the title made no sence

    pamela lejeunepamela lejeune20 timer siden
  • alison you look like a soccer mom

    just mejust me21 time siden
  • her: "what do you think of my story?" me: that its clickbaited

    Taylor BookerTaylor Booker21 time siden
  • Nice story but Boooooooooooooooo!!! It has nothing to do with thumbnail or title. Boooooooooooooooo on you!!! LoL

    Athaleyah IsraelAthaleyah Israel21 time siden
  • Imm.... Well she kind did click Bate because she didn't even get locked in her crushes bath room so I'm just here to say CLICK BATE😎

    Lana ChalifouxLana Chalifoux21 time siden
  • I only like the videos because they're entertaining, not because I think they're true

    No one importantNo one important21 time siden
  • This topic was misleading

    Sam &TiaSam &Tia22 timer siden
  • Typical love triangle cliche

    Baxter RMBaxter RM23 timer siden
  • There’s no way this is not a watt pad

    Ukulele_ GirlUkulele_ Girl23 timer siden
  • So beauitiful

    Micah ClaytonMicah Clayton23 timer siden
  • Nice it's happend to me too🙊

    AA LuckyAA LuckyDag siden
  • Happy ending

    KH GirlKH GirlDag siden
  • Yup she trying to look like harry potter girl version

    Gacha LoverGacha LoverDag siden
  • This is literally a Fanfiction written by a 14 year old girl

    Emily SedneyEmily SedneyDag siden
  • But why do they only have white people tho no offense

    ItsYasiBro Jiyasi B.ItsYasiBro Jiyasi B.Dag siden
  • Hmm smells like incest and I thought his name was Tony not Troy oop-

    Slime SistersSlime SistersDag siden
  • she. is. dumb.

    no nameno nameDag siden
  • ceo of being a simp for a player , it’s okay girl i’m the same .

    Isis RogersIsis RogersDag siden
  • Just your standard episode story

    Ashmae JosephAshmae JosephDag siden
  • Her :He puts a brioche on my dress. Me : He puts a brioche on my boobs *slap*

    Olanike OshineyeOlanike OshineyeDag siden
  • Do I hear a wattpad book

    Kyendia TannerKyendia TannerDag siden
  • How many times will this girl kiss a guy in less than 14 minutes

    Olanike OshineyeOlanike OshineyeDag siden
  • Why everyone boobs huge asf. 😂

    Marsha’ KellyMarsha’ KellyDag siden
  • Sadness

    Ella SprouleElla SprouleDag siden
  • The dance reminds me how I felt when I slowed dance with my ex I miss all of those loving memories I just wish she could Come back to me.......

    Edgy_Artz _GachaEdgy_Artz _GachaDag siden
  • Her friend is like Regina George at "Mean Girls" 😂

    klea leaklea leaDag siden
  • Title:My crush was spying on me and saw everything. What it turns out like: love story ❣️ Edit: thanks for the likes I really appreciate it ❤️

    natasha hutchison hutchisonnatasha hutchison hutchisonDag siden
  • Wait click bate much

    Gracie pGracie pDag siden
  • Me and Alison are legit the same persin

    Kaiya WashingtonKaiya WashingtonDag siden
  • Her boobs kinda bother me ;-;

    ᄅᄋᄅŚkÿfałlᄅᄋᄅᄅᄋᄅŚkÿfałlᄅᄋᄅDag siden
  • The title was so deceiving the photo was clickbate and the story was so different bruh im annoyed

    Mimi AMimi ADag siden
  • Btw wtf is this story

    Sasuke 222psycophatSasuke 222psycophatDag siden
  • Jk

    Noelle FrancisNoelle FrancisDag siden
  • Boy can be bumss

    Noelle FrancisNoelle FrancisDag siden

    Nour Ben MoussaNour Ben MoussaDag siden
  • Hmm interesting sooo where was the part where ur crush was spying on u and saw EVERYTHING??!!

    Afera KAfera KDag siden

    Dang_it's_POTATOESDang_it's_POTATOESDag siden
  • Good for all of you living your fairytales... Nobody has never even made a romantic gesture for me but that’s totally okay ofc🙄😑

    Fuck OffFuck OffDag siden
  • why does this sound like a wattpad story....

    video star tutorialsvideo star tutorialsDag siden
  • Idk why I’m watching these videos knowing they’re not true lol

    Loonantix xitnanooLLoonantix xitnanooLDag siden
  • Why is the title always nothing like the actual video 😆

    Jenae MasonJenae MasonDag siden
  • Can anyone tell me what the title has to do with the story?

    Bea.Bea.Dag siden
  • Her crush didn't spy on her 👀

    Princess MokhaliPrincess MokhaliDag siden
  • Who else has been watching this sense Quarantine?🤪

    Hannah BourqueHannah BourqueDag siden
  • This story kinda similar to me except the boys and love part: Unattractive ✔ Fat✔ Tragic background✔

    sameena nsameena nDag siden
  • Why did you call him Troy if his name is tony

    Jonon Munkh-ItgeltJonon Munkh-ItgeltDag siden
  • this channel always has cringy content in my oppinion

    Cheerful CloudCheerful CloudDag siden
  • the title does not make sense

    Kerry HughesKerry HughesDag siden
  • ew her friend is tall

    Adrian AkkariAdrian AkkariDag siden
  • Napapasana all nalang talaga ako.. 😭

    Princess LovePrincess LoveDag siden
  • PLOT TWIST: she was on LSDs and thus never happened.

    Chontelle cancelled the meeting 0w0Chontelle cancelled the meeting 0w0Dag siden
  • Why doesn’t the thumbnail and title match the vid..? I swear the clickbait

    GASH GamesGASH GamesDag siden