My Best Friend Got The Coronavirus

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  • from Dan -

    CaseyNeistatCaseyNeistat11 dager siden
    • sorry if i sounds paranoic, sure i am :D (or not) but i think its a human made pandemic .... it is to fast everywhere

      Mr. LinceMr. Lince17 timer siden
    • As a police officer, and someone who has to be out in this environment, I find your actions disgusting. You are out running around as if it's a normal day. Do you understand what a "stay at home order" is? Clearly not. If I worked in your area I would cite you for everything I could. You are not an essential employee and having a YT channel does not give you the right to put others in harms way! I HAVE TO BE OUT, you don't! Stay at home!

      Blood, Sweat and GillsBlood, Sweat and Gills20 timer siden
    • Hope you notice this comment

      FoodoramaFoodoramaDag siden
    • You are the best Casey

      Houba - iheb bousninaHouba - iheb bousninaDag siden
    • You hated the god and now the god hated you

      ikram chhipaikram chhipaDag siden
  • Please start the couples therapy podcast again!!!

    sweetygirl165sweetygirl16510 timer siden
  • clean your screen

    NoNameNoName10 timer siden
  • I have a 6 year old and it's hard to have to even talk to them about this. Heart is broken and I'm scared

    Van BrownVan Brown11 timer siden
  • stay Indoors

    Robert AndrewRobert Andrew11 timer siden
  • Stay safe every one please you matter❤

    AmyAmy12 timer siden
  • These rich and famous people just have no clue. It’s truly sickening. Respect to all the hard working little people out there risking everything everyday that can’t stay home.

    JohnJohn13 timer siden
  • YO BRO dude I just now recognized his voices I swear I have heard that voice in a animated movie, have you been in a movie Casey?

    TommyeableTommyeable13 timer siden
  • Last time i was here your daughter was just a new born baby she has grown alot!

    Yung OneYung One13 timer siden
  • Casey we all don’t have million in bank account to stay home we have kids to feed when my child say dad milk what do I say sorry kid Casey say stay home

    E PizE Piz15 timer siden
  • That sucks, many more people we know will get it, either diagnosed or not, I bet you're glad to be away from NYC...

    GreenhornBBQbeerGreenhornBBQbeer16 timer siden
  • How he changed and this is so clear from the few videos he uploaded, he was cool but now just another rich guy in LA telling people what to do but behaving differently

    Luca PierantozziLuca Pierantozzi16 timer siden
  • He should not have flown he knew better, it’s people like that that keep making the problem worse.

    Walter BWalter B18 timer siden
  • Thank you Casey! Guys, please stay at home!

    HP SafariHP Safari19 timer siden
  • Casey: stay away from people Me: goes to my room and locks the door

    LyricVibeLyricVibe21 time siden
  • Muddy waters! loved that cafe when I was at the Academy!

    Sean MurphySean Murphy21 time siden
  • Oh my god still don’t wear the mask...

    beatrix beatrixbeatrix beatrix21 time siden
  • When in the world did you & your family move to LA?!! Last time I watched you, you were living in NY. East to West!!!! I’ve been hiding under a rock, clearly... lol

    It’s Me Kiara TeeIt’s Me Kiara Tee22 timer siden
  • To Casey neistat. You have changed my life and my world for the better. I loved your videos and that inspired me to start making my own. To this day because of you i love filmmaking and i always will

    Ibrahim CummingsIbrahim Cummings23 timer siden
  • Looking to cash in on some low price, out of season, Casey duds to help all my brothers an sisters. I’m on it!!! Hang in there Dan

    nickingvolbothnickingvolboth23 timer siden
  • What happened to the boosted boards??

    Jack GosselinJack Gosselin23 timer siden
  • Stay safe Casey and please stay away from everyone! When we can finally get the cure, the vaccine. It will be a momentous occasion. We need you and Dan in this world to make us laugh, make us love and make us just be happy. Please Dan fight this and get better.

    Zack KrosZack KrosDag siden
  • Just go to know that HOME means the entire city.

    Nickk BishtNickk BishtDag siden
  • Casey! Please wear a mask everytime you go out! Especially your kids!

    Jean SantiagoJean SantiagoDag siden
  • Have you been tested for cov. Casey

    Santiago NunezSantiago NunezDag siden
  • Stay at home so I can go out and have enough space, please

    LHSlashLHSlashDag siden
  • Why aren’t you guys at least wearing respirators when you’re outside?

    Klára NedbalováKlára NedbalováDag siden
  • Casey, please stay safe!

    dr med. Dragan Stojićevićdr med. Dragan StojićevićDag siden
  • It’s aiarborne. CDC is lying about it being droplet because they know there would be mass hysteria if they told the truth. Hospitals have a severe lack of n95 masks/ PAPRS, to the point where if they came out with the truth, people would never come near each other.

    Jared CampbellJared CampbellDag siden
  • Hope he recover soon 😔💕

    Asim AB KashmiriAsim AB KashmiriDag siden
  • Casey: Preaching water, drinking Wine. "Stay home, then I can go out alone!"

    dolimi jotoodolimi jotooDag siden
  • Guys please show my little daughter some love and subscribe to her channel... Thank you and God bless you all 🙏🏻

    Isam & AmyIsam & AmyDag siden
    • Y’all dumb. You can still go outside. You just have to stay away from people... him running and surfing doesint involve him interacting with people

      dolimi jotoodolimi jotooDag siden
  • Hi , I'm in India and we are lockdown in our house. Gov. Putting lot of efforts to stop it. Even giving free food to needy people as all businesses stoped here.

    Bharti ThakorBharti ThakorDag siden
  • Casey - longtime fan, viewer, subscriber, etc. However, this video seemed incredibly entitled. Both you and Dan. Even him feeling sick should’ve prompted him not to have flown. And you’re telling your viewers to stay home when you toured all of Venice while talking about how you’re running and surfing every day because there’s no people. You’re the very guy here that you made fun of for surfing during the big storm and ignoring the warnings from professionals.

    JP WeidemoyerJP WeidemoyerDag siden
  • I just don’t understand why everyone is hating so much. This virus goes from human to human. It doesn’t spread in the moment you are opening your door. As long as you have no contacts you are well with taking a run or so. As he said: “stay away from people”

    jake132 44jake132 44Dag siden
  • Whereeeeee are youuuuu

    PineAndFeatherPineAndFeatherDag siden

    TORATORADag siden
  • I read the title and think: hm. same

    Flamingo BirdFlamingo BirdDag siden
  • Casey: Stay Home Entire Video: Outside

    RnK All DayRnK All DayDag siden
  • You need a new pair of sunglasses

    JoshJoshDag siden
  • Can't wait for the Casey short movie about all this major event shit when this ends

    TheForfattareTheForfattareDag siden
  • If you get sick, your contagious and you give it to your parents. Stay home

    David CousinsDavid CousinsDag siden
  • dont get the itis bro

    TechBaron, Cameras and more!TechBaron, Cameras and more!Dag siden
  • Stay safe!

  • Lol you have to be glad to be not at both at those places

    hey ggghey gggDag siden
  • I’m sure Casey is a fantastic human being... but my god does the man look goofy.... 😳😣

    Yo MamaYo MamaDag siden
  • Please start posting more Casey I have been rewatching all of your old blogs and I truly miss it

    Ryan LongRyan LongDag siden
  • Y’all dumb. You can still go outside. You just have to stay away from people... him running and surfing doesint involve him interacting with people

    Paige DawsoPaige DawsoDag siden
  • Classic Casey Neistat April fools

    Regenarc CanisRegenarc CanisDag siden
  • To all the Corona virus,,be strong don't stress out, drink lot of water and vitamin, lot of juiceing vegetables.Psalm 91 ,,read it have Faith in Jesus you all be find, people die of stress not the Corona, from New Zealand

    His mercy on me ,Lovely OtufangavaluHis mercy on me ,Lovely OtufangavaluDag siden
  • Someone I know of, but haven't worked with has just died of the coronavirus. Scary stuff when its people in the same industry get it, and because of circumstances, you cannot pay tribute to him. He starred in Star Wars (2 films) was another kiwi, and specialised in dialogue coaching for LOTR, The Hobbit, and Troy. WEIRD. He was only working 2 week ago in the UK. :(

    Rex EllacottRex EllacottDag siden
  • Casey would react totally different if he was still in NYC.

    LKLKDag siden
  • I need more views lol

    Travel review DIYTravel review DIYDag siden
  • I don't know how many of you observe this, but let me point it out so you can see how much we "spit". When you look at Casey's monitor e.g, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="443">07:23</a> You'll see little "gray flecks". Those are droplets of spit from sneezing, coughing, and talking. I'm not saying Casey has COVID-19 *AT ALL*, just sharing how much we spit without knowing.

    Richard BurtonRichard BurtonDag siden

    BigHeartedMan65BigHeartedMan65Dag siden
  • We all experience what you are talking about, what is your additional contribution, what is Your message? After this video, I realized that what You're doing here is superfluous.

    Andreas BergmannAndreas BergmannDag siden
  • Was wondering if you were going to talk about your Houseparty rumor?

    Tom MocciaTom MocciaDag siden
  • Can we get a 368 update?

    IxlikexmyxoddsxodderIxlikexmyxoddsxodderDag siden
  • I usually go on a Esk8 ride with my group of friends every Saturday starting from Baldwin Hills Overlook Scenery Park via Baldwin Creek thru Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier bike path, back to Baldwin Hills via Exo line bike path and some side roads. Due to Covid-19, large gathering of 10 people are prohibited. So my group rides are postponed until the virus end.

    Justin LesperanceJustin Lesperance2 dager siden
  • China is the bad guy !!

    96tupac96tupac2 dager siden
  • There are a limited amount of corona virus tests, thats why they cant test everybody. If you’re experiencing symptoms you should stay at home.

    Sigurd RyanSigurd Ryan2 dager siden
  • Work from home and online lecture From Indonesia Tasikmalaya

  • Alguém pelo Edu?

    Arthur AlvinArthur Alvin2 dager siden
  • Тут есть русские???))

    Valera PodakinValera Podakin2 dager siden
  • Good vid man stay safe!

    lclmtv_602lclmtv_6022 dager siden
  • Hu els drapd der fown dawn bikos of shok

    Dr. MemeDr. Meme2 dager siden
  • Stay Home, Leave The Salmon

    Flakes 1Flakes 12 dager siden
  • Oh Casey. You bring me comfort, and I totally respect your work. And boy have you made me miss Venice. How much do I love Abbot Kinney. I'm a cashier at Whole Foods in Brooklyn. I spoke to my doctor yesterday morning. She does not want me going back to work for the next 2-3 weeks. I am fine now, heathy, no signs of this virus. And we'd like to keep it that way. I'm 52. Am I scared about the money and the lasting effects of not bringing in an income? Yes I am. But as my doctor told me yesterday "if you die, money isn't going to matter." Hang in there. Keep doing what you do. You inspire so many people, including myself. Now, have you thought of letting your daughter design hip pouches and calling them "Frannie Packs?"

    Karen LichtmanKaren Lichtman2 dager siden
  • when it comes to money ppl don't think abou how many others touch that money that was sick

    The UnknownThe Unknown2 dager siden
  • He has a back yard, he can easily just workout & have fun activities in the back yard. It's extremely irresponsible for him to go to the beach & do all sorts of things because if everyone did what he was doing there would be no social distancing because 1. everyone would be surfing, everyone would be running. That's Bullshit! i've been home for the past month & i get Vitamin D from my balcony i don't have to go jog where i might encounter people. & him saying he's going to get the virus & him being OK with that??? well what about his wife? what about his kids?

    irene ruedairene rueda2 dager siden
  • Its a Franny Pack <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="557">9:17</a>

    Greta XantheGreta Xanthe2 dager siden
  • Yes it affects every human life on earth, and no lives lost is ever okay, but on the flip side, the earth is now able to take a break. If you look at everything around us a year ago, the earth was about to become inhabitable, wildfires, climate change, global warming, thinning ozone layers, air pollution, so filthy we can hardly breath and all were done by us. This Coronavirus event, even though, causing human lives, but on the other hand, it is giving earth a breather, as if almost a second chance for human civilization. Now Ozone layers back to normal level, less air and water pollution, oxygen level resumes, and so on. A little human sacrifices for our better home is a home run for all of us.

    O SLO SL2 dager siden
  • Just read Ulrich Beck.

    MrSevenup89MrSevenup892 dager siden
  • I really don’t see how so many people are upset with Casey for running, surfing, etc.. He is respecting social distancing by being 6ft away from people while doing these activities, thus disallowing the virus to spread, even if he had the virus. For those that say “well if everyone did that then it wouldn’t be social distancing”. Well, not everyone is doing that, nor will they. He’s not spreading the virus, nor allowing for it to spread with his hobbies that he does by himself, alone.

    Trystin CraciumTrystin Cracium2 dager siden
  • You’re not above anyone else mate. Stay inside with your little drones.

    StevenSteven2 dager siden
  • tell him repent, accept & obey all Jesus Christ commands while you still have the chance! you MUST to enter Heaven!!

    Obey JesusObey Jesus2 dager siden
  • tell him repent, accept & obey all Jesus Christ commands while you still have the chance! you MUST to enter Heaven!!

    Obey JesusObey Jesus2 dager siden
  • Everyone takecare !!!

    SIN MicSIN Mic2 dager siden
  • Casey, your simple endorsements, a good word, or even a mention could help a ton of small businesses make it through Covid. I think we get you don't want to be an influencer, but we all know your kindness stretches around the world. I would offer you this challenge. Say something great about 12 small businesses every day for a week.

    ActivStarsActivStars2 dager siden
  • It takes a satanic world system that creates these diseases. All are an outcome of a perverted civilization ruled by satanic governments, enforcing systems of work, systems of living, which are counter to health, counter to humanity.

    leigemleigem2 dager siden