MUKBANG FOOD that has gone TOO FAR Part 4

MUKBANG FOOD that has gone TOO FAR Part 4! So this is an asmr eating show with a LOT of food! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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  • Mr krabs is that u? 🥺

    SSSniperWolfSSSniperWolf11 dager siden
    • Y e s

      『Cielo Chu 可愛い』『Cielo Chu 可愛い』2 dager siden
    • 🦀🦐🦀

      God's Home Casami FoundationGod's Home Casami Foundation9 dager siden
    • Literally I saw this comment when u guys were reacting to her eating a crab.

      Tania ArandaTania Aranda11 dager siden
    • Yes this is mr krabs do you have money

      Rahim HarrisRahim Harris11 dager siden
    • Damn my teeth hurt from watching her eat ice! Low key still wanna eat it

      Damnit JanetDamnit Janet11 dager siden
  • Crunchy

    Jailen AllenJailen AllenDag siden
  • i dont care what type of chicken ATLEAST IF ITS FOOD

    Cookies n’ CreamCookies n’ CreamDag siden
  • crunchy and soft it depands😄☺❤💟 also happy valentines day💖💗💘💝💞💟💕 i love you lia i hope you had the best valentines day ever !!! !!!!

    Riley SchnoorRiley SchnoorDag siden
  • I like chicken nuggets hard, like my men

    I'm Gamer Mad StudiosI'm Gamer Mad StudiosDag siden
  • Crunchy

    Raheem GamingRaheem GamingDag siden
  • cruncyyy!!!

    GummieBearz and cookiezGummieBearz and cookiezDag siden
  • I love crunchy nugget

    Isaac ChavezIsaac ChavezDag siden
  • The soft chicken nuggets are gross

    Nick WienerNick WienerDag siden

    Zarriana PeppersZarriana PeppersDag siden
  • I like crunchy chicken and Mr. Krabs is back were he belongs but in a different way

    Jordyn StoneJordyn StoneDag siden
  • Crunchy

    Prince CornellPrince CornellDag siden
  • Crunchy

    Annaleigha CollierAnnaleigha CollierDag siden
  • crunchyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy world i R.I.P mr big crab

    lalla ndiayelalla ndiayeDag siden
  • Crunchy

    Emma AguilarEmma AguilarDag siden
  • Burger King got deer ankles for chicken nuggets

    solo thenasolo thenaDag siden
  • At 7:14 it was sooooooo funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 my stomach hurts lol 😂😂😂

    Salvador TaegarSalvador TaegarDag siden
  • You really need to get a restraining order against him get a restraining order against Japan d23

    Tina ThompsonTina ThompsonDag siden
  • That is what couses crona

    Mohammed LibanMohammed LibanDag siden
  • I like my nuggies crunchy

    Sanya MerchantSanya MerchantDag siden
  • *Who else loves SSSniperwolf?* Btw I am gifting my next 143 subscribers 🎁🌟

    Can I get 1000 subscribers with NO VIDEOS??Can I get 1000 subscribers with NO VIDEOS??Dag siden
  • Crunchy

    bike watchbike watchDag siden
  • I am a crunchy nugget person

    Jasmine NassarJasmine NassarDag siden
  • "Wow, it looks like actual chicken" NO IT'S A MINI DINOSAUR NUGGET, BOI, WHAT DID SHE EXPECT IT TO BE

    cotton kittycotton kittyDag siden
  • I like chispy ones

    Lucía Caballol CarreiroLucía Caballol CarreiroDag siden
  • Hey Lia it’s said muk-bong

    Leah HuynhLeah HuynhDag siden
  • ppl go way too far when it comes to asmr like i hate the sound of chewing i just like the first crunch

    Lili SteinmannLili SteinmannDag siden
  • Those yellow worms are from Vietnam, they were found in banana trees, and I really wanna try some

    Ben RundunBen RundunDag siden
  • Cronchy nuggets

    CocoNutty the third LolCocoNutty the third LolDag siden
  • Sniper wolf : what tipe of nuggets do u eat Me:idc what tipe of nuggets I eat they are still my nuggets 😁😋🤔👍

    Meazey RodriguesMeazey RodriguesDag siden
  • crunchy

    Joshua VargasJoshua VargasDag siden
  • I eat crunchy chicken nuggets

    Dylan RobinsonDylan RobinsonDag siden
  • Why I always feel like when Digitalwolf is together things get crazy😂😂👊🏼

    AnarchyAnarchyDag siden
  • Don't you hate it when You try to eat your dinner But the eels escape???

    gacha_ girlgacha_ girlDag siden
  • i told my cousin this chicken will me mine my chicken nuggy

    BabeetendaBabeetendaDag siden
  • Wow some people is soo cruel

    Ryan MoloneyRyan MoloneyDag siden
  • My friend. Which type of chicken nugget do you like soft or hard Me. I like a soft inside in a crunchy outside OK THAT ONE PERSON

  • that's so wrong but funny

    Kylie SnyderKylie SnyderDag siden
  • Crunchy

    Yasayu AgYasayu AgDag siden
  • Choft

    Natfrat_14 DONUT-19Natfrat_14 DONUT-19Dag siden
  • Crunchy

    Abby WingfieldAbby WingfieldDag siden
  • Hahaha

    zoe ocallaghanzoe ocallaghanDag siden
  • I am both

    Jessica IsomJessica IsomDag siden
  • On 10:07 she is eating sea grapes

    lunamidnightsky 123lunamidnightsky 123Dag siden
  • Sssniperwolf: hope you and your els friends are watching this Me:those are mud fish 1:37

    moistfruitloopsmoistfruitloopsDag siden
  • u brat honeybeeasmar is the best youtube around for the asmr's soo sssniperwolf u dont know her at all

    Nevaeh HollowayNevaeh HollowayDag siden
  • Why is it always Asian?

    Haroon HassanHaroon Hassan2 dager siden
  • I am a crunchy nugget kinda girl

    The C FamilyThe C Family2 dager siden
  • Crunchy

    • De lobster R.I.P de 🦞 TvT

  • Sssniperwolf:what kind of chicken nugget person are you? Me: food is food!

    Mr. anønymøusMr. anønymøus2 dager siden
  • Why are you eat Mr. crabs it’s wrong

    Nevada BartlettNevada Bartlett2 dager siden
  • Both

    Nevada BartlettNevada Bartlett2 dager siden
  • You guys are the best duo your so funny 😂 This is the funniest duo on the internet 🤣

    Anna BananaAnna Banana2 dager siden
  • Crunchy nuggs all the way

    Isabel TorresIsabel Torres2 dager siden
  • It looks like actual chicken

    Alani OrtizAlani Ortiz2 dager siden
  • Imagine if the guy who hit the full bowl of liquid cheese was lactose intolerant. Anyways, I hope you guys get to the highest score on NOproject.

    Sherry FletcherSherry Fletcher2 dager siden
  • You make my day.

    sanyu saudahsanyu saudah2 dager siden
  • Who laughed 1:16

    Jimmy GibboJimmy Gibbo2 dager siden

    CC_Lumos #ravenclawCC_Lumos #ravenclaw2 dager siden
  • when you be playing with blue tack and almost eat it at the chicken nugz part

    Soul ChanSoul Chan2 dager siden