Morty Resets His Life | Rick and Morty | adult swim

The season finale of Rick and Morty is this Sunday, May 24 at 11:30pm ET/PT.
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  • Is it bad that I laughed when Jerry pushed the button? That's a really twisted thing that happened and I found it funny

    Gerstein03Gerstein035 timer siden
  • I guess this is a reminder to constantly save your progress...gosh this made me hate Jerry

    TallGuyGaming OGTallGuyGaming OG5 timer siden
  • Jerry is incredibly stupid here. But several questions. How did he specifically erase that amount of time ? Why didnt morty save it ( or ) even consider destroying the remote Or least putting it somewhere more safe than his open fucking backpack.

    Crimson TidesCrimson Tides5 timer siden

    Elivelton LuzaElivelton Luza5 timer siden
  • God that is so dark lol, they became cannibals

    Youtube is straight broke ;-;Youtube is straight broke ;-;5 timer siden
  • Am I the only guy who saw a reference to South Park in the survival part ? Watch it again and you'll understand.

    CinéphileCritiqueCinéphileCritique5 timer siden
  • Dammit, JERRY

    Jeffery KJeffery K5 timer siden
  • Pobre morty :v

    BiceGamer 620BiceGamer 6205 timer siden
  • This is so sad what happens to rick

    Landon is me manLandon is me man5 timer siden
  • Ok bois morty is a simp

    Malky MolkMalky Molk5 timer siden
  • Jerry:sees something Also jerry: *i have no idea what this does but imma press this*

    Shock 22Shock 225 timer siden
  • I loved that episode mainly the acid

    Grim ReaperGrim Reaper5 timer siden
  • He killed so many Mortys for trying to throw cheeseballs in his mouth

    Smokey 01Smokey 015 timer siden
  • *_S I M P_*

    Chaotic godChaotic god5 timer siden
  • Wait a minute, if Jerry used the remote then shouldn't he be the one affected not Morty ? Lol something seem off about that.

    WELL YEAH 26WELL YEAH 265 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1">0:01</a> moe’s

    Gianluca Y LuchoGianluca Y Lucho6 timer siden
  • Jajaja it's like the airplane crash in the Andes!

    Mauricio CardosoMauricio Cardoso6 timer siden
  • This is heart broken

    qazlll456qazlll4566 timer siden
  • I like this Morty clip

    True -_- ToeTrue -_- Toe6 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1">0:01</a> Is this Moe's bar? 👀

    KillerApe 117KillerApe 1176 timer siden
  • After this, I dont feel sad for jerry anymore

    Mergos KiraMergos Kira6 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> Moe's xd

    4_D4_D6 timer siden
  • Omg this is so sad

    Lynix GamingLynix Gaming6 timer siden
  • So Morty has Kira's stand now?

    jared porterjared porter6 timer siden

    _____Blank__________Blank_____6 timer siden
  • I hate Jerry

    Michael TranMichael Tran6 timer siden
  • Ricky inventions kind of sucks I seen better devices if it don't have an autosave on selected file they find it kind of sucky device!!!

    SoullessRightsSoullessRights6 timer siden
  • Fuck jerry

    Good MorningGood Morning6 timer siden
  • Jerry you bastard 😂😂😂

    Phil PhillyPhil Philly6 timer siden
  • Anyone else get the up movie feeling?

    Royal KingRoyal King6 timer siden
  • Let’s cancel Jerry

    MrOrlando101MrOrlando1016 timer siden
  • I love this vídeo

    AdielXDAdielXD6 timer siden
  • Merda

    paulo mesquitapaulo mesquita6 timer siden

    Paula TejanoPaula Tejano6 timer siden
  • My god, fuck jerry

    DesDes6 timer siden
  • Se que muchos ni lo notaron pero todo el capitulo es un completa referencia a la pelicula "after earth" y está muy bien recreado.

    FLAIN TMFLAIN TM6 timer siden
  • The good thing is that those who died in the plane crash were alive again.

    jimmy liangjimmy liang7 timer siden
  • That last part lmao did that really just happened

    Maverick MorrisonMaverick Morrison7 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="232">3:52</a> DANG IT JERRY DID THAT LOOK ANYTHING LIKE THE TV REMOTE.

    Bio-Weapon NBio-Weapon N7 timer siden
  • Anyone knows the name of the song when morty and the girl start talking?

    GuillermoGuillermo7 timer siden
  • Anyone knows the name of the song?

    GuillermoGuillermo7 timer siden
  • That was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen

    McSeanyBoy2000 SMcSeanyBoy2000 S7 timer siden
  • pain

    Fill My Mouth With DirtFill My Mouth With Dirt7 timer siden
  • The one time it mattered, Morty didnt reset it, Jerry did. Hence why I would now like to see him gone for good.

    CometTamerCometTamer7 timer siden
  • Thanks for making me feel bad for imaginary characters from a tv show again adult swim

    Mark SunMark Sun7 timer siden
  • This was a real event we’re 15 survivors were forced to eat the dead humans only like 11 survived

    ehvn!ehvn!7 timer siden
  • After a lot of experiences like that I understand evil Morty

    Native ReloadNative Reload7 timer siden
  • I thought this was hard to watch bc of the scene where Morty's trying to press with a frostbitten hand They had me on the first half not gonna lie

    Juvan BernardinoJuvan Bernardino7 timer siden
  • What Episode is this from?

    Jim SteelJim Steel7 timer siden
  • God damnit jerry

    Connor AndersonConnor Anderson8 timer siden
  • By far the best movie I’ve seen in 5 years lol if this where a movie

    Johnnie BoyJohnnie Boy8 timer siden
  • I haven’t ever seen this show but this is intense

    Benny WeltonBenny Welton8 timer siden
  • Jerry just had to change the controls

    Charger plesCharger ples8 timer siden
  • Kinda reminds me of the anime re zero an masterpiece just watch a thrailer believe me

    Aymane BoujradAymane Boujrad8 timer siden
  • or shit they made you MORTY 😭

    Manzanita 249Manzanita 2498 timer siden
  • That's why you should save before enter a new area

    Renato LimaRenato Lima8 timer siden
  • Being stoned while watching this... I can't even begin to explain... Fua

    HollawarHollawar8 timer siden
  • What if Jerry pressed the other button...Well that’s Morty’s life forever from that point on

    Renneth SeetRenneth Seet8 timer siden
  • Fucking jerry.....

    Juicy PineappleJuicy Pineapple8 timer siden
  • the "normal" parts reminds me of my longest and only relationship with my ex-girlfriend. I dont know man just related a little bit

    a†illaa†illa8 timer siden
  • Wow at this point I can say Jerry is not only the worst character on the show, but the worst animated character to be created.

    Eugene Steven KongEugene Steven Kong8 timer siden
  • Damn...

    AcegiAcegi8 timer siden

    Michael SpenceMichael Spence8 timer siden
  • Mortys its the King Crimson now

    Bolt 676Bolt 6768 timer siden
  • *_anyone else noticed moe’s bar at the beginning?_*

    AndreaAndrea8 timer siden
  • moe's bar is at the start

    Super Graal EraSuper Graal Era8 timer siden
  • How has natural selection not taken jerry

    Arif Ramen noodlesArif Ramen noodles8 timer siden
  • Wow know wonder rick hates jerry

    Brandon NorrisBrandon Norris8 timer siden
  • Man, that was so dark for me, i have a girlfriend and i does not feel good seeing it

    Lineker DasaeveLineker Dasaeve8 timer siden
  • The dad ruins the all thing at the end

    Mason GucciMason Gucci8 timer siden
  • This is just hard to watch, knowing what happens in the end lol

    Lori NicholsLori Nichols8 timer siden
  • That wasn’t very gamer of morty to not save after surviving a life moment on the hardest difficulty

    Ethan ZorgersbergEthan Zorgersberg8 timer siden
  • What does the reset button do

    simon chowsimon chow8 timer siden
  • 39/5000 It is the accident of the Andes mountain range?

    moments random momntsmoments random momnts8 timer siden
  • Jerry a how for that... ngl I felt bad

    ecstasyecstasy8 timer siden
  • Jerry es un idiota, yo creo que la chica seguirá apareciendo ya que en la parte de la tina vuelve a salir interesada en Morty.

    Ronito RgHRonito RgH9 timer siden
  • Man thats another lvl of rick and morty damn this planes are just... wow xd

    Fien FlackFien Flack9 timer siden
  • ...........WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT

    Martin PenaMartin Pena9 timer siden
  • Bruh

    Daniel RiquelmeDaniel Riquelme9 timer siden
  • Is that Moe's Tavern in the first scene?

    Ben HerrenbruckBen Herrenbruck9 timer siden