Mistake Moments in Football 2020

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  • Not surprised that the majority of the mistakes are from manchester united

    Noël TriulziNoël Triulzi23 timer siden
  • Most of this was arsenals defense

    MufMcMuffinsMufMcMuffinsDag siden
  • 1:20هههههه

    علہٰيٰ _ آلہٰآسہٰمہٰرَ ،علہٰيٰ _ آلہٰآسہٰمہٰرَ ،Dag siden
  • where is kante's slip?

    AdrianAdrianDag siden
  • pereiras is always passing there

    Yoann RakotoarimananaYoann RakotoarimananaDag siden
  • Ronaldo defence against dybala was actually very good 😃😂

    Simon nilliSimon nilliDag siden
  • Excelente vídeo. Parabéns JackieMT

    Konica Tran QueKonica Tran QueDag siden
  • Sadio Mane disappointed. He's offside.

    cokoroLcokoroLDag siden
  • If there were no mistakes in football then what would be the point of ever playing

    Imira AlkizwiniImira AlkizwiniDag siden
  • am i the only one having problems watching this vid

    Robloxian NoobRobloxian NoobDag siden
  • Playing Rocket League with random nóbs.

    studentinhostudentinhoDag siden
  • After all, they just super humans

    WWE RecapWWE RecapDag siden

    SqormySqormyDag siden
  • The Czech Commentator 😂

    SqormySqormyDag siden
  • Okay but why are these mistakes mostly in the premier league?

    alexx 19alexx 19Dag siden
  • 3:25 wasnt much of a fail, or an own goal, he was running, and the ball happened to be played right into his momentum

    RightOnSight OofRightOnSight OofDag siden
  • Holy shit, I knew arsenal had been having some bad games but 7:14 was embarrassing

    Elias AyalaElias AyalaDag siden
  • Some of these aren’t mistakes, they are more of fails

    Theo Brohme-ChenTheo Brohme-ChenDag siden
  • You mean Mistakes I’m premier league 2020

    Christopher Duran CoreasChristopher Duran CoreasDag siden
  • All of them are the premier league

    Christopher Duran CoreasChristopher Duran CoreasDag siden
  • 6:12 is big brain not mistake

    LakintherLakinther2 dager siden
  • 1:16 WTF

    LakintherLakinther2 dager siden
  • whats your country

    Hammad ButtHammad Butt2 dager siden
  • H

    Simon Van DijkSimon Van Dijk2 dager siden
  • Valverde mistake? 🙃

    Israel HDezIsrael HDez2 dager siden
  • Most of dybala’s goal didn’t count because of ronaldo 🤦‍♂️

    PiggyPiggy2 dager siden
  • Lol 95% premiue lageue

    Phillipe CoutinhoPhillipe Coutinho2 dager siden
  • Lloris' injury looks worse every time you re-watch it

    brennan hartshornbrennan hartshorn2 dager siden
  • could you upload it without the obnoxious music?

    Lost GemsLost Gems2 dager siden
  • its all premier league, and 4 of the mistakes are tottenham's. i feel ashamed for my club messing up that many times and not using the opportunities. thats the reason we dont have a lot of trophies...just sad

    DestinyDestiny2 dager siden
  • 4:18 1 day ago 😂

    Panalty KickPanalty Kick2 dager siden
  • Where is dembele mistake at UCL vs Liverpool

    Ziad HossamZiad Hossam2 dager siden
  • The mbappe one at first was not a mistake

    Elie VetusElie Vetus2 dager siden
  • This distracted me while studying for an exam 😬

    MSSMSS2 dager siden
  • Pukkis one was in 2019

    Jonathan MiddletonJonathan Middleton2 dager siden
  • That’s why Premier League is entertaining 🤣

    Khudadad ShirzaiKhudadad Shirzai2 dager siden
  • These were actually really painful to watch for any football fan

    林詠漢林詠漢2 dager siden
  • Salah is EXTREMELY over rated

    Steven TaylorSteven Taylor2 dager siden

    Steven TaylorSteven Taylor2 dager siden

    at Sarkarat Sarkar2 dager siden
  • Thumbnails show Messi but... he know Messi didnt do mistake.

    Abdul HakimAbdul Hakim2 dager siden
  • 2:47 Better goalkeeping than Kepa.

    Abdul HakimAbdul Hakim2 dager siden
  • The liverpool one was 2019

    Juf MarianoJuf Mariano2 dager siden
  • Lo de valverde a morata es un completo asco. Que verguenza de jugador

    Jiovanna Flores PalominoJiovanna Flores Palomino2 dager siden
  • Valverde Tackled Morata on purpose Which was smart. He had an Idea and his idea worked He got a red card yes but, They still won🤷🏽‍♂️

    Shadow ツShadow ツ2 dager siden
  • 6:15 Real Madrid won that final because of that tackle. How the hell is that a mistake?

    FaZe KahrabaFaZe Kahraba2 dager siden
  • 6:13 That wasn’t a mistake, it was a sinical foul to stop a most likely certain goal

    LapisPlayzLapisPlayz2 dager siden
  • 7:14 in which planet is smart to play like the way arsenal did?

    DavidenkoDavidenko3 dager siden
  • *Man city has left the chat*

    crook lvl 30crook lvl 303 dager siden
  • Not bad not bad... lingard got only 1 mistake this year. YES I AM SURE! 😂

    BOOMitsmeBOOMitsme3 dager siden
  • LOL - 1:21

    Tuvoy_zTuvoy_z3 dager siden
  • This is one of the best compilation no loud music commentary included loved it....

    Sushan SaakyaSushan Saakya3 dager siden
  • What I learned from this video: Premier League has a problem with goalkeepers.

    Finn ZimmermannFinn Zimmermann3 dager siden
  • salah is bad

    MLG BäckMLG Bäck3 dager siden
  • well.. Phil Jones still doing it

    Nevermore -Nevermore -3 dager siden
  • Ederson, Arsenal and Lloris...

    adamadam3 dager siden
  • That wasn’t a mistake by Valverde. That was taking one for the team

    Stephen A SmithStephen A Smith3 dager siden
  • 1:20 The first player misses the fist shot The second one: Hold my beer

    SHSH3 dager siden
  • 6:50 de Gea😭

    hiệu lêhiệu lê3 dager siden

    Bl3nkBl3nk3 dager siden