Watch the epic video 📹 of MIGHTY MAN OF WAR BY JIMMY D PSALMIST... Be sure to be blessed by this master piece.. Be a blessing, share to your family and friends. God bless you
Video Co-directed by: Charlie Gold and Jimmy D Psalmist
Audio Production: Ebenezer Iriemi




  • This is so powerful lest go

    Beveck chiwawaBeveck chiwawaDag siden
  • Mighty man of God lion of juddah we bow down and worship you...

    Racheal karaboRacheal karaboDag siden
  • Im a great man

    daniel MANYANGAdaniel MANYANGADag siden
  • this is dope

    HouseacademyHouseacademyDag siden
  • truely indeed you are mighty and no can do what you do you are the lion and yet the lamb of God

    miranda muyendekamiranda muyendeka2 dager siden
  • Am here 2020

    Maximillah KassamaniMaximillah Kassamani2 dager siden
  • is good song is listening might man of war

    STAR WIZZYSTAR WIZZY2 dager siden
  • Thank you Jimmy D for this song. I love it!! Watching from Papua New Guinea

    Elsie TungeElsie Tunge2 dager siden
  • Lord I so much trust in you😩😩😩 2020 is my year oh lord

    Oyindamola AdeperosolaOyindamola Adeperosola2 dager siden
  • Mighty man of war, as I go into your house to worship you this morning, come and remove every mountain standing before me.

    La FleurLa Fleur3 dager siden
  • Is this song biblically correct? Someone please tell me.

    muzikology 101muzikology 1013 dager siden
  • Who's there i February 2020?

    Jordan CapitaJordan Capita4 dager siden
  • Yahweh come and do what no Man can do I love this song

    dennis bundidennis bundi4 dager siden
  • Mighty man of war, Lion of Judah 🤲🙏

    Jimoya ColleyJimoya Colley4 dager siden
  • If you are watching this great song right now, thumbs up

    The triplets world tripsThe triplets world trips4 dager siden
  • believe in him always

    vangie kiringtonvangie kirington5 dager siden
  • God is not killer

    James KirimiJames Kirimi5 dager siden
  • My mountain mover Jesus i worship you🙌🙌🙌🙌

    Peace FlorencePeace Florence6 dager siden
  • Hallelujah 🙌👏🙏 Lord you deserve it all. Oh Yaya, nani aza lokolo yo Papa, ozali Nzambe ya ba Nzambe.

    Benita Ambatshe Osango NtshaykoloBenita Ambatshe Osango Ntshaykolo6 dager siden
  • Hallelujah 🙌👏🙏 Lord you deserve it all. Oh Yaya, nani aza lokolo yo Papa, ozali Nzambe ya ba Nzambe.

    Benita Ambatshe Osango NtshaykoloBenita Ambatshe Osango Ntshaykolo6 dager siden

    keoobametse Tshetloyagaekeoobametse Tshetloyagae6 dager siden
  • Aliyeona msalaba kwenye ngao hauko poa gonga like

    Yasinta IsayaYasinta Isaya6 dager siden
  • Mighty Man of war,Lion of Judah we bow down&worship You, come&do what only You can do. Fight the battles for Me My Heavenly Father. Bless you psalmist.

    Blessed ForeverBlessed Forever6 dager siden
  • Thank you God I worship you forever

    Lilian NekesaLilian Nekesa6 dager siden
  • only on god and that is jesus

    Orlando LaingOrlando Laing7 dager siden
  • What a nice song love it mooooooo

    Vaolet TenganiVaolet Tengani7 dager siden
  • All those that have faith in God hit the like button

    Shadine SmileyShadine Smiley7 dager siden
  • This song opened the doors of victory in my life whenever I sing this song I must see God's mercy into my life

    Muwanguzi HilderMuwanguzi Hilder7 dager siden
  • Yaweh come and do what only you can do😭😭😭😭😭

    Conspicuous Talents TVConspicuous Talents TV8 dager siden
  • God is the source of everything.Hallelujah!!!!!!!!🙌🙌🙌

    Tinake MoiTinake Moi8 dager siden
  • Man of war,, come and do what only you can, beautiful Song touches my soul each time I listen to the song

    Brenda SibongoBrenda Sibongo8 dager siden
  • i love this song it is so true / blessings from south africa

    Marius FerreiraMarius Ferreira8 dager siden
  • Come and do what you can only do lion of Judah.

    esther njirainiesther njiraini8 dager siden
  • If you are still listening to this song in 2020 , and you believe God can do wonders in your life 🙏🏼, hit a like

    Ebony cyndyEbony cyndy8 dager siden
  • Amen

    Aiden ZaizayAiden Zaizay9 dager siden
  • Our God is able to do abundantly, exceedingly beyond what we can ask & image. Glorify him always .

  • Come and do what only you can do Lord.

    Vita KwarbVita Kwarb9 dager siden
  • Lion of judah i bowed down for you

    Augustine AnokyeAugustine Anokye9 dager siden
  • I do scroll backwards several times to raise up my worshiping spirit before deep & powerful prayers.lets be 2gz in like

    Christopher MahendeChristopher Mahende9 dager siden
  • I can't stop listening to this song after all my frustration at my job side for series of years no advanments but God has a plan today I am lifted up by God who fought my unseen battles

    Ngute KennethNgute Kenneth9 dager siden
  • Amen! God is good! All the time❤

    Hana SioneHana Sione9 dager siden
  • The Lord is Mighty man of war for ever and ever ; if true hit a like

    Ashley KadzidziuAshley Kadzidziu9 dager siden
  • I’m in love with this song for ever🥰

    Samantha A.k.ASamantha A.k.A9 dager siden
  • Hallelujah amen!!👐

    Maricella GreyMaricella Grey9 dager siden
  • ,....I can't write anything cz my thumbs are too heavy to type....BT I give u my soul and heart for you to come and do what only can do.

    victoria robivictoria robi10 dager siden
  • Glory glory and mercy..😂 holy is yo name... No one can do wat u do....🙆

  • Hallelujah To God Almighty

    Mab IgbinMab Igbin10 dager siden
  • Come and do what only you can do

    Claudia WynterClaudia Wynter11 dager siden
  • Am here again February 2020 thank you Jesus

    karyncathy19karyncathy1911 dager siden
  • Mighty man of war lion of Judas we bow down and worship you.... Thank you for Lord.... Thank you for dying on that rugged cross to save me from all of sins

    Ramnaresh GordonRamnaresh Gordon11 dager siden
  • 👍

    Roose KhaildsRoose Khailds11 dager siden
  • Lord jesus come are do what only u can do in my life I need you more than ever

    Honor ObasohanHonor Obasohan12 dager siden
  • Father to the fatherless n husband to the widow ooh is so wonderful

    Essy AnneEssy Anne12 dager siden
  • Oh lord my God, you are the only one, i put my trust in you

    Njodezke ComfortNjodezke Comfort12 dager siden
  • Good song

    Naomy ChebetNaomy Chebet12 dager siden
  • Lead me and family in this 2020 Almighty God

    Serogole MadigoeSerogole Madigoe13 dager siden
  • Everyone, let's remember to pray for the virus in China that has killed around 300 people. Let's pray that the virus would cause the Chinese people to seek God and salvation Like if you prayed💙

    Sugar CandySugar Candy13 dager siden
  • Prosterner devant ta sainte face j implore ta miséricorde seigneur Jésus Christ seul toi peut sortir mon fils de là

    kristelle du pontkristelle du pont13 dager siden
  • Mighty man of war The lion of Judah We bow down before The throne Jesus And worship your Holly Name Be with me my Savior always

    alex samagaalex samaga13 dager siden
  • Still here in February 2020❤️

    Lucia MalatjiLucia Malatji14 dager siden