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Match the Pet to the Owner | Lineup | Cut
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  • Bird owner looks cute

    Lemonade MenoladeLemonade MenoladeTime siden
  • I wanna marry the dude with that pig

    PBToastPBToastTime siden
  • funny how it was easier for them to pick up the pig than it would have been to pick up a cat.

    Gia RicharteGia Richarte2 timer siden
  • Apparently I'm weird, edgy, and a gamer. Which is actually correct. 😆 And no the snake ain't going to frickin kill ya, if anyone is going to kill you it would be the owner because we are sick and tired of people saying that.

    ReaRea 2002ReaRea 20023 timer siden
  • “snake owners are creepy and weird” *me and my snake chilling in my bed* well i see that

    Cassi BCassi B4 timer siden
  • the parrot owner is adorable does anyone know who he is?🥺

    katntaekatntae4 timer siden

    Tea SpillTea Spill4 timer siden
  • someone drop the @ of the bird boy 🥺 his little “sorry” got me uwuing

    juju b.juju b.6 timer siden
  • If you noticed the guy with the sweaty armpit like this comment

    blue roseblue rose6 timer siden
  • that girl with the dragon though: ok boomie

    Canadian GuyCanadian Guy6 timer siden
  • I have a breaded dragon!

    Teagan PlaysTeagan Plays7 timer siden
  • Oh my goodness the bird guy is so cute

    Reina MelancholiaReina Melancholia8 timer siden
  • 4:23 hahahaha that’s kinda racist

    Bryce TaylorrBryce Taylorr9 timer siden
  • I'd be too excited to hold all the pets

    Goldentuf KittyKatGoldentuf KittyKat9 timer siden
  • Okay but like the pets look like there owners 🧐

    Franchell GuabaFranchell Guaba10 timer siden
  • I thought I was crazy, but then my friend said she wanted a spider, then I knew I was friends with a phycopath..

    MadWolfMadWolf10 timer siden
  • When she said “Reminds me of ariana grande” i felt that

    Äudre GachaÄudre Gacha12 timer siden
  • I have a boomie

    Christine CampionChristine Campion12 timer siden
  • *sees a hedgehog* IsThiS A SONiC

    Feanix VixenFeanix Vixen12 timer siden

    Sunny WinterSunny Winter12 timer siden
  • “He tried to kill me but he’s cool” *me describing my boyfriends driving*

    Sunny WinterSunny Winter12 timer siden
  • Hedgehog and the pig was my favorite. Cutest ones lol.

    Floorpickle :DFloorpickle :D12 timer siden
  • The snake girl was so hot

    IAmPerpetuallyColdIAmPerpetuallyCold14 timer siden
  • I don't wanna blow my load on this dude🤣🤣🤣

    Angshu SarmaAngshu Sarma14 timer siden
  • Whilst looking at a pig: *reminds me of arianna grande.*

    crazy broscrazy bros15 timer siden
  • "she's potty trained." *proceeds to take shit on floor*

    sethowosethowo15 timer siden
  • My only problem with the comment sections on these videos is that people complain way too much about people they don’t know. Every video, someone has something to say about how one person or the other was “rude” just because they don’t react the way that the commenter would have. Get over yourselves lmao, you don’t have to like anyone you don’t want to, but realize that insulting them or acting like they’re the worst person in the world isn’t gonna do any favors

    March ForthMarch Forth16 timer siden
  • “Snake owners are the weirdos of the world” My hognose snake owner friend **sweats profusely**

    fluffy bunnyfluffy bunny16 timer siden

    lacin yuksellacin yuksel17 timer siden
  • guy: puts bird out a foot away from himself bird: poops guy: sorry....

    Lindsay LeeLindsay Lee18 timer siden
  • him:talk to him like he did something good. hipster:yOU diD A gReAT jOb

    Lindsay LeeLindsay Lee18 timer siden
  • Winston was my favorite, anyone got his @? Lol

    Kelly FlanaganKelly Flanagan19 timer siden
  • So glad no rats had to be held by that rude guy. Those beautiful babies are too good to touch his filthy stereotyping hands.

    CharmynoxCharmynox20 timer siden
  • "I could spot a rat owner in the middle of a crowd" Me, the owner of 30+ rats, leaning into my computer screen: OH REALLY?????? Edit: I shower every other day so like... tf is with your fucked up stereotype about us not showering as often as any other human being? Domesticated rats are cleaner than dogs and cats, scientifically proven. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

    CharmynoxCharmynox20 timer siden
  • I need someone like the bird owner in my life

    Kawaii NoodlesKawaii Noodles20 timer siden
  • “I dont wanna blow my load on this dude” Lmao

    stevie miraclestevie miracle21 time siden
  • that girl in weird shirt low-key gives a vibe of a vsco girl lol

    infiresos ‵‵infiresos ‵‵21 time siden
  • "I don't think people think in farms are pretty" excuse you?? I don't live near farms but speak for yourself

    infiresos ‵‵infiresos ‵‵21 time siden
  • I finally got them all correct 😭

    LurKingLurKing22 timer siden
  • 0:51 ooOoOoOOof that hurt

    Lauradaisbros FrostckennaLauradaisbros Frostckenna22 timer siden
  • anyone knows the snake lady's IG is?

    kay illakay illa23 timer siden
  • They were 3 females and 2 males named Chubbyface , Precious , Luna , Lucky and Sora .......... My Bird named Lady Whitefluff and her mate named him Sir Thunderbolt ........ The best thing ever is Chubbyface still come to our yard and take a sip of water now and then because some afternoons are so hot even for her , there is many pigeons around the neighberhood but I can recognize her because no pigeon has fluffer feathers around the face or even darker peck 😘🤓

    Aseel AadosseryAseel AadosseryDag siden
  • Last summer I found 5 falling baby pigeons below my house windows I don't understand what the parents were doing but I took care of them for 3 week until they start flying ............ I think I missed so much and became so depressed because my mom who hate animals got my two birds the good news is I'm Saudi that means I can't let them fly or even stay too long outside because the weather is NOT ZebraFlich friendly it ethier so hot in summer or so cold in winter also they live many years than those poor pigeons

    Aseel AadosseryAseel AadosseryDag siden
  • This episode is ADORABLE 😍😍😍😍😍🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    Aseel AadosseryAseel AadosseryDag siden
  • I want a Hedgehog and a rabbit 😭💔

    Aseel AadosseryAseel AadosseryDag siden
  • She once called her Hedgehog a spiky potato 🥰🤣👍👍👍

    Aseel AadosseryAseel AadosseryDag siden
  • Few years ago I helped my nephews taking care of two male kittens named Harshy and night baby because I played it dumb and named them after their own fur colours

    Aseel AadosseryAseel AadosseryDag siden
  • Pet owners shower less , no I'm not

    Aseel AadosseryAseel AadosseryDag siden
  • 2:18 " is this a sonic? "

    UnholytrashUnholytrashDag siden
  • How do I sign up to be apart of this?

    Peachy c:Peachy c:Dag siden
  • “I could spot a rat owner in a crowd” Me: *sweats*

    Andrea KlempayAndrea KlempayDag siden
  • I was at a petting zoo petting the goats and all of them pooped.

    Ethan WhitworthEthan WhitworthDag siden
  • Yes I have the spiky potato lol

    Stephanie MendozaStephanie MendozaDag siden
  • The guy guessing had amazing eyes!

    Zoe WrightZoe WrightDag siden
  • That Tatyana girl who didn’t want to touch any of the animals was annoying af, and I hope to never see her on the show again.

    The Real J.R.The Real J.R.Dag siden
  • People like the one that wouldn’t hold any of them bug the crap out of me

    Alli BandelowAlli BandelowDag siden

    Angel ManonAngel ManonDag siden
  • Why would you wear gloves with hedgehogs? Lmao

    Breathlesslps :DBreathlesslps :DDag siden
  • "Ooh" "Gamer"

    DeathAngelTheSexyDeathAngelTheSexyDag siden
  • A CORGI MY MANNNNNNNNN i love them

    HaydenHaydenDag siden