Justin Bieber - Intentions ft. Quavo (Official Video)

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Join Justin Bieber in supporting Alexandria House's mission to help women and children move from crisis to stability by donating to the INTENTIONS Fund here: www.alexandriahouse.org/intentions
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Directed by: Michael D. Ratner
Production company: OBB Pictures
Executive Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Miranda Sherman, Kfir Goldberg and Andy Mininger
Music video by Justin Bieber performing Intentions. © 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




  • Awww...JB is all grown up!!

    Mis Naib ZooMis Naib Zoo10 timer siden
  • you are my true inspiration now!!!

    Priyanshi AgarwalPriyanshi Agarwal10 timer siden
  • No denying dude can sing.

    Based EinsteinBased Einstein10 timer siden
  • Justin out here doing good

    Brian FlowersBrian Flowers10 timer siden
  • I've never heard ppl bitch MORE when a celebrity uses their platform to help and inspire others, but bitch LESS when they don't.....like WTF ppl.

    SirroSirro10 timer siden
  • Hats off for JB

    Surjito MeiteiSurjito Meitei10 timer siden
  • Drake and Justin showing the world how it’s done. Thanks Canada 🇨🇦

    Shawn AllenShawn Allen10 timer siden
  • Now this is good.

    CraZzZy BoyCraZzZy Boy11 timer siden
  • Gente eu to chorando aqui ❤❤

    Um pouco de tudo TVUm pouco de tudo TV11 timer siden
  • Drake : God's Plan Justin - Intentions

    Srivastava MelodiesSrivastava Melodies11 timer siden
  • Essa vai bater de frente com a do drake god s plain

    Alex VianaAlex Viana11 timer siden
  • I don't know why these days whenever I see *Justin* it gives some kind of #Negative or #Sad vibs he's not happy anymore or it's like he's #Killing himself from #Inside and don't wanna #Survive more he's #Damaged very badly and the only can #Heal all this is *Selena* yes it is Selena and #Jelena can #Heal each other #Together with their *Love* for eachother Justin should definitely go back to Selena and after that They will *Live* #Happily & that's my #Promise and #ILoveJelena❤And I want them to be Back #Together #HelpJesus #BlessThem🙏

    Kimtaev YungKimtaev Yung11 timer siden
  • not a die-hard fan but this song really made me respect and adore him more

    Ashley LataganAshley Latagan11 timer siden
  • i never cried so much watching a video. Thank you for this from a former crown ward foster child this gave me the security that our voice and stories will be told and heard! love love love always !!!! from Toronto Canada

    Karina VasquezKarina Vasquez11 timer siden
  • noproject.info/it/video/28ygosXWqHfRsZo play!!!

    camicami11 timer siden
  • Me encanta que este regresando de nuevo 💥💥esa voz tan hermosa que tiene la extrañaba desde Colombia

    Alicia julio perezAlicia julio perez11 timer siden
  • khop music nikki ❤️️

    Phanda gamingPhanda gaming11 timer siden
  • IDubbz?

    RevvereRevvere11 timer siden
  • लागि रो चेला, भल कारणों छे।

  • TrumpetcallofGodonline.com VolumesofTruth.com AnswersonlyGodcangive.com

    Hear HimHear Him12 timer siden
  • Oh yeah

    Sexy XxxSexy Xxx12 timer siden

    Clara GabrielClara Gabriel12 timer siden
  • Go justin

    Samsung GalaxySamsung Galaxy12 timer siden
  • The lyrics to this song do not go with this video....”these are my only intentions stay in the kitchen cooking up cut your own bread” it’s so great that he’s saying these things to women of color...not!

    Ashley BellAshley Bell12 timer siden
  • Can’t stop smiling I love this we need more people like this

    Katoria FarleyKatoria Farley12 timer siden
  • Love it!

    All Things JemzAll Things Jemz12 timer siden
  • This is dope who cares if Drake did it more stars need to do stuff like this so 👏👏👏to Justin n quavo n of course Drake ...this is so dope

    TwinRia QuinonesTwinRia Quinones12 timer siden
  • ohh, i thought its 'bitch' you're perfect you don't need no filter

    MeliodasMeliodas12 timer siden
  • Love you and your voice "JB". #BIEBERFAN

    Rukku The AvengerRukku The Avenger12 timer siden
  • Ohh really this song is heart touching lub u Justin Bieber

    Ghulam AliGhulam Ali12 timer siden
  • your ma

    Ali QazilbashAli Qazilbash12 timer siden
  • This made my heart feel good. He also looks like a great hugger

    Kristina HoffmanKristina Hoffman12 timer siden
  • جاستين سليم الانصاري 😂😂

    SäRa SălahSäRa Sălah12 timer siden
  • Nicest thing JB ever did I guess 🙂

    Jhami JhamzJhami Jhamz12 timer siden
  • Top 😍 😍🥰🥰 🥰🥰 🥰🥰 🥰😋😋😎😎😎

    Maya SunarMaya Sunar12 timer siden
  • just wow... I am impressed. The giving, love, sharing... wow not even a fan but I'm paying attention now.

    BatgirlBatgirl12 timer siden
  • Necesitó un Justin feat TINI

    Soy tu gfa BbSoy tu gfa Bb12 timer siden

    k20k2012 timer siden
  • ♥️♥️ proud of u J ...

    Herlina KhairunnisaHerlina Khairunnisa12 timer siden
  • G.

    MagFeedMagFeed12 timer siden
  • Inspiring! 💯 Have ❤️

    sjevans2012sjevans201213 timer siden
  • 💪💪💪

    Patayan KnightPatayan Knight13 timer siden
  • Justin in my school they call me Justin Bieber like you

    Alma Velez RojasAlma Velez Rojas13 timer siden
  • justin your incredible!!!

    waldina boddenwaldina bodden13 timer siden
  • Haters gonna hate and potatoes 🥔 gonnnnna potate. 😍😍😍😍🥳😘😘🙏🏼☝🏼🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️

    Khadija KrelifaouiKhadija Krelifaoui13 timer siden
  • I love this music, Justin's voice is magical.. So proud he helps people out, Good intentions 😎

    Owariddu ChindeuOwariddu Chindeu13 timer siden
  • I Justin I am a big fan of you and my name is Justin velez and I sing your song. And this I my mom pone

    Alma Velez RojasAlma Velez Rojas13 timer siden
  • Justin Bieber, you have made my heart whole by watching this video and seeing the things that you did just for those few women. That is one reason I had the resources because the homeless across the country would be the thing that would be my number one priority. Too many buildings sitting empty with people camped outside in the cold when they could be inside. It is so sad that humanity has came to this. But, we are a single income family. I’m a stay at home mom. By the age of 35, I have had 6 surgeries ranging from rod placement for scoliosis to fusing 3 vertebrae in my neck for a bulging disc and disc spur to badly breaking my wrist roller skating with my girls and having to have a plate and 8 screws. Kinda hard to find a job for me so stay at home mom, housewife is a blessing for me. But, if I had a better car I could drive back and forth more often and help with homeless centers in my community. I will continue to keep doing my part and donate what I can and pray for things to change with our homeless and poverty stricken.

    Brandi ThomasBrandi Thomas13 timer siden

    Indah RizkyIndah Rizky13 timer siden
  • noproject.info/it/video/rq5rarjYqYbYq3g

    The last fiddlerThe last fiddler13 timer siden
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    Depri Sabinus LumbanbatuDepri Sabinus Lumbanbatu13 timer siden
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    Depri Sabinus LumbanbatuDepri Sabinus Lumbanbatu13 timer siden
  • I prefer intentions more than God's plan... in God's plan all I see was money throwing...

    Javelia FullerJavelia Fuller13 timer siden
  • Talk now

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  • I love people on this coment

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