• Substitute Teacher: "Alright when you hear your name say here.. Alan" "Here" "Joseph" "Here" "Mary" "Here" "X... Ayyyy?...Axiiiii..?" "Here"

    miko foinmiko foin5 minutter siden
  • I love this guy 😂

    Drae DiamondDrae Diamond21 minutt siden
  • I am so excited to be a first adopter of neuralink

    StevenSteven25 minutter siden
    • this man really be using the periodic table

      miko foinmiko foin4 minutter siden
  • cigrate kills 500,000 and no one talks about it. SO TRUE .

    Amrish M BAmrish M B44 minutter siden
  • I don’t completely agree with elon about the coronavirus. Ofcourse there are side effects and eventually more people will die of hunger and conflict as a result of the measures against this virus. But seriously if an outbreak was caused in one of his factories. He can say whatever he wants. But no one will make any of his cars based on his opinion on this.

    Mo BMo B55 minutter siden
  • I feel like as time passes, Elon looses his sanity... but I mean, who doesn't

    Travis GaytouchTravis GaytouchTime siden
  • Joe rogan is the absolute best person to interview and question Elon musk. Joe your a very smart man to do this.

    Cory HansonCory HansonTime siden
  • What are the technical limitations of building an AI that creates AI's to solve problems. Would it not be as simple as running a system that creates a solution to a problem and storing those answers so if the problem changes it can try previous solutions otherwise troubleshoot to find a new solution then store it and continue?

    Eugene VaticinatorEugene VaticinatorTime siden
  • Possession. He said it. That’s what keep him going.

    Courtney BurkeCourtney BurkeTime siden
  • Joe: So how are you liking being a father in an this craziness?.. Elon: Yeah, babies are awesome!... so I've been working on this new AI...

    mitch cartermitch carterTime siden
  • Anyone else realize that Joe is smart as heck

    TooligansTooligans2 timer siden
  • Joe rogan was given an interview by a robot that tbinks people are ants

    Maria Eleni ProtopsaltiMaria Eleni Protopsalti2 timer siden
  • Elon is my hero

    MawManMawMan2 timer siden
  • He seems much more happy and i like it we all should cos he could make a Very smart AI to murda us all

    《 Wicked 》《 Wicked 》2 timer siden
  • Around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1140">19:00</a> minutes Elon talks about the neural link and what it can do to fix things that are wrong with the brain. I'm wondering if it could potentially fix problems such as being opiate dependant. Maybe depression, insomnia etc. If it could potentially zap or send a signal etc to have your brain kick in your endorphins it would literally change alot of ppl for the better. If your pleasure center in your brain is consistently fed then ppl would feel great and be happy. This changing ppls outlook on life and wanting to help other ppl and do positive things that would ultimately make this world a better place. I know this is just an idea that popped in my head and also have negative effects if the corrupt ppl have ultimate control over it thus controlling ppl to do the opposite. Man it sucks thinking of all the things this technology could do for everyone making lives better but then having to worry about corruption.

    Joshua BurnauJoshua Burnau2 timer siden
  • I love the rogan experience and I’ve grown an affection for Elon. The more I’ve watched these two talk- the more I enjoy listening to both of them particularly! Elon’s brain absolutely amazes me! Which is what makes him so delightful to listen to!

    Mandi LoveladyMandi Lovelady3 timer siden
  • What's up joe. Here is a link that will interest you and your followers . Please share noproject.info/it/video/x5mig7HXh5i-mZo

    George Knight S.George Knight S.3 timer siden
  • Elon watch the electrical signals of someone that dies. See if you can figure out how to bring them back?

    Wreckd ProjectWreckd Project3 timer siden
  • this man really be using the periodic table

    Wreckd ProjectWreckd Project3 timer siden
  • This interview has BLOWN my mind

    - Wanc.- Wanc.3 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2249">37:29</a> I'm tripping

    Wreckd ProjectWreckd Project3 timer siden
  • Charisma: 20 meets Intelligence: 20

    Xanthas AtrickXanthas Atrick3 timer siden
  • My bet is nueralink will be like a thing thing in 2028.

    SirYoloSwagling67SirYoloSwagling673 timer siden
  • Elon really be drilling peoples heads

    Wreckd ProjectWreckd Project3 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1162">19:22</a> Joes face lmao

    Wreckd ProjectWreckd Project3 timer siden
  • So is he going to make his kid becoming a cyborg too? Or it's just for anyone else?

    Eddy Pero & Remy Labbé Big BandEddy Pero & Remy Labbé Big Band4 timer siden
  • I think that more than half of the earth population can't understand this kind of discussion

    MA PEMA PE4 timer siden
  • I like how elon recognises that without workers and engineers he wouldnt have a business.

    David Lloyd GriffithDavid Lloyd Griffith4 timer siden
  • I never usually pay much attention to podcasts but I quite literally processed every word of Elon's.. This man will either be the Saviour or the fate of this world. 😂😂

    BRAD LYONBRAD LYON4 timer siden
  • It’s funny how Rogan laughs and Elon just looks dead str8 at him😂

    itz.eli.4lif3itz.eli.4lif35 timer siden
  • Nuralink device will be shockproof or something so that you dont get blown up if the circuitry is blown right? Also the neurons that you'd be putting on the chip could be way more than the chip could take and then theres the problem of the brain being affected. I get why youd be trying it on an affected person who has serious mental conditions etc but this is not recommended for yourself. Its confidence that you would but note the difference between restoring functionality and fixing whats not broken won't be the same. I dont doubt the smarts. Im rooting for ya. Just take the best measures you can and ensure safety as much as possible.

    Ninja_ 4587Ninja_ 45875 timer siden
  • Elon is the most interesting and also seems like the most boring or awkward person to talk with

    E. SkiE. Ski5 timer siden
  • The guy only hit the front door with the hammer of the Cyber truck and both glasses broke on both doors. I'm still buying one lol!!!

    Parris LucasParris Lucas5 timer siden
  • Lol wish I had half the tolerance of Elon. Multinational news agency claims you’ve not fulfilled promises of ventilators. You provide proof of ventilators from doctors in the field thanking you. CNN uses clever word play to not apologize and still try to make you the bad guy. Elon Musk: “yeah that was annoying” 😂🤘🏻

    John StamosJohn Stamos6 timer siden
  • Will it make my power go beyond 9000?

    Prince VegetaPrince Vegeta6 timer siden
  • What is the movie Elon mentions at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1810">30:10</a>?

    BQ8BEeM78aY126DGqmQbwyi0 k25wFR7sia5s3cmpBCAcwlOCBQ8BEeM78aY126DGqmQbwyi0 k25wFR7sia5s3cmpBCAcwlOC6 timer siden
  • Elon preparing to transcend... we saw the movie

    David CahillDavid Cahill6 timer siden
  • Tons of birds glide tho... @ the wing flap thing

    Christian BrunoChristian Bruno7 timer siden
  • If you can edit your past memories you can delete bad stuff you can add some goodstuff , live the life you always wanted it but when others can edit it they make you the perfect slave!

    Dick BaanDick Baan7 timer siden
  • As far as the neural chip thing goes. It sounds awesome. But The humam brain can literally do all of those things organically. We have been polluting our bodies for so long that those functions are now suppressed

    Jmoonshine42Jmoonshine427 timer siden

  • NYTand LA Times common Joe try WSJ and epoch times.

    john davisjohn davis7 timer siden
  • ok which one has there headset the wrong way ?

    RICHORICHO8 timer siden
  • I wonder if Tony Stark had a similar conversation at the dinner table with Pepper Potts when he told her how he was going to make Vision using the Mind infinity stone.

    stuart woodwardstuart woodward8 timer siden
  • My man Elon got a side profile like Trump haha

    Anthony MartinezAnthony Martinez8 timer siden
  • Is that a spaceballs t shirt?

    Paul CoombesPaul Coombes9 timer siden
  • It's been like a fucking month and I still don't get new comment section

    Kina TowerKina Tower9 timer siden
  • At one <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a>:00 Rogan mentions a report he likes to follow. Matt something. Can someone please help me with the full name?

    Austin LokeyAustin Lokey9 timer siden
  • You know, I live in Poland and do not now anybody from the movie.

    Jakub W.Jakub W.9 timer siden
  • I'm eating chicken strips 😄😄

  • This is an interview for the ages. I see why Elon wants to be able to transmit his ideas to people, his speech is so disjointed and he doesn't ever explain the context in which he's speaking.

    Shabadoo ShabadooShabadoo Shabadoo9 timer siden
  • Him talking about getting rid of all of his houses and possessions because he's judged for having a lot was so sad. He even said, he essentially didn't want to do it and has regrets, but he doesn't want people to get distracted by his wealth. Money can't buy happiness kids.

    Stephen GriggStephen Grigg9 timer siden
  • Wow I need to invest in some Tesla shares...

    Bailey ReganBailey Regan10 timer siden
  • I really enjoy conversations with Elon, they are always so easy to follow, not packed full of new slang I need to learn, not full of memes I dont get, or pop culture I am not interested in. Plus it is full of what does interest me, cutting edge tech, new ideas, hope for the future, and sometimes comedy

    Dan LuckinsDan Luckins10 timer siden
  • Elon weird asl. Like he got no appreciation fa life

    Eli taylorEli taylor10 timer siden
  • What's fascinating about neuralink is the commercialization of it. Imagine a possibility where a huge proportion of society is using it and user thought process and behaviours can be analyzed and monetized. Imagine not being able to afford it and being left behind or having to listen to ads *in your head* so you can use it for a cheaper price. Imagine what a schism in would create amongst the poor and the rich. Where humanity that arent integrated with a brain chip become more than obsolete, they're a source of resource for full fledged deepstate forever alive with consciousness on the cloud monarchies. I'm not even high 😂

    Jaiya VinothanJaiya Vinothan10 timer siden
  • Elon: "Sarcasm is difficult" Joe: clearly doesn't get the sarcasm

    Manuel DManuel D10 timer siden
  • It's already smarter😲

    Chuck FillersChuck Fillers10 timer siden
  • Mr.Elon Musk will save the World and Mr. Joe Rogan will let us know through a Amazing interview.

    LatinTotalLatinTotal11 timer siden
  • You lost me at Mars and alien's........bye

    Shane McleanShane Mclean11 timer siden
  • His answer was the world is already fucked, it'll survive being a lil more fucked up. The kind of answer I expect from a billionaire.

    Tyrone NorthTyrone North11 timer siden
  • I love listening to Elon but the latest data based on randomised population testing vs exes deaths in the UK does not indicate that the mortality rate is an order of magnitude lower than the WHO estimates. Randomised testing in the UK indicates 7% of the population have been infected so far with 65000 excess deaths which would likely imply a 1.4% mortality with hospital intervention. The reason why we are able to stay within capacity is because of social distancing. Excess deaths as a metric are completely neutral as to what is entered on a death certificate. We have a publicly funded healthcare system here in the UK so no economic insentivisation for hospitals over reporting, the pressure has been very real. Low mortality rates are contingent on healthcare capacity not being breached which is contingent on low incidences of disease which is contingent on social distancing until such time as a vaccine or antiviral treatment becomes available.

    Michael JoyceMichael Joyce11 timer siden
  • “If you don’t make stuff, there is no stuff” from the thomas Edison of our times

    whatever9042whatever904211 timer siden
  • Elon is my favorite live human being

    Alex OAlex O12 timer siden
  • Joe Rogan - "There's no one running for congress trying to ban cigarettes" South Africans - "Meet Nkosizana Dlamini-Zuma we all fucking hate her"

    Sebastian FabreSebastian Fabre12 timer siden
  • Any one else think about Roko's Basalisk when they started talk about the concept of the mind virus?

    Grant WGrant W12 timer siden
  • My first car will be a tesla

    Nick KemkesNick Kemkes12 timer siden
  • What do you guys think would happen to sarcasm, humor, and fun if our brains are being run by computers?

    Dj BonannoDj Bonanno12 timer siden
  • Joe Rogan : do you........ Elon : yea.....

    Tanuj KumarTanuj Kumar12 timer siden
  • This conversation is why there is fake news. The conversation by JR and EM about recording of death is totally bogus. The recording of death has always followed the same procedure. Musk is totally wrong on this. Also attributing the cause of death to cash flow is not true. Administrators do not decide on cause of death. Secondly, Europe has no incentive financially to record covid deaths. A very disturbing show of lack of understanding by EM, Disappointing. Stick to engineering.

    Jan DayJan Day12 timer siden
  • The stupidest name for a baby ever.

    Roger S.Roger S.13 timer siden
  • What did elon say at at the past few seconds of the vid?

    xXxAvenged7xXxxXxAvenged7xXx13 timer siden
  • "It's faster than falling" - my hero

    Ross TerminelloRoss Terminello13 timer siden
  • I really thought joe was going to go an entire episode without bringing up martial arts or fighting but nope, 1 hour and 48 minutes it he blew it.

    Jaden HornerJaden Horner14 timer siden
  • So this whole interview is basically the ghost in the shell synopsis?

    Scooter YoScooter Yo14 timer siden
    • dolimi jotoo pretty much seeing that as I continue to watch.

      Scooter YoScooter Yo11 timer siden
    • Elon Musk talks a lot of BS.

      dolimi jotoodolimi jotoo13 timer siden
  • He is one of the big players! let him be in Berlin . so Berlen is not that much of a 5€ girl anymore!

    A_TremereAndSomeBlood _JustOPA_TremereAndSomeBlood _JustOP14 timer siden
    • person to study success and innovation by.

      dolimi jotoodolimi jotoo13 timer siden
  • He is my inspiration

    TenzaloneTenzalone14 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2503">41:43</a> I take it that Elon delved into the LessWrong canon and got spooked, and that's why he's so apprehensive about AI?

    PteroplaxPteroplax14 timer siden
  • So let me get this straight 5 min in and I already find out Elon names his child after a C3po? Tell me it's not a fucking test tube baby. Xaea12. Wtf that does not stand for Sasha what in the fucking world I'm convinced Elon is convinced he's an alien machine

    DAYLON MDAYLON M14 timer siden
  • I read Aljazeera news. I tend to find international news sources are far less biased than our own.

    CodyCody14 timer siden