Joe Rogan Experience #1446 - Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer is a stand-up comedian, actor and podcast host. His new special “Hey Big Boy” is now streaming only on Netflix. @Bert Kreischer




  • Joe's out here pushing globalist propaganda. Shill.

    sheldon smithsheldon smith2 timer siden
  • The virus wouldn't cause the economy to crash, the shutdown could cause the economy to crash.

    whiteypandawhiteypanda3 timer siden
  • Vegan bear hypnosis- see panda bear aggression.

    Thatoneoneguy ThatoneonefamilyThatoneoneguy Thatoneonefamily3 timer siden
  • bert: " wait, how many black guys? " RIP

    miko foinmiko foin4 timer siden
  • No, both of them too baked. Once this cooked they are no longer interesting, and I’m not in the mood to join in... that might help? But I’m too worried about paying my mortgage

    Brad BaerwaldBrad Baerwald7 timer siden
  • Bert's description of Tiger King was inaccurate as fuck lol

    Straight Right SportsStraight Right Sports8 timer siden
  • bruh I really thot they would have talked more about what is going on but nope guess Rogan doesn't want to get blocked on NOproject either only on facebook can you watch people posting videos

    Cisco4kid1990Cisco4kid19908 timer siden
    • Have peter Schiff on to talk about how corona virus will affect the economy

      miko foinmiko foin4 timer siden
  • what if there are 2 strains 1 was the first one that went out and the 2nd is the ones that is killing people off

    Cisco4kid1990Cisco4kid19908 timer siden
  • Eminem is faster, rap god set the record and godzilla broke it.

    kronosx7kronosx79 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="166">2:46</a>:55

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="164">2:44</a>:00

    Dirty JoeDirty Joe10 timer siden
  • Buffalo Trace is a Sazerac company. They're not the oldest distillery by any stretch. Elijah Craig (Heaven Hill) is probably one of the oldest. The oldest family owned distillery in the US is actually Laird's (Applejack Brandy).

    HeilSatanHeilSatan11 timer siden
  • Joe, I know you'll probably never see this within the thousands of comments but I got to say it. I appreciate that you early on in this crazy time that alot of us working class people are getting hit hard. I feel like people in good standing don't understand how quickly you can go from comfortable to fearful of what is going to happen. Personally have found my self in the perfect storm of bad timing, 8 months ago I was working a job in DC and making good money. But I had a stroke, fallowed by loosing job. Which I took a few months to focus on my health not knowing this was coming. Now I'm out of work being evicted, completely broke. I cant even file for bankruptcy since the courts are closed. Just trying to figure home how to live through this, while trying to stay safe as an at risk person.

    colin richardscolin richards11 timer siden
  • man i just stopped at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="83">1:23</a>:30 and @bert that shit is weighing on me as well sure i might be young and drunk af but that shit weighs with me dude all the way, thank god for autocorrect. P.S. i am 22

    Cory D'AttomaCory D'Attoma11 timer siden
  • Joe Rogan I'm doing my part as an essential worker keeping the power on🙌🙌

    Shade KureShade Kure12 timer siden
  • he used to roam round the owners bar drinking beer no lie. never at a peice of meat that wasnt cooked.

    Pad SoloPad Solo12 timer siden
  • Hey Joe, I know you said we need to stand together as a country. But dont you think we need to stand together as a planet. Gaia has clearly let us know that our current system is not going to be tolerated. We need to stop being locusts and return to grasshoppers.

    Alfred F.Alfred F.13 timer siden
  • Joe and Bert are into Bjork? Ok...I already liked these dudes, but I totally didn't expect that. Nice.

    HeilSatanHeilSatan13 timer siden
  • Cuomo is an out right liar who gets away with manipulating our politics to get shitter commies in govt. He talks shit to his guest now you guys are going to defend this lieing bully. Lefty bull shit

    Bazooka JoeBazooka Joe14 timer siden
  • I was onboard with the battleship analogy....until you said the size of 100,00 times bigger than a regular battleship one like 1/10th the size of the ocean! That would be a ship 88,700,000 feet long (16,799 miles), but the pacific is only 10,998 at its widest point! YOU AINT TURNING THAT SHIP AROUND!!! Because it's stuck on land! LOL!!!!!

    Tony KnucklesTony Knuckles15 timer siden
  • M

    Wes SchaapveldWes Schaapveld15 timer siden
  • Have peter Schiff on to talk about how corona virus will affect the economy

    bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu15 timer siden
  • If you listen to this <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2216">36:56</a> "joe's cat" story first , then this <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2130">35:30</a> joe's cat must think he's such an asshole lol

    Justin nitsujJustin nitsuj16 timer siden
  • Biden can't get 99 words out in two hours.

    Mark SpigelmyerMark Spigelmyer16 timer siden
  • Sunny Garcia is still alive

    Michael HolleyMichael Holley16 timer siden
  • Leeann & Bjork share a lot of features

    Rach EverdayRach Everday18 timer siden
    • the freez you are talkling about, freez for 2 month and just feed ppl and get back to business, that´s what Denmark is trying to do.

      bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu15 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a>:25 "... for everyone that survives." The fact that we have to say things like that is a fucking wakeup call in its own right. And we thought we were in strange times before this hit...

    Leo AlexanderLeo Alexander18 timer siden
  • I know that Joe and Bert will probably never see this.... But remember when Patrice took down that anti comedy women's lib chick on fox? His prime argument was that we as people deserve the attempt at humor, regardless of it's reception. I understand what Ari meant when he told Bert you can't say it's not a joke.

    enflightened93enflightened9319 timer siden
  • Bone density muscle building supplement? Mk2866 Ostarine

  • I often wonder after taking a hit and coughing if people are looking at my like I have the virus when all I have is door doo weed that is real dry and harsh.

    Joshua MooreJoshua Moore19 timer siden
  • Someone let Bert Kreischer know Sunny Garcia is still alive please.

    ElitekonaElitekona19 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="195">3:15</a>:59 Joe "Belgium MaliMOIS" Rogan. 😂 Dude said the name multiple times and said it wrong every time. Smh

    closinginonclosureclosinginonclosure19 timer siden
  • So that's what happened to Andi Smith

    mcsibsmcsibs20 timer siden
  • This “kids wanting to fight you if you’re new” is so alien to me

    FTLghostFTLghost20 timer siden
  • Has anybody asked what the list of medications what they he said that badass lady that was translating and warned him??? I

    BofferBennett RearickBofferBennett Rearick20 timer siden
    • Sorry that wasnt a really good sentence. 😂 hope somebody still knows the list of medications that she recommended

      BofferBennett RearickBofferBennett Rearick20 timer siden
  • Joe: "everybody was f%cked... the entire street was covered in black ice" Bert: "holy shit... how many black guys?!" Jesus, Bert.

    PsyintZPsyintZ20 timer siden
  • Fuck it Machine. We watched it just because I saw you. I was like fuck it lol

    Cpl HillbillyCpl Hillbilly21 time siden
  • help me figure out what kind of shirt is joe wearing? i want it

    Matthew ZerfassMatthew Zerfass21 time siden
  • Joe "Kevin Hearts brother is a real professional pool player" Rogan

    VeronicaVeronica21 time siden
  • the freez you are talkling about, freez for 2 month and just feed ppl and get back to business, that´s what Denmark is trying to do.

    Niclas HornNiclas Horn22 timer siden
  • Joe "If you knew him like I know him" Rogan <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a>:30

    bgsymalonebgsymalone22 timer siden
  • "Maybe we should all get together and have a quarantine challenge"........Not sure you understand that quarantine means, Joe.

    Johnny ByrneJohnny Byrne22 timer siden
  • Mac lethal is not a rapper. He's imitating rappers voice writing his own words in front of his white privilege fans and now he has millions of views. This is like saying every neighborhood rapper is a real rapper. Eminem is a rapper. Thats it

    Marco9 HumboldtMarco9 Humboldt23 timer siden
  • Damn Bert. I know that look buddy. Stay strong. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="87">1:27</a>:17

    TitsMegee420TitsMegee42023 timer siden
  • you two together are terrible it's awesome. burt always make shit lit

    LeonRFpoaLeonRFpoa23 timer siden
  • We must help predict the future evolution of the healthcare system to have a circumnagivatable response to this virus so we can overcome it as a society. What can the average American citizen stuck at home do other than social distance themselves to the highest extent to help fight?

    Matt WhalenMatt Whalen23 timer siden
  • I wish Bert would realize that there's going to be nothing funny about hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people dying. Comedy isn't a thing right now. Everyone with a large public status should be finding way to BROADCAST opportunities for the public to mobilize together. You guys are the leaders of us right now whether you like it or not and the bottomline is we are going to potentially very rapidly run out of the healthcare workers that are saving lives and we must be prepared for that. God knows we have enough times on our hands already those that are trapped at home with no way to help.

    Matt WhalenMatt Whalen23 timer siden
  • Wow Rogan is super baked on this one lmfao

    J Coleman シJ Coleman シDag siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="118">1:58</a>:07 Greatest episode of all time!

    5thGen5thGenDag siden

    Taylor SmithTaylor SmithDag siden
  • Suddenly Cuomo is the guy, America is fckd.

    Danilo BrizDanilo BrizDag siden
  • Oh shit I'm O+

    Doug DougDoug DougDag siden
  • I just watched the Tom Segura video response to Bert. Holy shit that made me laugh.

    Jason McCraineJason McCraineDag siden
  • Senators do Insider Trading all the time as they are exempt from that law. It's shady as fuck, look into it and prepare for your blood to boil LOL.

    Jack DJack DDag siden

    andyandyDag siden
  • My step-dad went to school with the BigCat guy in Zanesville, OH. Nobody even knew he had the animals around. It was a GHOST town in Zanesville when he released them, everyone was afraid.

    TheAmishHackerTheAmishHackerDag siden
  • I had it, but barely. 29, stopped smoking 4 years ago, still vaping. Fever hovered around 100 the whole time. Had a cough, but kinda just felt like a hot bong rip in my lungs for about 6 days.

    Brian StartBrian StartDag siden
  • Joe Rogan: we need a leader that's honest and has character. Me: *cough* Bernie Sanders *cough*

    CutThroatJuggaloCutThroatJuggaloDag siden
    • @Hunter Deskin anyone with a remote shot of winning at this point fits that qualification. Plus, Bernie is the only one of the three that has the other traits.

      CutThroatJuggaloCutThroatJuggalo22 timer siden
    • CutThroatJuggalo and prone to die soon lol

      Hunter DeskinHunter Deskin23 timer siden
  • Yeah it’s more awesome when you find Rogan on your own.

    Jesica MercadoJesica MercadoDag siden
  • Rogan has become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the establishment

    Adam BakkerAdam BakkerDag siden
  • Bert's laugh sounds like a Hyena getting a handy xD love it

    Sami KissaiSami KissaiDag siden
  • It’s still like that in Boston I can vouch shits crazy yur me

    Ethan McAndrewsEthan McAndrewsDag siden
  • Joe you ramble on like a 14 year old stoner let the guest speak , who cares if you pronounce a word is it worth disrupting the guest ? No go with the flow joe

    Damian JohnDamian JohnDag siden
  • most people think the virus is a scam, people aren t gonna learn shit

    Luke8FPSLuke8FPSDag siden
    • I love this podcast, but the fact that joe was clearly higher than usual made it special !

      dolimi jotoodolimi jotooDag siden
  • Bert is my role model

    Check Internet ConnectionCheck Internet ConnectionDag siden
    • Brooksville is a great place to ride dirtbikes atvs

      dolimi jotoodolimi jotooDag siden
  • Bonnie and joon, I honestly have more respect for Johnny Depp after their convo

    mark knoopmark knoopDag siden
  • I know you won't see my comment but what burt said about discovering someone and falling in love with the content, I discovered this podcast and it changed my life. You and all of the people you call friends are amazing and I almost feel I could call you friends myself. Thank you for doing this show you're a savior

    Cooper VeitCooper VeitDag siden
  • JMr. Rogan speaks highly about older brother cuomo, and then cuomo pulls the "mothers favorite" card x)

    ChronicUSAChronicUSADag siden
  • I vote Jamie be the next podcast guest

    Jon ReedJon ReedDag siden
  • I'm a big Rogan fan, but it always seems to me that Joe talk's to Bert like he needs to impart wisdom on him like a teacher of some kind? maybe it's just me though..

    fred flintstonefred flintstoneDag siden
  • Tell Alex jones and Eddie Bravo to clear their schedules and be staples on this show during quarantine

    Brian WhortonBrian WhortonDag siden
  • oh kiss and their fans were mocked? imagine being a juggalo. we literally are considered gang members for being fans of a i feel the pain.

  • Joe looking like an army vet lol

    Jack SavercoolJack SavercoolDag siden
  • Who immediately went to the comment section after the ”black guys” thing lmaooo

    ButtaYoBisquitButtaYoBisquitDag siden
  • I got a 63 kg rottweiler thats attack trained. N im 6,4 18 stone n im the boss. He will kill for me on command had him since 8 weeks. He has bitten me twice but. Fair enough i pushed my luck. He is my best buddy and my bodyguard. If y break into my house your FUCKKKKKKED but he is my best buddy and right now snuggled up on my leg.

    Jonathan RogersJonathan RogersDag siden
  • I'm not that gyu but Bert is wrong about Cane Corso, they're the swettest (at leat female) and very shy, nothing like an argentino :)

    ArthurArthurDag siden
  • i was watching the joey diaz episode...and could not bring up the comments, long story ..short... do not take a chance. something is very wrong here. very , very wrong...time will tell.

    Jerry LittleJerry LittleDag siden

    Zach WhiteZach WhiteDag siden
  • Brooksville is a great place to ride dirtbikes atvs

    Going Yooper Fitz Family ConstrictorsGoing Yooper Fitz Family ConstrictorsDag siden
  • I love this podcast, but the fact that joe was clearly higher than usual made it special !

    ArthurArthurDag siden