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00:00 Intro
01:04 Bogdan Explains The Plasma Cutter
01:38 Reverse Engineering A Portable Plasma Cutter
02:18 How The Gauntlet Will Work
04:10 The Build Begins
04:59 Testing Time!
05:14 James Builds The Grounding Glove
06:50 Fitting The Nozzle Into The Gauntlet
08:43 First Bench Test
09:05 The Gauntlet Is Ready!
09:33 It Cuts Everything!
10:21 Cutting A Sword In Half!
11:22 Does It Have Real World Applications?
13:46 James Cuts Through A Steel Door!
14:47 Breaking and Entering
14:55 Cutting A Car Into Pieces Begins
15:32 Sunroof Time!
16:18 Cutting Off The Doors!
16:41 Iron Man Was Here
16:54 James Drives Off Into The Sunset
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Real life iron man glove with plasma cutter metal ironman suit real ironman gauntlet laser




  • What's the yellow hose for!? Our portable air tank (from a paintball gun) ran out, and we couldn't get it refilled while filming, so we used shop air for most of the tests! The system is still fully portable without any wires, we just need to refill the air tank. Sorry for not explaining this in the video! The batteries and airtank have a run time of about 10 minutes, which is more than enough to cut through tons of things -- for example, the car was all cut on a single charge!

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