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This week on Instant Influencer, the competition gets real when our artists have to apologize for a scandal. 😭 I also invited some of my favorite NOprojectrs for a collab challenge. How will these aspiring artists match up with some of the biggest names in beauty?
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  • Hello guys👋🏼 Soo I just like to share something to you guys, so if love watching Instant Influencer for sure you love watching this series too, Just go to Netflix and search Glow Up so basically Its all about makeup and competition, and its very similar to Instant Influencer. And yeah enjoy🤩.... ++++ And watch Next In Fashion for sure you guys will love this to all of this show is in Netflix. Thank me later🥰

    Jandrex BitunJandrex Bitun11 timer siden
  • I can’t wait to get your palette James!!!!🥳🥳🥳🤩🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Yashvi TandonYashvi Tandon11 timer siden
  • This really shows how important good editing is

    NinaNina11 timer siden
  • Benny’s haircut though!!!!😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Yashvi TandonYashvi Tandon11 timer siden
  • I hope Ashley wins!!!!

    Yashvi TandonYashvi Tandon11 timer siden
  • The ashley and nikita tandem is iconic hahahaha

    Shibalushibalu GaShibalushibalu Ga13 timer siden
  • I love how they act so shocked 😮

    wei hong yangwei hong yang13 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="162">2:42</a> his vioce cracked

    Joseph TellezJoseph Tellez14 timer siden
  • Hi

    Nayyab DarNayyab Dar15 timer siden
  • I think since bretman is naturally a funny and goofy, Benny tries to mock that and make him “proud”. Idk maybe that’s just me

    Madi GMadi G16 timer siden
  • Yall do know that estupidas means stupids right?

    Fernando enrique CogulFernando enrique Cogul16 timer siden
  • I want to do makeup because of himmmmmmm OMG😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Jon McBainJon McBain17 timer siden
  • I look up to himm :)

    Jon McBainJon McBain17 timer siden
  • 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Jon McBainJon McBain17 timer siden

    Jon McBainJon McBain17 timer siden

    Jon McBainJon McBain17 timer siden
  • I feel bad that everyone is saying the Benny tried too hard.. 😔 He did his best! And I think he deserved to go through to the next round because I think he's talented 😊

    OwlGrif LOLOwlGrif LOL17 timer siden
  • benny is trying to hard oml

    Aleena JavedAleena Javed18 timer siden
  • Acaso soy la unica que no habla ingles ¿en serio?🙄

    Karina GallardoKarina Gallardo19 timer siden
  • omg Gabriel should have gone home episode 1.. so lame, Indigo should've been in this episode not him

    slumscapeslumscape19 timer siden
    • Oh my what a hater, you know, some things are just better off being unsaid or said in a positive way.

      Jada PetersonJada Peterson18 timer siden
  • I'm 7 years old and I know how to do makeup gold

    Petra JuarezPetra Juarez19 timer siden
  • Benny was hella annoying, trying to hard to act like Bretman and it was just awkward 😬🙄

    Chelsea FoleyChelsea Foley21 time siden
  • Benny is like one of those "girls" that act different with boys. He was even saying that you should be yourself but was trying to be trendy and it just got annoying at some point.

    mikin liroumikin lirou22 timer siden
  • I loved Nikita with Ashley they were perfect together!

    JaidynJaidynDag siden
    • mikin liroumikin lirou22 timer siden
  • To the comments saying Benny was not himself, He should have stopped faking, The video was cringe.. I am aware but Benny is Just 18 he's still finding himself as a person!

    Rosy.GlowRosy.GlowDag siden
  • This is my favorite episode. 🥳

    Caroline BipatCaroline BipatDag siden
  • Don't which that man

    Carlos AntoineCarlos AntoineDag siden
  • We all knew Gabriel was mad but jst smiling through the whole thing 😂

    Carsy YertenCarsy YertenDag siden
  • I’m the only one who thinks that Bret is annoyed from Benny? That’s like really cringe and Benny is on camera all ways to much! That is soooo bad! It ruins anything

    noir__floof LOLnoir__floof LOLDag siden
  • Did anyone see Khailin's shoes

    Daniella TranquimDaniella TranquimDag siden
  • Dang I felt for Gabriel I mean it was nice but the video went bad I feel sorry🙏😊

    Daniella TranquimDaniella TranquimDag siden
  • Why did Benny have to copy Brettman

    It’s all About RaiIt’s all About RaiDag siden
  • Can we talk about how James is a great actor omg even I thought they were wrong I'm like what he is great

    Daniella TranquimDaniella TranquimDag siden
  • I know that Gabriel tried but no 1.he wasn't in frame. No. 2 he obviously didn't make conversation and to me that is the best part of collabs and no. 3 you can tell the worry on norvinas face because of all he did and the person you collab with shouldn't be worried they should be enjoying it which she didn't.

    Ayobami Leon-BarkerAyobami Leon-BarkerDag siden
  • He should do a kids edition

    Bailey BBailey BDag siden
  • I got so excited when Nikita came on

    Shannon MccruddenShannon MccruddenDag siden
  • I really love Nikita she the best

    Funny queen SquadFunny queen SquadDag siden
  • Not everyone like to called “ bitch” that is shit

    Pepe SisiPepe SisiDag siden
  • Did James say Elephant in the room And I thought that was a insult to mean fat But if I am wrong please comment no hate tho

    Diwan SherifDiwan SherifDag siden
  • I got such a barbie vibe from Ashley throughout the episode cause’ of her ensemble😍

    Sree HariniSree HariniDag siden
  • Esra AltunEsra AltunDag siden
  • Omg he was such a good sport when Hames told him he was going home I love him🥰🥰😍

    Catriona DonohoeCatriona DonohoeDag siden
  • Wtf is this😵

    Joe GriffithsJoe GriffithsDag siden
  • Benny I think needs to go his makeup is just no I think Ashley needs to win

    Stella ReeseStella ReeseDag siden
  • I have Seen this so many times and then i went on Tik tok and i wanted to see How you folow and i found bretman and louie and i looked at his videos and then wowwwwww He Shaks his botty sooooo Well omg and so do bretty is a bad b****

    Emma FlaierEmma FlaierDag siden

    Property of JisooProperty of JisooDag siden
  • Benny reminds me of loui Mills on tik tok

    Jacqui CornishJacqui CornishDag siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="845">14:05</a> BRETMANS FACE CHANGE REAL QUICK AS SOON AS HE LOOKED AT HIM😭😭

    Yoongi._tearsYoongi._tearsDag siden
  • i also wanna come there but lol i am just 12 years hahahaha

    Vyka ArunVyka ArunDag siden
    • my new idol: JAMES CHARLESSSSS i dont use make up but his videos are goalssss

      Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hideDag siden
  • Ok let’s be honest Bret was not feeling it when they were shooting a video 😂

    hunnixbear _.hunnixbear _.Dag siden
  • Benny and bretman could have such a good video but Benny tryed way to hard sorry Benny

    Hi HelloHi HelloDag siden
    • Am I the only one who thought this was extremely shady 👀

      Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hideDag siden

    dfhytryhtrhudfhytryhtrhuDag siden
  • Am I the only one that genuinely really like Benny!? Like come on hes not that bad. He has more fun energy then me!🙄

    Slpm DoggosSlpm DoggosDag siden
  • When They walked in all I thought was "BRETTTTT" <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="423">7:03</a>

    Hxllo_hxllHxllo_hxllDag siden
  • Oh I love how even when he’s getting disqualified he still has a smile on his face! He is such I sweet person!

    Rebekah FergusonRebekah FergusonDag siden
  • When James is explaining the second challenge he kind of sounds like my ELA teacher when we have to write an essay he’s like we need to grab the viewers/readers attention LOL

    Rhea AlversonRhea AlversonDag siden
  • Benny looked like he was about to have a heart attack 🤣

    Izzy MelvinIzzy MelvinDag siden
    • You wouldn't be laughing if it was you now would you

      Jada PetersonJada Peterson19 timer siden
  • ...But did anyone else peep how Bretman wasn't feeling benny LMAOOO

    yessica munizyessica munizDag siden
  • I'm Aries to ♈

    Bobby LaurillaBobby LaurillaDag siden
  • I-

    Layla AlokozaiLayla AlokozaiDag siden
  • when benny went: THE FOUNDATION AINT COMING OUT- OH SH**! bret was like: you trying too hard

    Kirin StappKirin StappDag siden
  • They way that James came in 😂 and his acting I was dying I am like oooh sis is mad

    Milana EspalinMilana EspalinDag siden
  • Y’all are too mean to Benny. He’s only 18 and he was just nervous.

    Shannon LaVelleShannon LaVelle2 dager siden
    • Shannon LaVelle i don’t have a problem with him but he’s just loud and annoying

      Aleena JavedAleena Javed18 timer siden
  • Am I the only one who thought this was extremely shady 👀

    roblox roachroblox roach2 dager siden
  • my new idol: JAMES CHARLESSSSS i dont use make up but his videos are goalssss

    Dianne PadillaDianne Padilla2 dager siden
  • I absolutely love how James can make someone feel so good abouttheir selfs, even at the worst times

    evangel is stupidevangel is stupid2 dager siden
  • Benny... a lil xtra so sorry but bretman did look like a he was faking his smile

    BURNAYYBURNAYY2 dager siden
  • TikTokers apollegizing be like: I aM sO sOrRrY fOr WhAt I dId FJGUERHGIUHRGHURHBJBJNVNJGVETIUG8945U5T "CRIES"

    Daniela ZeaDaniela Zea2 dager siden
  • I think Gabriel was very graceful in his loss. Very professional.

    Neo HermitessNeo Hermitess2 dager siden
  • I feel the critical question/ prompt here was "what can I talk about with *this* guest that I couldn't with anyone else?". That's how you make unique content and stand out.

    Neo HermitessNeo Hermitess2 dager siden
  • Nikita < Paris Hilton

    Cloie MoyerCloie Moyer2 dager siden
  • Did anybody else see Kailin hair extension

    Camila LojaCamila Loja2 dager siden
  • With all this hate comments about Benny but can we just take a moment of giving him respect for acting so kind to his competitors by pairing them exactly where they VIBE with.He was looking after them even JC says still its a competition. So stop the hate...his too young and still growing..even none of u can even film a video for a sec like he did.

    Kiss ChewKiss Chew2 dager siden
  • This should be a Netflix show

    Ella MillerElla Miller2 dager siden
  • If I had to choose a collaboration out of those 4 I would choose Bretman all the way hands down lmao

    chelcchelc2 dager siden
  • Cool👍👍👍👍👍

    Lalhmingthangi RalteLalhmingthangi Ralte2 dager siden
  • Am i the only one who is really annoyed by benny?

    hen kohen ko2 dager siden
    • Well I think I am really annoyed by you. You guys should be a lot nicer to benny

      Jada PetersonJada Peterson18 timer siden
  • I feel like Benny was trying wayyyyy too hard to impress Bretman.

    Nadia FarinoNadia Farino2 dager siden
  • Hi everyone video is good

    Amanoul YonanAmanoul Yonan2 dager siden
    • omfg how is ashley soo cool and cute i wish i could be friends w her!!!! def gonna subscribe to her channel i rly wanna see more of her

      hen kohen ko2 dager siden
  • Nice add

    Ra!nydays xxRa!nydays xx2 dager siden