I Challenged an Actual SWAT Team to Camo Hide and Seek!

I Challenged an Actual SWAT Team to Camo Hide and Seek! with Preston 👊
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  • The subscribe button is trying to hide. Click it if you can find it 👀👀👀

    PrestonPreston2 måneder siden
    • Found it recently

      Natan MengisNatan Mengis14 timer siden
    • I still haven't found it though... Where was it?

    • Dude you are going to win 👍

      AARON LUPOLDAARON LUPOLD20 dager siden
    • Mohamed Ali my name is also the same

      Mohammad AliMohammad AliMåned siden
    • Hi

      Peter StarrsPeter StarrsMåned siden
  • John chit

    visanti bitrajvisanti bitraj29 minutter siden
  • Since when did he become friends with thatguybarney

    Randall LeighRandall Leigh4 timer siden
  • For Preston to get more subscribers

    Leslie QuirozLeslie Quiroz5 timer siden
  • Make sure to like subscribe and hit the Bell

    Leslie QuirozLeslie Quiroz5 timer siden
  • We miss you Preston

    Leslie QuirozLeslie Quiroz5 timer siden
  • Wow there is a lot of complaining

    Leslie QuirozLeslie Quiroz5 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="934">15:34</a> legit reminds me of my dad coming upstairs to wake me up for school

    Mr TopBotMr TopBot6 timer siden
  • Preston should crouch then cover his face

    Jinyao LiJinyao Li6 timer siden
  • I'm only 5

    Wiremu MilnerWiremu Milner7 timer siden
  • Hit the the like button for Preston down here blow my comment

    Cohen MYERSCohen MYERS7 timer siden
  • That is going to be hard 😓

    Jax JJax J11 timer siden
  • kylah

    Denyse HornerDenyse Horner11 timer siden
  • This is actual training for the swat

    Natan MengisNatan Mengis14 timer siden
  • An actual swat team

    Martha KimbrellMartha Kimbrell16 timer siden
  • Swat dog?!! Woah do another one

    Vegeta IOKVegeta IOK16 timer siden
  • Everyone knew WT will got caught first😂

    homereviewzhomereviewz16 timer siden
  • Who da swat

    이정순이정순17 timer siden
  • Disappointing to see that preston is turning into morgz

    JOSE TANJOSE TAN18 timer siden
  • A4 плогиат

    Vitality BarbarianVitality Barbarian21 time siden
  • Ждем точно такое же видео у а4

    Pechupido STANDOFF 2Pechupido STANDOFF 222 timer siden
  • I love it!

    David GudmunsenDavid GudmunsenDag siden
  • I you play in hing and see ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    Judy BonnarJudy BonnarDag siden
  • Is anyone watching this on 2020

    past the future Galaxy catpast the future Galaxy catDag siden
  • Oh no

    Susan Chong SCSusan Chong SCDag siden
  • I want to Preston to win

    Brendah KhayesheBrendah KhayesheDag siden
  • Man

    samten zangmosamten zangmoDag siden
  • No it isn’t

    Zoe MephamZoe MephamDag siden
  • I actually didn’t know that they might um shoot you but they didn’t

    Patrice HendricksPatrice HendricksDag siden
  • Who else wanted to see them bring out the dogs

    Steven EdwardsSteven EdwardsDag siden
  • Wow the swat

    Shanti CarnotShanti CarnotDag siden
  • Fake

    Vincent FoxVincent FoxDag siden
  • Your videos are awesome I a fan

    Tiffany WhiteTiffany WhiteDag siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="656">10:56</a> who tf checks their phone during a hide and seek game lol

  • Am I the only person who would have made a makeshift straw and hide under water

    Nigel SNigel SDag siden
  • The most... epic.... fail!

    Bo DoBo DoDag siden
  • Hi

    Anthony's Antics 10Anthony's Antics 10Dag siden
  • Pause then click on this <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="607">10:07</a>

    Bacon FlamingoBacon FlamingoDag siden
  • Did you actually get a real SWAT team to be the seeker. Man what people do for views.

    Amy EnderGirlAmy EnderGirlDag siden
  • Preston:lets play hide and seek with a swat team Swat team:Are we a joke to you

    Ylbere BrociYlbere BrociDag siden
  • And lat us troll my sister

    Liezel ErasmusLiezel ErasmusDag siden
  • 10pm in the morning tomarow

    Liezel ErasmusLiezel ErasmusDag siden
  • Preston can you please join me and my sister and can you make a seris

    Liezel ErasmusLiezel ErasmusDag siden
  • I love it!

    bobandkristinmajorisbobandkristinmajorisDag siden
  • Sir I'm lagging at 300ms here fck I'm teleporting

    コード13'šðコード13'šðDag siden
  • You Are going to win

    Jennifer SlazasJennifer SlazasDag siden
  • Favorite member in hide and seek is the dog

    Nathan LepageNathan LepageDag siden
  • hi Bri,wt,John and Preston

    Lau ah kauLau ah kauDag siden
  • The swat team had 1hour and the video was 16 minutes how is that possible

    Gajanan HujareGajanan Hujare2 dager siden
  • This is your first time whatching his videos his videos are amazing 😉

    TrxllCaden -YTTrxllCaden -YT2 dager siden
  • cool this is the best one!!!!!

    Taegan WelshTaegan Welsh2 dager siden
  • the getting caught by the first guy was obviously staged

    Frame FlowFrame Flow2 dager siden
  • What's the point of betting $10? You're acting like you don't have millions of dollars from the ludicrous amount of ads and merchandise.

    Yellow SlugYellow Slug2 dager siden
  • Crasy

    Felicia SmithFelicia Smith2 dager siden
  • your like a kid preston

    Jolan LaneJolan Lane2 dager siden
  • ❌〰️❌

    Jackson FlemingJackson Fleming2 dager siden
  • Copied faze rug

    yuvraj singhyuvraj singh2 dager siden
  • ok preston

    J KJ K2 dager siden
  • ok preston

    J KJ K2 dager siden
  • Your the deadest NOprojectr

    recxlessYTrecxlessYT2 dager siden
  • it's all that SWAT has toy guns on video

    ScottcatXScottcatX2 dager siden
  • Make him wear unspeakable merch

    Joshua MartinJoshua Martin2 dager siden
  • Faze kay copoed toul

    Hillal MackeenHillal Mackeen2 dager siden
  • yo i think that guns are not real cause it has orange or red thing on the end of the bullet thing

    ShadowAddmerd MeardsanleanShadowAddmerd Meardsanlean2 dager siden
  • love ya vids

    ShadowAddmerd MeardsanleanShadowAddmerd Meardsanlean2 dager siden
    • Hi me

      ShadowAddmerd MeardsanleanShadowAddmerd Meardsanlean2 dager siden
  • i turned on notiffications so i can see new vids and like sub

    ShadowAddmerd MeardsanleanShadowAddmerd Meardsanlean2 dager siden
  • i want to see you rn:D but im in philliphines and im a kid so i wanna meet you so bad :(

    ShadowAddmerd MeardsanleanShadowAddmerd Meardsanlean2 dager siden
  • Just get a shovel make a tunnal then close it up

    falout new vegas playerfalout new vegas player2 dager siden
  • Wow

    Michael HydeMichael Hyde2 dager siden
  • FaZe Rug Thumbanil 😂😂😂

    EdrealMan049EdrealMan0493 dager siden
  • BRUH THIS CHANNEL IS SO CRINGE. 99% of the viewers are like infants.

    Teemo BlastTeemo Blast3 dager siden
  • I’ve been to that place it’s pretty cool

    RamBamGamingRamBamGaming3 dager siden
  • You can win this

    senyorita pipaysenyorita pipay3 dager siden
  • 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 Preston i love you so much

    Elia FordElia Ford3 dager siden
  • 😘😘😘😘😘 Preston will you be in your office at the 8 days

    Elia FordElia Ford3 dager siden
  • Im sad if you in prison no escaping im so sad i will be miss you😭😭

    vellica love catsvellica love cats3 dager siden
  • john is a loser

    Dom ZimmermanDom Zimmerman3 dager siden

    Andrew AnthesAndrew Anthes3 dager siden
  • Eek

    Otto explores the worldOtto explores the world3 dager siden
  • Hi

    Ivory DispiritoIvory Dispirito3 dager siden