Homemade Screw Tank Build #1 SCREWS

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  • This is a BIG project for a little shed but thats not stopped me before, keep your notifications on so you don't miss the next videos.OFFICIAL Colin Furze SAFETY TIES NOW AVAILABLE www.colinfurzeshop.com I have filmed a lot more detail in this project as builds like the land speeder also should have had way more than one video. Let me know what tank you would build.

    colinfurzecolinfurze7 dager siden
    • I play world of tanks I have played it for years and I say it’s super fun

      Wolf Empire209Wolf Empire209Dag siden
    • When are you going to visit the hacksmith and see he's new work shop

      peter dhillonpeter dhillonDag siden
    • colinfurze make it colin

      BibiBoshBibiBoshDag siden
    • Looking forward to this project Colin.cant wait to see whats next.well done and keep up the mad work.love it :)

      jambo beadlejambo beadle2 dager siden
    • noproject.info/it/video/yrSbqdK4oYvOuYQ

      Павел БезденежныхПавел Безденежных7 dager siden
  • Desiged and edited by Colin Furze :D

    Levi LyleLevi Lyle21 time siden
  • Like the ones from fallout

    David HurlburtDavid Hurlburt22 timer siden
  • Make a nuclear powered car

    David HurlburtDavid Hurlburt22 timer siden
  • you make it look so easy

    Nab 1pmNab 1pm23 timer siden
  • Keep writing things on masking tape. Great way to get little bits across.

    SumphukaSumphukaDag siden
  • Hi colin I love your videos and you are the reason I love to create my own projects and I always try to watch the moment you've uploaded for inspiration as I have gone and am going through a tough time and you help to take my mind of it . Thankyou

    Billy RobertsBilly RobertsDag siden
  • If its not been mentioned already, you spelt "designed" wrong in the closing titles. Great vid by the way :)

    shane allardshane allardDag siden
  • wot free to win yeahh not with it's premium shells wt (war thunder) is way better free to win game (maybe except top tier for now) plus it's more realistic

    dovydas saponkadovydas saponkaDag siden
  • Who thinks Colin should visit the hacksmith and he's new warehouse

    peter dhillonpeter dhillonDag siden
  • hi colin Big fan of yours. infact because of you i started my own channel, great question infact i would build a beer brewing tank as i im doing now for one of my next videos, as im a plumber guest what ill be using lol

    Dean It YourselfDean It YourselfDag siden
  • It's not a tank unless it has a BIG GUN! :)

    Katie LuvKatie LuvDag siden
  • Love your vids, thumbs up all of them. Also tried World Of Tanks, and it is really frikin amazing. I just did it to help you get some revenue. But I'm glad I tried it. The code TankTasctic, works and once I got used to the FREE Premium Tank from the code, it's really really good. BEST advice= It's basically a Snipers game with really slow armored bodies! Don't run out in the open thinking because your a tank you'll live. Their a tank to. Also don't spend the Gold coins that the code also gifts you, until much later game. It's the currency that only is replenished with real money.

    AndyDAndyDDag siden
  • Anyone else think Collin is the Gordon Ramsey of engineering?

    JuicyJaguarJuicyJaguarDag siden
  • Should triangulate the screws , looks like they would bend.

    John ConnerJohn ConnerDag siden
  • Seems more like avatar The Last Airbender tvh

    sinking steak 212sinking steak 212Dag siden
  • At 20 million subscribers you should actually build a tank, just like a real one and use like real one too.

    Emily EldridgeEmily EldridgeDag siden
  • U know the word

    BlankLeafBlankLeafDag siden
  • Colin at wednesday 12:04 pm i saw behing your van i dont live so far from you know the rd im from ford

    BlankLeafBlankLeafDag siden
  • Next on,collin furze makes a nuclear submarine

    anuradha dhananjayaanuradha dhananjayaDag siden
  • Shagohod!

    Radec HelghastRadec HelghastDag siden
  • some thing i can get my teeth in to, beats taking elmo out for a walk (-;

    imagine steel artsimagine steel artsDag siden
  • what the materials you use sliding???

    jhun hugjhun hugDag siden
  • Next project : Make a tank

    ༄Bertd᭄ • ʙᴏʏ࿐༄Bertd᭄ • ʙᴏʏ࿐Dag siden
  • Crossout has a very similar thing

    Lucas WindersLucas WindersDag siden
  • This seems a lot like like the #killdozer thing back in 2004 😂

    17Industries17IndustriesDag siden
  • Idk if anyone else notice but you spelt Designed wrong in the end. You missed the n

    Booglehoop :]Booglehoop :]Dag siden
  • crossout mb?)

    Сергій МогилаСергій МогилаDag siden
  • I own an RC version of what he's building: www.amazon.com/Hot-Wheels-Terrain-Twister-Vehicle/dp/B0076IN0U6 It's based on this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screw-propelled_vehicle

    Unit ZER0Unit ZER02 dager siden
  • Źòr gwana

    Zkarea SherwanZkarea Sherwan2 dager siden
  • See You Next Tuesday! 🤔 😯 😏 🤣🤣🤣

    Sage TXSage TX2 dager siden
  • hey

    qutubuddin Patwaqutubuddin Patwa2 dager siden
  • If you can make a tank then I bet you can make a submarine as well? Is that a worthy challenge for you?

    Jack FisherJack Fisher2 dager siden
  • Treads like the Shagohod. :3 also how can anyone dislike Colin's videos? There always amazing, and fun to watch.

    zachary raileyzachary railey2 dager siden
  • I thought he was building a water Reservoir u screw in the ground😅

    Lorenz HuttnerLorenz Huttner2 dager siden
  • Fun fact another word for these screws. is Augers.

    AmGay ProductionAmGay Production2 dager siden
  • Колин на маска работает?

    Akhmed RvAkhmed Rv2 dager siden
  • I appreciate the music! Way better then what you had the last time i watched (hard rock or something like that)! Especially the first time lapse music (the relaxing) after that came pretty trash music

    Bas BakkerBas Bakker2 dager siden
  • How much is your power bill XD

    Miles MMiles M2 dager siden
  • A nuke for 10 mil?!?! Is that even legal?

    Miles MMiles M2 dager siden
  • Hello from USSR...

    Никита ПоповНикита Попов2 dager siden
  • Code doesnt Work

    Will SmithWill Smith2 dager siden
  • 7:03 always gotta finish the very tip of it off, that's the best part *_*cough_**

    LaGuerre19LaGuerre192 dager siden
  • Why does he look like a gordon ramsey

    Necrosis SNecrosis S2 dager siden
  • Soviet Car

    IIXII ๊IIXII ๊2 dager siden
  • Colin! Did you go down to The Tank Museum for research? :D

    James BarrowsJames Barrows2 dager siden
  • i want the cup, where do i get one lol

    The ZenThe Zen2 dager siden
  • Soooooo, the most important question is... will they add this tank to the game?

    Wuut Da HellWuut Da Hell2 dager siden
  • WoT promo code aint working for me. Anybody here also tried it?

    Lonely RiderLonely Rider2 dager siden
  • Learn from others who have gone before you Colin! noproject.info/it/video/qM-Bepu0n5axyKY

    muzzassmithmuzzassmith2 dager siden
  • Build somebody a ColinFurze style flood defence system for their house!

    RobertRobert2 dager siden
  • What this guy creates from his rather modest shop is really cool!

    stevo450ifystevo450ify2 dager siden
  • noproject.info/it/video/qM-Bepu0n5axyKY

    Paul LucePaul Luce2 dager siden
  • This were actually invented for the purpose of pulling loads across snow to replace snowmobiles. while effective at first, it turns out that it doesn’t get enough traction and the speeds are very limited.

    Travis SmithTravis Smith2 dager siden
  • Hacksmith: power loader, Allen pan: plasma sword, colin: TANK!!!!

    Dylan RandallDylan Randall2 dager siden
  • I can't wait for World of Warships to sponsor him and he builds a fucking Battleship xD

    Holmesy87Holmesy872 dager siden
  • You need a cone at both ends to turn🍻

    Scott DScott D2 dager siden
  • 11:03 what happened to the music

    Austin AndronacoAustin Andronaco2 dager siden
  • So who is the guy who helps you do your builds? I’ve seen him but i havnt heard who he is.

    James TreydteJames Treydte2 dager siden
  • One way that you could have made making the screws easier, would have been to use bead compressed gas cylinders. Think joining end to end two oxygen or acetylene cylinders.

    Curtis WolfgangCurtis Wolfgang2 dager siden