Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Going Red To Blonde At Home

Hi Beautiful! Today we watch 3 girls go from bright red hair to blonde with the help of bleach and color remover.
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  • Hope you’re all well 💙

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo14 dager siden
    • Brad Mondo I did T18 with volume 20 and my hair turned grey but I put some on the roots and it went shiny golden colour 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ugly with middle grey

      Meika ReneaMeika Renea20 timer siden
    • Ty :3

      Destiny McAllisterDestiny McAllisterDag siden
    • Brad Mondo stay safe!! And thank you for making this quarantine more bearable. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤣🙏🙏🙏

      TheNdv0410TheNdv0410Dag siden
    • I do not want to get the viris and I hope u don’t to

      C r a z y K o o k I eC r a z y K o o k I e2 dager siden
    • Brad Mondo live these vids I laugh do mych

      Zahra LeakeZahra Leake2 dager siden

    Yasmin AhmedYasmin Ahmed7 timer siden
  • Can we talk about how this second girl did not look at the road once while driving and didn't even hold the wheel for half the time?

    Eglė PociūtėEglė Pociūtė7 timer siden
  • Is it easier if you don't have the burgundy red but more natural, copper-y red? Cause that's what I currently have and I want to go dark ash blonde(Level 7 ish) in a month or two

    Hannah Schlosser-HallHannah Schlosser-Hall7 timer siden
  • Let’s not talk about her roots let’s talk about most of her driving was hands free lol

    emma2 sm1themma2 sm1th8 timer siden
  • I was red and am a natural blonde. I wanted to go back to blonde. I used color remover and it turned light orange and I did that about 6 times over 6 months and it wasn’t back to blonde but more yellow so I gave up and put some semipermanent blue in and I hope by the time we go back to school I can go to a hair dresser Bcs I am scared to bleach it at home

    Aember JacobsAember Jacobs9 timer siden
  • LOL...I will always invest in a professional for my way would I do chemistry on my own head.

    sarah Ducantsarah Ducant9 timer siden
  • actually i got bleach and 40 volume to do highlights in my hair and it turned out really good

    alys9551 alys9551alys9551 alys95519 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1453">24:13</a> Hair gods?😂😂

    Нет НетНет Нет9 timer siden
  • Brad: ‘I’m feeling healthy and I hope you are too’ Me: (showing multiple corona virus symptoms and feeling awful)

    LiamHewittLiamHewitt10 timer siden
  • I've gone red to blonde too many times. I have naturally blonde hair but I always end up with a coppery color when using color remover. Never tried bleach yet tho.

    Stevie TayntorStevie Tayntor10 timer siden
  • “It looks like a damn broomstick” I’m dead😂😂💀💀

    Deebie 97Deebie 9711 timer siden
  • Your hair is different in every video... I mean I'm here for it

    Sharon HollanderSharon Hollander12 timer siden
  • Wait the first girl looks SO good blonde

    nice jobnice job12 timer siden
  • Hi! I have a question about shampoo and conditioner. My hair is (natural) golden blonde with a lot of highlights(also natural) like bright red. My hair had been feeling like it has a lot of product in it. I currently use the shampoo and conditioner from OGX and I want to switch to something that will strengthen and grow out my hair. Any ideas? Thanks💕

    Penelope FinkPenelope Fink12 timer siden
  • Part of me wants to post a video of my hair dying process but meh.

    Amelia0dacutiegirlAmelia0dacutiegirl13 timer siden
  • Brandy driving and talking gives me anxiety 😶

    Jessica HowlettJessica Howlett13 timer siden
  • I am a cosmetologist and I never really watch youtube videos but my daughter does. She showed me your channel and YOU are the only reason I have not chopped or done something crazy with my hair during this stay at home period. So THANK YOU. Your also amazing.

    Cassandra caliriCassandra caliri13 timer siden
  • I'm currently using bicarb soda in my shampoo atm to strip colour out of my hair so I can go back to red. It's better than bleach so far... It's slower but my hair is healthier 😅 also tried the vitamin C method and can say it doesn't work

    Jessica HowlettJessica Howlett13 timer siden
  • y’all should’ve seen my face when i realized she was driving

    mylie kamdynmylie kamdyn16 timer siden
    • the first clip of the 2nd girl lmao not when it was obvious

      mylie kamdynmylie kamdyn16 timer siden
  • I really like the way that Brad pays credit when the home hair jobs actually look decent. He is not arrogant in that way.

    Hannah RHannah R18 timer siden
  • No we are working right now. Today we are watching girls from going red to blonde. Hoping for some pointers cause I'm going to try from red to silver. Have to get to blonde first. Lets see how these tips go

    Whytney PetersenWhytney Petersen18 timer siden
  • I remember once seeing 50 volume and i was like Holy mother of god we all thought 40 eas bad imagine 50 ffs Brad why didn't you tell us there was 50 😂

    Kitty !Kitty !19 timer siden
  • This man is gay!!!!!

    Dallas area railfanDallas area railfan19 timer siden
  • This isn’t a police channel to put the person on the spot they are old enough to know. It’s about hair colouring/ hair related also I love Brads videos I learn and he doesn’t talk shit he is a role model

    Meika ReneaMeika Renea19 timer siden
  • Party in the front party is the back mom shaved it on the sides

    MelissaMelissa19 timer siden
  • “Looks like broom stick!” Hahahaha

    SuperMisspearlSuperMisspearl19 timer siden
  • Does anyone else think he has the home alone kid hair cut? XD

    Lil HopieLil Hopie20 timer siden
  • Holy shit that girls driving

    Karlie HooperKarlie Hooper20 timer siden
  • I love how everyone shares my anxiety on how she's driving her car

    Vini DubeyVini Dubey20 timer siden
  • To understand toner, you have to understand color theory.

    A Crafty MouseA Crafty Mouse20 timer siden
  • I just cut my bangs myself 😂 they actually look good

    struggle busstruggle bus21 time siden
  • Brad feels a personal connection to every person's video brad watches

    Jolie JurenkaJolie Jurenka21 time siden
  • There’s always that one person that does a good job with the wrong products and Brad who doesn’t know how they did it

    Juliette B.Juliette B.21 time siden
  • I liked the light orange hair...gave me vitamin c vibes(singer)

    Dubya BalthazarDubya Balthazar22 timer siden
  • "see if I can put some makeup on... And get rid of the ugly??" You and me both girl. But I'm not allowed makeup

    Meghan TremblayMeghan Tremblay23 timer siden
  • i did the same thing and my hair came out 😔

    reareaDag siden
  • can we talk about how the second girl is filming while driving and she's barely looking at the road

    Andrea ProsperoAndrea ProsperoDag siden
  • Dude. Red to blonde is damn near impossible without like two or three sessions. I just always go brunette when I want a change.

    kelly mcphaulkelly mcphaulDag siden
  • "Hello everybody! Happy quarantine!" HAPPY QUARANTINE?!!! GIRL NO! But ily

    Lilly's Life xLilly's Life xDag siden
  • Just think the money she spent she could have gone to a pro and have it done.

    ubenwarned ubeubenwarned ubeDag siden
  • Me to Brandy: OKAY 2010 AVRIL LAVIGNE GO AHEAD!!!!

    Bonnie HoganBonnie HoganDag siden
  • I jumped from bright ass live xl boxdye red to Silver lilac soooo many times all at home. And I want to send a sincere apology to my hair when I was 15

    Pale PrincessPale PrincessDag siden
  • Me wanting to bleach my brownish red hair so I can dye it green and add freckles so people will call me deku Sos

    Trashcan_6060Trashcan_6060Dag siden
  • If I’m gonna do t14 toner what developer should I use?

    Maira PerezMaira PerezDag siden
  • I dyed my hair and it turned a brighter red than I wanted. I dyed over it with a dark ash blond but it was still too red. I used color oops today and now my hair is fuchsia. I would love your advice on next steps.

    Kat ConnorKat ConnorDag siden
  • My mother paid to fix my orange hair in 1995 and it cost $450. I used blonde hair dye. Learned my lesson. But I really want to color my waist length brown hair now that I am stuck at home so I have been binging your videos and thank you for not just being cruel but actually giving knowledge.

    Fantasticrestofthe dayFantasticrestofthe dayDag siden
  • At first the last girl had me like "she needs to just shave that mistake of a haircut she obviously did herself & start over. Not bleach it." Once she finished I was like "Oh. Nevermind."

    Mothra StewartMothra StewartDag siden
  • I tried to dye my hair platinum.And it’s orange 🍊.

    Lila WeldonLila WeldonDag siden
  • Brad saying in every video “ if you did this proper with the right steps it would look perfect “ Isn’t that the key for everything ? 😂 It isn’t a hate comment ! I LOVE YOU BRAD ❤️

    Luna EstellaLuna EstellaDag siden
  • I’m dying my hair neon green at this exact moment

    Savage AGUST DSavage AGUST DDag siden
  • Brad would kill me on sight if he saw all my badly done at-home dye obsession.

    Mister BrightsideMister BrightsideDag siden
  • Love watching you videos and I have done my hair blonde several times. And got yelled at by several hair dressers it came out good like a strawberry blonde and I was happy with it but they told me never to do it again

    Tanya Sharman’s vlogsTanya Sharman’s vlogsDag siden
  • React to Joana Ceddia shaving her head

    Nia AshenafiNia AshenafiDag siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1427">23:47</a> someone should make a meme of this

    Sanador ReyesSanador ReyesDag siden
  • Why is nobody talking about how the first girl is literally Jennifer Lawrence

    Plated AccordionPlated AccordionDag siden
    • Plated Accordion i was looking for this comment!

      ancaliancaliDag siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="883">14:43</a> Jesus take the wheel. 🤦🏿‍♀️ why is she not steering the wheel. I have so many questions, does she have a third hand? is she steering with her right foot?😩

    Henrietta YeboahHenrietta YeboahDag siden
  • Tried to do this on my own and my hair fried right off and now i have to grow out the damaged hair 😭

    Sabino CastroSabino CastroDag siden
  • Bet hairdresser will have lots of peoples hair to fix after quarantine 😂😂when they tried to cut their hair

    Elizabeth AElizabeth ADag siden
  • ps: fan from france

    darkiindiusdarkiindiusDag siden
  • please ship internationnaly :'(

    darkiindiusdarkiindiusDag siden
  • The victim c method really worked for me when I needed to lighten my jet black hair!

    Stephanie LavigneStephanie LavigneDag siden
  • Hey brad quick question!! What toners besides wella t18 would you recommend?

    Reallife FuxkedReallife FuxkedDag siden
  • I need to pee real bad I dont wanna leave my bed 😩

    clown girlclown girlDag siden
  • React to sarang bleaching her hair!

    Jose santa cruzJose santa cruzDag siden
  • I love your videos!!! I am not sure if you ever made a video about it but I wanted to know what you use on your skin. It looks so healthy and glowing❤️ You are always so on point on camera!

    Jeanette MoralesJeanette MoralesDag siden
  • He should extend this series to him FIXING the hair off you tubers that messed their hair up in these videos

    Laura Power XLaura Power XDag siden
  • If someone (me) were to dye their hair blonde to red what products would you recommend?

    kyeara joneskyeara jonesDag siden
  • You should do like a bleach off. Lets see if there’s a difference between ‘4 shades’ compared to ‘5 shades’. Would be interesting to see if there is/isn’t a difference(:

    erika williamserika williamsDag siden
  • so i have a question. when i went to the beach (salt water) it pull out all my color i had my hair dyed red and pink and when i got out of the shower my hair on the ends and middle-ish was blonde and white. so my question is, is salt water ok to use to pull color?

    night kittynight kittyDag siden
  • I did it 3 years ago. I bleached my hair 6 times in 4 days. And let me tell you my hair was falling out and looked like ramen noodles for about a month until I felt safe enough to color it

    Meagan libertyMeagan libertyDag siden
  • I am a natural ginger with blonde highlights(again, natural) never dyed my hair except for some temporary purple and blue, none of which turned out very well because, obviously, red hair doesn't take dye very well. Without bleaching my hair, because I dont want to, what colour could I dye it that would come out well?

    Faraday StoneFaraday StoneDag siden
  • Can we please talk about brad’s hair tho?like sis be on fleek even in quarantine

    Zaara HassanZaara HassanDag siden
  • I loved your intro 🥰

    Adrii_mcAdrii_mcDag siden
  • I love you so much ❤️🥺🥺

    emma kemma kDag siden
  • How do you feel about the artic fox bleach please set ?

    Leo GarciaLeo GarciaDag siden
  • i feel like i will never bleach my hair, just because I watch brads channel and am now scared of bleach :D my natural hair is like a level 7 blonde tho, so i don't really need to

    Al DieAl DieDag siden
  • dont know why i liked this but great content, coronavirus (cardi b voice) #lionitetrust

    Anthothiyah IsraelAnthothiyah IsraelDag siden
  • Brad-I’m loving your hair color. Looks great!

    Karen BunnKaren BunnDag siden
  • Me, a natural red head who always kept complimented: lmao I'd never do that me, dying the tips of my hair blond to colour it: I-

    Leah MostertLeah MostertDag siden