Gwyneth Paltrow Is Insane and Goop Is Hurting Everyone

This is the greatest pseudoscience silliness of All Time




  • Mate...your 100% correct. Good on you.

    Alan DonnellyAlan Donnelly11 timer siden

    BrokenGhoulBrokenGhoul3 dager siden
  • Rich people take cruise ships during a pandemic.... Never listen to uneducated rich people

    lavender fieldslavender fields5 dager siden
  • This smells like vagina. Sooo the shit house door off a tuna boat?

    Jay HickeyJay Hickey5 dager siden
  • My sister looks so much like her, but she’s nothing like this goop woman

    Jason BrodyJason Brody6 dager siden
  • Sounds quite like the Epsilon Program

    Brian AlloisBrian Allois6 dager siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="199">3:19</a> I love how the magazine is trying so hard to convince the readers that she in left side pic😂

    Sarath SanjeevSarath Sanjeev6 dager siden
  • pseudoscience is nothing but dishonesty.

    Smartmouthgamer23rdSmartmouthgamer23rd8 dager siden
  • I went deaf from vaccine you fucking douche

    Stanley BanksStanley Banks8 dager siden
  • The sad thing is my mom actually believes in this stuff and watches goop.

    GlucoseGlucose9 dager siden
  • I have never seen anything from you before but this is sooo my point of view also when you talked about vaccines. My heart goes out to you. Best regards from Germany

    sandra lonssandra lons11 dager siden
  • So basically, crazy rich people are at it again

    Deniz KaragüllüDeniz Karagüllü11 dager siden
  • You my friend are awesome ps fuck anti vaxers

    tommy guntommy gun12 dager siden
    • @tommy gun NPC dumbass

      Peter FilipovicPeter Filipovic10 dager siden
    • Peter Filipovic you first buddy

      tommy guntommy gun10 dager siden
    • Nah fuk u

      Peter FilipovicPeter Filipovic10 dager siden
  • Like everything else, when these morons open their mouths, don’t trust them.. politics, beauty products, or anything else other than acting..

    William WallaceWilliam Wallace15 dager siden
  • She's a delusional cult leader and also a scamming bitch who would literally sell anything for money.

    Dau7hyDau7hy15 dager siden
  • People who promote vaccines should be sent to reeducation camps, forced hard labor on low calorie diets; sweat and starve the nonsense out of them.

    Peter FilipovicPeter Filipovic17 dager siden
  • Then don’t watch.

    R JR J17 dager siden
  • Why is this video in a roundtable playlist?

    Dave Sanchez draws stuffDave Sanchez draws stuff19 dager siden
    • Me neither

      AidenMooreMusic_incAidenMooreMusic_inc16 dager siden
  • Insane? No. She's just taking advantage of a bunch of stupid impressionable young adults.

    Tamaz OkruashviliTamaz Okruashvili21 dag siden
  • She is laughing her ass off all the way to the bank... The people buying those candles are *THE* definition of degeneracy.

    SethTheProphetSethTheProphet21 dag siden
  • ugly talentless broad out of her mind. And women are buying that crap...

    Pete SmithPete Smith22 dager siden
  • Why are so many people in Hollywood in cults...

    SeanSean22 dager siden
  • You have to wait mate, it takes time having a queen bee establish a bee hive up her great whopping axe wound. I mean she is probably using bee wax cause it is environmentally friendly and gives you creativity points. I wonder if she went with the Africanised bees?

    Andrea PasquaAndrea Pasqua23 dager siden
  • Erikah bahdu has now done the same.... Gwenyths prob smells like rich people privilege and erikahs probably smells like new wave/ oldschool budussy....

    M. TorresM. Torres23 dager siden
  • This guy doesn't like lettuce on his burgers, so I wouldn't trust anything he has to say.

    theeJFactortheeJFactor25 dager siden
  • That was the first punch to the gut your pro vacation and not choice

    Kara LaurKara Laur25 dager siden
  • Goop is completely bs and risking people and especially womens lifes, but I gotta say that apitherapy and specifically bee Sting therapy can help if used correctly in the right cases

    darkcookiedarkcookie26 dager siden
  • If she was actually good at acting that's what she would be doing. She's just a spoiled rich girl who's Daddy bought her an Oscar.

    maddy dmaddy d27 dager siden
  • Goop or to be more exact Poop.Because its basically the same thing.

    Iafiv IvIafiv Iv27 dager siden
  • She's not Crazy she is a single mother and broke after Tony Stark's death lol

    TheGraphicsGuruTheGraphicsGuru27 dager siden
  • Pepper just hasn't been the same since Tony Stark died

    Roman Tapia OctavoRoman Tapia Octavo28 dager siden
  • "Unless you are in a place where you tried to kill yourself , you are not in a place to judge." Suicide survivor- now taking small minimum doses of mushroom from The Goop Lap Netflix. Watch the documentary yourself with an open mind. I have friends who take small doses of Cbd oil and it helps in their depression, PTSD and other mental illness taken under therapeutic sessions.

    nell potternell potter28 dager siden
  • Cults gonna cult.

    Johnny DeadJohnny Dead29 dager siden
  • I’m genuinely impressed with how bad and how consistently bad her “advice” is. You’d think it’d be easier to just sell a granola bar for $200 because that shits’s actually healthy.

    Ryan MonacoRyan MonacoMåned siden
  • Holy fucking shit, I had totally forgotten about Sky Captain as well. Can't believe she was in it

    PaulThePuppeteerPaulThePuppeteerMåned siden
  • low-key starting a cult

    that bishthat bishMåned siden
  • well they're all super white so.....what can we expect......

    Rosa PinkRosa PinkMåned siden
  • This Show is absurd. The "Specialists" on this Show don't have a clue of what they are talking about

    Piano em MartePiano em MarteMåned siden
  • bruh

    UV BlackLightUV BlackLightMåned siden
  • I think she used the wrong hole as reference, bc the only thing I smell is bullshit

    Choco LoverChoco LoverMåned siden
  • Just more explanations and how deplorable Hollywood is. Hypocrites and they'll do anything to use their Fame to create wealth for themselves regardless of how stupid it is. If you want a vagina scented candle just put a wick in a can of Bumblebee and call it a day

    Ronald TartagliaRonald TartagliaMåned siden
  • ANTI-VAXXERS (including the idiots that run away from vaccines because they can't stand to see their kids die) should have their children removed and vaccinated outside of their care and they be charged with child abuse and endangerment, or at the very least forcibly injected with the very disease they claim isn't so bad. Gwyneth Paltrow is an idiot and deserves to be ignored and put out of business. This stuff is dangerous.

    StartedWithAReportStartedWithAReportMåned siden
  • Wow CallmeCarson really took a turn for the worst after his SMP series ended.

    mason wademason wadeMåned siden
  • Feminizing project tries to Einstein it GONE sexual / wrong at 3AM challenge

    Catzel1 Ps4Catzel1 Ps4Måned siden
  • Vaccines allow you to contract cancer dipshit.

    Capn PhuktardCapn PhuktardMåned siden
  • Gwyneth Paltrow sounds like the name of a Dark Souls 2 boss.

    My Life is a Complex PasticheMy Life is a Complex PasticheMåned siden
  • I am a spiritual person, and I use some "psudeo(sp) science"/Spiritual Healing along with Western Medicine. That being said.... I only saw the first episode of Goop Lab, and I can say that they are peddling misconceptions. A psychedelic experience has nothing to do with the dose. The experience honestly depends on the aspect of your psyche/spirit that comes forth, and it also depends on how your mind handles mind altering substances. It also depends on your mindset prior to the trip. (Don't get me started on the fact this whole thing sounded more like strumming up business than it did offering people a secondary source for mental/spiritual healing. Aside from them pointing out possible positives, I hated the fact that they didn't stress this.... Psychedelics (for spiritual or therapeutic purposes) aren't for everyone, and the fact that the organic psychedelics are healthier(and sometimes safer) compared to their manufactured "cousins".

    JJ MilesJJ MilesMåned siden
  • Y’all she called it “goop” and sells psychic vampire repellent is that not enough of a red flag?

    Kimberly HughesKimberly HughesMåned siden
    • Kimberly Hughes Wtf I thought garlic and holy water were supposed to be vampire repellents..

      EsTheAyEsTheAy24 dager siden
  • Is this where the phrase “off the goop” came from?

    Edogg GoodsonEdogg GoodsonMåned siden
  • The most accurate description of Sky Captain I've ever heard. I love that god damn movie guy.

    Duke. PicardDuke. PicardMåned siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a> I might need to buy that

    RyanatorRyanatorMåned siden
  • 😂

    brio lastbrio lastMåned siden
  • They arent going to fund a holocaust denying project... they are going to fund another holocaust

    TheFinisher HadtoputasurnameTheFinisher HadtoputasurnameMåned siden

    pablo pablopablo pabloMåned siden
  • This phenomenon is not exclusive to Gweneth. So many celebs use their platform to spout nonsense and it gains traction simply because they are on a pedestal. Telling people how to live, who to vote for, what this country should do, its sickening. Im not gonna call them privelaged, because maybe they are talented actors and worked hard, fine. but they still need to recognize that they shouldnt tell the middle class what to do when they have millions, gated mansions, and no barriers between them and what they want. they are out of touch.

    Daren WalkerDaren WalkerMåned siden
  • Netflix is shit ! Everyone is out to make a buck . I don’t give two goops about this shit ! Do your own research people before you buy anything. Humans are lazy though, smart or be stupid. Be a sheep or be a lion , the choice is yours everyday. Do the things most people won’t . Eat healthy and spend wisely. Health is true wealth. I pray for global sobriety as always ✌🏻 🌍

    Gina MarieGina MarieMåned siden
  • Remember: the scientific method and world view misses out on a lot of what reality is, due to its high standard for evidence. Also, the scientific method has problems with peer review and in group thinking. Stay curious!

    Beefy BeingsBeefy BeingsMåned siden
  • Wow I'm not against vaccines and agree with you about this piece, but you are a smuggy ass hole and in reality you and that entitled think you know it all ego are the real problem with the world. Learn to be a decent human and not shit on people you don't agree with. You are the reason for division and I will not be watching your videos.

    Heathen 09Heathen 09Måned siden
    • Well that's a selfish argument and a genuine distain to your whole point. You just shit on him because you don't agree with him, this entire rant goes against your point. You just emulated all the things you think is wrong with Charlie. You're genuinely fucking dumb.

      shocklocked420shocklocked420Måned siden
  • I would like to point out that bee's stings are legit way for forced regeneration in certain area of a body. My family is beekeeping so we tried and it really helps with joint and back pain and as overworked muscle therapy. So I would say this one is rule confirming exception that goop is shit 😃

    Kenny KentusKenny KentusMåned siden
    • You obviously won't let yourself sting if you don't know if you are allergic or if you were never stung. But this is normal in medicine. My girlfriend dint get medication prescribed becouse her liver are weak. And those bees? There are tens of thousands bees in hive and every beekeeper kills dozens of them just by manipulating with them. Trapping bees and forcing them to kill themselves by stinging you sounds bad, but becouse of theirs "primitive" nervous structure they are not suffering from stress situations that horribly like farm (except pasture) animals.

      Kenny KentusKenny KentusMåned siden
    • Yeah but. People who are allergic to bee stings will die. And a large portion of the population is. Even if you don't agree with that, you're still harming the bees.

      shocklocked420shocklocked420Måned siden
  • GWYNETH PALTROW IS A FUCKING IDIOT AND SO ARE THE PEOPLE THAT BUY THE POOP SANDWHICHES SHE'S SELLING. I do however giver her credit for being smart enough to exploit retards and make a fortune off of it. 90% of modern consumerism is centered around buying shit we do not need.

    Lily RoseLily RoseMåned siden
  • Gwyneth 'PullMyFinger' Paltrow

    Meas AgunMeas AgunMåned siden
  • Gosh, I love you 🤣 But also good points.

    Suzy Marie-FleurSuzy Marie-FleurMåned siden
  • Goop actually promotes vaccinations. You should do your research, considering it seems as though this is what started this whole rant. I linked it below, as you seem lazy.

    A VA VMåned siden
    • They were unrelated points. What the actual fuck.

      shocklocked420shocklocked420Måned siden
  • #goopispoop

    Ashes ArtworkAshes ArtworkMåned siden
  • Like with the website that she's had for forever, if you are going to be stupid enough to buy into her bullshit, that's on you. I do not like her, haven't since her Goop website became a thing and it became clear that she is a pretentious, over privileged twat.

    Heather HHeather HMåned siden
  • Goop water will taste like her sweat

    lelus sosuslelus sosusMåned siden
  • *Academic Fraud and Health* *All your climate and energy charts on one single page*

    Robert CallaghanRobert CallaghanMåned siden
  • *YOU ARE JUST AS STUPID AS PALTROW* I would rather have immunized brain dead space lizard babies than unimmunized clever hairless apes. If you want to trust big pharma, be my guest.

    Robert CallaghanRobert CallaghanMåned siden
    • @shocklocked420 I said trust asswipe, not evidence, you want to trust big fucking pharma, then be my fucking guest.

      Robert CallaghanRobert CallaghanMåned siden
    • Okay, show your overwhelming evidence. No seriously, show me something about vaccines that cause autism. I promise you're mis-informed.

      shocklocked420shocklocked420Måned siden
  • Well said, subscribed.

    LAnonHubbardLAnonHubbardMåned siden
  • Walking with the bare feet actually works, of course is not the panacea but is good, however you must walk on natural ground. It is the same as hugging a tree.

    PrinempalPrinempalMåned siden
    • @shocklocked420 of course.

      PrinempalPrinempalMåned siden
    • I mean. Depression is much bigger than walking bare footed. The correlation is kind of out of the question.

      shocklocked420shocklocked420Måned siden
  • Gwyneth Paltrow is a very brave Lady putting up with a world full of narrow minded Morons!!!!!! you go girl!!!!!!

    Leonard DuffyLeonard DuffyMåned siden
    • @shocklocked420 I have experimented with several of the things she is suggesting. IT DID NOT COST ME A RED CENT!!! I have discovered great benefit from two of the three things that I discovered through her offerings. Have you tried anything she suggests or are you just making noise!!! Spew negativity receive negativity! Remember, the way you see reality is the reality you create...

      Leonard DuffyLeonard DuffyMåned siden
    • Your ignorance is kind of amusing. She is standing up to no one and your support does not matter to her beyond you're easily impressionable and slim mindset, she is doing it for money. Since when did millionaires care about the individual. Stop defending the elites.

      shocklocked420shocklocked420Måned siden
    • No

      GarlicSidTheSquidGarlicSidTheSquidMåned siden
  • Backwards cap

    Liam DonnellyLiam DonnellyMåned siden
  • Goop is the moden version of a snake oil salesman...

    countsolomoncountsolomonMåned siden
  • What you described in the beginning is the beauty industry in a nutshell. It all fake.

    WoioW oioWWoioW oioWMåned siden
  • Transgender

    TheScreen IsGoliathTheScreen IsGoliathMåned siden
  • You're awesome. Thank you. Every word.

    wingsandashwingsandashMåned siden
  • It's not hurting everyone. NOprojectrs are thriving on this shit

    KickexKickexMåned siden
    • It's a waste of money and scam that is helpful to no one. It only harms.

      shocklocked420shocklocked420Måned siden
  • While I’m not an anti vaxer why are you so butt hurt about other people not vaccinating their kids. If you’re vaccinated then you aren’t going to catch what ever they have.

    C WoodrowC WoodrowMåned siden
  • Watching her is like watching traffic accidents, with all gore around. Your eyes just can't miss anything and you keep looking on it, in deep, deranged and fcked up way.

    FalconRSFalconRSMåned siden
  • Update: That shit has reached Japan. :(

    Neirin GreerNeirin GreerMåned siden