Gordon's Quick & Simple Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

While a lot of us are remaining indoors, here are a few quick, simple and cheap recipes to follow to learn.
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Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP

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  • when gordon grabbed the brocolli: me: *thinks of bR0gLe meme*

    peachyboi 28peachyboi 2834 minutter siden
  • Why would anyone eat fired noodles with that type of noodle

    KhemKhem2 timer siden
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    P -TvP -Tv4 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a> I call that the punani

    Trey LoTrey Lo6 timer siden
  • Am I the only one cringing when he's using a metal whisk on his pan, idk I've just always been told it'll scratch your pans plus the noise is horrible

    Cate merrittCate merritt6 timer siden
  • 干炒鸡河?

    Jianping ShenJianping Shen8 timer siden
  • take a shot everytime he says "nice"

    Ridhwan RidhwanRidhwan Ridhwan8 timer siden
  • This guy spends more money on flour than ingredients omd

    bob rossbob ross10 timer siden
  • Does anyone know what brand and model pan he is using?

    TravisTravis11 timer siden
  • You cool men👍

    Rukavichkin NikhcivakurRukavichkin Nikhcivakur12 timer siden
  • I laughed more than I should have at that "a cheesecake a day, keeps the bingo wings away" joke

    Iestyn DalyIestyn Daly13 timer siden
  • seriousla..ingatkan masak apa tdi beria butterfly chicken breasts bagai. Ropenye kuetiaw goreng je hahahaha . Best jd Ramsay..msak simple pn people would make a big deal out of it. Peace from Malaysia hihiii

    nik nuryasarah nik mohd zakinik nuryasarah nik mohd zaki16 timer siden
  • 板條啦

    Dawei WongDawei Wong17 timer siden
  • Mie tek tek ala gordon ramsay

    Mia VeranikaMia Veranika21 time siden
  • Oh man that fried noodle is a simplified char quay teow

    Liew ZhengyiLiew Zhengyi21 time siden
  • Wonderful dish with simplicity. I like it. New buddy connected. I need your valuable support always.

    A to Z Malayali KitchenA to Z Malayali Kitchen21 time siden
  • it looks tasty

    Zipporah MwendaZipporah Mwenda23 timer siden
  • ma sai cucinare ? gordon deficente

    massimo savamassimo savaDag siden
  • Its called "mie balap" = speed noodles in north Sumatera. Indonesia 😍. We love you chef!

    Jasmine Az ZahraJasmine Az ZahraDag siden
  • Thoroughly enjoy watching Ramsay cook. He's the (more aggressive) Bob Ross of cooking. Thank God for Ramsay

  • i heard about gordon as "where's the lamb sauce guy"

    Fluffy Vanilla Gacha UwUFluffy Vanilla Gacha UwUDag siden
  • Im disappointed he didnt slice the cheesecake

    Tuna YükselTuna YükselDag siden
  • Oh my God! You really cook great.I salute you sir for this...Hello guys I'm starting doing cooking videos in my channel.Please come and check it...Thank you 😘💖 💗💞 💖

    magot xmagot xDag siden
  • That stir fry looks plain and bland af...👀

    ClarissaClarissaDag siden
  • Gordan has saved me from hunger

    Josh SpencerJosh SpencerDag siden
  • kopytka zrobił :)

    PiotrPiotrDag siden
  • Imagine him making his kids lunch for school

    IT'S JOSHIT'S JOSHDag siden
  • nice

    Quang Block GamingQuang Block GamingDag siden
  • No no nothing too fancy Ra-Mc.

    obi-wan kenobiobi-wan kenobi2 dager siden
  • just hurts me seeing him put aluminum utensils into the teflon pan and panel 😨😩

    Barbara SaraivaBarbara Saraiva2 dager siden
  • Thats not proper preparation he cut veggies on the same board as the chicken 👀 js i love him hut damn gordan prolly be getting the shits quite often with that e coli and salmonella

    Wavy PurpWavy Purp2 dager siden
  • I love these videos. Im trying these out for sure!

    Katie van DamKatie van Dam2 dager siden
  • You can be an awsome chef but please, leave italian food to Italians ajaj

    Sylvester RoascioSylvester Roascio2 dager siden
  • Çişin varmış gibi kıvranmasan daha rahat izlicem

    Esmanur ÇelikEsmanur Çelik2 dager siden
  • Just want to pinpoint sth. He used the same knife that he cut the chicken and broccoli. I can almost hear Gordon goes like when he reads this "Say that again!"

    Panzer DeuPanzer Deu2 dager siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="64">1:04</a> thats a pussy

    Kyonshee GamingKyonshee Gaming2 dager siden
  • Gordon Ramsey to his food: f*cking delicious Gordon Ramsey to every other food: f*cking disgusting

    EtiEti2 dager siden
  • Lovely. Thank you

    Julie WJulie W2 dager siden
  • First off, that stirfry needs way more soy sauce or oyster sauce, it looks anaemic

    Sinwei ChowSinwei Chow2 dager siden
  • Whaaaa he’s a left handed

    Herna GisHerna Gis3 dager siden
  • Can we get the actual recipe?

    KCKC3 dager siden
  • What is with the music...? 😣

    meow meowmeow meow3 dager siden
  • We called the noodle Gordon cook I. Asia as Kwetiau

    Rainer TristanRainer Tristan3 dager siden
  • We Asian can make ez snack

    Rainer TristanRainer Tristan3 dager siden
  • If this is simple cooking.....then I am a neanderthal

    manoj joshimanoj joshi3 dager siden
  • In my family even for one person I'll have to triple that!!

    Mary KorahMary Korah3 dager siden
    • 😂

      1DayFood1DayFood2 timer siden
  • What’s the name of the song please?

    DanielDaniel3 dager siden
  • Heard if you have alot of lines on your forehead then you stress too much

    Tameem ChowdhuryTameem Chowdhury3 dager siden
  • I love him 😍

    Yanet GcYanet Gc3 dager siden
  • Everyone should see it !!!!! noproject.info/it/video/mshufKzLlmaumYA

    შეფ ანდრია Chef Andriaშეფ ანდრია Chef Andria3 dager siden
  • No salt required for the first dish?🤔

    Suveesh SathyanSuveesh Sathyan3 dager siden
  • Thank you THANK YOU

    Hiba AliHiba Ali3 dager siden
  • I got a gordon ramsay ad when i clicked this video....

    Abdulsalam _XPAbdulsalam _XP3 dager siden
  • I want to eat that butterfly chicken raw.

    Jarlo VidalJarlo Vidal3 dager siden
  • Kwetiau goreng

    Denis dekaDenis deka3 dager siden
  • What does he put on the potato?

    Tomi GelvesTomi Gelves3 dager siden
  • Wypierdalaj

    sebark ssebark s3 dager siden
  • Ilike. It’s nice

    Romaissa USA VlogsRomaissa USA Vlogs3 dager siden
  • My mother will kill me if I mix it in the pan with a steel tool. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="147">02:27</a>

    Ljupcho PanovLjupcho Panov3 dager siden
  • "Drain your noodles" sure sure but not while you're cooking Gordon

    James FooJames Foo4 dager siden
  • I Feel somethings Raw...yeah somethings Raw

    Abbiyu Luthfi FikriAbbiyu Luthfi Fikri4 dager siden
  • Wait a minute. Did Gordon wipe his hands on his kitchen towel after handling the chicken? I hteally hope that was only bad editing between the scenes...

    datacoboydatacoboy4 dager siden
  • When he first cuts into that chicken breast, it looks like a fanny.

    Matt JolleyMatt Jolley4 dager siden
  • Cooking is such a therapy. I get as excited as Gordon when I cook.

    Priscilla BelinePriscilla Beline4 dager siden
    • yes, very excited

      1DayFood1DayFood2 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="650">10:50</a> ...

    EmilyEmily4 dager siden
  • noob

    Akshay MohiteAkshay Mohite4 dager siden
  • Got an ad with Gordon Ramsay in it before this Nice

    Baldr Eats FriesBaldr Eats Fries4 dager siden
  • You would expect a cheesecake like that from Jamie Oliver 😝

    Fraser McKinlay.Fraser McKinlay.4 dager siden
  • Eggs are a little too much. There is already proetin with chicken. Noodles with broccoli and chicken would have been enough.

    Redzic AnisRedzic Anis4 dager siden
  • Quick and simple recipes if you are a master chef. I can ruin anything....

    Malter KárolyMalter Károly4 dager siden
  • Tbh, despite his accent I forgot he's from Europe. Very versatile indeed.

    Shianna BubblesShianna Bubbles4 dager siden
  • That's a nice house

    iPrepifyiPrepify4 dager siden
  • Ya'll think Gordon has sex like he cooks? Right. Trousers down, slowly but not to fast. Perfect. Left cheek up on an angle of 15 degree, penetrate, feel how tender it is. Finally finish, take your time its not a race.

    NitSUjNitSUj4 dager siden
  • What's the name of the second dish? Pls can some one help me and answer?

    mayank sharmamayank sharma4 dager siden
    • mayank sharma lol it's italian??? mAn subtitles are way off.

      RoseNZiegRoseNZieg3 dager siden
    • @RoseNZieg thanks found it with your help only. It's called Potato Gnocchi. Thanks frnd

      mayank sharmamayank sharma3 dager siden
    • @RoseNZieg kind of you to take time and reply. I hope someone else might answer the right name.

      mayank sharmamayank sharma3 dager siden
    • mayank sharma he said noki but subtitles write it as naki. no idea which one is right.

      RoseNZiegRoseNZieg4 dager siden
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    LoliMoeLoliMoe4 dager siden
  • Yeah this is great but who the fuck was in charge of the sound editing?! It is awful; makes the whole clip sound like creepy satire.

    Dai KayDai Kay4 dager siden
  • Don’t watch this if you don’t have any food at home

    Yanic GröberYanic Gröber4 dager siden
  • Simple he says. Just washing the broccoli would’ve taken me 15 min.

    AmyXAmyX4 dager siden
  • Take this rollin pin over the chicken and what that does is it flattens the chicken? I wouldnt expect a rollin pin to do anything but that. Lmao

    Player OnePlayer One4 dager siden
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