FaZe Jarvis - Banned 4 Life (Official Music Video)

So I actaully made a Music Video... This is of course a joke.
Directed By- m.noproject.info
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  • I actually made a music video holeeeeeeeeeee

    JarvisJarvis2 måneder siden
    • Jarvis holeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee🎤

      Babatunde OlsonBabatunde Olson2 dager siden
    • Dope vid

      Jamie Anne VegaJamie Anne Vega20 dager siden
    • Insane

      Glitzy EmperorGlitzy EmperorMåned siden
    • Trash

      ProfessorシXd昂ProfessorシXd昂Måned siden
    • That's insane jarvis holeeeeee

      abigail chesterabigail chesterMåned siden
  • Omg unban him so this will get deleted please

    CrazyCrate 78CrazyCrate 7810 minutter siden
  • Cringe but still good

    lilsturtylilsturty26 minutter siden
  • This song makes zero sense

    TFD Cryticalz_TFD Cryticalz_Time siden
  • I’m a fan

    Hook em and Cook emHook em and Cook emTime siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="48">0:48</a> see look ya done cheating

    NikeNickNikeNickTime siden
  • I would just play of cam make new acc on god

    slayday sonslayday sonTime siden
  • When kids have a rap battle and starts making up words that rhyme.

    Clarify StirfryClarify StirfryTime siden
  • This really sucks

    Kevin VasquezKevin Vasquez2 timer siden
  • Hi

    Laura VallesLaura Valles2 timer siden
  • Work hard everyday Ok then why did you hack

    SHANOOBS !SHANOOBS !2 timer siden
  • Boooooo

    Raynard Jr FranklinRaynard Jr Franklin2 timer siden
  • This has nothing to do with anything your talking about what you have and flexing im like: uhh 😐

    Michael TiengMichael Tieng2 timer siden
  • my new clan FaZé

    xTipsyxTipsy2 timer siden
  • Jarvis:How did I get ban from a game me: I mean you did cheat

    Carol RileyCarol Riley3 timer siden
  • He acualy mad a vide about being banned that sad and he said in his reaction to being banned that I was not thinking of the consequences but on the vid that he had aim bot he said I hope I dont get banned and look were that got u

    mason.1smmason.1sm3 timer siden
  • Lol scrub

    Trey ZopfiTrey Zopfi3 timer siden
  • You can't rap bro stop it

    Javeon SargentJaveon Sargent3 timer siden
  • Sucks

    not mikenot mike3 timer siden
  • This video has more autotune than aimbot

    EncoreRLEncoreRL4 timer siden
  • Nice

    vladimir llakajvladimir llakaj4 timer siden
  • So wet

    Hayden ChungHayden Chung4 timer siden
  • why didnt jarvis just make a new account and buy new skins?

    SkulySkuly5 timer siden
  • Somebody give him a new account so this can get deleted

    MazeMaze5 timer siden
  • Music video*

    MazeMaze5 timer siden
  • This is the trashiest music thing I have ever heard

    MazeMaze5 timer siden
  • Faze Jarvis: gets banned from fortnite Also faze Jarvis: raps about clothes

    Random AccountRandom Account5 timer siden
  • Haha noob get noob

    Roy BenedekRoy Benedek5 timer siden
  • Banned me not him my user Static_Golden_11

    Parker KennemuthParker Kennemuth6 timer siden
  • Unbanned Jarvis I love watching his Fortnite vids fortnite banned me not him please

    Parker KennemuthParker Kennemuth6 timer siden
  • I’m glad Epic Games banned you, in fact this trash song proves you aren’t talented, once more.

    Professer D'MarioProfesser D'Mario6 timer siden
  • Ha ha u got banned

    zeo glitchzeo glitch6 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a> how bout another joke fortnite

    Awesomescout 22Awesomescout 226 timer siden
  • Bro the hook is hard

    CasphurCasphur6 timer siden
  • the day the music died really should've been the day music died permanently so this wouldn't have killed so many ears

    William WilesWilliam Wiles6 timer siden
  • Faz a jarvis

    COZmics klutchCOZmics klutch6 timer siden
  • Trash

    Danny DooobsDanny Dooobs6 timer siden
  • Me: hey Siri what’s the definition of gay Siri: Jarvis

    that guy lolthat guy lol7 timer siden
  • Ass

    XS EditzXS Editz7 timer siden
  • This video should be called flexing all my designer

    Anderson FrazierAnderson Frazier7 timer siden
  • This gay

    Pitman CruitPitman Cruit8 timer siden
  • Jarvis when did you learn to sing

    Aiden YorkAiden York8 timer siden
  • Noooo 😭😭😭 Jarvis got banned

    Jayden CruzJayden Cruz8 timer siden
  • Jarvis:gets banned Solution starts playing fortnite in real life

    Karatekid ?Karatekid ?8 timer siden
  • Everyone is hating😡🤬

    Sabriel MedinaSabriel Medina9 timer siden
  • Producer: How much Autotune you want? Jarvis: *I am autotune*

    Shoto TodorokiShoto Todoroki9 timer siden
  • :)

    Ziyad DagistanyZiyad Dagistany9 timer siden
  • faze jarvis didnt even hit that shot at first and frazier didnt do take the L write :D

    Ziyad DagistanyZiyad Dagistany9 timer siden
  • I’m going back to my moms womb after this

    YT_Bnizzle_YT BTWYT_Bnizzle_YT BTW9 timer siden
  • 🔥🔥

    EDWIN RUIZEDWIN RUIZ10 timer siden
  • it's fire nice vid

    Poya69Poya6911 timer siden
  • Did you get banned from auto tune or music to

    Punk Playz_officialPunk Playz_official11 timer siden
  • I like the part when he got banned

    Lxgacy Hates youLxgacy Hates you12 timer siden
  • When I get a new fortnite skin

    XFC VipexXFC Vipex13 timer siden
  • When I played this in front of my family they put me up for adoption

    Shift.Shift.13 timer siden
  • it sounds like gucci gang

    DigitalPTDigitalPT13 timer siden
  • ur music is so bad

    Mousa AswadMousa Aswad14 timer siden
  • I miss you on forniet

    Mits 1708Mits 170815 timer siden
  • It not even that bad why are u guys hating on Jarvis

    Billy DrewettBilly Drewett16 timer siden
  • Bro this is fire yall just don’t get it

    Quick_snipes _No scopeQuick_snipes _No scope16 timer siden
    • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      Quick_snipes _No scopeQuick_snipes _No scope16 timer siden
  • I sneezed, got a dry cough and a fever after I watched this video.

    Killer_ KellsKiller_ Kells16 timer siden
  • I want you unbanned

    Harley OrangeHarley Orange16 timer siden
  • This song is more cringe than it’s everyday bro !

    Kevin SalgueroKevin Salguero16 timer siden
  • Legit trash your in LA and rich but you can’t rap you rap trash Gucci flip flops? Where and you don’t work hard everyday you just stare at a screen and turn on a camers

    Waffy YTWaffy YT18 timer siden
  • Ass

    2k my Team2k my Team18 timer siden
  • Lol

    lilshadowZlilshadowZ18 timer siden
  • So when you die epic will unband you

    ????20 timer siden
  • You don’t even talk about being banned

    Never GoodNever Good20 timer siden
  • am I the only one who thinks this bangs ?

    1st Bruh Bruh1st Bruh Bruh20 timer siden
  • Epic you are the reason for this cringe music Only if you didn't ban him 😌

    Refilwe 7Refilwe 720 timer siden

    Aqui- ChillzAqui- Chillz20 timer siden
  • “Hard work every day “🤣🤣🤣🤣👆🍆🤏

    Aidan KAidan K22 timer siden
  • So many haters huh Jarvis😒I liked ur song it wasn’t even bad y’all trippin

    Jacob RebollarJacob Rebollar22 timer siden
  • You suck at singing

    Maria SaquicMaria Saquic22 timer siden
  • @Fortnite

    Alexthegod VazquezAlexthegod Vazquez22 timer siden
  • Just move to pubg its good and epicccc

    Kingstarboy101Kingstarboy10123 timer siden
  • No but actually??

    Phoenix IOSPhoenix IOS23 timer siden
  • You deserve to get banned from NOproject to

    Kurt GamingKurt Gaming23 timer siden
  • “This Music Is Stop Hating” Best JOKE Of 2019-2020.

    KreylKreylDag siden
  • Cringe

    Lukas RönnebergLukas RönnebergDag siden