FaZe Jarvis - Banned 4 Life (Official Music Video)

So I actaully made a Music Video... This is of course a joke.
Directed By- m.noproject.info
Listen to my NEW song - music.apple.com/us/album/b4l/1491768426?i=1491768427
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  • I actually made a music video holeeeeeeeeeee

    JarvisJarvis8 dager siden
    • That’s amazing JARVIS

      GUCCI BRUVGUCCI BRUV8 dager siden
    • Haters gotta hate remember that jarvis

      jovanigaming 248jovanigaming 2488 dager siden
    • This is y u got report because u aimboting without even looking at ur opponents

      Okesene OkeseneOkesene Okesene8 dager siden
    • SamTheBeast ya

      Faze SemirmessiFaze Semirmessi8 dager siden
    • Jarvis is a goat without aimbot

      Jaymon ClarkJaymon Clark8 dager siden
  • YoUr InSaNe JaRvIs

    Johnny_DisasterJohnny_Disaster14 timer siden
  • L won't be in faz

    karen majalcakaren majalca14 timer siden
  • I see you're still trying to get unbanned? 😂

    Shayne CShayne C14 timer siden
  • When I watched this video my ear drums started to bleed and I went blind.

    Theo ConnollyTheo Connolly14 timer siden
  • kind of fire

    Draven BubbDraven Bubb14 timer siden
  • Dude this sad asf you made a music video because you got banned

    Isaiah PerlaIsaiah Perla14 timer siden
  • First of all the video Is just garbage the lyrics are even more trash and at the start of this video Is like mumble rap but worst And i know im kinda late but there is no need to put subtitles i dont think NOproject Would even understand the lyrics of this piece of trash...Dont know how this has more likes than dislikes...

    Black KilenBlack Kilen14 timer siden
  • You know I bet he plays on a different account in his spare time

    BaronVonZaacBaronVonZaac14 timer siden
  • if this is grey u are gay ⬇️

    olembe ooolembe oo14 timer siden
  • Trasshhhh asssss

    The Game snipezzzThe Game snipezzz14 timer siden
  • Trash

  • Nice beats

    Crim DGCrim DG15 timer siden
  • I wish this never existed it really ruined my birthday

    Squeak FluffySqueak Fluffy15 timer siden
  • Dam the hate in the chat

    ENDLESS X SinENDLESS X Sin15 timer siden
  • 50%cringe 50%queer

    Dude BraDude Bra15 timer siden
  • To much atuotune

    ryzy_trash.6987 tiktokryzy_trash.6987 tiktok15 timer siden
    • Imagine spelling

      BT_Trepower 12BT_Trepower 1214 timer siden
  • So cringe scrubby needs to make a vid on this

    Dude BraDude Bra15 timer siden
    • Scrubby needs to complement this

      TrueMU PlayzTrueMU Playz14 timer siden
  • Dis is corny af 😂🤮

  • Trash😶😶😶😶🙄

    Matt wattMatt watt15 timer siden
  • Ur bad anyway

    Fudge playsFudge plays15 timer siden
  • Embarrassing, you’d be nothing without your brother,auto tune and your fake vids.

    Fudge playsFudge plays15 timer siden
  • jarvis made a music video fraizer: jarviis ur insaaaane brooo

    amine mouttakiamine mouttaki15 timer siden

    Evin MunizEvin Muniz15 timer siden
  • Is it just me or Jarvis is a mumble rapper

    King ProdigyKing Prodigy15 timer siden
  • He puts American accent on lol

    AshenzAshenz15 timer siden
  • He is trying so hard to get unbanned

    IML ChelisIML Chelis15 timer siden
  • sorry but u need some practice

    Falcons MasterFalcons Master15 timer siden
  • AutoTune smh

    CynicDaiCynicDai15 timer siden
  • Rappers enumerated

    Neel RayNeel Ray15 timer siden
  • Weirdo

    Brian NapierBrian Napier15 timer siden
  • Imagine Epic replies with a diss track @fortnite we wanna see it like if you agree !

    King JohsiaKing Johsia15 timer siden
  • Kid shut up paridise day multi no one cares if you got out of a week chair to term his music off his music is sick

    Master Michael proMaster Michael pro15 timer siden
  • hey

    RyZe 4LifeRyZe 4Life15 timer siden
  • OMG Jarvis Your Insane!!!!!!

    Paul HillPaul Hill16 timer siden
  • It’s funny I went school with Jarvis he was year older tho but people only liked him because his brother before that he was a loner 😂

    GwrXs YTGwrXs YT16 timer siden
  • “Givenchy on me” uglass

    Zhoxy was hereZhoxy was here16 timer siden
  • You’re English mate not american

    Bcx. OfficialsBcx. Officials16 timer siden
  • he even uses aim bot in the video😂😂😂

    ItsMpItsMp16 timer siden
  • Your not good 😑😕

    H20bro619 RussellH20bro619 Russell16 timer siden
  • Nice song

    Da hood GuyDa hood Guy16 timer siden
  • How are clothes in any relation to getting banned

    XLR8_RNC on fortniteXLR8_RNC on fortnite16 timer siden
  • The cringe level is higher than my haircut

    BrokenSkull YTBrokenSkull YT16 timer siden
  • Just stop

    XLR8_RNC on fortniteXLR8_RNC on fortnite16 timer siden
  • Please get him un band fortnite

    callme jaydoncallme jaydon16 timer siden
  • I miss you playing fortnite

    callme jaydoncallme jaydon16 timer siden
  • Eeeeee bad this

    Frank CrookeFrank Crooke16 timer siden
  • Hey come to California I will let you play fortnite on my ps4 I live in laharbra live fair oaks last green apartment house number 8.

    Andrew BenavidezAndrew Benavidez16 timer siden
  • Demonitized bc of gun youtube dont know if its a fake gun.

    Jordanking 1738Jordanking 173816 timer siden
  • For dose who say jarvis is bad at singing you guys should here jake Paul

    Ruben HernandezRuben Hernandez16 timer siden
  • Bruh this dude is doing A song about him getting banned who does that with his autotune 😒

    kevin manjarrezkevin manjarrez16 timer siden
  • U were banned 4 using aimbot

    Blaze 242Blaze 24216 timer siden
  • This song is baddddd

    V0LTAGEV0LTAGE16 timer siden
  • Don't be mad over some damn game

    Joey 2.ogamingJoey 2.ogaming16 timer siden
  • This is so bad sorry no hate it’s just rly bad

    SpartyMNR YeahSpartyMNR Yeah16 timer siden

    burazeri 3burazeri 316 timer siden
  • Who decided this was a good idea

    ScorpedScorped16 timer siden
  • Shame

    LuminateLuminate16 timer siden
  • Holeeeeeeeeeeeeeee jarvis fav song

    Lennox PlayzLennox Playz16 timer siden
  • No no no no no no 💀

    key on Xboxkey on Xbox16 timer siden