Eddie Bravo Explains Coaching Tony Ferguson During Justin Gaethje Loss

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience - Fight Companion - May 16, 2020:




  • Man fuck Khabib for fucking this all up and fleeing to his homeland the whole point of him leaving was because he didn’t want his loved one to contact covid but look what happened

    Robert PavardRobert Pavard3 timer siden
  • Cant stand schaub

    ebonics dictionaryebonics dictionary14 timer siden
  • Watching Eddie stare at the left corner of the screen while Joe and Brandon are talking creeps me out. Like he is checking out comtrails or picking up on some government surveillance.

    Joe PirilloJoe Pirillo18 timer siden
  • Eddie bravo reminds me of one of the fish in spongebob

    Clark ClarkeClark ClarkeDag siden
  • Tony came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and lead the lizard people through the mushroom forest. Refrigerator.

    Jackie PaperJackie PaperDag siden

    braulio el exquisitobraulio el exquisitoDag siden
  • When fkin Shaub is like Connor is comming of a Win ... against a guy who both Justin and Tony beat up before him. Connor should fight Dustin get his face smashed in and retire.

    leo19957leo19957Dag siden
  • Eddie, we want Tony vs Khabib.

    Kevin EhrlichKevin EhrlichDag siden
  • Bravo you should be ashamed to be in Tony’s Ferguson, Joe Rogan you are a duck for not exposing and criticizes bravo, Joe you are fake and the second dick in the world the first is bravo

    Antonio MejiaAntonio MejiaDag siden
  • Jorge vs Nate on the same card too?? Wild

    Alex HeldermanAlex HeldermanDag siden
  • So is eddie blaming his glasses ? Wtf hahah

    Abusive GrandfatherAbusive GrandfatherDag siden
  • Gaethje hit Tony so hard Eddie transitioned from Tony’s coach to “the type of guy that just offers suggestions”.

    Obitrice For lifeObitrice For life2 dager siden
  • thats wat happens wen tony take last minute fight fkn idiot shame

    Cover WichCover Wich2 dager siden
  • Judge a person by their friends. That’s why I’ll never be 100% on Joe. Why is he friends with Brendan? His unlikeability is second to none

    weejoe27weejoe272 dager siden
  • Tony is a Fn beast! Boston sending love 💯🥃💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🥃

    Jones JonesJones Jones2 dager siden
  • He got destroyed an there's no other way about it

    joinfawrRight DestroyISLAMjoinfawrRight DestroyISLAM2 dager siden
  • It’s annoying how they say tony lost cuz he didn’t get a full training camp. Gaethje took the fight on two weeks notice before the card got moved.

    Adrian ArmendarizAdrian Armendariz2 dager siden
    • Gaethje was training as a replacement in case tony or khabib had to back out. Real issue is Gaethje is the truth. Just glad we finally got to see them fight.

      ZedeeziaZedeeziaDag siden
  • Brendan never matured past 16. His emotional, intellectual and fashion sense is that of a teenager. He’s very stunted.

    Nick RageNick Rage2 dager siden
  • Tony "The Joker" Ferguson

    Eric SEric S2 dager siden
  • Rematch Tony and Justine.

    Jake DiddyJake Diddy2 dager siden
  • Eddie you know Dana treats Mexicans scheduling for fights like trash. He treats Mexicans like 2nd class fighters.

    Jake DiddyJake Diddy2 dager siden
  • Brendon you whore. Marry your pregnant woman you low life.

    Jake DiddyJake Diddy2 dager siden
  • You can only peak so many times in a competition period. I believe making two weight cuts in a short amount overtrained his body; resulting in a decreased performance. It doesn’t matter if you think the weight cut effects you positively or negatively. The fact is your body chemically responses to stress in same way if you do it do it the right way.

    Edwin SobalvarroEdwin Sobalvarro2 dager siden
  • their just too cool to listen too, God bless us for the sport of MMA

    mugmug2 dager siden
  • Rename this video to “Eddie bravo is to humble for Eddie bravo” since it’s nothing about the fight

    AbesssAbesss2 dager siden
  • "You're Bangkok ready!" - Eddie Bravo

    xtralimitxtralimit2 dager siden
  • If you wanna talk about money, talk about money but if you wanna talk about martial arts talk about martial arts. It's obvious Tony needed money. He got some good for him. But to say overtraining didn't affect him is downright disingenuous. And the logic of saying they trained for Khabib and wasn't ready for Justin is outright lie. Justin is basic.1 2 left hook with very few uppercut is all he throws. Justin never needed to take step back after Tony hits Justin with his combinations to let his counter go. It only happened because Tony's offense didn't carry any threat to Justin and Tony's offense actually never has complete extensions of his arm due to draining.

    Sunny boySunny boy2 dager siden
  • This Bryant envy Eddie so much 🙄 it’s annoying.

    cosanostra247cosanostra2472 dager siden
    • I didn't know this was an English class

      cosanostra247cosanostra24714 timer siden
    • Can you say that again please? This time in English

      Pure ShooterPure Shooter14 timer siden
  • Did Brendan just apologize for interrupting? Is he ok?

    Tommy LeungTommy Leung2 dager siden
  • Tony fergusson is the type of guy to bite Bob the punch dummys nose off and spit it in its face

    Platinum SurferPlatinum Surfer2 dager siden
  • What's with the countdown in the bottom left corner

    Mandeep SanghaMandeep Sangha3 dager siden
  • Charles Boyle an mma expert now?

    Joshua TawadrosJoshua Tawadros3 dager siden
  • How can Eddie see what’s happening in the fight if he didn’t have his glasses? Dang

    JamesJames3 dager siden
  • 0.75x speed makes it a normal interesting conversation

    M N.M N.3 dager siden
  • I’ve watched this video three times and yes Brendan did interrupt Eddie however it didn’t mess up what he was trying to say but there were multiple times where Joe interrupted Eddie too

    Anonymous SAnonymous S3 dager siden
  • What a fake ass persone omg

    gizmoooo23gizmoooo233 dager siden
  • Justin v Kabib Tony v Conor on the same night would kill the coronavirus dead

    FennessyMusicFennessyMusic3 dager siden
  • How the fuck can this big ears bat can beat khabib and this rookie kick his ass he was like an amateur No one can beat khabib the great Eagle 🦅❤️

    leoreo 12leoreo 123 dager siden
  • Let’s ask Stephen a smith

    Mike JamesMike James3 dager siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="747">12:27</a> wat

    Brock ReidBrock Reid3 dager siden
  • Tony went down a one way street, Justin is just a bad matchup for him..took an all time beatdown

    Victor Ortiz-ArredondoVictor Ortiz-Arredondo3 dager siden
    • Schaub constantly interrupting is not annoying at all.... nope.

      CassieCassie3 dager siden
  • *tony’s son about to say his first words Tony: Hold on I’m talking brother

    Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler3 dager siden
    • UFC needs 165# bad It be a killer division. Eddie Bravo looks like Stevo from jack ass lol

      CassieCassie3 dager siden
  • I will be really honest, if you disagree you are most likely a Virgin. So, Tony had to do two weight cuts in A month, and if you have any experience at all within fighting or Sports that requires a specefic weight upon gameday, you will know that a single weight cut can literally kill you, so when it Comes down to scoring this fight, honest answer is it cant be scored, tony was barely 20 percent of himself and even though he said weight cuts didn't effect him, trust me, it did.

    Son FadiSon Fadi3 dager siden
  • Say what youbeant about Eddie you can but respect him

    Qarnayn MalikiQarnayn Maliki3 dager siden
  • Who needs enemy with a corner like that, right?

    Iago BatistaIago Batista3 dager siden
  • Pocket sand!

    TheristaiTheristai4 dager siden
  • Eddie always takes ages to get to the real point.

    dukeflyingcowdukeflyingcow4 dager siden
  • If you cover eddies hair with something and squint your eyes, he kinda looks like joe

    JoannaJoanna4 dager siden
  • This fight was fixed and dana payed him extra , yes

    John MichealJohn Micheal4 dager siden
  • Eddie can become excellent communicator..... He speaks very well in mike

  • He need a new boxing coach! No disrespect.. just telling the truth..

    Sea OrtizSea Ortiz4 dager siden
  • Question for Eddie if that was Tony's best... why did it seem like he got into a pissing contest with justin.. no take down no high level Eddie bravo jiu jitsu that would have possibly changed that out come of that fight.. use all your tools..no excuse.

    Sea OrtizSea Ortiz4 dager siden
    • @Joanna Eddie? I'm confused...

      Sea OrtizSea Ortiz4 dager siden
    • He had to say some gay ish.... neanderthal

      JoannaJoanna4 dager siden
  • I can't stand Eddie Bravo. Downvoted.

    M EM E4 dager siden
  • Remember the analysis Brendan gave about 🦅 and the 🐔 😂😂

    Qarnayn MalikiQarnayn Maliki4 dager siden
  • Real Fighting is done standing!! Fuck the grab Ass crotch sniffing shit! Respect ✊to tony for that.

    BAimsBAims4 dager siden
  • UFC needs 165# bad It be a killer division. Eddie Bravo looks like Stevo from jack ass lol

    BAimsBAims4 dager siden
  • Schaub constantly interrupting is not annoying at all.... nope.

    Zoo KeenyZoo Keeny4 dager siden
  • Eddie Bravo at the sushi joint: Maybe try an Imanari Roll?

    deadle13deadle134 dager siden
  • Hey Brendan, follow Joe's lead when it comes to making an effective podcast conversation - if someone like Eddie is on a tear describing an incredible experience - please STFU!!!! You do not have to chime in and interrupt every 5 seconds with your non-contributing bullshit. Just let the conversation breathe and let Eddie talk!!!!!

    Ras AlghulRas Alghul4 dager siden
  • Eddie Bravo is the most genuine guest ever on the Rogan podcast brutal honesty and what a fella Respect to him.

    Deep hugDeep hug4 dager siden
  • Brandon needs to go

    Shany AliShany Ali4 dager siden
  • Moral of the story don't let eddie be in yur corner wen yur gettin beat the fuk down...lol.

    clint warnerclint warner4 dager siden
  • Moral of the story don't let eddie be in yur corner wen yur gettin beat the fuk down...lol.

    clint warnerclint warner4 dager siden
    • @Deep hug was jus havin a lil fun. Yes the standup game wasn't workin, eddie shud have told tony take the fight to the ground n change it up. Justin is too good of a striker. Eddie cud have helped tony but he also panicked. Good talk...take care.

      clint warnerclint warner4 dager siden
    • I respect Eddie for even walking into the cage in the first place to at least try, even if he wasn’t supposed to be there.

      Deep hugDeep hug4 dager siden
  • I among many believe Tony is one of the greatest, maybe the greatest, going into this fight I was very confident Tony would do his thing. My friend had a lot of money riding on my advice, I remember saying Tony does take damage but he'll find a way. I just don't buy Tony Ferguson forgot he shouldn't be hit in the face without any resistance. Hats off to Justin for making Tony look human. Hell even in a ass beating Tony Ferguson is a freak of nature. Still, I feel like I seen Batman get a degree is walking into a punch.

    Jeff HaasJeff Haas4 dager siden
    • The greatest doesn’t get wrecked like that. Tony showed that he can’t change levels, and that will be his downfall.

      dualspectrumreality ytilaermurtcepslauddualspectrumreality ytilaermurtcepslaud2 dager siden
  • Either tie up and take down or be in far range.. Time the take down and tie up...Do not stay in boxing range. He was getting killed out there. No wasted energy with fancy rolls.

    Devocean StudioDevocean Studio5 dager siden
  • He had to say some gay ish.... neanderthal

    HayabusaJudahHayabusaJudah5 dager siden
  • Khabib will have smashed Tony as well! Stop talking shit Eddie

    Luiz AguilarLuiz Aguilar5 dager siden
  • u guys need ta get in my cardio room. CHAGA MUSHROOM reishi raw spring water. CARDio CARDIO x5

    gary daygary day5 dager siden
  • Overrated so called trainer.

    MC SmyleMC Smyle5 dager siden
    • MMA in a golf-like atmosphere has to be disconcerting to all of the participants. Like a fart in church.

      bofooit gojobofooit gojo5 dager siden
  • You can directly measure Joe Rogan's alcohol consumption by seeing how shiny his head is.

    Lurking FigureLurking Figure5 dager siden

      bofooit gojobofooit gojo5 dager siden
  • brendan shut the fuck up and let people with talent speak

    kspksp5 dager siden
  • Mctapper would not take Ferguson if khabid was also fighting the main card

    Jacob JorgensonJacob Jorgenson5 dager siden
  • Eddie Bravo is so straight up and honest. Eddie is the man!

    Abraham AlamoAbraham Alamo5 dager siden
  • Brendan almost ruined this

    MRTatsaaMRTatsaa5 dager siden
  • I bet Eddie was high in the corner lol

    Jake SnyderJake Snyder5 dager siden
  • Is this Eddie being humble mmmhmmm... or maybe he's just trying to avoid responsibility for the loss due to his coaching techniques at least some of the responsibility c'mon he trained and worked with Tony bragging how he was training him so don't bow out now Eddie take a breath Eddie holy shit I can see your blood pressure rising through the screen are they all going to climax together 😮 cringy much ......to be continued

    chucky 1timechucky 1time5 dager siden
  • I really liked that Eddie said “I froze, I shouldn’t have been in there...” honesty. Good man - I feel bad for Ferguson- such a good dude

    CassieCassie6 dager siden
  • I respect Eddie for even walking into the cage in the first place to at least try, even if he wasn’t supposed to be there.

    Alastair NunezAlastair Nunez6 dager siden
  • It was my favorite fight fuckin warriors

    Justin SotoJustin Soto6 dager siden
  • Dude shouldn't have been there, plain and simple. If your surgeon did a shit job and afterwards acknowledged he was limited in the field and that he didn't have his glasses you wouldn't praise him for his honesty. I don't even like Ferguson but damn he got let down tremendously by his corner. Zero effective advice and everyone's praising Eddie like he's a hero for admitting he's shit. If it was some unknown dude he would have been booed straight out if MMA for this performance.

    D MD M6 dager siden
    • I literally shouted " STFU Shaub" dude kept interpreting Eddie talking about something very close to his heart seeing Tony hurt! Dude needs to " listen"

      CassieCassie6 dager siden