Eat In One Bite Challenge | People Vs Food

Reactors compete to see who can eat the most IN A SINGLE BITE! Remember, we did this safely - so no trying at home!
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Please note that this episode was filmed prior to FBE staff working remotely. We hope that all of you are safe and appreciate you watching and supporting. For more info, check out our vlog on how we're working from home:
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Eat In One Bite Challenge | People Vs Food




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    REACTREACT16 dager siden
    • 5:14 you rlly getting into that real good

      Isai PalmaIsai Palma4 dager siden
    • Dad jokes heck yeah!

      Diii DiiiDiii Diii5 dager siden
    • REACT bruh

      14LM14LM6 dager siden
    • REACT make More please

      Jace CaileyJace Cailey8 dager siden
    • Can you ask to the NOprojectrs to wack a video that says try not to say aww?pls pick my comment,!

      Al Dzaki jagaditaAl Dzaki jagadita9 dager siden
  • He broke my leg <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="766">12:46</a>

    Jose RamirezJose Ramirez48 minutter siden
  • I bet boki can eat all of that in one bite

    ツDavid.FツDavid.FTime siden
  • Didn’t chelsa get the White Castle or I think my phone tweaking

    IturgurlA_N I_Y_AIturgurlA_N I_Y_ATime siden
  • My favorite snack is a pickle

    Wolfie Natty GachaWolfie Natty GachaTime siden
  • One them gon choke fr

    Magsar MagsarMagsar MagsarTime siden
  • i love mikaela 🥺

    FrostyVnDFrostyVnDTime siden
  • This will pay off in the future were in this video

    Rg_wutRg_wutTime siden
  • boki can do this easily!!!!

    Fernanda LealFernanda Leal2 timer siden
  • El ded lo haría mejor.

    carlos mario aranocarlos mario arano3 timer siden
  • you guy mouth is small

    Jack ZackJack Zack3 timer siden
  • I hate Chelsea 😭

    민세라!민세라!4 timer siden
    • I have a thyroid disorder in which stores every single calory i eat into my body so i have to take medicine to regulate it out

      Michelle NordquistMichelle Nordquist2 timer siden
    • Chelsea Is so Innocent and Shae u shouldn’t be talking ur a gacha girl lmao

      florflor3 timer siden
    • Some people have eating disorders lol. I would rather than chelsey was quirky than see her suffer with an eating disorder.

      glee beeglee bee3 timer siden
    • 민세라! Me too she thinks she’s so quirky cause she can’t eat that’s why she’s so skinny

      Shae GreyShae Grey4 timer siden
  • Lol. "Waiting for this big thing like how can anyone fit this into their mouth" said that one blonde dude

    lRydeRdiellRydeRdiel4 timer siden
  • "If hamsters can do it so can we." Said the creepy Asian girl.

    lRydeRdiellRydeRdiel5 timer siden
    • Ouch. If I were her, I'd be HURT hurt. My goodness, some save this brutal human. The other comment is right. The quarantine got to you. Take care yo.

      glee beeglee bee4 timer siden
    • Pathetic. Quarantine really got u

      AMBYAAMBYA4 timer siden
  • Moral of story: guys are better at deepthroating than girls

    Vikzn _Vikzn _5 timer siden
  • If You See This... I Want You To Roast Me

    Acani -Acani -6 timer siden
    • If i had a dollar when i said you suck, i'd be richer than donald trump.

      Tristan ShiflettTristan ShiflettTime siden
    • Abdali Bastidas they’re*, if you’re gonna try to roast a boy you as a girl should learn proper grammar

      OASISOASIS5 timer siden
    • You remind me of a boy because their stupid and they always get dumped in the dumpster because their trash

      Abdali BastidasAbdali Bastidas5 timer siden
    • Acani - your stink😎✌️

      Kim nam joonKim nam joon5 timer siden
    • We don't need to roast you, you already roasted yourself.

      MintMint6 timer siden
  • Why are there no likes on the comments?

    SugacoatedMochiSugacoatedMochi6 timer siden
    • Ikr

      Lil_Ice GamingLil_Ice Gaming4 timer siden
  • dam Kendelle what you fit in that mouth *lmao*

    xWólfŷxWólfŷ6 timer siden
  • The cheek guy is a legend

    Young BricksYoung Bricks9 timer siden
  • My fav snack is hot Cheetos ❤️

    Geemail914Geemail91410 timer siden
    • Frøsty_Lølly yep

      Vikzn _Vikzn _5 timer siden
    • Acani - fr

      Vikzn _Vikzn _5 timer siden
    • Acani - ikr people always take it so seriously so now I have to

      Frøsty_LøllyFrøsty_Lølly6 timer siden
    • @Frøsty_Lølly its sad that these days people need to say (joke)

      Acani -Acani -6 timer siden
    • Geemail914 you don’t think enough, the best hot snack is hot Cheetos fries or takis. (Joke)

      Frøsty_LøllyFrøsty_Lølly6 timer siden
  • 1. Melt the ice cream sandwich 2.Drink it without taking a bite 3. Finished it in one zero bites

    GTX WesleyGTX Wesley10 timer siden
  • I tried everything and I fit it all in mah mouth!! And am just 10!!

    Jᴏʏᴄᴇ Gᴀʙʀɪᴇʟʟᴇ GᴀᴄʜᴀJᴏʏᴄᴇ Gᴀʙʀɪᴇʟʟᴇ Gᴀᴄʜᴀ11 timer siden
    • @Acani - she's *10*

      cami lacami la2 timer siden

      Mythrylea WongMythrylea Wong6 timer siden
    • Acani - *bet she did xD*

      xWólfŷxWólfŷ6 timer siden
    • But did you try the biggest thing 😏

      Acani -Acani -6 timer siden
    • Jᴏʏᴄᴇ Gᴀʙʀɪᴇʟʟᴇ Gᴀᴄʜᴀ im 10 too

      xWólfŷxWólfŷ7 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="763">12:43</a> "Nows the fun part *CRUNCH*" HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA

    ZanthrinaZanthrina14 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a> im dying 🤣🤣😂😂

    OkutabraOkutabra14 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="193">3:13</a> that's how my brother eats XD 😂😂

    FlamieFlamie15 timer siden
    • @xWólfŷ 😂😂😂

      FlamieFlamie6 timer siden
    • *im ur brother xD*

      xWólfŷxWólfŷ6 timer siden
  • Im stuck wondering tf a shredded wheat biscuit is

    king Zayking Zay15 timer siden
    • weetabix wheat biscuit=cereal

      xWólfŷxWólfŷ6 timer siden
    • Thought it was a giant mini wheats

      *{fairygamer_ YT}**{fairygamer_ YT}*13 timer siden
    • Count me in bruh

      Dragneel AdhooDragneel Adhoo15 timer siden
  • Pause at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="153">2:33</a> and look at his face lol

    I’m a boy Ima boyI’m a boy Ima boy16 timer siden
  • I told you im achickmunk XD

    Sophie ColletSophie Collet16 timer siden
  • I see why it’s called people vs. food.

    ItsMeGlazerItsMeGlazer16 timer siden
  • " dam kendelle what u fit in that mouth " LMAO

    anxietyanxiety18 timer siden
  • Is it bad that I can do it all 👉👈 I mean I don't have a wheat biscuit but the rest looks really easy

    Selina ANITIPA SALAINASelina ANITIPA SALAINA19 timer siden
  • Imagine for the sushi one of them was actually fucking allergic to sea food 😂😂

    Kaiden HoweKaiden Howe19 timer siden
    • بك بك he was just saying it would be a funny reaction

      Trident BaseballTrident Baseball7 timer siden
    • Then they wouldn’t eat it lol what?

      الشاذ الخاص بك الشاذ الخاص بكالشاذ الخاص بك الشاذ الخاص بك8 timer siden
    • BRUH LMAO 😂

      Trident BaseballTrident Baseball19 timer siden
  • Ashby and Tom are my new favorite duo

    Anaya ClarkAnaya Clark19 timer siden
  • the guys are better at deep throating confirmned

    Hi im very CoolHi im very Cool19 timer siden
    • Hi im very Cool 😂

      KILLAZ 0128KILLAZ 012812 timer siden
  • I like a girl there

    Unstopable squadUnstopable squad19 timer siden
    • You mean Mikaela at 2:55 ? Yea, a lot of people got a crush on her. Also, I saw your rap videos. You're actually fairly talented. My best wishes to you, kiddo. I hope you get famous and be happy forever.

      glee beeglee bee4 timer siden
    • Unstopable squad there’s 4

      KILLAZ 0128KILLAZ 012812 timer siden
  • I love Ashby and Tom together!!! More of them together!!!

    Tee FranklinTee Franklin20 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="472">7:52</a> I started dying 😂😂

    Hockey Fan623Hockey Fan62320 timer siden
  • Hear the preintro of the video with your eyes closed

    Just MangooJust Mangoo20 timer siden

      SugacoatedMochiSugacoatedMochi6 timer siden
  • All the girls here were just trying to look like they don’t have a “big mouth 🙄 except Kendelle

    bilinas minibilinas mini21 time siden
    • @Vendetta For V she also commented on more comments under this video like wtf

      VelebaVeleba14 timer siden
    • @Hessa you must be the life of all parties

      Vendetta For VVendetta For V15 timer siden
    • wtf does that even mean? You want them to choke themselves just to meet your theories? Also FYI having a big mouth is considered a good thing in some type of perspective so I don’t understand *why would they pretend that they don’t have “big mouth” lol.*

      HessaHessa21 time siden
  • I wanted to say that's what she said so many times

    Happy MediumHappy Medium22 timer siden
  • mikeala’s face @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="190">3:10</a> caption it

    Tiana RTiana R22 timer siden
    • omg since when FBE have a woman "narrating"?

      bilinas minibilinas mini21 time siden
  • My mouth can go up to 8 inches so I could fit most of this

    PhillycheezePhillycheeze22 timer siden
    • Phillycheeze oh....

      TTV sn1p3skkTTV sn1p3skkTime siden
    • eli ‘s I’m also 13

      PhillycheezePhillycheeze11 timer siden
    • eli ‘s LMAO 😂

      AmariiAmarii19 timer siden
    • dayum what that mouth do tho

      eli ‘seli ‘s22 timer siden
  • I feel bad for the girls boyfriends cause they ain’t getting good head if they can’t fit that in they

    Jason OliphantJason Oliphant22 timer siden
    • Hessa ITS A JOKE damn

      Jason OliphantJason Oliphant7 timer siden
    • They can fit those foods *deep,* but they’re just too wide like come on.

      HessaHessa21 time siden
    • yall laughing at his joke but it’s a serious topic, Jason is right

      eli ‘seli ‘s22 timer siden
    • Jason Oliphant ☠️☠️😭😂😂😂😂

      Ava EdwardsAva Edwards22 timer siden
  • they are touching all the food , and i am like oohh no CORONAVIRUS

    Maxi PozziMaxi Pozzi23 timer siden
  • D. Watch a similar video but diffrent channel for the next Letter to make a word

    Fouad ElbannaFouad Elbanna23 timer siden
  • Excuse me but did she call jalapenos "Spicy food" Like i eat it for a fucking meal?

    Who99¿ •17 Years agoWho99¿ •17 Years agoDag siden
  • Damm

    Kiaralynn HanaokaKiaralynn HanaokaDag siden
  • Shouldnt girls have bigger mouths instead of bo- you know what nvm

    Woke RaidWoke RaidDag siden
    • @Wolfette r/woosh r/woosh r/woosh

      Gigcash 7610Gigcash 761021 time siden
    • It’s the other way actually. *Women have smaller mouths than men, and that’s a fact.*

      HessaHessa21 time siden
    • Gigcash 7610 Get outta here with that reddit shit

      WolfetteWolfette21 time siden
    • @lala E r/woosh

      Gigcash 7610Gigcash 761023 timer siden
    • Woke Raid not all girls duh

      lala Elala EDag siden
  • The amount of “that’s what she said” jokes I can make in this video is insane

    XD j0407XD j0407Dag siden
  • Tom looks like raidaway

    max bergermax bergerDag siden
    • max berger exactly

      adam alicicadam alicic20 timer siden
  • as an Asian i’m slighty impressed.

    ceddieTMceddieTMDag siden
  • This whole video is just a giant dirty joke

    DonkDonkDag siden
  • We all know every single one of those women could fit everything down there mouth

    Stay_Frostyy_ UzumakiツStay_Frostyy_ UzumakiツDag siden
    • *their

      Alexandra VAlexandra VDag siden
    • wow....

      Laci StrongLaci StrongDag siden
    • Stay_Frostyy_ Uzumakiツ ......

      see you in hell bitchsee you in hell bitchDag siden
  • *Lets just jope tha black dude doesn't become a zombie in zombie apocalypse*

    FBIFBIDag siden
    • @Latasia Benson he'd be swallowing them not even chewing them

      FBIFBI13 timer siden
    • Wait it’s confirmed

      xxifxxif19 timer siden
    • He will be stuffing people’s whole hand down his throat

      Latasia BensonLatasia BensonDag siden
  • Girl: y don't want to put this in My mouth Me: THAT WHAT SHE SAID

    Meme DealerMeme DealerDag siden
  • omg since when FBE have a woman "narrating"?

    ava dpava dpDag siden
    • It’s been a long time

      Humpty DumptyHumpty DumptyDag siden
    • She was there for a long time

      Ash PlaysAsh PlaysDag siden
  • Everyone there had tooth sensitivity lmao 😂

    Maureen LewisMaureen LewisDag siden
  • I wish I could do this I found out I can fit a whole fairy cake in my mouth and now seeing those techniques im good to go and im 14 nearly 15

    Kayley WarnKayley WarnDag siden
  • I wish i was in this challenge couse im 13 and i have the biggest mouth

    DanMKM GamingDanMKM GamingDag siden
  • Chelsea is so cute and adorable :3

    NinchakiiNinchakiiDag siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="416">6:56</a> ....'i don't wanna die *we have to!!*

    BibbehBibbehDag siden
    • Bibbeh well aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine

      Frøsty_LøllyFrøsty_LøllyDag siden
  • Everything in that video was easy to fit?

  • Chelsea is so cute lol

    Turbo9987Turbo9987Dag siden

      Mya CruzMya CruzDag siden
  • i think i’m in love with yeshua

    Gabby SalazarGabby SalazarDag siden
  • Free fonts for iPhone

    cassiopeia guintocassiopeia guintoDag siden
    • OwO

      n i oopn i oopDag siden
  • Ashby’s laugh gets me every time 😂😂

    •Deepthi••Deepthi•Dag siden
  • This whole video is ‘that’s what she said’ worthy

    Fishstick 4 LifeFishstick 4 LifeDag siden
    • @100ccm AEROX DRIVER Deutsche sind jetzt überall!

      Uganda knuckle KnutUganda knuckle KnutDag siden
    • Ehrenmann

      100ccm AEROX DRIVER100ccm AEROX DRIVERDag siden
    • This comment will get to the top!

      Uganda knuckle KnutUganda knuckle KnutDag siden
    • perfect way to describe it

      apocalypseArisenapocalypseArisenDag siden
  • I'd just enjoy the free food

    CottonCandy ASMRCottonCandy ASMRDag siden
    • And (react) get a view

      『ABN』 HaNee ツ『ABN』 HaNee ツDag siden
  • Yeshua is fine fine 🤯🦋😂🤤

    Viktoria AlipiViktoria AlipiDag siden
  • Niko avocado this would be a piece of cake for him

    Jamesons WorldJamesons WorldDag siden
  • Chelsea reminds me of Erin From the office

    Charlie SchultzCharlie SchultzDag siden
  • ethans chipmunk method makes hella sense

    ofcitsme. jOyofcitsme. jOyDag siden
  • Chelsea is so adorable :(

    abraham pangestuabraham pangestuDag siden
  • (Video starts) (Producer pulls out his PP) Them: what’s that’s Juice?

    DolderDolderDag siden
    • Dolder 😂😂😂

      Karanjit Singh BasraKaranjit Singh Basra22 timer siden
  • Broooo she sed my ti*s are gona be cold

  • Double Big Mac ??

    HoldthemayoHoldthemayoDag siden
  • I Hate People Eating A Sushi Not In 1 Bite Thats How You Eat Sushi People..

    Bart KenjoyBart KenjoyDag siden
    • Bart Kenjoy I hate people who type like that

      YesimacrybabyYesimacrybabyDag siden
    • I don’t eat sushi c:

      AlmaAlmaDag siden
    • toot

      vrandomsvrandomsDag siden
    • Bart Kenjoy i hate sushi🤷🏻‍♀️

      Nathalia ANathalia ADag siden
    • Bart Kenjoy me looking for who dafuk asked

  • Mukbangers would’ve nailed this

    tenchiitenchiiDag siden
  • Atleast they dont have a problem with their tooth and gum where theres a tooth growing on a gum part it not supposed to grow on and it bites your bottom gum. Cuz i have that problem on both sides :(

    Crystal LoCrystal LoDag siden
  • Had to skip the ice cream part ... felt the pain 😖

    DiaasyDiaasyDag siden
    • Diaasy sensitive teeth gang

      Lucas FranklinLucas FranklinDag siden