Dyno Testing My Cheap Ferrari 348 with 100,000 Miles!

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  • Buy old cavalier z24 1988 I would love to see that on your channel

    jiggy chad neumanjiggy chad neumanDag siden
  • those seats got to go back to Wal Mart

    Darrell EidseDarrell EidseDag siden
  • 170hp

    Darrell EidseDarrell EidseDag siden
  • When you retire, this Ferrari costs a fortune🤔😁👍🇮🇹💵

    RICKS WORLD dereauxRICKS WORLD dereauxDag siden
  • Rather have Hoovie do goofy youtube videos to this car being stored in a garage to never be used. Cars are meant to be driven

    Fabian QuesadaFabian QuesadaDag siden
  • Nappa!

    HyperXprojectsHyperXprojects2 dager siden
  • Are you making that shirt?!

    Sean KnelsenSean Knelsen2 dager siden
  • Dogleg gearbox?

    Casey WilkinsonCasey Wilkinson2 dager siden
  • Thing is the ABSOLUTE perfect shape

    Brandon KnightBrandon Knight2 dager siden
  • Cool data point for early 90's super-sports cars! I've been curious how other stuff holds up after seeing 267whp from my at-the-time 232,000 mile NSX (with just an exhaust). 348s are somewhat more maligned than they should be and the TB in particular I find a handsome car as a "baby Testarossa", even if the 355 refined the shape into arguable perfection.

    Lap of the WorldLap of the World3 dager siden
  • Ugh, that city bus seat upholstery looks terrible in this thing.

    elcaminosunlimitedelcaminosunlimited3 dager siden
  • The car is beautiful. The exhaust is great. The seats👎 and wild

  • What grade fuel did you use?

    Toby the GlenToby the Glen3 dager siden
  • Nice old Ferrari

    Rich ARich A3 dager siden
  • I was afraid you weren't going to stop until that poor thing threw a rod...

    Will Floyd-EvansWill Floyd-Evans3 dager siden
  • The seats is a DAMN SHAME!!!!!

    bobbisixkillerbobbisixkiller4 dager siden
  • This guy talks entirely too much. Get to the subject of the title.

    GetoverYourselfGetoverYourself4 dager siden
  • I think I have a photo of your Murci at a car show in NJ

    Tommy FerrignoTommy Ferrigno4 dager siden
  • Capristo exhaust; disturbing the peace, since 2019.

    tim fordtim ford4 dager siden
  • Notice the flat power curves. It's got that engaging feeling without waiting on turbo's to spool up. Not a bad car for weekend fun.

    Sean O'ReillySean O'Reilly4 dager siden
  • wait I thought it wasnt an engine out operation

    Roo TehconquerorRoo Tehconqueror4 dager siden
  • Congrats on getting a pretty cool and decent running 4RE. Virtually no power loss after 100,000k is amazing.

    Fred QuimbyFred Quimby4 dager siden
  • I feel the same with my skoda fabia 1.2 64bhp. Fast at legal speed. 😭

    Rider LeeRider Lee4 dager siden
  • Ferrari 348 : honey I shrunk the Testarossa

    caalcb7caalcb74 dager siden
  • I think the 348 looks great until you get to the rear. It looks too short compared to the rest of the car

    Ryan SahlRyan Sahl4 dager siden
  • I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: this car sounds so heavenly 👌🏻

    bryce_the_quickbryce_the_quick4 dager siden
  • that weird moment when your bmw makes more power then a ferrari

    GetzopurpleGetzopurple4 dager siden
  • Video starts @8:12

    Gene KingGene King4 dager siden
  • With new wheels it would look great!

    7ViewerLogic7ViewerLogic4 dager siden
  • Hoovie, the only guy who wears a seatbelt on a dyno.

    Robert PickavanceRobert Pickavance5 dager siden
  • More like 12% drivetrain loss and 2% from the engine power.

    DuBstep115DuBstep1155 dager siden
  • The car is 1 to 1 in 5th gear?

    jmrtinez69jmrtinez695 dager siden
  • Agree,it’s aged well, and it’s about driver involvement and not all ab out horsepower

    Mat HarrisMat Harris5 dager siden
  • Time to add some boost

    Ryan RaynorRyan Raynor5 dager siden

    Jerry SJerry S5 dager siden
  • I love this car, and it’s dated quirks.

    fizzys26fizzys265 dager siden
  • I scrolled through the comments for a bit and was amazed that nobody mentioned your shirt. I have two of those shirts, myself, and got a good chuckle out of it!

    vomErstenvomErsten5 dager siden
  • Wonder why you didn’t go for the kreissieg exhaust for the 348 hoovie

    Ye Feng ChenYe Feng Chen5 dager siden
  • Change those rims

    kevin kev kevkevin kev kev5 dager siden
  • I’ll take that Typhoon, please.

    Steven DSteven D5 dager siden
  • If the seat trim was split up, near the top a 3-4inch gap of different fabric near the neck area would make the seats so much better.

    Whiskey TownWhiskey Town5 dager siden
  • At one point it sounds like an Aventador.

    Alp KurtAlp Kurt5 dager siden
  • LS swap and be done with it ;-)

    Wak JobWak Job5 dager siden
  • No, Hoovie, on a mid-engined Ferrari driveline loss in only 12%

    Tim TursonoffTim Tursonoff5 dager siden
  • So for happy for him at last he got one car without headaches

    Ulises Eugenio Erickson RamosUlises Eugenio Erickson Ramos5 dager siden
  • In conclusion the 348 is the Miata of the Ferrari world it’s just to much fun to not love

    Jarrod ManessJarrod Maness5 dager siden
  • Apparently the badge of honor, the leveling up if you will, with owning luxury cars is having a massive book of $60,000 worth of service records.

    dropout0110dropout01105 dager siden
  • I will probably be a millionaire here in about two or three years and I can say that I can never afford one of these but this is my favorite design for sure.

    dropout0110dropout01105 dager siden
  • my normal e39 530i had 200whp... `nuff said. Buying old 100K mile Fefes is utter insanity. But buying salvage / garbage also keeps this channel afloat. A 250whp "modern" Ferrari wih a ~50whp loss is just plain Top Gear joke material. But I have never heard 250whp sound that good!

    ArvokmArvokm5 dager siden
  • That paint is in need of a correction. But that Capristo 🤤

    Nathan JohnsonNathan Johnson5 dager siden
  • Seeing this beautiful car I would almost forgive you for having sold the NSX The Acura NSX, also known as THE FERRARI 348 KILLER 😠

    ArneArne5 dager siden
  • it had 248 hourses? thats too slow for a ferrari, just buy a bimmer instead

    错鞘错鞘5 dager siden
  • Those seats...……...…..

    John WhJohn Wh6 dager siden
  • I like the styling, in fact I much prefer the looks to the awful Mondial or (especially) the Testerossa

    John WhJohn Wh6 dager siden
  • lol I'm kinda used to gated manual cause my racing sim has a gated shifter

    Aurora The OtterAurora The Otter6 dager siden
  • That was the most annoying video you have ever done... Why ? Because of you pubescent, boy racer exhaust. I could not stand the constant loud drone from you stupid after market exhaust. And what a pain it must be to everyone near you, everywhere you go in this car.

    Del MacDel Mac6 dager siden
    • lol

      dropout0110dropout01105 dager siden
  • I enjoy the fact that I own a VW Golf with as much power as a 1980s Ferrari. This is why I tell people my R is faster than a Ferrari! LOL

    Netcruzer RC TECH CARSNetcruzer RC TECH CARS6 dager siden
  • Did he buy the seats from a long distance coach travel company?

    Lamp ShadeLamp Shade6 dager siden
  • So do you actually warm up your cars or do you just floor them as soon as the coolant temperature gauge (Not oil temp even tough that's actually the important one) moves 1 degree. Just curious

    BVD JVDBVD JVD6 dager siden
  • Classic super car gets the same HP as a modern minivan, time's they are a changin'

    Sheldon JamesSheldon James6 dager siden