Building A Widebody Ferrari 458 Part 8

This thing is insane!!! We have let this Ferrari sit for a bit as we tackled new builds, but we are back on it and it is looking better than ever. We are blown away with how the wrap job is looking and we are learning a lot in the process as well. We hope you guys enjoy this build and were happy to take you along this journey!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • Is that a joke? Tell me its a joke?!

    Jimmy AlananoJimmy Alanano5 minutter siden
  • Definitely clear headlights my guy!

    Andrew MccurdyAndrew Mccurdy18 timer siden
  • please keep this car

    Area 51 GuardArea 51 GuardDag siden
  • i like the white headlight

    Area 51 GuardArea 51 GuardDag siden
  • That car looks ridiculous

    G SkyG SkyDag siden
  • That wrap is nasty n the color yellow can’t go on that head light so nasty disrespectful yuck I vomited three times looking as this shit

    John PerezJohn PerezDag siden
  • It pains me to see

    Jakob BallestadJakob BallestadDag siden
  • What ever happened to the new garage build?

  • A beautiful Ferrari ruined with an ugly wrap.

    blood rainblood rain2 dager siden
  • Y’all should do a 2002 ford ranger customization i would really enjoy that

    Cesa RivasCesa Rivas2 dager siden
  • What do they do with the cars after they are all set and done? How’s they get the cars? Just an inquiring mind.

    Jay VailesJay Vailes2 dager siden
  • Tj hunts was better but goonzquad was doing this for a client so it’s kinda out of their control

  • Forses on the 450

    Turner_ PowellTurner_ Powell2 dager siden
  • The guy who helped you do that wrap put it on really poorly. When he was cutting the hood parts he cut them too much leaving white showing on the air intake. I think that is pretty uncharacteristic of you guys to not pay attention to every detail like you used too.

    Matthew KirejczykMatthew Kirejczyk2 dager siden
  • ferrari will be surely ashamed to be owned by these idiots

    Muhammad BilalMuhammad Bilal2 dager siden
  • Copied TJ

    Ali SultanAli Sultan2 dager siden
  • When y'all had roughly 32 thousand subscribers I knew then I had to subscribe as well and never have you guys disappointed me until now!!! Love you guys but that wrap is garbage and be better with a purple galaxy theme wrap... I would love to come hangout with you guys for a day what do you say?

    Dustin Harris Affordable Perfections RemodelingDustin Harris Affordable Perfections Remodeling2 dager siden
  • Maaan you need to finish this car🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Mauro M AzuajeMauro M Azuaje3 dager siden
  • Clear headlights

    Kylie JohnKylie John3 dager siden
  • You guys should ceramic coat the wrap the way it lasts longer

    Jose SolisJose Solis3 dager siden
  • Should just be red and some carbon fiber I hate it but to each his own.

    SingleTrack_KingSingleTrack_King3 dager siden
  • Nós dó canal ferreira motos estamos acompanhando tudo. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👍👍👍👍👍👍TORNO CASEIRO.

    Ferreira MotosFerreira Motos3 dager siden
  • Hate the yellow

    Jace LarsonJace Larson3 dager siden
  • What happened to the boat?

    cpavittcpavitt3 dager siden
  • Yellow yellow AYELLOW

    Mr RoblxMr Roblx3 dager siden
  • are the supercars up for sale?

    daniel kinyuadaniel kinyua3 dager siden
  • You really gotta ask yourself sometimes, do they really think this cars looking “sick” or are they just faking all of this just for the sake of the video?

    V15V154 dager siden
  • Do something with the hellcat

    Vertyrius SeldonVertyrius Seldon4 dager siden
  • i like the white one more

    Simon HadbavnySimon Hadbavny4 dager siden
  • The rims are very ugly and the painting too

    Philippe Mac CalmentPhilippe Mac Calment4 dager siden
  • "The graphics kit makes this car look 10 times faster than it actually is. It looks like I can go like 300 MPH." So it can only go 30 MPH? 😂

    PhoenixFabledPhoenixFabled4 dager siden
  • And the producer of Ferrari will give a ban for sale a ferrari cars to U.S.A 😂👍✌️

    dennis rodmandennis rodman4 dager siden
  • Enzo Ferrari is actualy twisting in his grave

    dennis rodmandennis rodman4 dager siden
  • Poor buggers, they definitely need some women to pick the next colours for them, they haven't got a clue.

    taylormkcttaylormkct5 dager siden
  • That wrap is way too busy

    Eric OrtizEric Ortiz5 dager siden
  • I cant stand the off alignment roof stripes but other then that tho looks awesome.

    Patsbrady0345Patsbrady03455 dager siden
  • A bit of a over kill.

    MegaShanes1MegaShanes15 dager siden
  • I do not really like the protective clearing on the headlight.

    Roman RossRoman Ross5 dager siden
  • I don’t get the whole wrap thing, two things nothing beats Ferrari red. You guys are master painters you of painted it...

    Wayne VandeKrolWayne VandeKrol5 dager siden
  • The whole wrap looks pretty ass tbh and the stars on the roof look even worse

    Bust DownBust Down5 dager siden
  • I thought it’s a game when I saw the thumbnail pic

    HeybhHeybh5 dager siden
  • civic type R

    Muhammad RidzmanMuhammad Ridzman5 dager siden
  • I love you guys but please rip out that cheap ass wrap for gods sake!

    bubashaarbubashaar6 dager siden
  • the yellow lights are for when it rais they light up water puttles and stuff

    Oscar Kollerup HaugeOscar Kollerup Hauge6 dager siden
  • Yellow headlights

    BIOS 75BIOS 756 dager siden
  • Where is the boat buold. Is it canceled. Also a times back ( a while while ago) where is the custom lambo. Is it canceled as well?

    Leo Gaming 9000Leo Gaming 90006 dager siden
  • I don’t like the wrap. If you saw TJ’s the lines are beautiful... with this wrap the lines are crap! Love what you do but i would paint the car i an unique color. 💪🏻

    Lars JanssenLars Janssen6 dager siden
  • Dodge viper windshield

    Jason MartinezJason Martinez6 dager siden
  • Do a mod on the 370z

    bエbエ6 dager siden
  • How many people think they should hire Tim to do all the decals and wrapping and stuff when they get their new shop up

    RUST FREAKRUST FREAK6 dager siden
  • I like the clear lights. For what you are building the car for, I like the vinyl too!!

    Randy WareRandy Ware6 dager siden
  • yellow headlights

    Gaurav RayGaurav Ray6 dager siden
  • I think it’s so it’s got a smash resistance because it’s got the plastic film over the lights.thats my thoughts 💭 but I think the lenses would be made of plastic anyway Full weight saving..I’m building a TTRS and Subaru GC8 wrx on my channel i can’t wait to get to the wrapping great work guys keep up the good work.👍🏽

    • LIFE ON THE THROTTLE wrapping is hard work 😓 but hard work pays the GC8 WRX

      Mad YobzMad Yobz6 dager siden
  • Part 1-7 great looking Ferrari part 8 🤮

    Luke5mithLuke5mith6 dager siden
  • Clear headlights yellow looks Disgusting

    MXG TVMXG TV6 dager siden
  • Where is the kit car?🤔

    destriarta wijosenodestriarta wijoseno6 dager siden
  • Not a race car without numbers on the side = yellow headlights. No numbers = no yellow. Keep it clear.

    Berkley MyersBerkley Myers6 dager siden
  • What’s up with that semi truck that was next to the f450

    Ollie MensOllie Mens6 dager siden
  • I would say not yellow headlights

    ShiznaftShiznaft7 dager siden
  • That has to be one of the ugliest wraps I’ve ever seen.

    Tanner_vantuylTanner_vantuyl7 dager siden
    • Go get more subscribers first before you comments to 1.8 millions subscribers

      Aidey OfficialAidey Official7 timer siden